‘Batman vs. Superman’ Will Be Filming in Michigan

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superman batman man steel 2 filming location Batman vs. Superman Will Be Filming in Michigan

The sequel to the Superman movie reboot Man of Steel – otherwise known as Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman - has found its Caped Crusader in the shape of former Daredevil Oscar-winner Ben Affleck, in addition to an official July 2015 release date. That is to say: the rest of the world may still be wrapping its (figurative) head around the logic behind director Zack Snyder’s decision to cast Affleck as Bruce Wayne, but Snyder and his production team are moving full-steam ahead (in order to begin production by the first quarter of 2014).

It had previously been rumored that the Batman/Superman movie will be shooting in Vancouver, Canada, which is where much of the sound stage filming (and some of the exterior photography) was conducted on Man of Steel. However, the Michigan Film Office has issued a formal press release, announcing that the Warner Bros/DC superhero movie has been approved for a film incentive from the state.

Batman vs. Superman (remember, that’s not the official title… yet) having landed an incentive from the Michigan state government comes as little surprise, given the sheer amount of manpower and financial investment that this tentpole – a cinematic superhero “event” if ever there was one – will require. Here is an excerpt from the Michigan Film Office’s press release, which offers a quick breakdown of that situation:

The as-yet-untitled feature film was awarded an incentive of $35 million on $131 million of projected in-state expenditures. The production is expected to hire 406 Michigan workers, with a full time equivalent of 426 jobs, plus an additional 6,000 man/days of extra work. The production anticipates using approximately 500 local Michigan vendors during the course of production and spending $5.1 million on local hotels, as well as an additional $3.5 million in out-of-town cast and crew per diem payments that will be spent in the local economy but which fall outside of the incentive program.

Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman Will Be Filming in Michigan

Most of Metropolis, as portrayed in Man of Steel, was “played” by Chicago, similar to how the Windy City provided many of the skyscrapers and buildings that made up Gotham City in Man of Steel co-writer/producer Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. At least one of those famous comic book cities will be “played” by Detroit in Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2, based on the statement from Snyder that was included in the Michigan Film Office’s press release:

“Detroit is a great example of a quintessential American city, and I know it will make the perfect backdrop for our movie,” stated filmmaker Zack Snyder. “Detroit and the entire state of Michigan have been fantastic collaborators, and we are looking forward to working together on this film.”

We have no concrete information about David S. Goyer’s screenplay for the Man of Steel sequel (based on his and Snyder’s screen story), so it’s open season – as far as speculation goes, with regard to whether the film will take place almost entirely in Metropolis – like the famous “World’s Finest” episode of Superman: The Animated Series (which pitted Kal-El against Bruce Wayne) - or partially unfold in both Supe’s and Bats’ respective home turfs. One possibility is that the Detroit locations will serve as previously-unexplored regions in the Man of Steel universe’s version of Metropolis (rather than bring Gotham to life).

On the other hand: seeing how Affleck is playing a different version of the Dark Knight than Christian Bale did in Batman Begins – one who might fall closer to the experienced detective/crime-fighter type featured in many comic books and older animated TV shows – the Man of Steel sequel might also present a good occasion to establish a new Gotham vision that stands apart from Nolan’s version. (Maybe setting up future Batman movies in the new shared DC universe?) A place like Detroit certainly has potential, as far as the city being used to create a worthy new rendition of Bruce Wayne’s crime-rampant Gotham hometown on the big screen.

Ben Affleck Batman Man of Steel Sequel Discussion Batman vs. Superman Will Be Filming in Michigan

Thing is, if the Caped Crusader’s function in Batman vs. Superman end up being relatively similar to The Joker’s in The Dark Knight (i.e. he is the antagonistic force that challenges the superhero protagonist’s moral code and beliefs), then it might be better to save the trip to the new Gotham for another day. Specifically, a movie where the focus is not (theoretically) on the Last Son of Krypton.

How about it: will/should we see Gotham City in the Man of Steel sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Michigan Film Office

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  1. Superman : Hello Citizen

    Bruce Wayne : What up Doe?

    • This. I can totally picture how this would sound. Hilarious!

  2. toronto or vancouver would be nice, place to film

  3. It great to see a place like Detroit being chosen for B/S film, I really hope that it brings good to that part of America. I have never been to the states I would love to go some day, I cant comment on the way it looks I have seen allot of footage from CNN and etc it seems pretty run down, but there are many places run down all over the world and there are folk there that matter allot, who are hungry for change, angry for what the people in charge of Detroit have done.

    There is a quote from scripture – beauty for ashes, and I say be careful about running down a place, because in due time, in due season you will be shown how limited your vision is.

    I live over here in Ireland and yes there is beautiful landscape and all that here.
    But here to there are places, and parts all over where its not so scenic, like my home town of Dublin to many around the world it has this great city of arts,lititure,history , and U2 etc.

    Tho also there is places where its not so great and effected by all kinds of things and yet the people who live there have more heart than most, and they would give you their last shirt, they are more real down to earth than most.

    My ancestors are from the heart of Dublin City and reading about Detroit makes me think about the folk that live there. I am sure the detroit people are as down to earth as us DUbs, Detroit gave the world cars but also that beautiful soul music from Berry Gordy Motown, and the legacy of that Michael jackson Stevie wonder, Diana Ross etc ,, we Dubs gave the world U2, James Joyce, Oscar WIld, Thin Lizzy, , etc

    I hope that Detroit is brought into the better times and that the best in life is ahead of Detroit not behind ,,

    all the best Detroit! all the way from Ireland Dublin bud…

  4. Wish it was in upper Michigan, where I live. I can just see it, just when Superman and Batman are in danger of losing the day, I, “Goldilocks” show up to save it! Oh, I can see them preparing that Whang-Dang-Doodle Award for me now!

  5. Montreal just like X-Men would have been badass !!

  6. Watch Eminem walk on set on day and just start rapping about how he’s Detroit’s Superman… hahha that would be Priceless. You know just a thought

    • There are better rappers in Detroit right now than Eminem (Elzhi, Guilty Simpson). Obviously an opinion, but it’s a valid one.

      This is still beneficial to Detroit even after the $35 million incentive. Some money is better than no money and Rock City can use right now. And I agree with everyone else saying it’d be perfect for Gotham. Explains why Synder moved it to Vancouver from Chitown. He’d want both settings to contrast noticeably.

  7. I love this news! I spent a summer in Detroit, not very long I know, but it left such a strong impression on my heart. The people of Detroit are amazing. I worked in some of the worst parts of the city and I never ceased to be amazed by the joy and love for life I discovered where I never would have expected it. No city is without their troubles and Detroit has had it worst than most. I have truly been blessed by Detroit and I hope to return very soon. Again, very happy about this news!!!!

  8. I can totally see the Wayne Enterprises logo on the Renaissance Center.

    • Sure, haven’t scene the screenplay/script…Mansions and Iconic Corporate Architecture; Steaming streets with the Honest
      and Not-So Honest American Joe’s Daily Passion Play; Belle Isle, I-375, cast off neighborhood streets just out Downtown ‘D’
      Detroiters witness the nightly chase at high speeds, with Morning Sunrises’ of Fallen Hopes–Evening Sundowns’ Golden yet
      Dirty Shimmering Promise “Lickem Tomorrow.” Superman embodies Detroit’s Gleaming Engine Tricked out for the Future.
      Batman casts the “I wanna party with that Smart Dude & his Hot Escort (aint that Vehrlander’s wife–nice),” Only to leave the
      MGM betting glimmer to don the impenetrable suit ready to get crime ‘paid’ forgoing the smooth shave not afraid to bloody
      the belted ‘BAM’ gear. Go into Full Production in Metro Detroit–The movie can stand next to the rest of us Working it to save
      The City That Knows How To Live Victory…not to mention Lake Ste. Clair/Detroit River ThunderBoats, Edward Hines Parkway
      able for cloistered, closed highway zoomin, & we hold hands with Winsdor (Canada). Hey, ever struck a street deal in a Detroit
      blues bar or in back of St. Andrews Hall. DETROIT Hollywood! We shine True Blue–Sky’s the limit, Concrete as The Street!
      Now Man.

  9. Cool.

    Detroit was used for Robocop in the 80s because it represented the American Dream becoming decayed with the closure of industry and so could be a great place for Gotham City’s visual representation (the steel mill used at the start when Alex Murphy was killed and then again in the film’s climax could double for Ace Chemicals for example).

  10. I hope this means that the movie will actually be shot here in America! Rather than just 15 days 2nd Unit that has become the new status quo with Nolan and the 2 hedge funders who’ve taken over Warner Bros. They haven’t shot a tent pole here since our economy crashed! TDK was the last one. I’m sick of fake American movies with the “Made in China” sticker at the end. And all these big budgets are completely paid for with licensing alone, before a single frame is shot. So all this “incentive” talk is just tax breaks upon tax breaks for a handful of Wall Streeters, and so little of it actually reaches the rest of us!

    Inception- shot in Morocco, with 15 days in US
    TDKR- shot in India, with 18 days in US
    Superman- shot in Canada, with 12 days in the US

    Happy Labor Day everyone. Please take a moment to consider the work that has gone into our country being strong and prosperous!

    • Also, hedge funders are tax exempt. So do they really need tax MORE breaks on top of that? How much profit is enough? How much cost to the community?

      Warner’s real world disrespect for our country and industry ruined TDKR for me. That studio- entertaining the masses with a Robin Hood theme-what is the world coming to? So much hypocrisy.

      As the foundation collapses under the stadium full of innocent football fans, and then the city… I felt a chill. As I realized that Nolan was Bane, and Warner’s hedge funders are Miranda, and movie fans were the ones sitting in that stadium.

      It has to be said… Marvel Studios and Sony’s Marvel connection were the only things keeping this industry afloat in hard times. They shoot in the US. They hire Americans. They support American communities. And they give creative outlet to American artists and craftsmen (SO IMPORTANT). After the economy crashed, and during the mortgage crisis that followed, Marvel STAYED and shot 4 movies in the US. And Sony shot Amazing Spiderman. So forgive me if I’m not impressed with 12 days of US shooting, and whining about incentives, when Warner budgets are smaller than Marvel’s, and they pay 3rd world wages, despite their ticket grosses! That’s dirty.

      Marvel = heros both in front and behind the screen.
      Warner = fictionalized heros on screen, and villains behind it.

      Important conversation on Labor Day!!

      • Did you see Scwartzenegger’s social media blast yesterday of he and Harrison Ford shooting Expendables 3 in Bulgaria? On LABOR DAY WEEKEND?! Someone needs to teach him how to use the Wikipedia.

  11. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11113/111130175/3288443-batmansuperman.jpg

    I think I found the costume design for the new Batman Superman Movie!!!

  12. I’m so happy because I just rode past the street that they are making the movie and asked can I be an extra. So the lady said I could be if I was 13 and up. I’m 15 going on 16 so that was right on time. I might be in the movie representing my home town DETROIT!!