‘Supergirl’ TV Series Being Pitched By DC Comics?

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Supergirl TV Series Rumor Supergirl TV Series Being Pitched By DC Comics?

With the overwhelming popularity and recognition enjoyed by Superman a.k.a. the ‘Man of Steel’ around the world, one would assume that the members of his immediate family would enjoy similar levels of attention. But for years Supergirl has stood in the shadow of her Kryptonian cousin, despite possessing all of his strength. As Superman is set to return to the box office with his friends in tow, a new report claims that the last daughter of Krypton might get a series of her own – on television.

The report comes courtesy of Bleeding Cool and their source, claiming that writer and producer Michael Green (Smallville, Heroes, Green Lantern) is set to produce and write a Supergirl series – a project that DC Entertainment is “actively pitching.” Green may not be a household name for mass audiences, but he’s acted as writer and producer on multiple DC Comics properties in the past; that includes his work (as one of several writers) on both Green Lantern (2011) and the previously-announced Flash movie.

No other details are offered in BC‘s report, with regard to exactly what angle or networks the show is being developed for, but with Gotham, The Flash, Constantine and numerous other comic books in production for TV, there’s certainly no shortage of interested parties. Even so, there’s no question that adapting the character to TV would be a difficult task – a fact Green would be aware of, having co-written the character’s re-launch as part of DC’s ‘New 52′ reboot.

Supergirl Comic New 52 Supergirl TV Series Being Pitched By DC Comics?

Given Green’s interest (and knowledge) of the character Kara Zor-El a.k.a. ‘Supergirl,’ the most likely direction would be the most obvious one: recreate the premise of Smallville, but with a female in the lead role. But aside from the danger of retreading similar territory (for much of the same audience), it’s difficult to create any take on the superheroine that is separated from her formerly-younger-cousin Kal-El.

But with DC’s TV and movie worlds totally divided, and it seeming less and less likely that Superman or Batman will appear outside of blockbusters, that would be a necessity.

For both Michael Green and Mike Johnson’s part, the recent reboot of the character steered clear of Superman from the start. But without a family of her own, or a relative to develop alongside, her comic delved headlong into the mysteries of Krypton. Besides that being almost prohibitively expensive for a standard TV series, it also takes a large bite out of Superman’s big screen story. Could DC and WB be willing to share the origin? Perhaps. But it’s not an easy decision to make.

Supergirl TV Show Movie Role Supergirl TV Series Being Pitched By DC Comics?

The other question worth asking is what impact a potential Supergirl TV series might have on the character’s role in the larger DC/WB movie universe. Geoff Johns’ explanation that the movie and TV universes won’t be overlapping may seem like an argument for characters to appear in both TV and movies, but audiences have yet to see that theory in practice. What they have seen is Wonder Woman origin story cancelled prior to her debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (and the mere claim that DC is shopping the show to networks implies it may not be a fit for The CW).

Those who believe that Supergirl was already teased in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will know that while the film’s prequel comic confirmed the existence of Kara Zor-El in the film’s continuity, she lived thousands of years before Kal-El. We’ve voiced our own theory on how Supergirl’s legacy could be preserved in the movie universe, but the standard origin story seems impossible. If that’s the case, then a TV series would be a welcome consolation for fans.

We’ll keep you up to date on this rumor if and when new details surface, but with Michael Green preparing to act as showrunner to Bryan Fuller’s American Gods, don’t be surprised if his attention is needed elsewhere. For now, what do you think of a Supergirl TV show? Would it be too close to Smallville for your tastes? Or does it seem like a logical step?

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Wasn’t a big fan of Green Lantern but do not blame Ryan Reynolds. I like Smallville from Seasons 1-7 after that I stopped because it was just awful. With that said, if this series does happen I’ll give it a chance. Because you should not judge something until you see it.

    • I liked Green Lantern, and want the franchise to continue full steam ahead. However, future Green lantern movies, while featuring Hal Jordan (with or without reynolds) should have good scripts and no cornball humor. Green lantern was a bit more serious character in the early comics than a “What’s happnin’, dudes?” type of clown. He is arguably the most forminable hero in the DC universe (Superman could probably have a case made for him, though, as could Doctor Fate). As for Supergirl, while we really don’t need that at this time, I would be tempted so say what the heck, go for it….with the stipulation that we stay away from the Smallville formula, and have good acting, writing, and directing plus decent special effects. Personally, I would probably rather see them get heroes such as Atom, Hawkman, and Martian Manhunter up and flying, as well as Hourman and Doctor Fate…or even the Legion of Super-Heroes. Deadman and Spectre. It looks like following Flash, Hourman and Atom may get their due. But again: good writing, acting, and directing, or the studios might as well just go home and play marbles.

      • New 52 green lantern is annoying as hell. even lego made him astoundingly pathetic.


    I don’t know either women’s real names, but on Smallville Lois Lane was way hotter than the girl who played Supergirl. Which is why Supergirl vanished from the show while Lois Lane went on to be a regular. Both were guest stars.

    Lois on Smallville vs Supergirl:
    -Lois had a bubble but when Supergirl had a flat but
    -Lois had big breasts when Supergirl was boarder line flat

    The only fanboys who liked that Supergirl were desperate virgins who just got turned on by a second rate skinny blonde, which there are millions of skinny blondes out there. I hope they go for someone hot this time.

    • This. Make sure when making a tv show about a woman, no matter how strong, successful or independent she is, make sure she has a hot butt and a great chest. When will tv execs learn that women are nothing more than sexual objects to be desired by men?

      • Don’t go all clueless nerdy. Even women want attractive women to be in leading roles. Kissing up to women is not going to get you laid, all it shows is the foolish.

        Read what was said “again”, since what was said was that not only was she not hot she had no personality. I’m sorry but sex sells and any guy who’s against it is a fool and liar. Make her hot, strong, feminine and intellegent.

        • Haha Supes, agreed. Wondered what he was trying for, lol.

          ….then it dawned on me must be a girl.

      • I don’t think using an online comment-board is the best genre for sarcasm. :)

    • Yeah….better make her hot; we wouldn’t want a plot, storyline, or any of that nonsense getting in the way of a good time.

      Geez, how damn shallow are you?

    • first off, the actresses names are Lois: Erica Durance and Supergirl: Laura Vandervoort. second, I thought Laura was pretty attractive, IMHO they are equally attractive. third, I don’t think they wrote Supergirl off the show because of her looks. the fact of the matter was that Lois is just a more important and fleshed out character. and ultimately Lois moves the plot along much better than Supergirl. I would agree with you if you were to say that Erica Durance was the better actress.

      I do agree with others though, that a Supergirl TV series must be different than Smallville. that show had a great run, but it’s now time for something different, which was why so many people like Arrow.

      • I thought they wrote her off because she got a starring role in that V show on ABC. She was in something else too icr what.

    • I liked Kara on SV, and especially the actress — she seemed to have a lot of promise and could have carried her own show if it was toned properly. Supergirl needs to appear like a DISNEY PRINCESS for 12 year old girls, think FROZEN, not Britney Spears.

  3. Damn, why can’t I stop thinking Kristen Bell everytime I look at a picture of Supergirl?
    She looks a good amount like her,she wouldn’t cost a lot, she could do the role good and she has worked for CW. Maybe I’m losing my mind! I gotta find a doctor fast!!!

    • I’ve thought the same thing. She would have been perfect 10-15 years ago. She’s 34 – three years older than Henry Cavill. They’ll want someone 18-22.

      • it’s been retcon so that Supergirl is the older cousin, she would still be perfect for the character.

        • YAYYY!!!

        • I think she’s older than Clark only due to her being born first. Clark arrived on Earth and aged, while Kara was in a cryo-freeze type state and is now “younger” than Clark.

          • Dude, you know in this day and age, no one follows the comics 100%. Not even 90%. So they can just have Kal and Kara be around the same age, meaning Kristen Bell can have the role.Sound good?

      • Aww but she looks a bit younger than 34, don’t you think? Maybe she could pass. I don’t read comics, but does Supergirl have to been in her teens? If she does, then another decent choice is Chloe Mortez. But I don’t think she could commit to a show, unlike Bell.

      • This is on TV. Where Henry Cavill’s Superman does not exist. They can make Supergirl as old as they want and work Superman around it in the TV universe.

        • Exactly! Thanks. They could have the Smallville Superman actor reprise the role, too.
          But I unfortunately could not see an episode of smallville. I was only a child when it first came on ,and had to go without good cable.So I don’t know if that show was good or bad. Which one was it?

          • Smallville may have been panned by some but I enjoyed it. The show was about Clark kent and his story was why I liked the show so much. His relationships with Lex, lionel, his parents, Lana, Lois and other characters drove the story. Sure….they screwed up. They wrote out all the adults in the program as quickly as they could ( they killed off Dad and sent Mom away ).
            Having Green Arrow as a regular the last seasons ended up being a good thing. I bought all seasons.

  4. Super snore.

    10 seasons of Clark not suiting up in Smallville got old. But I did originally like the tone and intrigue with Lex and his father.

    Success would depend on their approach and budget for fx.

    • Yes, call it a heresy, but Smallville simply was not that good. A couple times they could have had an uptick: touching on Doctor fate (but they destroyed the character of him, Hawkman, and everyone else they touched) or a lackluster attempt to mention a couple of the Legionaires from the Legion of Super heroes. Why can’t everyone get their heads out of their sweet patooties and stick closer to the source material, which is where the characters became famous for in the first place?!

      • Geoff Johns wrote the Smallville episode “Legion”, in which he introduced the three core members of the Legion of Superheroes: Garth, Imra and Rokk. The episode was pretty good, most fans liked it. Don’t pretend everything sucks just because is not like in the comics.

        • That is not why I did not like the show necesarily, but if I were to say it were great when I disliked it (at least in my opinion), or just said it was great to please folks like you, then I would suck until my forehead coillapsed. Nope, my personal opinion, which I am entitled to at least from standpoint, remains the same. Recall if you will the famous (slightly paraphrased) saying that “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it, and u-suk-2!”

  5. Why cant they have a DC Cinematic Universe and a DC Television Universe? DC could have different versions of their characters told on the small screen. For example: There would be The Flash TV series and the Flash that will be in the Justice league film.

    Why cant DC make a Justice League in the Television Universe? How cool would it be to have a Batman TV series or another Superman series? We could see our favorite characters more often on TV. This would give fans two different universes to see different storylines and adventures.

    Pretty Much a DC live action multi-verse. I think DC has positions themselves to do this if they saw fit. Imagine a Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman TV series along with the Flash and Arrow. It would all lead into a TV Justice League.

    Of course add in smaller characters with their own shows like Supergirl maybe even Static Shock. Or have some characters as minor roles like Firestorm in The Flash.

    • Isn’t that what they’re doing?

    • I guess you missed the memo. The DC movie and TV universes are separate.

      • I am aware of it. In the article (unless I read it wrong) he says that he doubts we will ever see Superman or Batman on TV. My question is why? What has been done to lead us to that conclusion?

        Why can we not have a TV version of the Justice League with the likes of Superman and Batman?

        • The easy answer is money. Superman and Batman are the cash cow(s), not like the Flash or Green Lantern or etc. These are the big guns for WB studios and the primary focus is basing the movie universe around them. Having Batman/Superman show up on live-action tv in full costume is essentially taking away from the thunder of their movie-versions. For the casual movie/tv person who simply enjoys the genre and isn’t a hardcore fan(boy), maybe watching them on tv is “good enough” instead of rushing out to watch it on the big screen on opening night.

          • +1

            I said the same thing about specifically a Batman TV series when people were moaning about gotham… What you’re going to get is really Great batman movies with all the bells and whistles while you’ll get a Batman TV show that will be low budget.

            the casual audience will not understand that there is a difference between the show and the movies but wonder why is it Batman looks cool in the movies but he looks incredibly janky on TV. ultimately that would hurt the overall Batman brand.

            the same principle would be applied to superman.

    • Dude, c’mon, go do some fun research & see how that’s exactly what they’re up to.

      Arrow & The Flash share the same Universe & are expanding their rosters to include tons of new heroes & villains, including The Atom (Brandon Routh), Firestorm (young guy from Tomorrow People) &, well, go look it up. The list of villains is mind boggling!


      It almost goes without saying (at this point)that CW’s plans are to quickly create the exact same thing on TV for DC that Disney has done for Marvel on the Big Screen.

  6. Supergirl’s origin has been changed so many times, there’s no need to worry about sticking to the comics, especially the new 52 version. I say go back and retell the Supergirl movie, use that origin for your pilot movie. If it takes, you have your formula. Clarks cousin in private school learning to control her powers. But, don’t make the same ‘no tights, no flights’ mistake. She live in a world where Superman exists. Put her in costume from the get go.

  7. How about a Harley Quinn TV series DC?

    • That girl ain’t red-hot; in fact she’s doodily-squat!
      Insignificant character and not even a good one for some reason writers keep thrusting in our faces, and even worse some fans just think she is the greatest villain ever and gobble her up. Just a goofy-brained modern-goth valley girl with more hang-ups than a dropped cell-phone call in a clown outfit and make-up if you ask me. And dat’s dat, “girl-friends”!

    • I think it would be better to do a suicide squad show with her at the helm… especially if they don’t do a Suicide Squad movie

  8. I like the idea but I hope to god it doesn’t follow a Smallville route, I only made it to S6 because of how awful it was. But even if it does I’ll sill watch it. :)

    • I could barely make it through Smallville but once it hit season 7, it finally started to improve and become somewhat watchable.

  9. I think a TV series will get developed first. Laura Vandervoort who played Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent from the episode season 7-10 of SMALLVILLE has already showed off her character. See in Crisis on Infinite Earths had killed the Original Supergirl around the 1985, had took away The SUPERMAN: Secret Origins and made him the only Kryptonian. Supergirl was suppose to be like her cousin. Helen Slater played her first and then the movie got Bombed at the Box Office.

    In the New 52 series she hasn’t become like her cousin Clark. She was called Kara Zor-El still. Remember she was called Linda-Lee Danvers she was raised an orphan on Earth where her cousin send her to an Orphange in a small community outside of Chicago called Midvale.

  10. Please no. Let the Flash sink in to TV before biting more than you can chew. I’m sure they won’t succeed if they keep dishing out shows, take your time!

  11. Question : which version of Supergirl will they use ? Is it :

    A) the original version where she is cousin to Kal-El from Krypton ?
    B) the Peter David era version. Where she was Matrix/ Linda Danvers?
    C) the new 52 version?

    • (A) The Original Supergirl from Krypton as Kara of Argo City, Daughter Allura & Zor-El On Earth she is Linda-Lee Danvers, Adopted Daughter of Fred & Edna Danvers from Midvale, IL

      I would stick with A & C The New 52 Version and add everything together. Because, Peter David who re-write the Supergirl series in 1996 that she became an earth-born angel. Which is based on Spiritual Warfare between Heaven and Hell.

  12. If they are going to create a tv series with a female hero in the lead role then how about one that isnt a copy of a male hero? like Raven or Zatana for example.

  13. I am a fan of Supergirl and an very interested in seeing her onscreen. But not in a way that even remotely resembles Smallville. The Kryptonian stuff is alien science fiction, and if they are going to deal with that, I want something that looks awesome (read: a film) and does it justice. I have so many questions about what the premise and setting would be for this theoretical show, and what the tone would be…

    Also, as far as casting…please get someone who is a good actress first and foremost. Especially if Kara Zor-El is adapted for television, she needs to be a compelling character for reasons other her looks. (No offense intended to the lady from Smallville, but again, I’d want a different direction.)

  14. At first i was excited but then… Unless WB will push a fair amount of money on sfx and screenwriters, have really good plot and will push her out of Earth from time to time… i just don’t want to see another Smallville.

    “in the film’s continuity, she lived thousands of years before Kal-El”
    True, but she is kryptonian under yellow star and since they didn’t establish all the rules for now she could very well be alive. Also it would be funny if thats how Clark will know he is almost immortal and that would lead to his dilemma with Lois.

  15. I could see a Supergirl tv show being a big hit. There is so many great stories to pick that CW will base their Supergirl show off of. I could even see a Supergirl show being a spinoff of Smallville. You could bring back Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl. If the show is about her it could be telling stories when she fought with the Legion of Superheroes from the future.

    I think a Supergirl show has great potential that I really want see it succeed. This show will allow Kara to finally step out of her famous cousin’s shadow.

    Seeing as CW is known for reusing actors from other shows I could see Annasophia Robb or Claire Holt getting to be Supergirl. I think it would be cool to see Supergirl working with Wondergirl. Cassie and Kara have an interesting friendship and it would be cool to see that play out on screen. Because I highly doubt WB is planning on bringing Wonder Girl to the big screen so the small screen should work.

    I also wonder if this show will tie into Green Arrow or Flash? Because in Green Arrow there was the comment that was something like “What’s next aliens”. If they decide to use Supergirl to replace Superman on the small screen because the CW can’t use Superman I wonder what other changes the CW will make. I guess you could replace Nightwing for Batman and Wonder Woman for Wonder Girl. Then the CW’s Justice League would be Green Arrow, Flash, Nightwing, Wonder Girl & Supergirl. Which if they do something like that would be interesting to see play out.

    That being said I personally would prefer to see the Supergirl show being in its own universe by her self or with Wonder Girl. I can’t wait to hear more on this show.


  17. This is exactly what we need, another comic based TV series!! Bring back Hulk is what I say…..

  18. Laura Vandervoort as Kara please.

  19. So Superman’s only now enjoying “overwhelming popularity & recognition” because of the demonstrably awful train wreck that is the Man Of Steel?!?
    Funny how Screen Rant has nothing but accolades for an actual lousy movie that essentially bastardized the character & mythos of Superman, while dumping nothing but hate on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at every opportunity.
    Pretty much illustrates the obsessive psychopathy of derelicts who laughingly try to project an absurd image of ridiculous credibility.

  20. I don’t know about this idea. How can you have a Supergirl show without Superman making an appearance.

    If they use the Supergirl story where she goes to the future with the Legion of Superheroes I will be real interested in seeing that!

    • Or they could use the alternate earth Power Girl angle. Where Darkseid defeated the Justice league on her earth and she comes to this one.

      But I would like to see the Legion of superheroes angle also but its a TV budget so it might not be that spectacular.

  21. Green Arrow wouldn’t have been called a superhero on the same level as Batman or Superman, but he still got his own show and its a ratings hit. I say do the Question. I’m getting tired of seeing elements of the same old things.

  22. I am so disappointed that DC isn’t doing a shared TV/Film universe. Arrow is arguably more universally praised than Man of Steel.They are making the wrong choice here and scattering their efforts. They will ultimately lose chunks of their audience I believe. And didn’t they reference Supergirl in MoS? I know she was in the prequel comic. The empty stasis pod on the ship? I assumed that was foreshadowing of her inevitable appearance. Maybe Lex has had her frozen somewhere or Darkseid or something like that. Its not too late DC, shared universe is the way to go! How awesome would it be to see the Arrow/Flas cast appear in Dawn of Justice? People would cheer.

  23. Can we please stop with this Ryan Reynolds playing GL nonsense? He isn’t going to play GL again and I for one won’t miss him. He’s practically ruined every comic book movie he’s starred in. But some people never learn…

  24. I don’t care if Supergirl is on a TV series or in a movie, I want Laura Vandervoort to be recast in the role, but still it would be good to see her battle alongside Henry cavill’s Superman and Tom Welling’s Shazam! maybe.

  25. Nothing wrong with a Supergirl movie, always scope for a major female superheroine franchise and we wont be seeing Wonder Woman for an eternity in her own movie so why not?

    The dilemma with Supergirl of course is that there has to be some connection to Superman. Kara-El has her separate backstory from Kandor but her cousin is the prime inspiration for her to assume the Supergirl identity. You could have her create the identity herself but then you take away the uniqueness and special qualities of Superman.

    Whether it;s done or not remains to be seen. However the lead role must surely go to Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street. She is so perfect for the part for sure.

    Just minor points to add but Smallville still remains one of the greatest tv shows ever. Also Laura Vandervoort was stunning as Kara and almost as hot as Erica Durance .. almost.

  26. You said it yourself! This is a consolation prize. Supergirl deserves better. She deserves to play with the big boys in the cinematic universe but WB is too stupid to see that.