The “Brains” Sidekick

Some heroes have the ability to beat the bad guy with brawn but are short on the brains necessary to outsmart the bad guys – that’s where these sidekicks come into play.

With the exception of maybe Chloe O’Brian from 24, these sidekicks are usually constrained to cartoons and animated shows. Just as Chloe likes to help Jack Bauer out of tight spots from a secure location, these characters are content to sit on the sidelines often receiving no recognition for their efforts. Rather they are more concerned that the task at hand is accomplished safely and with little damage to themselves or their counterpart.

The leading character or hero is sometimes clueless to their sidekick’s helpful background interference and most often is under the impression they were the ones that solved the crime, defeated the bad guy or saved the girl – but audiences know better. Here are a few of our favorite “Brains” sidekicks:

Baba Looey – The Quick Draw McGraw Show

Boo Boo – Yogi Bear

Arthur – The Tick

Spot – Hong Kong Phooey

Penny & Brain – Inspector Gadget

The “Brawn” Sidekick

These fighting sidekicks could easily be placed into other categories if it wasn’t for the fact that they kick major butt! These characters are best known for their ability to handle themselves in a brawl and are usually found in the pages of comic books standing next to, but slightly behind, the hero. Everyone likes the “Brawny” type sidekick but even so, they are quickly overshadowed by their more successful and popular counterparts. Despite the fact they rarely if ever get the girl, you’ll find them standing faithfully by their counterpart’s side ready for a fight. Below you’ll find examples of our favorite Brawny Sidekicks:

Dynomutt – The Blue Falcon

Hit-Girl – Kick-Ass

Chewbacca – The Star Wars Saga

Kato – The Green Hornet

Robin – Batman

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