Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

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Thor vs X Men First Class vs Green Lantern vs Captain America Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Four of our top ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2011Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and the first place-ranking Captain America: The First Avenger – are comic book movies that all arrive in theaters this summer. We’ve gotten to see footage from all four films, and debates are already raging over the actors/actresses cast, character portrayals, costumes, visual F/X, action sequences – you name the detail, it’s already been analyzed to death.

So here comes the big one question: Which one of these films looks the best? Which one appears to feature the best acting, direction, story, characters, and stands out above the rest as the best superhero movie of Summer 2011?

We could spend all day talking about which of these films appears to be the most loyal to the source material, but the convoluted nature of these superheroes’ mythologies makes that discussion tricky, to put it mildly. So I will be focusing specifically on how these films look based off the previously-released footage, previews, and trailers.

To refresh your memory, check out all the trailers, previews, and clips released for these films at their respective links below:

I will be focusing on three aspects of each film, as they are presented (briefly) in the previews – namely, the main/supporting characters, the action/effects, and the story as a whole.


The Characters

All four of these movies boast an impressive collection of leading men, ladies, sidekicks, and villains, and a couple minutes of footage can’t do justice to all (if any) of them. Based off what has been shown to us, which of these motion pictures looks to have the best cast of characters so far?

International trailer for Thor Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

The Thor footage has done a nice job of illustrating the complex and multi-layered nature of the Asgardians (Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki), but the regular Earthlings seem all the less interesting and one-dimensional in comparison. To be fair, though, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, and Stellan Skarsgård haven’t gotten to do much of anything so far – save fleeing in terror, looking confused by Thor’s behavior, and (in Denning’s case) providing comic relief.

All the same, this is (of course) foremost the God of Thunder’s story, and Hemsworth is the one who really needs to sell Thor’s transformation from an arrogant warrior to a more humble hero in order for this film to work – and so far, it looks like he’s done a pretty good job of just that.


x men first class professor x and magneto Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

X-Men: First Class previews have so far focused on the relationship at the heart of the film: the bond between the young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender). There have been brief hints about the personal conflicts and issues that supporting players like Beast (Nicholas Hoult) or Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) will have to deal with, but nothing substantial enough to really pass judgement on just yet.

Much like the success of Thor rests in part on Hemsworth’s shoulders, McAvoy and Fassbender really have to pull off the difficult friendship between young Professor X and Magneto for X-Men: First Class to be engaging – and early signs indicate they’ve done just that.


Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Blake Lively Carol Ferris 570x380 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Green Lantern‘s WonderCon trailer has really turned the tide of negative buzz this pic’s been riding on since the first trailer premiered. Now we’ve gotten a solid glimpse of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and concerns that the character will come off as Reynolds doing his goofy but charming schtick have abated.

While we haven’t seen much of players like Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) or Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) yet, Green Lantern Corps members like Tomar-Re (voice of Geoffrey Rush), Sinestro (Mark Strong), and Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) all appear readily distinguishable and interesting, with respect to their personalities. That’s definitely a good thing in my book.


Captain America steve rogers peggy carter 570x379 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

If Reynolds deserves credit for not doing his customary bit as Hal Jordan, then Chris Evans really ought to get props for ditching his usual comical bend as Steve Rogers in Captain America. The character seems quite genuine so far, like someone who earnestly wants and deserves the chance to help the world – and while that sort of do-good attitude won’t be to everyone’s tastes, Evans looks to have nailed it.

A shout out should go to Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) as well, since she seems a very active figure who’s more than just a love interest for the hero (I’m still skeptical about Portman’s Thor character in that regard). Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Phillips seems rock-steady as always, but we haven’t really gotten to see Hugo Weaving as Red Skull yet; still, it’s hard to imagine him not making a fantastic villain.


Verdict: This one is a close call, but for now I’m going to give X-Men: First Class the lead – with both Captain America and Thor being close behind.

Continue to Action & Visual Effects…


Action / Visual Effects

Extraterrestrials, fantastical worlds, colorful mutants, shape-shifters – and a whole lot in the way of explosions, gunfire, and characters raining destruction down on their surroundings has been on display in all the trailers for these comic book movies. So which one looks the coolest so far?

Thor hall of Asgard Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Thor has featured some truly epic CGI landscapes, fantastical beasts, and scenes of the titular hero laying the smackdown on his opponents with his trusty hammer, Mjolnir. There has also been some standard slo-mo cinematography and curious usage of Dutch (read: slanted) camera angles in the action-oriented scenes set on Earth, which could prove to be a bit distracting in the final product.

Overall, though, the combination of impressive digital imagery, gorgeous practical sets and costumes, and fight scenes that clearly involve either the film’s stars or their stunt doubles – instead of just CGI stand-ins – looks good enough to ensure that Thor will definitely triumph in the style department.


captain america chris evans1 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Captain America footage has included a fair amount of practical effects, used to create some snazzy 1940s-era battle sequences (shootouts, hand to hand combat, etc.). The visual trickery used to create the illusion of Evans’ Steve Rogers being short and scrawny – prior to his treatment with the super soldier serum – is nicely done, though at times it does look a bit fake.

Some of the sci-fi technology and vehicles revealed in the Captain America previews have looked a bit too over-the-top and incongruous with the period setting. My issue with that material is that it that it looks a bit too modern, and less like advanced tech that would’ve existed during WWII.


Michael fassbender young magneto x men first class Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

X-Men: First Class looks to fall somewhere between X3 and the first two X-Men films on the action scale – which makes sense, given how this series has generally been more meditative in nature than a number of its peers. What visual F/X have been on display so far – be it Emma Frost (January Jones) turning into diamond form, or Magneto lifting a submarine into the atmosphere – looks quite flawless.

However, the visuals shown from X-Men: First Class haven’t jumped out or left as much of an impression as some of the other comic book movies arriving this summer. That’s not a bad thing, per se, but it does mean the other films may be better at giving fans their action fix.


Green Lantern Wondercon trailer with Ryan Reynolds Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

While’s Reynold’s face mask for Green Lantern still seems kind of pasted on, his CGI costume appears to have been noticeably improved, based off the recent WonderCon preview. Other digital creations like Parallax, Tomar-Re, and the Oa landscape are rich in color and definitely deserve to be called eye-popping, while the makeup and prosthetics used to create Abin Sur, Sinestro and Hector Hammond make those characters look as convincing (more so, arguably) as their computer-crafted counterparts.

What short bits of Hal Jordan using his Lantern powers in battle look pretty fantastic as well. It’s possible Green Lantern will feel too CGI-heavy when watched in theaters, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at this point.


Verdict: I’m calling this one a tie between Green Lantern and Thor right now, since both promise to have loads of excellent CGI work and awe-inspiring action.

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All four of the comic book movies arriving this summer are essentially origin stories that explore the beginnings of either a single superhero or (with X-Men: First Class) an ensemble of warriors. But which one really looks to be the most interesting and thought-provoking?

thor trailer 2 natalie portman 570x315 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Part of what grabs my attention about Thor is that it doesn’t tell the tale of an ordinary person becoming something greater, but rather the story of an already powerful warrior who is forced to learn the value of those weaker than himself. Combine that with Thor’s Oedipal issues, Loki’s jealousy and prejudice being heightened by his rise to power, and Odin having to confront his elderly state – there’s plenty in the way of meaty substance for the film to explore.

While the plot threads involving Asgardian characters again seem more interesting than those of the regular humans in Thor, it could also be interesting to see how the film addresses matters that relate science and magic. So long as the movie doesn’t get bogged down in setting up The Avengers (a la Iron Man 2), it should be very good.


Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Green Lantern 570x380 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Green Lantern deals with more of a familiar superhero storyline: a weaker individual gains great power and must learn how to use it properly and responsibly. What make Hal Jordan’s journey all the more intriguing is that his is more psychological in nature – it requires him to overcome his insecurities and emotional shortcomings, as his limitations are less physical but mental in nature.

Parallax is an excellent metaphor for the corrupting and destructive power of fear, and the manner in which characters – be they Hal Jordan, Sinestro, or Hector Hammond – respond to the creature should make for some engaging drama as well. Hopefully all these ideas and concepts will be developed to some degree and executed well in the film.


Captain America Evans Atwell 570x3791 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

It’ll be almost impossible to not cheer on Steve Rogers in Captain America as he transforms from a wannabe fighter for justice into a super-powered hero who understand the value of his abilities and strives to use them solely for good. Match him against a ruthless and diabolical villain like Red Skull and the Nazis his Hydra soldiers, and you’ve got the makings of a fun old-fashioned adventure tale about ridding the world of evil.

That kind of story may not read as especially interesting on paper, and it might not fly so well with viewers in the mood for something more complex, but – if done right – Captain America could be just as good (if not better) than its comic book movie peers.


x men first class team 570x357 Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

X-Men: First Class really sticks out for me in the story department for a number of reasons. There’s the mutant metaphor being explored in the context of the 1960s, a time when counter-cultural movements were beginning to really take place; the political intrigue and suggestion that real-life historical events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis were affected by mutants; and of course, the aforementioned evolving dynamic between young Professor X and Magneto (juxtaposed to, say, The Civil Rights Movement).

That’s not to mention the coming-of-age drama concerning the younger mutants who are just struggling to find their place in the world. So long as that aspect of the film’s plot doesn’t dip too much into the Twilight pool, it’s hard to envision X-Men: First Class really faltering in the story department.


Verdict: At this point X-Men: First Class is the winner for me, but the other three titles have the potential to either match or exceed it, in this regard.

And the winner is…


Our Prediction For Best Superhero Movie of 2011…

Green Lantern movie trailer Ryan Reynolds Tomar Re Superhero Movie Showdown: Thor, X Men, Green Lantern & Captain America

Although X-Men: First Class came out on top in two of my three categories, I’m going to give the edge to Green Lantern right now, since it came really close to the X-Men prequel in terms of characters and story – but really looks to rock it in the area of F/X and action . That certainly would’ve been more of a controversial decision had I made it last week, but after the WonderCon trailer?…

…To quote numerous people in response to that preview, “Your move, Marvel.”

Feel free to let us know which film you think will emerge with the title “Best Superhero Movie of 2011″ in the comments section below.

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Thor kicks off the 2011 summer movie season on May 6th.

X-Men: First Class is set to arrive in theaters on June 3rd.

Green Lantern will be released in theaters on June 17th.

Captain America: The First Avenger makes its way into theaters on July 22nd.

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  1. I was lucky enough to catch quite a bit of footage for GL, Thor and CA a little while ago. Before i saw it I was unbelievably excited for all of them but i have to say, what i saw of CA was really underwhelming. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was but it just didn’t seem to work. I did catch some footage of Weaving as the Red Skull though, and all worries (as if there ever were any) can be put to be. He was awesome!!!
    Thor and GL both looked brilliant, i would personally give the edge to Thor right now, that’s mostly because of some of the CGI worries for GL. Granted the new footage did clear alot of the up but that mask is gonna be like a thorn in my arse when watching the film.

  2. My choices for CBM this summer,
    Captian America
    Green Lantern
    X-Men: 1st Class

    Thor, namely because I really love the Norse Mythos. So this will be a little joy for me to see the vision of Asgard. Secondly I’m a big fan of Joseph Michael Straczynski or JMS, best known for his show Babylon 5, he also written for the Thor comic book. He also contribute to some of the development and writting for the movie. And for those familar with B5 and enjoy it as much as I do, you can only imagen! Least known of the 4 featured names for CBMs this summer though.

    Captian America, alot of buzz, different era for setting, which I like to refer to; Generation of Valor. Would love to see how this all ties into the Avengers Movie. (HOW THEY TURN SKINNY EVANS TO MUSCLELY EVANS /mindboggles)

    Green Lantern, personally not a big DC fan (aside from Batman) but looks decent, probably too much CGI, but GL’s powers are ment for CGI (Same with every other superhero now and days lol). How ever the case, hope it does well regardless.

    X-Men, I’m conflicted on this, the recent X-Men movies have been less than stellar. Kinda hoping FOX would give the movie rights back to Marvel Studios where it can be done right, can say the same about this to all the other non Marvel Studios produced movies. So we can have a even bigger cross over movie like Infinity Gauntlet/Wars/Crusade, Civil War, and what not. But on the other hand X-Men is near and dear to my heart. Since I am a minority growing up in White Suburbia America during the time when people were less opened minded to differences, I grew up with alot of prejudice for being born the way that I am. So I could relate to the X-Men on a personal level and the Mutant prejudice.

    Whatever the case, I hope all movies are well made, and our favorite heroes depicted with the utmost thought, we as fans deserve this!

  3. i really think that captain america is a lame hero and that I, a 13 year old boy could kick his ass. However, the catain america movie seems way more interesting than those other ones. the gl movie uses too much 3d graphics, the xmen movie is too chill and mundane, and thor looks ok.

  4. Certainly, Green Lantern gets points for being the first intergalactic fare. Marvel’s Nova corps hasn’t even been considered yet but then it never had a TV series. GL has the perfect mix of Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy.

    Of the DC world, I have always liked The Flash and The Atom as concepts.

    Marvel also had its fast and tiny. But Stan Lee and the boys never seemed to gel with the idea of a super fast human being. Quick Silver was always a secondary character. As for Ant-Man, it may never get made. What’s up with that?

    Any way, EarOne, I will accept that that is your perspective. In my world, Marvel ruled and DC was outdated. So my perspective would be coming from the opposite end of yours. I wouldn’t worry about lesser names not attracting an audience; if they build a good story, the audience will come.

    • Marvel and dc are almost equally awesome. When i hearf about the gl movie i was excited but the 3d graphics look terrible. I’d rather watch captain america. By the way, the best comic ever is invincible from image comics

    • How wrong can you be!! First off, the costume is not dodgy, I think its perfect, the only thing that I could find wrong with it are the toes, but I’m sure they might fix those. Second, its not an obscure villain, at least not to anyone whose read Green Lantern. Hector Hammond is one of the best known GL villains and I think he was a great pick as a first villain because they want to establish Sinestro as a member of the GL Corps before they explain his turning evil. Third, Ryan Reynolds was a perfect cast because at first Hal is supposed to be a cowboy-like character, a womanizer who rushes into things. Its only after serving with the corps for a while that he becomes humble and serious. And last but not least, I don’t know why ppl are always bashing the first trailer. I mean, it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible. And btw, X-Men doesn’t look any better and Cap looks like crap. The only one that I could say might compete with GL this summer is Thor, but not even that much really. Just the way they’ve packaged it looks a little off to me.

        • Ok, you know what, u wanna turn this into a fight, fine. I doubt that you’ve even read any of the comics due to your surprisingly limited knowledge of the character. The “short guy with the swollen head”??? Yeah, you’ve obviously read a lot of Green Lantern. The truth is that the people you call GL fans, who call themselves GL fans are really just people who used to watch the old Justice League cartoon, have probably never read any comics in their lives, and are annoyed for either one of two reasons. The first reason is that they’ think that now Reynolds can’t do a Deadpool movie, except he CAN because GL and Deadpool are from two separate universes, DC and Marvel respectively. It is either that reason or they are confused as to why they cast Reynolds cuz he’s white and stupidly think that Hollywood is being racist and have whitewashed John Stewart. They don’t know that the original Green Lantern was actually white. And you know what, the whole point of the movie is to INTRODUCE the character to the general public and in the beginning Sinestro was a good guy and YES, I am confident that there’s going to be a sequel, you know why??? Because the acting from people like Strong and Sarsgaard and even Reynolds looks a thousand times better than that crap-fest that they’re passing off as Captain America. I might be wrong, but from what I’ve seen, Cap looks ridiculous and the actors look like they don’t even know what they’re doing. Oh yeah, and you wanna talk obscurity, nobody outside of the comic book community has ever even heard of Thor. He is probably the least known character coming to theaters this summer. So, all in all, YES I think GL is going to slaughter all of them at the box office.

          • ” Ok, you know what, u wanna turn this into a fight, fine. ”

            - Defensive aren’t we?

            ” I doubt that you’ve even read any of the comics ”

            - If I hadn’t read Green lantern Comics.. I wouldn’t be alone there… ; )

            ” The truth is that the people you call GL fans, who call themselves GL fans are really just people who used to watch the old Justice League cartoon ”

            - Yup… Sinestro still would have been a better villain.

            ” they think that now Reynolds can’t do a Deadpool movie”

            - Well that’s nice and irrelevant. So now you think GL is going to go well because fans are only angry because they think Reynolds cant do Deadpool…. Wow, frightening logic.

            ” YES, I am confident that there’s going to be a sequel, you know why??? ”

            - Because you’re a fan, and you cling to really dodgy logic??

            ” a thousand times better than that crap-fest that they’re passing off as Captain America ”

            – Ohhh right, now we’re into really intelligent comments… I see.. Sorry I didn’t realize the level of intellect I was dealing with.

            ” I might be wrong ”

            - Might be : )

            ” nobody outside of the comic book community has ever even heard of Thor ”

            - yeah… well it’s spoil your plans if it does well… reviews seem pretty positive : )

            ” YES I think GL is going to slaughter all of them at the box office.”

            - Well I’d like to disagree with your logical arguments… but I can’t find any. Was that your idea of a fight?
            Anyway… GL may very well do well… but even the article above rated X-men higher in the majority of areas, and the buzz around Cap and Thor seems pretty positive.. neither suffered the first trailer blues that GL did.
            So while I’m sorry it upsets you…. to call GL as the obvious winner this summer… is a tad premature.

          • “In brightest day, in blackest night,

            “It is awful, it is bad, it is comic book movie hell,”
            Rolling Stone

            No evil shall escape my sight.

            “ This could have been great. Hell, at this point I’d settle for good. What I got instead was a turd sandwich “

            Let those who worship evil’s might,

            “ Basing a movie on a less popular comic book character did not hurt director Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, which did a much better job “
            USA TODAY

            Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!“

            “ Lantern’ dims at weekend B.O. “

            And finally a quote from the above article…
            “I’m going to give the edge to Green Lantern right now “

            Yeah…. Good call that.

  5. NONE.

    I’m still waiting for THE FLASH.

    Barry Allen’s film about THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE is going to blow them all out of the water. But, I identify myself more with Wally West.

    • Agreed! The Flash is one of the most interesting ideas!

  6. X-Men: First Class = Only because I was a big x-men comic book fan while growing up and I would like to get this one out of the way first, whether I like it or not.

    Thor = Does look like a promising movie. Very dark and that’s what I like

    GL = The preview rocks. I just hope it’s as promising as it looks like.

    Captain America = Even though I have a huge crush on Chris Evans, it’s just that I never liked Captain America and also Chris Evans looks weird with blond hair and blue eyes.

  7. Wake me up when they make an Inhumans or Defenders movie. Until then I’ll wait for the dvds/brays to come out.

  8. I have to admit. when I first saw the X men trailer commercials I thought it was one of them SuperHero spoof movies.

  9. Time will tell but so far THOR was to me the least satisfying although I have yet to seen GL or Capt A and so I’m basing what I expect from them in advance of seeing them.

    To me THOR felt like it suffered some of what IM2 did, too much of a stepping stone to other Marvel films and not enough stand-alone awesomeness that IM 1 had. I can still watch IRON MAN once every 6months and love it each time and can not say the same for IM2 which I think I’ve seen 3 times in all so far.

  10. As a father of two African American boys (12 and 9), I am having a difficult time explaining to them why every super hero is white and the one or two black people in the selected movies seem to die off quick (X-men, Darwin character). Have we moved backwards? What happened to Blade? Thank God for Will Smith!

    • I agree with you. You should tell your boys that there are several African American superheroes.

      From Marvel Comics, there’s Black Panther (who is considered by many as the first black superhero in mainstream American comics), Falcon, Goliath, and Storm

      and from DC Comics there’s Cyborg, Black Lightning, Vixen, John Stewart (who is a member of the Green Lantern Corps and will make a cameo in the Green Lantern movie, only not as a Green Lantern yet), Bumblebee, Amazing-Man, Static, Hardware, and Icon.

      DC, in particular, also has several strong African American supporting characters. One case in point, Amanda Waller, who is actually going to be in the Green Lantern movie played by Angela Basset. There are also several smaller comic book publishers who no doubt have African American superhero characters. Unfortunately, these characters haven’t been given the exposure in mainstream media (outside comic books) that they deserve. As you said though, Blade did have an entire movie franchise and Steel, an African American DC Comics superhero, did get a movie in ’97, although…it received very poor reviews and did badly at the box office. Hopefully, though, one of these characters will receive a movie in the near future. I think Black Panther may have the most hope because of his ties to the Avengers. I personally would love to see one about Cyborg, Black Lightning, or Vixen.

    • War Machine! Go watch Iron Man 2 again.

      and don’t forget Luke Cage!

      I agree it’s tough… but it’s not all doom and gloom. I don’t think anyone’s moved backwards.

      Hell, Heimdal in Thor was black, even against type.. and he was fantastic.

    • We haven’t moved backwards. We are just in a stage where color dynamics have moved passed the Rainbow Coalition and Affirmative Action. Darwin didn’t die just because he was black. True, he was killed to keep the plot moving, but he said about three times that he adapts to survive. He showed no sign of strain and there was no body. Tell your boys he’ll be back. Comicbook style. ;)

  11. Well as an old fan of the comics and the cartoons from the 60′s to the presant day. I can honestly say I really knew quite abit about GL, X-men, Thor, and Cap. And Ive made no secret about Thor being my favorite hero. At this point and time (Caps not out yet) I wish to here and now annonce the winner of the Comic Book Movie Wars 2011 is. THOR! I just cant see Cap winning this one.

  12. Ok, as a long time DC Comics fan, I can personally say that I am somewhat disappointed in DC’s performance at the box office in recent years. It wasn’t always like this, with DC movies being of lower quality while Marvel movies soared. Actually in the late ’70′s, all throughout the ’80′s, and into the early ’90′s it was the exact opposite, with DC having a stranglehold on the comic book movie market, and Marvel movies sucking really badly. Anyone remember the first Captain America movie from 1991, as well as the first Fantastic Four from 1994. However, Marvel then did something that DC didn’t, it founded Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Studios, and it had a driving force behind getting its properties made into movies in Stan Lee, the creator of many of Marvel’s iconic characters. That is where the disconnect has begun to emerge. Because Marvel has a fully functioning organ that works for the conversion of their characters into movies, it is able to make movies that exhibit a more intimate knowledge of the source material and to make it very high quality.

    Time Warner, while being one of the largest and most successful media corporations in the world with multiple successful franchises, is somewhat out of touch with DC Comics and their characters. Maybe that’s because they are so large. Therefore, in exception to the Nolan Batman franchise, Batman (1989), and Superman (1978), and Watchmen, most of their movies are a little dry, because they don’t explore these characters as well as they should. While the Green Lantern movie, in my eyes, was somewhat decent (I’d give a 3.5 out of 5 stars), I walked away both liking it and being somewhat disappointed by it. That’s because in some areas, the plot was a little rushed and the audience wasn’t really given the chance to digest the events and story-line. And also, the characters were not really developed as much as I would have liked. I wanted to see Hal’s family life explored more, not simply a flashback to his dad’s crash and a fight with his brother at his nephew’s birthday party. I also wanted to see more between Hal and Carol than just a few tense “oh I love you, but I’ve been hurt by you, and I just cant vocalize my feelings” scenes. Those were painful to watch. And also more time should have been allotted to Hal’s training to be a member of the Corps. They shouldn’t have tried to fit so much into the movie (maybe they should have just made Hector Hammond the villain and not included Parallax just yet). In my opinion, if they had just done a straight adaptation of Geoff Johns’ Secret Origin story-line to film, it would have been gold. However, this wasn’t the case, which is a shame because Green Lantern has always been my favorite comic book superhero and the source material has the potential to be a modern day Star Wars trilogy. But, I still think the franchise can be saved, as long as they come in with a strong sequel, but it has to be done right.

    So, what is the solution to this problem? How do we get over this problem of amazingly well written and literate comics (some of the best in the business, in my opinion) being converted into so-so movies. Well, I think that’s obvious. DC and Time Warner need to establish DC’s equivalent of Marvel Entertainment/Studios, a “DC Studios”, which specializes in the conversion of the DC Comics properties into live-action movies and television shows. Marvel Entertainment/Studios is able to do what they do so well and so efficiently because they have people on the staff who are well acquainted with the source material, if not writing it themselves. Joe Quesada is the CCO for Christ sake!!! DC needs to do the same if it wants to do the things that Marvel has been doing. The main problem with the Green Lantern movie was that it seemed to have been written by people who didn’t know the source material well enough in order to translate it into a movie. I know they had advisors to the script, but Greg Berlanti has never worked in comics a day in his life. And this was his first comic-book based movie. Geoff Johns should have written the script for the movie, instead of simply being an advisor. His work is simply amazing and if any one of his graphic novels were the template for the movie, then it would have been amazing. This is exactly why DC needs a “DC Studios”. A sister company to DC Comics stocked with key people FROM DC Comics itself AND only a few Hollywood types would be more intimate with the source material and characters that they’re working with and would work harder at making the story-lines coherent and easy for the general public to digest, but also faithful enough to the comics for us fanboys to appreciate. Therefore, it would ensure that DC movies could win big at the box office once more and actually compete with Marvel.

    PLEASE as a desperate fan I beg you Time Warner, make it so! I want to see Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Vixen, and the JLA all on the big screen someday.

    • Next time, just write..

      ” You were right.. Green Lantern sucked ”

      It’ll save us having to read a whole of bunch of other stuff that you’re wrong about.

      • Triple M…

        Next time, just write:

        “Green Lantern was enjoyable and fun, and I shouldn’t try to impose my (incorrect) OPINION on others.

        See? MUCH better. :)

        • Oops…must have it grammatically proper, as well:

          “‘Green Lantern’ was enjoyable and fun, and I shouldn’t try to impose my (incorrect) OPINION on others.”

          There we go. :)

      • ACTUALLY, you were wrong, big shocker there. You see, if you’ll remember, your “argument” was that the reason Green Lantern would suck was from the “iffy” CGI effects, and I can honestly tell you that the CGI and special effects were actually pretty amazing, maybe a little cartoonish in some parts, but that was kind of expected (and enjoyable). It was the STORY that knocked it down from being a 5 out of 5. If you had actually read my comment, you’d know that my gripe with the movie is that the plot was rushed and that the characters were underdeveloped. The fight scenes and the CGI were actually what made this movie worth watching (among some other things), and I’m glad that I got to see it.

        Well, maybe next time, instead of rattling your mouth off, you should write something like:

        “I, Triple M, am an unlikeable loser who’s wrong about everything and anything I ever say to anybody at any time.”

        No offense, but you kind of really know how to annoy people. Anyway, peace out, chief

        • Give it up.. just be an adult and admit you were wrong.

          I could care less what reasons you think you have, or why you think the movie sucked…

          Lots of people had lots of reasons not to like his movie.

          It sucked – I was right – It’s a reality – Deal with it.

          • Why don’t you grow up and not try and pick fights with people just to assert what YOU think. Seriously, how immature can you be?! And no, I didn’t think it sucked, I was disappointed because it could have been so much more, but there were things I actually enjoyed about the movie that made it worth watching to me. And I can honestly say that it will make its way into my DVD collection.

            • I’m not picking a fight. This is a discussion about predictions about summer superhero movies.

              I did assert what I thought.. I posted it, and pointed out where I thought the article was wrong.

              You responded to me … ” How wrong can you be ? ”

              The answer is.. not wrong at all.

              So.. put whatever you want in your DVD collection..
              But next time.. if you’re going to make a comment, be prepared to be called out when you’re wrong.

              • Well actually, the only reason that you said the movie would be bad was because of the CGI effects and the costume. So, I’m here to tell you that you were wrong about that because the costume and effects were pretty incredible. So, why don’t you be prepared next time to back up what you actually say and not selectively remember things.

                • Go away… come back when you’re grown up enough to admit you were wrong.

                  Check my post… the ” etc, etc ” part.. there was heaps wrong with this movie.

                  And if you want me to start rolling out reviewers who didn’t like the costume, or the effects, or the lead actor, or the villain… I will.

                  But regardless… people don’t like the movie…you were wrong.

                  Deal with it. Whinging won’t make people magically like your favourite movie.

                  • I can do the same thing and drag out critics who actually DID like the movie. But I didn’t even say that the movie was perfect. I SAID that it had its problems and it was far from perfect, but overall it was decent. I am disappointed because it was JUST decent. There were actually PLENTY of people who did like the movie, loved it even, but I was not one of those people. NO, my problem with you is that you don’t know how to have some humility. Did you even read my comment before you decided to be an comment? No, obviously you didn’t because if you did you would know my problems with the movie.

                    Have you ever even read a comic, let alone a Green Lantern comic. If the answer is no, then just be quiet, because you have no clue who this character is or the potential that he has. I may have thought the movie was only decent, but I hope they make a sequel so that they can do it right, but if they don’t, they should just reboot it in a year or two.

                    I’ve had enough of you and your ignorance, why don’t you try coming back here when your done acting like a child. You can respond to this with whatever you wanna say, because whatever you say, I’m not going to respond to you. I’m done indulging a child.

                    • Sounds like you’re gonna cry soon.

                      You drag out all the critics you like… there must be some who liked it… it did get a massive 27% at Rotten Tomatoes.

                      I’m sorry if you don’t think I’ve got enough humility. Seems to me, the person who is clearly wrong, and has been shown up, should have some humility and admit he was wrong. But not in your world.

                      Unfortunately, you have met someone who knows more about comics and movies than you think you do.

                      The trouble for you is… other people can read what you’ve written, and they can look at the reviews for Green Lantern… and reality

                      So… you can have a tantrum all you like… you can call me ignorant, and a child… but the fact remains.. you’ve been shown up by an ” ignorant child “.

                      You had a shot at me… you said I’d be proven wrong… and you lost.
                      If that’s ignorance.. I’m happy to be ignorant.