15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows

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1. Nightcrawler

Death of Nightcrawler Second Coming 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Murdered by Bastion

Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner has been a favorite member of the X-Men since he first debuted in Giant-Size X-Men in 1975. As both a grinning swashbuckler and one of the few religiously devout characters in comics, Nightcrawler has developed a well-deserved fan following. When it came time to depict the blue elf onscreen, Alan Cummings’ turn as the character in X2: X-Men United provided one of the unalloyed highlights in the film.

This made it all the more shocking when Nightcrawler was abruptly killed during the 2010 X-Men crossover Second Coming. Leaping to the aid of the “Mutant Messiah” Hope Summers, Nightcrawler was mortally wounded by Bastion, a hyper-advanced Sentinel. With the appearance of the “Mark X” Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s very possible that we could see a variation on this scene play out onscreen sooner rather than later.

2. Superman

Death of Superman Dan Jurgens 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Killed by Doomsday

Perhaps the most famous (and certainly the most hyped) example on this list, Superman’s death in 1992 was emblematic of its era. After several issues of super-powered fistfights and wanton property damage, Superman finally stopped the berserker horror known as Doomsday – only to drop dead at the end of the fight.

Twenty years on, “The Death of Superman” is not terribly well-regarded by many comic book fans. However, the storyline remains an iconic moment in pop cultural history, pulling much newspaper ink and newscast minutes at the time. There have already been attempts to translate the story to the silver screen – most notably with Tim Burton’s abortive Superman Lives project. With rumors of Doomsday in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, will general audiences finally see the Man of Steel fall (temporarily, of course – there is Justice League to think about)?

3. The Flash (Barry Allen)

Death of The Flash Barry Allen Crisis on Infinite Earths 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Died saving the universe

1985′s Crisis on Infinite Earths was intended to sweep up DC Comics’ complicated, overlapping storylines and universes and usher in a cleaner, more streamlined continuity. Apparently, this meant blowing up entire universes and causing the deaths of more than a few DC stalwarts.

The most notable of these was Barry Allen, the man who had worn the lightning bolt of The Flash since 1956. Knowing full well that it was suicide mission, The Flash took it upon himself to destroy a reality-ending superweapon. Aging into oblivion in the heart of the device, Allen went out a true hero.

It’s doubtful that the upcoming The Flash show will tackle the kind of multiverse-destroying storyline that killed Barry Allen. However, if the show is successful enough, who’s to know what material The Flash will cover?

4. Wolverine

Death of Wolverine Days of Future Past 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Disintegrated by Sentinels in a dystopian future

One of the better hooks for the character of Wolverine comes from the fact that he’s effectively immortal, but also quite destructible. Bullets and blades may not be able to stop Logan, but they can definitely put him out of commission for a while.

In the original, classic “Days of Future Past” storyline, an older Wolverine learned this the hard way when he tried to take on a cadre of advanced, well-prepared Sentinels. As it turns out, being able to rapidly heal means nothing when all of one’s flesh is instantly vaporized.

Though it was never meant to be “real,” Wolverine’s violent end is so sudden and brutal that its power to shock still hasn’t abated 30 years after its initial publication. With Wolverine taking such a central role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s unlikely that we will see an exact recreation. However, the image is so famous that we will be surprised if it doesn’t at least see a shout-out of some sort.

5. The Punisher (MAX)

Death of Punisher MAX Jason Aaron Steve Dillon 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Died from multiple wounds, but not before taking care of all loose ends

The Punisher MAX series (created by Hellblazer and Preacher scribe Garth Ennis) is probably the most influential version of the character ever produced. Featuring a much older, grizzled version of Frank Castle, the series gets routine praise for its hyper-violent, noir-flavored storytelling.

After being handed off to writer Jason Aaron and artist Steve Dillon, Punisher MAX put Frank through quite the ringer before killing him outright. Nonetheless, Frank managed to cut off all the dangling threads of his grisly work before expiring – including killing villains Bullseye, Elektra, and the Kingpin.

The box office failure of three Punisher movies guarantees that we will likely not see Frank on the big screen again any time soon. That said, now that Marvel once again holds the media rights to the character, it’s possible that the Punisher may end up appearing in the street-level stories of the upcoming Luke Cage or Iron Fist miniseries set to debut on Netflix.

6. Hellboy

Death of Hellboy The Fury Mike Mignola Duncan Fegredo 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Conquered his ultimate challenge, only to be cursed to Hell

Though the Hellboy movies are fun and enjoyable fantasy-adventure romps, they only scratch the surface of the kind of pulp-tinged, gothic insanity of the titular comic book (not to mention its sister book, BPRD).

One of the best examples of this appeared in the Hellboy storylines “The Storm” and “The Fury,” in which our favorite monster hunter had to face off against Nimue, an ageless sorceress. When Nimue was possessed by the alien gods of the Ogdru Jahad, Hellboy took her down in a battle that devastated England – only to find himself too weak and exhausted to resist being thrown straight into Hell.

The likelihood of any new Hellboy movie is slim at best – much less one in which the title character has his heart pulled out by an immortal witch-queen. At this point, fans of the Dark Horse Comics property might have better luck with new animated films, or perhaps an eventual televised adaptation of the series.

7. Robin (Jason Todd)

Death of Jason Todd Robin 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Beaten with a crowbar and left to die

The death of the second boy to wear the Robin costume remains controversial almost three decades after it occurred. Initially decided by readers voting at a telephone hotline, Jason Todd’s fate was sealed by the fact that fans simply didn’t like him much. Thus, the “Death in the Family” storyline saw him beaten to a pulp by the Joker and left to die in an explosion.

Technically, Todd’s demise has already gotten the small-screen treatment via the well-regarded direct-to-DVD movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. Still, the infamous initial storyline is ripe for further film or TV exploration. Perhaps Ben Affleck’s version of the Batcave will include a glass case containing a tattered Robin costume . . .

8. Robin (Damian Wayne)

Death of Damian Wayne Robin Grant Morrison Chris Burnham 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Killed by his own clone

Just barely known outside of current comics fandom, Damian Wayne has been something of a divisive figure since his creation by Grant Morrison in 2006. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, Damian was a child trained to be an assassin and a conqueror – only to reject his mother and embrace the position of Robin.

Just as it seemed Damian was settling into his role in the greater DC Comics universe, he met an especially violent end. In a 2013 issue of Batman, Inc., Damian had to face off against the Heretic, a clone artificially aged in the belly of a whale (seriously). While Robin put up a mighty struggle, his genetically engineered brother managed to get in the final blow.

Despite his death, Damian will soon be introduced to a wider audience via the animated Son of Batman. Does this mean we will eventually see adaptations of some of Damian’s many adventures – including his ghastly murder?

9. Spider-Man (Ultimate)

Death of Spider Man Peter Parker Brian Michael Bendis 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Died saving his friends and family from his greatest foes

There won’t be a dry eye in the house with this one.

At once lauded and reviled by fans, the death of the Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker is one of the best-executed recent examples of a big-name superhero meeting his end. Faced with a resurgent Sinister Six determined to kill his friends and family, Parker took on a punishing gauntlet of battles across New York City. Finally, after taking down Norman Osborne once and for all, Peter succumbed to his many wounds.

Considering the number of cues the Amazing Spider-Man franchise seems to be taking from the Ultimate version of the character, one has to wonder whether director Marc Webb is casting an eye forward to a dramatic shift in the Spider-Man movieverse. After all, Peter Parker’s death paved the way for a new Spider-Man: fan-favorite Miles Morales.

10. Starman (Ted Knight)

Death of Ted Knight Star Man Robinson 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Dying of radiation poisoning, sacrificed himself to save Opal City

One of the genuine jewels of DC Comics’ publication history, Starman is a great example of the fact that – contrary to popular belief – not all superhero comic books published in the ’90s were awful. Written by James Robinson, the series dealt with Gen X slacker Jack Knight as he was forced to take up the mantle of Starman – a name once sported by his father, Ted. The generational conflict between the aging Ted and his cantankerous son fueled a good deal of drama over Starman‘s 70-plus issues.

In Starman‘s final arc, Ted discovered that he had developed radiation poisoning during a showdown with the villain Doctor Phosphorous. Using the super-science that made him a hero, Ted managed to save his native Opal City from a nuclear weapon – though at the cost of his life.

Starman‘s well-drawn characters, complex backstory, and ultra-detailed setting of Opal City make it an ideal property for a television adaptation. If the current crop of planned DC television shows does as well as Arrow, we may yet see this cult title get a proper screen translation.

11. The Human Torch

Death of the Human Torch Hickman 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Killed in a desperate one-man stand against the armies of the Negative Zone

Writer Jonathan Hickman’s stint writing Fantastic Four brought many changes to Marvel’s first family. Perhaps most dramatically, the Human Torch died protecting his family from an endless wave of horrors from the Negative Zone.

Admittedly, not many readers believed that Johnny Storm was dead for good. Later in Hickman’s Fantastic Four run, it was revealed that Johnny had in fact been killed during the encounter, only to be resurrected over and over again for the amusement of villain Annihilus.

Given the fact that the Fantastic Four reboot hasn’t even begun shooting, it’s unlikely that we will see the Human Torch stand against the Annihilation Wave in the near future. Still, it may be something for director Josh Trank to eventually shoot for. After all, watching Michael B. Jordan roar, “FLAME ON!” and take on ten-thousand aliens at once could be legitimately awesome.

12. Supergirl

Death of Supergirl Crisis on Infinite Earths 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Killed by the Anti-Monitor

Though Barry Allen was probably the most popular character to meet his maker during Crisis on Infinite Earths, he wasn’t the most famous. Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl, also got her ticket punched during the crossover when she attempted to go toe-to-toe with the universe-eating archvillain the Anti-Monitor.

Of all the comic book deaths on this list, Supergirl’s is easily the most visually iconic. The image of Superman cradling his cousin’s lifeless body has been copied, remixed, and given homage so many times, it’s almost become something of an industry in-joke.

Though there are no indications so far that Supergirl will figure into the harder edges of the world created by Man of Steel, anything is yet possible. Given the lingering power of that aforementioned image, would director Zach Snyder (or whoever is steering the series at that point) resist killing Supergirl off on the big screen?

13. Hitman (Tommy Monaghan)

Death of Hitman Tommy Monaghan Garth EnnisJohn McCrea 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Went out in a blaze of glory

Before he created Preacher, writer Garth Ennis teamed with artist John McCrea on Hitman, an off-kilter DC comic book about a super-powered contract killer out to make ends meet in the slums of Gotham City. Despite being a cold-blooded assassin, Tommy Monaghan was an amiable guy who rambled through a world populated by gonzo “super-guys.”

Though quirky and often parodic, Hitman sometimes veered into darker territory, spinning storylines about pathological guilt, war crimes, and the slow mental decay inherent to being a murderer. Thus, it made perfect sense when the final issue of the book ended with Tommy falling to a storm of gunfire.

Really, we just want to see a screen adaptation – of any sort – of Monaghan’s anti-heroic adventures. If Dexter could pull eight seasons out of a the life of a serial killer, surely DC and Warner Bros. can spin a series from Hitman . . . but only if it sticks to Tommy’s final, irrevocable fate.

14. Thanos

Death of Thanos Annihilation Keith Giffen 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Heart ripped out by Drax the Destroyer

We’re fudging a bit with this entry, as Thanos is a villain – and supervillains drop dead far more often than their justice-minded counterparts. Yet: as the supposed Big Bad of the Marvel film universe, it’s only a matter of time before movie audiences see Thanos come to some final destiny.

The Mad Titan has actually died several times on the comics page. As is natural for an acolyte of Death, Thanos has managed to spring back every time. Thanos’s fate at the climax of the thrilling Annihilation crossover series deserves closer attention. As he attempted to undo a mistake and save the universe from Annihilus, Thanos was at long last outmaneuvered by Drax the Destroyer. In the culmination of almost 30 years of stories, Drax finally took his revenge in the most savage way possible.

For our money, Annihilation contained the most shocking and dramatically resonant of Thanos’s many ends. Depending on how well Drax’s plight is sold in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, it could also eventually be the end the Titan faces in the movie universe as well.

15. Captain America

Death of Captain America Brubaker 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows
Cause of Death:
Assassinated by a conspiracy headed by the Red Skull

The 2006 Marvel Comics Civil War storyline was especially hard on Steve Rogers. Not only did the leader of The Avengers have to take up arms against comrade Tony Stark, he eventually decided to surrender to authorities rather than continue a destructive inter-superhero conflict. Soon after, a broken and exhausted Cap was assassinated on the steps of a New York City courthouse by agents of the Red Skull.

At the time, Captain America’s death made headlines for its brutality, willingness to kill an icon, and the assassination’s possible political subtext. Since the Civil War lead-in to Rogers’ death is probably not necessary for a movie adaptation, one gets the sense that the Marvel movie universe could already be setting itself up for the climactic scene. Indeed, Captain America: The Winter Soldier reintroduces Rogers’ eventual replacement: Bucky Barnes.


Death Reversed Blackest Night Geoff Johns 15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows

For superheroes, death is never really the end. Captain America’s consciousness turned out to be unstuck in time. Barry Allen simply decided to return to life when his skills were needed again, though he was also being manipulated by Professor Zoom. Superman wasn’t really dead – he was just in a Kryptonian coma. Some heroes (such as Supergirl) simply returned via reboot, appearing again as if nothing ever happened. Such is the course with characters that aren’t just characters – they’re multibillion dollar intellectual properties.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t negate the previously mentioned stopping power of the characters’ individual death scenes. Harnessed properly for movies and television, these storylines could kick a newer, wider audience square in the teeth – emotionally-speaking, of course.


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  1. Don’t expect Disney Marvel to kill any superheroes off..

    • Other than Cap, since Stan is meant to be making 3 more movies than Evans was contracted for and the shock of killing off a character for people like yourself who don’t think they’d dare to do it is all the more reason to go ahead and pull the trigger.

      I’d also mention the death of Chopper in 2000AD. Sure, he wasn’t a superhero (he was an illegal anti-grav surfing champ that became a menace to Judge Dredd but a popular hero amongst Mega-City One’s citizens) but the shot of him dying just inches from the finish line during particularly brutal race and the other survivors refusing to finish in his honour was memorable.

      • I knew the first response would mention Sebastian Stan, which is an obvious justifiable argument. Being signed on for nine more films (which IMO is insane) is proof that they will either kill CA or retire him off in some way. But as of today, having made eight films to date, Disney Marvel has disappointed in their shock factor. That’s my number one problem with them. They refuse to make drastic moves. I hope they will soon head in a darker direction because this jokey, lighthearted tone every film has had will get old. I’m hoping Age of Ultron will do something shocking.

        • Me too, man. I guess that’s one of many reasons I loved IM3. It came off a goofy team movie and while it was fun in parts, it also had some dark moments that I guess only those who have suffered panic attacks could really recognise and it seemed much darker, with Killian and The Mandarin coming across as much more threatening than a nuclear missile headed for a populated area was in The Avengers.

          Killing someone off instead of just retiring them would be a great way to show mainstream audiences that it’s serious business and not just fun and games in colourful costumes.

          • I agree. My biggest issue is that they have yet to give a story that shows the TRUE consequences of being a superhero in a dangerous and violent world. I’m not saying they need to slaughter Tony Stark or Steve Rodgers, but I’ve always loved the aspect of the ones they loved being in trouble. For instance, although I really liked IM3 (my personal fave of Disney Marvel), it would have left a massive impact on me if they had actually killed Pepper off in this movie. I want them to give us a story that shows that being a superhero isn’t all laughs and giggles!

            • @ Dazz & Big Fudge

              As both RDJ and Evans last film is Avengers 3 which everyone assumes is the Thanos film, what do you think the odds are that Thanos will nuke Cap and IM.

              For those that don’t know just how mad powerful Thanos is it’ll be a good way to demonstrate that.

              Also as the actors contracts are at an end, Shaw as Bucky becomes Cap and using the infinity stones Tony comes back as a younger dude and we get an IM reboot (did that happen in the comics – Tony coming back as a younger bloke??)

              Kinda ticks all the necessary boxes.

            • I agree killing off Pepper Potts would have been a good thing because she has nothing to do with the AVENGERS,right??Potts had only a 10 second cameo in A1 so she serves no purpose at all.

      • except in the comics readers had a chance to relate to bucky Haven’t had enough time in 1 movie to pay to see a movie based on him.

        Human torch they cant kill him off or people will be screaming RACIST.

      • I seriously doubt that, just cause Stan was signed for a 9 picture deal doesn’t mean he has to be in 9 films or marvel wants him to. They clearly are just making sure that they don’t have another RDJ situation, giving everyone a 8-9-10 picture deal. If Evans doesn’t resign they will go the Stan route. Expect Evans to resign though because its essentially his career.

  2. I do wonder if theyll kill Thanos or any of the heroes
    Will they have “disney deaths”

    • Well according to what I read yesterday (whether it’s truth or not, I don’t know), Feige allegedly said that The Avengers had an R rating given to them because they originally had a more graphic shot of Coulson’s death and they had to remove the blood and gore from that scene and use a slightly different shot/angle to get a PG-13 rating.

      • Coulsons “death”

    • If they go the path of Drax killing Thanos, they better give us a bloody and epic scene. THAT would be baller.

    • Another excellent death would be Tyler Dayspring, the on screen death of Tolliver aka Lord Genesis after the Age of Apocalypse.

      Lets remember Genesis had several names and was out to kill Deadpool as Tolliver, to turn Wolverine into his ultimate slave.

      Genesis was always like the insane step son of Apocalypse during the AoA. If Genesis died on screen at the hands of Wolverine and Deadpool that would be awesome beyond belief, leading to an ultimate duel between Wolverine and Deadpool where the audience is left believing neither one is left alive. Then they just bring them back in the new solo movie Deadpool!

    • Disney’s cartoon death can be brutal, remember Tarzan where Clayton accidently hanged himself, Scar getting eaten alive by hyenas, etc.

      • brutal but not graphic……. there is a difference

        • Mufasa getting trampled to death by a stampede

  3. i want to see them kill off Coulson….

    • Me, too.

    • How can you kill off Capt Mar-Vell.. excuse me Coulson.. He is Kree. He will be around for a while.

  4. I’m gonna have to go with none of the above since character kill-offs are cheap heat plain and simple.

    That’s not to say that I don’t like Miles Morales or can’t see the potential in a Superman Death/Return storyline on-screen but comics have relied them as a gimmick too often for too long and I’d rather not have the movies resorting to the same stunts and tactics.

  5. The best possible on-screen death of a superhero of all time was flubbed by director of X-Men the last stand….. So sad

    • So you’re one of the people who wanted to see them completely abandon the themes and tone of the X-Men films in order to literally adapt some cosmic storyline about a magic spacebird flying around mind controlling people? Interesting opinion.

      • ^ This.
        Thank you.

    • The flub was not having Jean Grey’s last word be Scott.

      That would have cemented the Cyclops-Jean Grey relationship and had the added benefit of being a mindscrew to Wolverine.

  6. Without any doubt, Magneto.

    Killed by Apocalypse through Wolverine turning him into a vegetable and after Logan’s adamantium was ripped from his body.

    Charles Xavier and Magneto would make excellent deaths at the hands of Apocalypse in some grisly dystopian future…and then it would be quite awesome to see Apocalypse get sealed away somehow.

  7. Am I the only one who thought Death of Superman was kinda lame? Reading that book I couldn’t help but wonder why the heck Didn’t Superman just knocked him into outerspace or why non of the Jl big guns come to his aid.

    • At the risk of re-starting the MoS argument.

      Superman doesn’t kill and wouldn’t risk all those people smashing through buildings and such like.

      Substitute Doomsday for Michael Shannon and you’ve got a cinematic copy of the Doomsday fight.

      • Oh just in case it’s not clear (and having read it it’s not)

        ^^ not directed at Big Boss, but it was easier to post as a reply instead of having the comment a page and a half from the relevant discussion.

    • How long has it been since you read it?
      Doomsday trashed that eras jla and superman did try to take doomsday into the amtosphere and failed.

  8. @ Big_Boss

    Yeah, you’d think Superman would capture Doomsday within the Phantom Zone as he did in JLU. I bet WB/DC won’t go down that road to killing off someone like Superman, because they have to explain his comeback on film diffently than in comics & shows,etc. I didn’t buy into Bruce Wayne healing after Bane broke him in TDKR.

    • Bane didn’t break his back in TDKR though, he just dislocated his vertebrae, as said explicitly in the dialogue with The Pit’s prisoner when he helped Bruce recover.

      How he got back so fast is my only issue with that movie.

      • Well he’s Batman, traveling from one side of the world to another shouldn’t be that hard for him. Begins showed that he managed pretty ok on his own without any money. Besides if your gonna ask that question might as well ask how the heck the Joker managed to plant bombs on both ferrys and the hosipital that he blew up in the Dark knight. At the end of the day does it really matter how Bruce returned to Gotham so quick? Thats like asking how does he handle his urge to go the bathroom when he’s crimefighting. Does he hold it in, casually asks someone for use of their toilet or does he hightail all the way back to the batcave?

      • not to argue logic in the back recovery, we do need to understand that there was emmense amount of time jumps throughout the film, that are difficult to follow. He had around 3-6 months to recover which is a long time.

    • the way I view it is, that anyone who isn’t a super trained warrior like Faora or Zod, a genius like lex or Brainiac, can be easily put down by superman all by himself.

      • Absolutely, but after killing zod he was distressed and effected by having to do that. Superman isn’t going to put anyone down anymore, hence why he needs a group because he has to tone it down.

  9. Since young kids watch superhero cartoons, I think comic book movies should stay clear of ‘real, dark, and gritty’. I use to love watching “Batman: The Animated Series”. While young kids can handle ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, the tone of the second movie should have been toned down. Comic book characters no longer stand for truth, justice, hope, and honor. Batman, Superman, and Green Arrow are also too busy with inner relationship conflicts. I do not know if I am watching ‘Days of Our Lives’ or ‘CSI; Gotham”,

    After the death of Superman fiasco, I completely stopped collecting comics. During that period of time, Spiderman had also been killed off. One of my friends asked, “Do you think Marvel will permanently kill off Spiderman?” I told him it was not good for business. …and, that is true for today. Look at what happened to the X-Men series. As a result of all the character deaths, the writers are trying to patch up the movie series.

    Comic book fans no longer want to have fun.

    Comic books have become too serious for their own good.

    • its not just young kids that watch or read cartoons/comics but adults too. If you look up stuff like comic-con you’ll see it’s mostly just adults that hang around in cosplay. Look at it this way, since the first comic books came out in the early 40s it’s targeted audience had grown up as the decades past, so it’s only natural that the tone of those books matured just a little bit with each new decade.

      • Yeah, if comic books stopped having the kinds of stories that turned you off in the early 90s, the industry would be dead.

        Besides, I have to point out that in 1992, I was watching Batman: The Animated Series and reading 2000AD, Tank Girl and Judge Dredd Megazine as an 8 year old boy, the latter 3 comics having graphic violence and nudity while you were getting angry about Spider-Man’s death in a more child friendly book and was probably older than I was at the time.

        Hell, I still have my Beavis & Butt-Head comics from around then too, with a faux full page ad for X-Men with the commentary “If they’re X-Men, does that mean they used to be dudes?”

        • Is there really no middle ground between, say, “Archie” comics and Tank Girl and Judge Dredd? Does everything have to be “darker, edgier, grittier?” Sometimes I feel that these are becoming substitutes for things like “plot” and “character.” Sure, the comic storyline of The Dark Night and the Watchmen series were legitimate … but is it really necessary for what appears to be every superhero comic book to go this route? One of the things I’ve liked about the new Marvel movies is that they are NOT like The Dark Knight. I don’t want them to go darker, just to try and “compete” with Batman / The Dark Knight … and really, Batman is Batman … Iron Man and Captain America don’t need to be Batman.

          • @SpaceCowboy 1701,

            I agree with everything you said.

          • Well said Spacecowboy 1701, I love what you said and agree. I’m tired of this nonsense of how cbm’s aren’t dark enough just because it worked for one film. Thank you sir.

      • @ Big_Boss,

        I think my peers (adults) have to stop being selfish. While adults do collect comic books, the general demographics is anyone between the ages of 12-25.

        If an adult is making the argument for realism, the only response I can tell them is ot grow up. Comic books are for kids and young adults. Older adults are just going along for sentimental reasons.

        • Marcus, I think we are in the minority … especially in the online community. Although I do think comics can rise above the place of young adult material … I just haven’t seen many that can pull that off on both the art and story levels.

          Considering the number of comic titles out there, particularly for heroes like Spiderman and Batman that have multiple ongoing series, it shouldn’t even be that much of a sacrifice to have a few titles of the Big Heroes that are less skewed to the 40-year-old set … I realize that the whole “Super Hero Squad” line is out there, but that’s almost the opposite problem of skewing too young …

  10. How about the guy who actually stayed dead? Captain Mar-Vell.

    • Thank you Joel, about time someone brought him up. He had a sad death. I was glad to have that graphic novel. Adam warlock died a dozen times too. I’m surprised captain mar-Vell didn’t make the list.

      • He actually was on the first draft of the list. He and another “quiet death” (the Silver Surfer in “Requiem”) were going to get honorable mentions, but were cut for space and not *quite* fitting the theme.

  11. How is there no mention of Josh Trank, Simon Kinberg and cast possibly have been fired under Human Torch? Section talks as if movie is still happening.

    • Maybe because they denied it ever happened and stated the film is still set for release under Trank, etc in June 2015.

      • Companies deny things all the time. Film Industry is one of the biggest offenders. Just because it is denied does not mean there is not a possibility it did not happened. 20th Century Fox might just not want to deal with it publicly at the moment.

  12. Damian Wayne’s death was just a cheesy way to increase sales figures.
    His death was by no means memorable nor sad. Unlike the death of Jason Todd, who fans still remember decades later.
    Also being killed by a clone is not the same as being killed by the Joker.

    • I personally hated the concept of Damian. I just don’t want Bruce to have a family (well blood family). The “Son of Batman” shouldn’t exist. It was silly and I know my circle of comic fans were all happy to see this punk bite the dust.

  13. Deaths we want to see: I was tempted to say all the writers, directors, and producers that step too far away from comic canon in their movies or rehashed plot-lines, plus those fans who support them, but I am a merciful Goldilocks, so I will simply button my lip in my Divine Mercy.

  14. “Fan favorite Miles Morales”. Really? There’s only 1 spiderman. Not Miles, not Doc Ock. Just Peter.

  15. What do you mean fan favorite? I don’t know anyone who likes Miles Morales.

    • The point wasn’t that he’s the fan-favorite of the two Spider-Men, the point was that he’s a fan-favorite among comic book characters. Geez louise. Nobody is questioning the popularity of Peter Parker.

  16. She’s not a superhero but can someone (Deadshot, Nessa Al Ghul or Deathstroke) put two in Arrow’s Laurel Lance, actress is ok but the character is REALLY starting to grate.

    She’s always been a bit irritating but now with this woe is me nonsense she’s borderline unbearable.

    Plus Sara is free from the league so she and Olly will no doubt get it on, Laura has no purpose on the show but to get on my nerves.

    A quick double tap and it gives the hero’s some extra motivation….. win win

  17. There was a Death of Spider-man issue in the Macfarlane days of the (just) Spider-Man title that was pretty awesome, where he died saving a plummeting child and couldn’t pull himself up in time. More of an exploration of Peter’s journey into death, it ended up not sticking, though he did get to see Thanos & Lady Death, if I remember correctly, and they sent him back for some reason or other. Still a powerful issue, though.

    • Then again, with Thanos & Spidey owned by different studios, that particular resolution to his death journey is a bit unlikely on-screen.

  18. Wow… this is a really good article. We are super eager to find out how they handle that empty pod in Man of Steel. Goyer himself has mentioned it and the theories from it being the birth of the Amazons to Supergirl are intriguing.. but c’mon… if they aint making a Wonder Woman movie… No way are they adding Supergirl. But it would be cool to really see Supes suffer somehow since he is “invunerable.”

  19. More than a couple of issues. If you count all the crossovers leading up to Doomsday, you’re talking several dozen. DC did it as an animated movie. Very disappointing. Death of Supergirl was what got me back into collecting comic books until they went glossy. Her name would be just Kara – El, not Kara Zor-El. Remember, the family name was just El. Otherwise Supes name would have been Kal Jor-El.

  20. WOW…. no mention of Captain Marvel. Please turn in your comic book cards as you don’t really need them. One of the few that died and stayed dead.

    • I wish that would do captain marvel then later cover his death.

  21. Look the only death that’s needed in comic movies is the death of DC franchise in the movie business all together! WB needs to get out of the way and stop making crappy superhero movies.

  22. There is not one of these scenes I want to see filmed. Not one. ESPECIALLY not the death of Superman. Anyone who bought that comic should be ashamed of themselves. That was an obvious marketing ploy. Who didn’t think Superman was coming back? Death shouldn’t be a joke. The only death in the comics that was worth anything was Jean Grey. Leave her dead and don’t even consider killing off another character for the next 20 years.

    • shes back in the comics its her younger self from the past so characters never really die

  23. The only meaningful death of heroes in the comics was that of The Doom Patrol. They chose to be blown up instead of a small town. Unfortunately, that too has been crapped on over the years.

  24. I really dont think I would want to see any of these except maybe thanos and even then I would rather see captain marvel take him out.
    Some of these were entertaining in comic form but few would be handled well or could be pulled off effectively in film form.