Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

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Thor vs X Men First Class vs Green Lantern vs Captain America Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Four of our top ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2011Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and the first place-ranking Captain America: The First Avenger – are comic book movies that all arrive in theaters this summer. We’ve gotten to see footage from all four films, and debates are already raging over the actors/actresses cast, character portrayals, costumes, visual F/X, action sequences – you name the detail, it’s already been analyzed to death.

So here comes the big one question: Which one of these films looks the best? Which one appears to feature the best acting, direction, story, characters, and stands out above the rest as the best superhero movie of Summer 2011?

We could spend all day talking about which of these films appears to be the most loyal to the source material, but the convoluted nature of these superheroes’ mythologies makes that discussion tricky, to put it mildly. So I will be focusing specifically on how these films look based off the previously-released footage, previews, and trailers.

To refresh your memory, check out all the trailers, previews, and clips released for these films at their respective links below:

I will be focusing on three aspects of each film, as they are presented (briefly) in the previews – namely, the main/supporting characters, the action/effects, and the story as a whole.


The Characters

All four of these movies boast an impressive collection of leading men, ladies, sidekicks, and villains, and a couple minutes of footage can’t do justice to all (if any) of them. Based off what has been shown to us, which of these motion pictures looks to have the best cast of characters so far?

International trailer for Thor Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

The Thor footage has done a nice job of illustrating the complex and multi-layered nature of the Asgardians (Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki), but the regular Earthlings seem all the less interesting and one-dimensional in comparison. To be fair, though, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, and Stellan Skarsgård haven’t gotten to do much of anything so far – save fleeing in terror, looking confused by Thor’s behavior, and (in Denning’s case) providing comic relief.

All the same, this is (of course) foremost the God of Thunder’s story, and Hemsworth is the one who really needs to sell Thor’s transformation from an arrogant warrior to a more humble hero in order for this film to work – and so far, it looks like he’s done a pretty good job of just that.


x men first class professor x and magneto Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

X-Men: First Class previews have so far focused on the relationship at the heart of the film: the bond between the young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender). There have been brief hints about the personal conflicts and issues that supporting players like Beast (Nicholas Hoult) or Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) will have to deal with, but nothing substantial enough to really pass judgement on just yet.

Much like the success of Thor rests in part on Hemsworth’s shoulders, McAvoy and Fassbender really have to pull off the difficult friendship between young Professor X and Magneto for X-Men: First Class to be engaging – and early signs indicate they’ve done just that.


Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Blake Lively Carol Ferris 570x380 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Green Lantern‘s WonderCon trailer has really turned the tide of negative buzz this pic’s been riding on since the first trailer premiered. Now we’ve gotten a solid glimpse of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and concerns that the character will come off as Reynolds doing his goofy but charming schtick have abated.

While we haven’t seen much of players like Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) or Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) yet, Green Lantern Corps members like Tomar-Re (voice of Geoffrey Rush), Sinestro (Mark Strong), and Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) all appear readily distinguishable and interesting, with respect to their personalities. That’s definitely a good thing in my book.


Captain America steve rogers peggy carter 570x379 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

If Reynolds deserves credit for not doing his customary bit as Hal Jordan, then Chris Evans really ought to get props for ditching his usual comical bend as Steve Rogers in Captain America. The character seems quite genuine so far, like someone who earnestly wants and deserves the chance to help the world – and while that sort of do-good attitude won’t be to everyone’s tastes, Evans looks to have nailed it.

A shout out should go to Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) as well, since she seems a very active figure who’s more than just a love interest for the hero (I’m still skeptical about Portman’s Thor character in that regard). Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Phillips seems rock-steady as always, but we haven’t really gotten to see Hugo Weaving as Red Skull yet; still, it’s hard to imagine him not making a fantastic villain.


Verdict: This one is a close call, but for now I’m going to give X-Men: First Class the lead – with both Captain America and Thor being close behind.

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  1. Your probably right, I mean if the effects and 3D are managed well in GL than it could be ground breaking, and if First Class uses the story that you guys predicted than it can come out victorious too. I still find my self most excited for Cap though, I have been all along.

  2. Yeah!!!!!

  3. Wow, that new footage really turned the buzz around for Green Lantern. I remember just a few weeks ago, every article on this site was bashing the film, and now it’s come out ahead.

    Personally, as a non-comic book fan, Green Lantern was always the only movie out of the four that I actually planned on seeing.

      • My apologies, Vic, I didn’t mean to offend. Granted, there have been some dismissive comments in the articles themselves (more so in articles discussing Thor and Cap), but referring to them as “bashing” the film may have been uncalled for.

        The user comments are a different story, though.

        • Vincent,

          Well people are very knee-jerk online and all they can go by as what they’ve seen – and that first trailer did NOT inspire confidence.


  4. Fascinating results. I guess with the poll coming right after the GL preview, it may be a bit biased. For those of us who are not existing GL fans, the trailer looks like a CGI fest that will tire the eyes. Ryan Reynolds is seriously miscast. Should have been an unknown. Hearing the words “In brightest day…” makes me personally cringe. However, I also believe it makes GL fans tingle. Then there’s the suit/mask. They don’t match each other. The mask has no “flesh” or “muscle tissue” effect.

    Making CGI textures glow inhibits the proper reflections and shadows that are needed to convince the eye that the object is real. This happened with the Hulk and now GL. In the GL trailer, Oa looks like a CGI art fest—not an alien world. Not enough earthly reference points to make it believable.

  5. Next summer has batman, superman, spiderman, and the avengers. I can’t think of any bigger comic book heroes. 2013 is gonna be a let down after a 2 year superhero high

  6. I think the smart money is on Cap to be better, but I wouldnt be surprised if x-men turns out to be the best. Maybe its my low expectations.

  7. I’d say Green Lantern and Captain America, with Thor in third. IMO, X-men doesn’t should just be a DTV film.

  8. I would have given it all to Cap, until that new footage from Green Lantern came out. Now it looks like it may be in the running for best superhero flick yet. Do I sound impressed?
    I would love to see them all turn out great. X Men have my lowest expectations though.

  9. Personally, I’m most interested in Green Lantern and Thor.

    1) Green lantern because, well, I was always a GL fan, and I like Ryan Reynolds (go Canada!).

    2) I’m excited about Thor purely because I’m so curious to see what Kenneth Branagh will do with it.

  10. I think these results really depend on what you are looking for in a film. Be it CGI, action, story, acting, or the one that puts all of these together the best. If it is the latter, then I doubt GL will win. My bet would be on Thor. At least using the criteria of the better all-encompassing movie.

    • Meant to add …

      Great thought and debate-provoking article Sandy. Can’t wait to see them all and have a final debate at the end of July. :)

      • Why thank you. Should be interesting to see how it all turns out, once all four have been released. 8-)

  11. 1. X-men
    2. Green Lantern
    3. Captain America
    4. Thor

    I’m kind of rooting for the “underdogs,” and bucking conventional wisdom. I really believe Thor will fall lower than Midgard when it comes out. CA will be too conventional. Green Lantern might be a really good popcorn flick. Hopefully, X-men will be something different with some teeth.

    Special effects are overrated as far as what makes a movie good. It’s still the story, script, acting, and direction. Otherwise we wouldn’t still love Superman: the Movie, or even movies that are ten years old.

    Trailers can be misleading, need I remind anyone. Predictions are an attempt to see through the flash.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the air is leaking out of the Thor balloon?

    • “Does anyone else get the feeling that the air is leaking out of the Thor balloon?”

      No. But curious … why do you think so?

      • I guess because Thor and GL have kind of been set up against each other more than any two other movies. With the GL footage this week, the excitement was unmistakable, mea culpas galore. It broke through the cynicism in a way that the also well-received X-men trailers just haven’t been able to do.

        Now with Thor, I’m beginning to sense a little fan doubt creep in behind the bravado, and some fans are even voicing it a bit. There were a couple of commercials released and I’m getting the sense that it’s not living up to the expectations.

        And I’m biased. Nothing against the character Thor. I think he’ll be fun in the Avengers. But to me he’s always been the goofiest superhero, especially because readers are supposed to regard him as the Superman of Marvel. So, where I accept him in the comics at some level, I don’t see a movie going over.

        Finally I suspect that the story is going to be very simplistic and silly, and everything I’m seeing confirms it (for me). Especially that tasering footage last week. That was painful.

        Purely my opinion. I thought Green Hornet would be good because of the director. Even after the reviews I thought maybe it would have some good moments. Finally saw it. Wow. Terrible. So I could be wrong about the rest.

        • I see your point on the GL vs Thor thing. You’re bringing the story of Thor into question, and that’s OK, but I think we do that after a while.

          I am betting in a couple of weeks to a month we will be doing the same with GL. After all the glitter and glam where off, that is when us fanboys dig a little deeper. I think that may now be happening with Thor.

          We where all wowed with the trailer but now that we have seen the footage so much we want more meat. I have a feeling the same will happen with GL.

          Doesn’t make me want to see any of them any less however. :)

          • I think you are right. Early on I was really impressed with the Thor footage, to my surprise. And I do remember going through a short-lived Thor phase when I was a kid (I had a phase for most every superhero). I carried an old croquet mallet around my yard. And some of the new hammer footage makes me think they may have done that right. If so, kids will dig it. It’s a pretty different and primal weapon/prop.

            I also agree about the GL flash wearing off. But that is some impressive flash.

            I’m also skeptical about the whole Marvel approach, and a little annoyed by the certainty fans seem to have about it. Right now, it’s Marvel’s “game to loose,” and that makes me side with underdogs like X-men and DC a bit.

            When they come out I’ll judge them on their own, and yeah I’m excited for now.

            • I´ve read the Thor script a couple of days ago, and from what I´ve read I can say the movie will rock!

              So this is my order for this year:

              (not really interested in) Green Lantern (but I might see it when it´s on DVD)…

    • In regards to your last line about Thor, I think the problem is anything they’re releasing about the movie, fans have already seen. They aren’t showing anything new really so it’s becoming white noise and I think that’s why it’s ranking lower than the other films. GL had the great trailer come out over the weekend so everyone’s riding that bandwagon now.

      Personally I think Thor will be remembered as the best superhero movie of the summer when all is said and done.

  12. I hope they’re all excellent. Cap is my favorite, so in that respect, his movie is most likely to fail b/c of a high-set bar. Thor, for me, is just the missing piece of the Avengers, so I look forward to seeing it come together. Green Lantern reminds me of Avatar. X-Men…well after its last two outings…

    • Avatar in respects to the digital creation of an alien world…not story-wise. Its hard to imagine it topping Avatar in terms of viual richness. Who knows though…

      • Where the hell did you dig Avatar up from?

        Avatar isn’t even a superhero movie and has nothing to do with this debate.

        • I think the parallels are obvious between GL and Avatar…a CGI alien world. If GL doesn’t pull it off successfully, the movie will not work. Just a tangent, but a relevant tangent as this thread is about the [relative] success of these movies…

          • I agree…and by the footage, I’m not sure the GL team has pulled it off.

        • It’s not a debate, it’s a discussion.

  13. IMO:
    Thor – has the greatest potential to be a fun and exciting popcorn flick.
    Captain America – has the most potential for a great story told in an exciting way.
    Green Lantern – I believe is the most likely to leave people with their jaws on the floor… perhaps the most memorable of the bunch.
    X-Men – the most likely to fall flat with character convolution.

    Unfortunately, all 3 have bust potential (Thor seeming the least likely at this point.)
    Possibly, we could have an amazing year with 4 fantastic superhero flicks.

    • Possibly, we could have an amazing year with 4 fantastic superhero flicks

      And that is my hope. I like Marvel more than DC but I like movies more than comics. I want all of these movies to blow me away.

  14. I think everyone wants Capt. America to succeed.

    Sadly, though, I think it’s because America has not succeeded in much of anything in several years. This is coming from someone who very much loves their country. It would be nice to see an icon of American heroism again.

    As for the others in order…

    Green Lantern

    • lol , I dont think my love for my country has anything to do with wanting to see Cap do well , or weather I think its the best of all them. I disagree that Xmen was picked to have the best Characters , though, I think they have done the worst in that regard, IMO. ASfar as nailing the characters and having them used to the fullest I would put it at a tie right now Between Cap and Gl, I think they represent their characters the best so far, if we where to sole base it off the trailers so far. If Xmen was just based on Magneto and Xavier , they might have made it, but so far they have only really shown us them for most parts. Thor really hasnt shown us much of the supporting cast and their for loses by default. The new stuff that came out for GL is what put it up there with cap for me.

      • I want CA: TFA to succeed b/c, well, I’m a big CA fan, and he’s my favorite Marvel character. Being an American has NOTHING to do with it.

        • Now, would you have as much zeal for Capt. America if you were a Russian?

          Honestly, he’s supposed to be a symbol of all that is good about America. A 100% American hero. Not a a hero of the world.

          I think both you and lobo are missing my point.

          There have not been any movies in recent years that proclaimed in any way that we are proud Americans. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. Like we are supposed to be ashamed of any mistakes our leaders have made (no matter what your position is) in the past.

          Now, there’s Capt. America. He represents no other interest other than America’s. And exemplifies our courage as a nation.

          I am not saying it should be seen to show you have any sort of patriotism, but it would be nice if people left the theater feeling that way.

          • I have to disagree. A friend of mine, a 46 year old russian, told me that he used to play with Captain America toys when he was child.
            When he joined me to see Iron Man 2, he almost pissed his pants when he saw Caps shield in the movie. So, Cap has more fans around the world than you might think.

          • I think you read to muchinto it , its captain america and I grew up reading the books and still do today , and I think its going to be the better movie , because of the actors, the script, and the cinematography. Oh and as a final point on it sure if people come out feeling good about America, great, but if you know the characetr and have read him for the past 30 years , you know he is more then a America, he is its people, he is the everyday Joe that was given a power, that lets him stand up for those who cant stand up for themselves, doesnt matter if they are Americans or Aliens from the Kree empire. He tries to do what is Morally right

  15. Captain America.
    Green Lantern.

    • It’s interesting to think what might’ve happened if, in 2008, Marvel led-off with Hulk, then released IronMan later in the summer. Perhaps Hulk would’ve been better received, instead of living in Ironman (and Batman’s)shadow. I think that may be the reason for the ordering and marketing of these films.
      (Almost) everyone is excited for Captain America, in terms of the general audience. Thor is less-well-known, riskier hero movie, in my opinion, therefore, it is the lead-off…having time to shine before potentially getting lost in the shuffle of all the other movies.

    • yeah……cap comes out a week after the last potter film……there is going to be a huge split at the box office.

  16. 1. Thor
    2. GL
    3. CA
    4. X-Men

    Trying to base this purely on trailers and not speculation, I have to give the top spot to Thor. To me Thor has shown an excellent mix of CGI, acting, and story. I really like the powerful hero humbled and then redeemed aspect of the story. GL takes second because of the heavy use of CGI. I agree that the GL’s powers and story needs it, but I am worried about the movie falling into the Indiana 4 trap (unneccessary cheesey use of CGI). Plus, there seems to be a trend towards realism in super hero movies recently (see Batman and Man of Steel). Audiences may react badly to a heavy CGI move. That being said, it still looks awesome and I still plan on seeing it. CA appears to have good acting and characters, but I’m not convinced on Hydra and their futuristic tech. I would have liked to see the original bad guys (Nazis). Its also hard to move CA higher on the list in my mind without seeing more of the Red Skull. Finally, I thought that X-Men has the weakest trailers oveall. It definitely has great potential (insert your favorite speculation here), but I don’t see it yet in the trailers. Not sure on the supporting characters. Regardless of the order, I still plan on seeing all thes movies and I am looking forward to a very enjoyable summer.

  17. based on quality and not box office I’d rank it….

    1. Cap
    2. Thor
    3. GL
    4. X-men (although as an x-men fan I sooooooo hope this is good)

    although based on release date and competition at the box office I could see x-men and GL outgrossing thor and cap.

  18. 1. Captain America: It’s gonna be awesome – no questions asked.

    2. Thor:I don’t understand why people aren’t going crazy about Thor (anymore). I also have my doubts about it… mainly the Darcy character with her crappy jokes. The Azgard part will rock. The part with the humans will probably be cheesy, boring and lame. I still have high hope for this movie (saying nervously) and so should everyone else.

    3. Green Lantern: I still think the CGI looks VERY MUCH fake. Love the cast and the character but I don’t think this movie will compare to Marvel’s top runners.

    4. X-Men: What can I say… craaapppp…uhuh…craaapppp


    Marvel’s only competition (DC) won’t come near Marvel’s quality of films because Marvel has done everything already… there is nothing DC can do that Marvel hasn’t done or will do in the upcoming year. DC also doesn’t want to seem as if it’s copying Marvel because then… well… everyone will think that they are copying Marvel…

    For instance: Marvel is making the Avengers… DC has announced Justice League. Everyone is asking why DC won’t use the same actors from the single movies (Batman, Superman, GL) in the JL movie… that’s because Marvel has already done that… they have already taken many heroes (actors) from separate movies and put them into one THE AVENGERS.

    • For the JLA being made up of only new actors and not connecting their individual hero films into a cohesive universe, Geoff Johns has already said (and while he, I suppose, could just be talking out of his rear end,I believe him on this significant point) that keeping the team and individual films seperate allows for more and different types and degrees of development without having to maintain any forced consistency or tie-ins (a la “Iron Man 2″…according to a number of critics AND fans).

      DC may have felt confirmation that they have chosen the right path for their films, but I see no evidence that they are either copying OR actively avoiding copying Marvel.

      As for which company will wind up on top, DC already proved it COULD win in any perceived battle (“Superman: The Movie”, “Superman II”, “Batman”, “Batman Returns”, “Batman Begins”, and “The Dark Knight”). Marvel has, as well (“Blade”, “X-Men”, “X-Men 2″, “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk”), so either company could come out on top. Ideally, BOTH will do well and continue improving their films (themselves OR through other distributors), so that ALL OF US win.

        • exactly. If our only complaints are over who is MORE awesome then we have all won.

          DC and Marvel BOTH have great canon to work with so all the more power to them for bringing comicbooks to life for us.

  19. Also: Green Lantern’s costume looks incredibly cool… I mean awful. Yes, it sucks.

    • Your opinion…and ONLY an opinion…

  20. Now for Story and Fx, I ‘ll go with these…
    Story wise I still think its going to be a tie between Cap and Gl. Ithink that Xmen is going to be a convulted mess, it already appears that way to me. I think Cap looks very well structed and everything weve seen and heard so far really compell me to beleive taht they have set a great story up to be told. Gl is close to , my big concern is the Hector Hammond Character and how he actually fits into the storyline as a whole.

    FX wise , hands down it goes to GL , I mean the whole movie is going to have FX in it and it looks great so far the things that they have done with character design and set details are amazing, Thor would be my second choice, so far Asgard and the effects shown have been great but GL has way more going on.
    My overall pick for this summers best CBM is Captain America , I think that Hugo Weaving as Red Skull is the scale tipper, I think he is going to Steal the Villian of the year award and Im betting he will be the on of the best performances out of all 4 CBMs

    • Your Hugo Weaving reference could be Cap’s ace in the hole. He never disappoints and so barring future clips and trailers, will be mostly a surprise.

      • I really hope they don’t show any more of Weaving as the Red Skull. Leave it as a surprise for the actual movie.

  21. Everytime I see the Thor trailers I can’t help but think about Dolf Lungren and He-Man.. oh and Courtney Cox lol. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I do hope all mpvies do well and try to elevate their stories/concept to something more than just “oh it was a good popcorn summer movie” or the dreaded ” you’ll enjoy it if u turn your brain off”. Knowing Thor and Cap play in The Avengers universe makes me a little more interested in seeing them since it will give us more clues as the were they intend to take avengers. I would discount xmen or GL however, both films are looking great, and with GL’s further polishes to it’s CGI … better everyday. At the end of the day all these movies will get my money lol.

    • typo.. meant to say I wouldn’t discount xmen or GL..

  22. i don’t know which movie will come in first, but i can say with out a doubt, which movie will come in last= green lantern. that movie is going to go down as one of the worst cbm of all time. just imagine watching ryan reynolds for two hours, for two whole hours. every scene he is in, in the trailer, he is playing van wilder. this is going to be van wilder in space. wrong am i, then why are they are talking about doing about doing a jl movie with another gl. reboot that is why. it was because of iron man that an avengers movie is getting made and it is because of rr that a jl movie, so they can reboot gl. let me put it another way, if christian bale says that he would do a jl movie, that they would say no, not a chance, they would jump all over it. just like there was no way that iron man was going to be played by someone other than rdj. dc smells a stinker and because of this, the best way to fix-it is a jl movie.

    • I disagree with you, wholeheartedly, about best and worst films, but opinions can vary widely. However, you are just plain wrong about DC’s reasoning behind having different actors…They simply want to keep open the possibility of offering different presentations of their characters, WITHOUT any clogging of the works (“Iron Man 2″ was perceived by many as an “Avengers” prequel, instead of an “Iron Man” sequel).

      Oh, and there’s already been talk of a “Green Lantern” sequel, if not more than one, so that possibility (PROBAbility) shoots down your theory, pretty handily.


      • I agree. I like DC’s approach the more I become unimpressed with Marvel’s.

        I like McDonald’s and a Gourmet meal, but not at the same time. DC can make a more comicbook/cartooney leaning JL movie and leave all the heavy character development, romance, and drama for the individual movies. Also, how could someone like Nolan come along with a vision for Batman if his hands were tied with the JL Batman and continuity? Marvel, more and more, will want directors who follow direction. And I’m more of a Marvel fan, too.

        Audiences will eat it up too. They won’t be confused. It’ll be more interesting.

        I do think Marvel is making a smart business move and generating a lot of buzz.

    • @”wrong am i, then why are they are talking about doing about doing a jl movie with another gl. reboot that is why.”

      Henry Cavill won’t be in the film either. Does that mean The Man of Steel will be crap too?

      • “Does that mean The Man of Steel will be crap too?”


        The reboot is being rushed to meet a lawsuit deadline. The same executive pushing this movie was behind Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla movie. Godzilla was rushed into production, with a horrible script, because the rights were about to expire. This executive believes even crappy films are better than no films. I have heard from two different sources that Superman’s script is still a mess. Zack Snyder’s budget will be HALF of what Bryan Singer got. Warners wants a cheap film, released on time. They would prefer it be a good film, but that part is neither necessary nor a priority.

        • You obviously missed the point of my comment. I’m saying just b/c neiher Reynolds or Cavill will be in the movie doesn’t mean the film will suck. Guess what, Bale won’t be in the film either. But that deosn’t mean TDKR will be crap.

          • They are rebooting Batman anyway. It has already been announced. Doesn’t matter if TDKR is crap or not. Nolan and Bale are done.

            Who stars in Justice League will depend on 2 things. 1: whether Green Lantern bombs. 2: they’ll look at the footage coming in from Snyder’s Superman, and make a guess about whether it will bomb or not. If GL is a success, and if MOS looks OK, then Reynolds and Cavill and new Batman will be in Justice League. If GL bombs and they have a bad feeling about MOS, they cast new guys, with the intention of spinning everyone off (Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern).

            • I get the feeling that the whole premise for criticizing DC’s approach is that it’s not the same as Marvel’s single Universe tie-in approach. The underlying presumption is that Marvel has a proven method. They don’t.

              Any, DC characters are well known. They can make a JL movie anytime. I’ve always leaned towards Marvel but they couldn’t make an Avengers movie without these other movies first. Marvel doesn’t have the option. DC does. They have a lot more freedom with the directions they can go.

              • How can a backup plan be “criticism”? If Green Lantern and MOS goes well, Justice League will star Reynolds and Cavill. If the movies don’t go well, WB will spinoff new franchises from Justice League.

                Reynolds told MTV that he DOESN’T KNOW if he will be in Justice League. If he were out, he’d know. If he were in, he’d know. The decision won’t be made until WB knows whether Lantern or MOS are flops.

                • Dc has already come out and said they are not using any of the current films cast in JL it will be a completely different cast. It will be independent and not linked or related to any of the individual films.

                • Yeah, I don’t think it’s a back-up plan. “Critisism” perhaps taking the form of wishful thinking and expectation. Still, the underlying premise is that Marvel’s approach is the best and only way to go. I completely like DC’s approach. The JL movie can be more hard-core comic/cartoon style. Different versions of Joker and Two-face, Zod, whatever. Meanwhile the individual movies can take any approach, giving the directors more creative freedom.

                  Marvel is doing what they need to do to make an Avengers movie, and generate even more excitement and buzz for anything Avengers related. Thor probably wouldn’t be made without it, and it probably helped Captain America.

                  DC’s characters are so well known and people are used to seeing them in different interpretations. They don’t need to follow Marvel’s plan. They shouldn’t.

      • your telling me that there is going to be two different supermans within 6 months of each other and two different gl within 2 years of each other, and two different batmans within 1 year of each other on the big screen. that is not going to clog up their movies? dc has lost faith in zach snyder and gl and this is the best way to do reboot and save face. this is the best way to reboot these characters without having to say reboot. it a brillant idea by dc, absolutely brilliant idea.

        • They aren’t rebooting anything. Sndyer’s film could very well start it’s own francshise just as Green Lantern is already looking to get a sequel. Justice League is just going to be it’s own franchise all together. It’s a stupid idea, but whatever.

          • They aren’t rebooting anything. Sndyer’s film could very well start it’s own francshise just as Green Lantern is already looking to get a sequel. Justice League is just going to be it’s own franchise all together. It’s a stupid idea, but whatever.

            Funniest comment ever!!!
            Not only will this be confusing, it will turn people off to what DC is trying to do. I say have the original actors reprise their roles, or leave JL alone. I don’t see how it can work. I love the idea of a JL movie, and yes, these characters need no introduction, like the avengers, but don’t treat the audience like idiots, and have two separate universes, on film, for the same characters.

            • …ummm, that’s the point: WB (or, more to the point, DC) does not think its audiences are idiots. They CAN handle two different versions of various characters in films/franchises showing varying aspects/interpretations of the DC Universe. There will be (at least, SHOULD be) a lot of creative freedom and great possibilities using this approach. Marvel’s path to “The Avengers” will hopefully work well for them, but DC has chosen a film plan that they feel is more practical for THEIR characters.

        • actually I think its a horrible idea, basically it is oversaturating the market, and I would be surprised if DC/WB will put any of their individual properties out at the same time as JL, it wouldnt make for good Marketing sense. I still think its funny though, the only successful property that DC/WB has had in the past 10 years has been Batman, so i still say lets see if they can have any success with GL and Supes before we get all excited for DC coming movies. I mena the last good Superman was in the 80′s and the only other success Dc has had is with their Animated features, and I personally would rather a big budget Animated feature like Blackest Night or Final Crisis

        • Good, then we agree. It IS a brilliant idea.

  23. 1) Thor
    2) Captain America
    3) X-Men
    4) Green Lantern

    I watched the GL footage again in HD and laughed my ass off. The CGI costume is painfully bad, especially around the neck. Add the tired, predictable “Van Wilder with a power ring” approach to Hal Jordan and I’m getting a serious “Ghost Rider” vibe from the whole thing.

    • “Van Wilder with a power ring”…Did you actually WATCH the new trailer??? Nothing “Van Wilder”-ish about it.

      • I was talking about the first trailer, which didn’t show anything we haven’t seen before from Ryan Reynolds. Dude’s in his mid-thirties and still playing the smart mouthed slacker, which is NOT who Hal Jordan is supposed to be.

        • I did not get smart-mouthed slacker from either trailer. I DID get arrogant jackass from the first trailer, with gleeful amazement thrown in. From the second trailer, however, I got pure wonder and uncertainty, with definitely growing determination. So far, I’ve felt they have Hal Jordan right.

  24. It’s about time and money. Not all superhero films draw my dollar. I was a Spiderman fan and Batman fan growing up so have no character bias with the films listed here. I usually choose to watch (or skip) a film based on four things:

    1) Director’s history
    2) Lead actor
    3) Subject matter
    4) Trailer (effects, tone)

    GL: Not a fan of Ryan Reynolds; the trailer doesn’t draw me in.
    Cap: Love Johnston’s work; IN LOVE WITH Haley Atwell; look forward to Silvestri’s soundtrack and jumping back to WWII; We need a Steve Rogers in this day and age; the trailer draws me in;
    Thor: Nothing to keep me away; the trailer draws me in and love the Destroyer footage
    X-Men: Not a fan of McAvoy; trailer does draw me in….

  25. 1. Green Lantern
    2. Thor/X men tied
    3. Captain America (sadly)

    I have spoken all I will concerning this matter.

  26. I dont know about best (tho im thinking itll be Thor or Cap) but as far as box office predictions I would guess Thor will do about as good as The Incredible Hulk. I think Captain America will see Iron Man numbers. XMen First Class will do just as good as any other XMen movie from the past. And I think Green Lantern will do maybe a little better than Thor

  27. I am hoping all these movies are hugely successful but here is my list:

    1. Thor (one of my favorite supers and I love the trailer)
    2. Green Lantern (I’m sorry but that comicon footage looks great to me)
    3. Captain America (I actually had a geek moment when he threw the shield)
    4. X-Men: FC (trailer looks good, hoping for the best)

  28. Seriously, Sandra, I enjoyed your analysis thoroughly and agreed with your logical assessment of the movies. However, the bummer came with your conclusion which clearly screamed more of sentiment than anything else. Everything pointed to Xmen First Class from your deductions. That really scuttled the ship. Personally, I have waited for Thor for over two decades being my favorite Marvel character but I would be the first to admit that in terms of depth of plot,dialogue, mature storytelling (ala Batman Begins and X2) and plot settings- Xmen First Class appears to bag it. Thor might just have more ‘whoomph’ and thus outsell First Class but we have to admit that Xmen’s plot has a lot of promise if well harnessed. Personally,I thinks GL promises the least. Setting is not new, neither is the concept nor plot. And yes, it was same ole Ryan all over again.

    • Glad you like my analysis, Claude. Like I said, I ultimately went with Green Lantern as (for now) my top choice for being kind of a whole package – with regards to characters, action/effects, and story being all equally weighted. X-Men: First Class came in a close second for me, overall, and neither Thor or Captain America are far behind those two. If we’re lucky, they’ll all rock.

      P.S. You’re not the first (nor will you be the last, I’m betting) to assume I’m a woman based off my name. 8-)