‘Superfast!’ Spoof Movie to Parody the ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise

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Superfast Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg Superfast! Spoof Movie to Parody the Fast & Furious FranchiseNext week, Fast & Furious 6 will debut in US theaters. Despite being the sixth iteration of the franchise, the film is predicted to do just as well at the box office as its predecessors – so much so that Fast and Furious 7 is already well into development.

Any property as popular – and as ridiculously over-the-top – as the Fast and Furious series makes for ripe parody material. Thus, it’s not much of a surprise that spoof maestros Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are gearing up to create a comedy lampooning the street-racing franchise, titled Superfast!

The Wrap shares the news that Friedberg and Seltzer have teamed with global distribution company K5 International to sell Superfast! across the world. Though the writing/directing duo has not set a firm date for release, one imagines that they are aiming to capitalize on the July 11th, 2014 release date for Fast and Furious 7.

For the better part of a decade, Seltzer and Friedberg have helmed parody movies aimed either at specific films (Vampires Suck, Meet the Spartans) or broad swipes at Hollywood genres (Epic Movie, Disaster Movie). The pair got their start writing for the early entries in the Scary Movie franchise, after which they jumped ship for their own Date Movie. Their next completed project, The Starving Games, will be released later this year.

vin diesel fast furious 6 riddick Superfast! Spoof Movie to Parody the Fast & Furious Franchise

Friedberg and Seltzer’s productions have been consistently reviled by critics, never rising above a single-digit percentage on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite this, the only one of their films not to turn a tidy profit was Disaster Movie, which still managed to break even. This is largely because of each installment’s meager budget (no more than $30 million, and often quite a bit less) and broad worldwide distribution, all but guaranteeing a return on investment.

Playing the devil’s advocate, the Fast and Furious series does present a tempting target for parody. With their growling machismo, often ridiculous action sequences, and sometimes confused plotting, the Fast films are fertile ground for potential comedy (see also, The Onion‘s interview with Fast 5‘s “lead writer”).

That said, Friedberg and Seltzer may not be the men for the job. After all, a proper send-up of the Fast films would probably take more budgetary resources than they are willing to commit. If they can’t make fun of the series’ physics and anatomy-defying stunts, what’s the point?

Epic Movie Still Superfast! Spoof Movie to Parody the Fast & Furious Franchise

Image from ‘Epic Movie.’

Moreover, the tone of the directors’ films is actually fairly toxic for comedy. Underneath the fart jokes and sudden bursts into rapping, their movies contain a definite mean streak that betrays a sense of contempt for the material they’re parodying. Even though the Fast and Furious movies are worthy of parody, they’re still fun action romps that are appreciated by a sizable audience. If Superfast! displays the same kind of snarky bile as the duo’s previous spoofs, any crossover appeal will be lost.

If Seltzer and Friedberg can jettison the condescending tone of their previous scripts and drum up a decent budget, Superfast! could be a turning point for them. Here’s to hoping that the film will be more Airplane! than A Haunted House.


Superfast! does not yet have a definitive release date. Check back with Screen Rant for all the relevant details.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. how do these people keep getting work?

  2. Well, I was about to say it seems like a good idea but then I saw they were behind other failed spoofs.

    I still have no clue how the hell Meet The Spartans became a US box office #1 movie. I knew it sucked when I saw the TV spot before release so do US audiences just walk in and throw money at the screen and wherever it lands, that’s the movie they’ll go see? Or do you guys actually enjoy spending money on crap movies in a sort of ironic and hipster way?

    As said above, how do these guys continue to get work? It seems like they choose something fairly popular and decide to make fun of it while studios are somehow burning so much cash in their wallets that they have to literally give it away as long as any old manure gets filmed in return.

    Spoofs are the lowest form of comedy and therefore the hardest to create. Only a handful (or less) actually work (I’m looking at you, Airplane! and Police Squad).

    Movies like this get made (along with sequels to movies like this) yet we don’t get Dredd sequels or Deadpool?

    • I thought I had something to say about this… turns out I don’t. what a world :( It’s just such a waste of time and money that could easily be spent on Dredd!!!!
      Everyone who’s been slinging arrows at IM3 and/or Star trek, please turn your gaze over to this section of Hollywood for a bit please and have at it!

  3. I want to punch these guys in the face.

    • I want to stab these guys in the face.

  4. I think the C**N trilogy in season 14 of South Park is the best parody I’ve ever seen. I also thought the Family Guy Star Wars was pretty sharp. For what It’s worth… I still think the first Scary Movie is pretty funny at times!

    • I actually really enjoyed Scary Movie, honestly it’s the only parody movie I enjoyed. After watching Scary Movie 2, I knew any other spoof movie will most likely just keep getting worse as they go on so just withdrew myself from the genre or whatever they are.

  5. Who keeps giving these people money to make movies?

  6. These guys are horrible! And they keep churning out trash.

  7. Why?? As a car guy I find The first few movie especially funny. Because they are so corny and stupid; love and hate them for what they are.

  8. Kyle, don’t get your hopes on for these two black-hearted devils & this film. Watch Robot Chicken instead, that show is funnier than these two scrooges!

  9. Sigh …. -_-

  10. Just… a huge waste of time…

    It’s like the fast food of cinema.

  11. these talentless morons have destroyed spoof movies. naked gun and hot shots were perfect. scary movies had a sense of humor. not another teen movie could have started a good trend but then these talentless pieces of garbage came along and thought wearing halloween costumes while falling of buildings and walking into walls and getting hit in the balls was humor. i would rather sleep in a pile of puke then watch their next idiotic humorless aborted fetus of a movie.

  12. bring back the good spoofs please. enough of these talentless morons.

    • Mel Brooks could spoof anything. These guys are not Mel Brooks

  13. If anyone can go and kill these two, the apocalypse will be averted.

  14. These guys are worthless

  15. I predict that Carmen Electra may be in the movie. I also predict some zits popping, throw up vomit, farts, a Jersey Shore pun, and Idk something else that it seems a 9 year old can come up with to write over a Fast and Furious movie then call it a spoof. This movies should certainly be direct to DVD movies in the near future. Surprised they still are not yet. Oh well what can I do besides simply not go see it and just see the conclusion of the Fast and Furious movies.

  16. I’m a fairly easy to please guy when it comes to movies. I usually have good things to say about most, even if everyone else hates them. I still like Batman and Robin (don’t insult me, it wont bother me) but I couldn’t watch Date Movie or any other of the spoofs these guys make. Spoofs are silly but you have to at least be sort of clever to pull one off that’s good and these guys just try to pack way too many stupid jokes into their movies to make them work. I’m not going to see this movie but for those of you that enjoy movies like this right on, go have fun.

    • I like your attitude. For what it’s worth, Batman & Robin is a great adaption of Adam West’s Batman IMO and the sets are amazing whatever your opinion!

      • The way Batman and Robin was made was a reflection of the times and that’s fine. Only in the 90’s would Arnold Schwarzanegger be Mr. Freeze haha and frankly I thought he was brilliant for what Schumacher was going for. You couldn’t make a movie like The Dark Knight back then, it wasn’t seen as profitable by the studios. People forget that movies go through trends just like everything else. So I dig it when film makers do their own thing despite what critics say. I just think they gotta have some kind of substance to them or they won’t be memorable. If I were making spoofs of a genre I’d try to really get the jokes razor sharp and remember quality over quantity. Despite what a recently famous (or infamous) character said, subtlety hasn’t yet had its day.

  17. Clash of the titans
    (Clash of the avatar) -pandora
    Also airplane remake with lain neison in it

  18. Liam Neeson in the airplane !

  19. Liam Neeson in the remake of airplane!

  20. Hunger games spoof
    Hunger games the days of past of the future
    . Xmen day s future of the past
    . Back tot the future
    Kate as
    Katniss Everdeen future

    James McAvoy as
    Peeta Mellark future

    knights with gladiators and castles