‘Captain America’ Tops Super Bowl Movie Trailers List [Updated]

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super bowl xlv trailers Captain America Tops Super Bowl Movie Trailers List [Updated]

[Update: The Big Game is on – Watch the complete list of Super Bowl Movie Trailers!]

Whether you watch it for the football or for the commercials, the Super Bowl has become one of most watched events on TV, with over 100 million viewers tuning in last year.

The Super Bowl has become the premier event for companies to display new, clever and often funny ads unveiling their new and upcoming products. In recent years Hollywood too has seized the opportunity to put their movies in front of the very large audience at one time – which is like icing on cake for us dual football/movie fans…

The opportunity doesn’t come cheap either: each 30-second spot this year will run about $3 million – that’s a whopping $12 million for a two-minute trailer!

Despite of the sluggish economy, most major Hollywood studios are taking advantage of the large Super Bowl XLV audience to run trailers for their major tent pole movies releasing this year. It’s an impressive list and, for a few films, this will be their first time showing anywhere. Take a look at the full list below listed by order of theatrical release date. Click on any of the highlighted titles for more information on that particular film:


During Game

Post Game

  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D (February 14th)
  • Take Me Home Tonight (March 4th)

There’s a staggering amount of potential box office firepower on that list. The pre-game section of movies will air during the pre-game festivities at a steeply discounted rate; the same goes for the after-game section of movies which will air during a post-game episode of Glee.

Notable films missing from this list are X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, Fast Five, The Hangover 2, Cars 2, Rise of the Apes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Conan the Barbarian, Real Steel, The Three Musketeers 3D, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes 2.

Even the list of films without commercials is impressive and you can see every film releasing this year in our Massive 2011 Movie Preview. Now most of these movies are still in the process of shooting and most likely don’t have enough footage for a proper trailer, but at the very least some of these potential blockbusters would benefit from having a 30-second spot airing.

The biggest news that accompanies the release of this list is probably the debut of the Captain America: The First Avenger trailer, the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer and the first full trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. While most people watching the Super Bowl will see these ads for the very first time, film fans and fanboys all know that the full versions could likely hit the web via YouTube or Apple days before the game is actually played.

So keep an eye out between now and February 6th to see if the film you are most excited about this year has a trailer release early.

Do you plan on watching Super Bowl XLV this year for the game, the commercials or the trailers?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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    • I was thinking exactly the same thing eh.

  1. Man…football and the first look at Captain America,can’t wait.

  2. I am surprised that Green Lantern is not in there. The X-Men movie may suffer without Super Bowl exposure, Fox must hope for after the big game to get spots on TV and the internet to attract movie goers.

  3. Strange there is no Green Lantern.

    • Maybe they’re waiting to reveal the NEW trailer in a theater and are not worried about missing the Super Bowl exposure…I’m okay with that since I don’t like football.

      • Yeah American Football means nothing in the UK, but I do like that they show trailers.

        • LOL I prefer Rugby myself but that’s just me.

          • I prefer Red Rover, but that’s just me.

  4. so glad the inclusion of “Super 8!”

  5. *sighs* Was hoping to see something from Harry Potter DH 2. Oh well.
    I’m happy about Captain America, Thor and TF3!

  6. cant wait for the trailers =)

  7. Captain America :)

  8. All I have to say is YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Does anyone know if the UK will be getting the trailers as well? If so i might be watching my first american football match!

    • I doubt it. Depends who is showing it, was on BBC last year and they don’t allow advertising of any kind.
      They’ll be on the Internet with minutes of being broadcast in the US.

      • Thanks.
        Guess ill be sticking to rugby. I cant wait to see (hopefully) a second Thor trailer. I saw the first trailer today when i went to see Green Hornet. Think Thor might have to be an IMAX for me!

  10. I hope it will be trailer #2 for Thor! Can’t wait to see Cap too!

  11. Epic day on super bowl sunday. Its my anniversary, my Jets might be in the big game, and the captain america trailer! Sounds like a good time

    • Congrats man…and you’re right, if the Jets make it to the big game it couldn’t be bigger day. I am pulling for the Jets to make it to Super Bowl. The black and yellow has too many ‘Bowl wins already(just kidding…may the best team win).

      • Even if the Jets make the Superbowl, they’re not gonna beat the Bears.

  12. Capt American? Thor? Garbage

    Justin Bieber 3D is the one I’m waiting for. Think about it. Bieber. In 3D.

    • I’d like to see Justin Biebler in the new, inevitable Harry Potter reboot that’ll be begin in 2013…

      • haha I am digging your cynical humor.

        in all seriousness, if that happens, I don’t even know what I’ll do (and I’m not even a Harry Potter fan)

  13. Omfg!! I cant wait for the Ttansformers trailer 😀 the third one looks and sound promising, and Super 8 as well, team Bay and Abhrams (for popcorn flicks only, of course)

  14. I will watch it for all three .
    First,The Game.
    Then, The Trailers,
    And finally, The Ads .
    Glad to see more Trailers/Movie Promos this year .

  15. One thing that’s great about the superbowl is the streets are empty and I can actually get somewhere in a decent amount of time.

    Football is the boringest waste of time ever. Imo

    • I always record the Superbowl just so I can watch the commercials/trailers.

      That’s it – I ignore the game.


    • I agree. I only watch the Super Bowl to hang out with friends and get wasted.

      • Well i am proud to say I love football. All you football haters can suck it. :)

  16. i will play golden tee during the game, but as soon as the game goes to a break im all ears and eyes!!!!

  17. Football and Captain America? USA! USA! USA! haha

  18. Two movies that I couldn’t wait to see after the Superbowl spots were The Matrix & Swordfish. I can’t wait to see the Cap trailer.

  19. Yeah GK333, sports (baseball) kept me in school but as an adult, its sad to see other “adults” sit and worship these guys.

    Worst part is most of the time at work people will walk up and say, “Man could you believe that call last night?!”. I’m like, “what the hell are you talking about”. Then I realize its football playoff season and I’ll say something like,”dude that was total bs!” Then I usually try and work in how the game is rigged and scripted. Then that usally distracts them long enough for me to leave the area.


    • That’s a good way to make those conspiracy theories useful..j/k

    • Sport of any kind is great when you are a kid, but when I see these thousands of ADULTS follwing their teams around the country and the world, I just shake my head and laugh.

      • Everyone has a hobby or some form of entertainment they love. My guess is you are no different.

        • Difference is, I never see people who read comics as a hobby starting brawls in the street or stabbing some one for reading a different comic book.
          Sports on the other hand…. When I travel home at the same time there has been a match, there is a palpable atmosphere, of violence and hatred. I have seen people attacked for simply supporting a different team. And if you don’t like the same sport, people seem to think you’re the odd one.
          And it tends to always be soccer that is the cause in the Uk. People use sport as an excuse to drink excessively and start fights.

  20. I wonder why they don’t release Captain America on July 4th, its like a no brainer to me?

    • Because Transformers 3 already called dibs on that date I guess.
      I too wondered why it wasn’t being released on the 4th of July when I saw that the release date would be near the end of the month, it seems off.

      • Me, I’d LOOOOOVE to see Cap square off, “màno à àuto”, with Optimus Prime.

  21. @RougueX23,,, good to hear from ya btw,,, :)

    Here’s how I see the game of football,,, its kinda twisted but what do you expect from me,,,
    There’s two groups of guys dressed in extremly tight colorful outfits. The outfits make them look big and strong. The clubs line up on a grid and slam into each other as the one team trys to get the other teams good looking guy (the quarterback).
    He’s the center of attention as he reaches down into the lower rear area of the strongest guys (center) and recieves the football. Its brown and shaped like a sqeezed projectile.
    They then all chase after the brown ball that came out of the centers rear area for hours.

    There’s even a big broadway intermission during the middle,,,

    When the games over they poor beer all over each other and frolic in the clubhouse. for hours and hours. weeee

    Year after year this goes on,,, :)

    • Sounds like you might be hiding something in your personal life.

      • NTTAWWT

  22. I so hope the CAPTAIN AMERICA Trailer is a real trailer and not a teaser.

    • its the superbowl, it costs billions of dollars to advertise one movie, theyre not going to waste all that money for a teaser.