The Comedy Relief Sidekick

Sometimes a TV show or movie needs a character whose only purpose is to play funny man to the leading character’s straight man – enter the comedy relief sidekick. These guys have no real purpose as they usually do not have any super powers, aren’t very good in a fight, aren’t very smart and never EVER get the girl. However, the hero or lead character always keeps them around, if only to feel better about themselves. Here are some of our favorite Comedy Relief Sidekicks:

Stimpy – Ren & Stimpy

Pinky – Pinky & the Brain

Barf – Spaceballs

Gilligan – Gilligan’s Island

Donkey – Shrek

Return of the Sidekick

With The Green Hornet movie introducing a new generation of fans to Kato, the sidekick once made famous by Bruce Lee, and shows like Hawaii Five-0 making Detective Steve McGarrett’s sidekick “Danno” popular once again, now might be the time for Hollywood to really ramp up the presence of sidekicks in mainstream TV shows and movies.

I think audiences are ready and open to the idea of having more sidekicks in their TV shows and movies, as long as they are done right and act like a proper sidekick. If they are just made partners or equals, then we’re just watching another lame buddy show and Hollywood will have once again missed the point.

What are some of your favorite sidekicks from TV and movies and which ones would you like to see more of?

BONUS: If you don’t watch it, check out an episode of No Ordinary Family that highlights the hero/sidekick relationship HERE.

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Image Source: Hong Kong Phooey and Spot Image courtesy of SJ Causon via recentrunes

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