Michael Cera: ‘Superbad 2′ Isn’t Necessary; Has Never Been Discussed

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Sequel, prequels, and remakes are always touchy subjects, but there are certain films with characters that deserve them, like Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan (Michael Cera), and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) from Superbad. It’s really a wonder the idea hasn’t been revisited since that talk about a potential Superbad and Pineapple Express crossover.

In Michael Cera’s upcoming release, Crystal Fairy, he plays a guy of an unknown age who’s hell-bent on finding a San Pedro cactus, cooking it, drinking the end result, and getting a good high. The character is exponentially more abrasive than Superbad’s softie, Evan, but having seen Cera go from high school geek to someone who appears to be a college graduate in Crystal Fairy makes you think, what might Seth, Evan and Fogell be up to after getting their degrees?

Unfortunately, while talking Crystal Fairy in New York City ahead of the film’s July 12th release, Cera admitted that nobody’s ever seriously thought about making Superbad 2:

“I personally don’t like sequels, but the idea has never been discussed. I think it’s not really necessary for that story. But I don’t think people make sequels because they’re necessary, really. I think there are other reasons.”

Cera does make a valid point, but why not defy that truism and give it a go? Cera did say, “I think there’s a few reasons why not to,” but it still seems as though Superbad is worthier of another go-around than most.

Michael Cera on Superbad 2 Michael Cera: Superbad 2 Isnt Necessary; Has Never Been Discussed

Superbad is about three high school losers trying to make their mark before heading off to college. It’s far more about the characters than the main event, Jules’ (Emma Stone) party, and that means the characters are well developed and entertaining enough to be thrown into an entirely different scenario and still sustain a film. Seth goes to visit Evan and Fogell at college, the trio reunites at their high school reunion, a story about them becoming adults; the possibilities are endless and knowing the range of personalities, any scenario could be appealing.

What do you think? Would you want to see Superbad 2 or are we better off not running the risk of spoiling the original? Let us know in the comments section below and keep an eye out for our full interview with Cera and Crystal Fairy director Sebastián Silva coming soon.


Crystal Fairy opens in theaters on July 12th.

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  1. Screw whether it’s necessary or not, the movie is a classic, don’t ruin it’s glory. Props to you Michael Cera for not giving into the “every good movie these days needs a sequel” mindset the rest of Hollywood has.

    • +1

      I thought it was a great movie too and hope it remains a simple classic and doesn’t sprout into a franchise. The writers and actors should really stick to original material because that’s what they’re best at.

    • AH !! Superbad !! ALL THE WAY!!!!

  2. I can’t believe they NEVER discussed a sequel after how popular it was. Whatever, the first one was terrible and only spawned more terrible movies like it, so I’m not sad.

    • Yep, Superbad really was a terrible movie. Not very funny and spawned a whole slew of equally painful movies to sit through, waiting for something funny to happen but walking away disappointed.

      • Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

    • Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

  3. Superbad is easily one of my top comedies of all time, but sequel is not necessary. One of the ones where you just gotta leave it.

  4. I adore Superbad, it’s one of my all time funniest comedies, it doesn’t need a sequel and said all it had to in that one awesome movie!! Top marks to Cera for standing his ground

    • I agree with you and by god if that is not the greatest name and picture.

    • Its a classic, Céra is right, kudos to the man.

  5. I was just thinking of it the other day. Best to leave a classic alone. Just look at what happened to The Hangover franchise.

    • So sad about the Hangover lol. First one was awesome, second was a bit repetitive for me.

  6. Hs anyone seen the movie “Super”? With Rainn Wilson?
    I thought it was better than KA

    • The director or Super is Directing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

  7. Depends on how they do it. Sequels don’t have to be bad, but many are because the people involved lose the vision or it’s forced or whatever.

    The sequels didn’t necessarily ruin the American Pie franchise IMO. The first was probably the best, but I think the last one ended it nicely.

  8. I wouldn’t mind catching up with those characters in real time somewhere now in college or perhaps just leaving college and entering “the real world”

  9. I don’t think it needs a sequal, but if they ever explored the idea I don’t think it would ruin the original. Superbad is one of them movies that is just hilarious whenever you watch it and if they come up with a new story thats equally as funny then it couldn’t do any harm. I think the only reason a sequal would be a bad idea is if they make it simply because the 1st was popular.

  10. Just like with any other movie, a sequel shouldn’t even be made out of necessity, but rather if you can craft an equally good movie using the same characters, or if there’s something you feel that was lacking in the first movie that you’d like to improve on in a sequel. And honestly, the second part doesn’t apply to Superbad, as it was a practically perfect (in my opinion) comedy that doesn’t really need anything improved on. So, just like with anything…if everyone involved feels they can make a sequel just as good as the original, then I’m all for Superbad 2. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

  11. Cera can really be a tool! If she said I really don’t understand the need for a Superbad sequel, he probably would have said the complete opposite just to seem opinionated.

  12. hagan la secuela maldita sea la pelicula es buena…. o es que acaso no tienen la capacidad de hacer algo bueno??? o es que acaso esta pelicula fue simple suerte y no esperaban hace algo bueno haganlo pero eso si busquen los actores originales TODOS.

  13. LOL What is wrong with you guys? I’d love to see a sequel. It’s not about necessity. It’s about wanting to see these characters on another equally fun adventure. That’s the point of sequels (from a personal standpoint). If you can recreate that magic, go for it. Clearly they can’t. It must of been a one hit wonder and that’s why a sequel was never discussed.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Who cares if the sequel is ruined?! The first Superbad will always remain the same.

  14. I think it would be amazing to see a Superbad 2 even if it doesn’t have micheal Cera but if it does have him in stead of a reunion of any kind Seth finally gets into Dartmouth some how after taking plenty of test an spending money to be with Evan and foulgal but pushing there limits Evan doesn’t want to be friends with Seth while foulgal attends class officer slater an micheals get a job being custodians or teachers an at a party Seth foulgal an Evan an spiraling back down the same paths with officer slatter an micheals by their side almost getting kicked out of school

  15. The movie needs Jonah hill and everyone else from the original with a few add ins of Adam sandler that guy who plays batman mike epps Chris tucker an a few more an it would be great

  16. Please make one.

  17. Make superbad 2 because that was the best comedy ever seen and the actors where awesome! I love it <3

  18. The sequal to this movie would be too similar to an American Pie sequal, which has been run into the ground. leave this classic alone.

  19. I say make a Superbad 2. Love the movie!!!! Sequels don’t ruin the original, how could they. Screw the haters!!

    • Exactly! Many people don’t seem to be capable to distinguish between a franchise and a single movie within the franchise. For instance, the Alien franchise. Not all its films are good, but the ones that are you rewatch many times. You can’t judge a movie before it is even made!! Yet so many folks think they know everything, even what doesn’t exist yet.

  20. Yesss….I would love to see Superbad 2…. It could turn out funnier than the first…I think they should go for it

  21. I think it would be cool to make a super bad two a pine apple express two and a knocked up two. All three movies are good classics and besides they made a kickass two and21 jump street two. So why not make a second super bad and pineapple express.

    • Knocked up already has a sequel

  22. I say make Superbad 2! Many people don’t seem to be capable to distinguish between a franchise and a single movie within the franchise. For instance, the Alien franchise. Not all its films are good, but the ones that are you rewatch many times. You can’t judge a movie before it is even made!! Yet so many folks think they know everything, even what doesn’t exist yet.