‘Super Troopers 2′ Needs $15 Million Budget; Could Use Kickstarter

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super troopers 2 movie post Super Troopers 2 Needs $15 Million Budget; Could Use Kickstarter

Fans of the cult comedy film Super Troopers (2001) have been clamoring for a sequel for several years, but the filmmakers – a group of friends known as the comedy troupe Broken Lizard – pursued other comedic endeavors in the ten years that followed, which ultimately became a string of critical and commercial failures (Club Dread, Beerfest, The Slammin’ Salmon). However, those flops, combined with the insistence of their loyal and passionate fan base has prompted the Lizards to finally put Super Troopers 2 into action.

A few months back, we heard that a finished script was turned in to 20th Century Fox and that the group was ready to start shooting later this year. The only remaining hurdle was securing funding and according to the Lizards themselves, that’s one hurdle they haven’t been able to clear yet.

While appearing as guests on comedian Bert Kreischer’s podcast, Bertcast, earlier this week, group members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme said that the studio has agreed to distribute the film, but that it will not provide a budget for production or marketing, which Fox execs said needs to be at least $15 million in total.

The deal basically puts Broken Lizard in the same position it was in when it made the first film. The Lizards will have to raise the money themselves independently – like they did for Super Troopers – by asking friends and private investors.

Said Heffernan:

“We’re hoping that it’s not going to be that hard because there are people with money out there who are fans.”

If all else fails, the group is considering using the fundraising site Kickstarter, which has proven to be successful for projects such as the Veronica Mars movie.

Said Lemme:

“We don’t have that kind of money, so Kickstarter seems like a legitimate way to do it.”

Kevin Heffernan and Steve L Super Troopers 2 Needs $15 Million Budget; Could Use Kickstarter

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme

While not getting studio funding may seem like a setback for the project, Heffernan and Lemme said they were happy with the deal, considering that it takes care of distribution and that it means there will be no studio meddling when it actually comes time to shoot.

Said Heffernan:

“We certainly don’t have any interference with the studio. We can make the movie we want to make.”

The fact that the studio wouldn’t be involved with production may be the best piece of news for hardcore fans who want to see a no-holds-barred sequel to the film they love. What’s also nice to see for fans is that the filmmakers seem determined to make Super Troopers 2 happen no matter which fundraising route they have to take. They also told Kreischer that they weren’t working on any other films, which suggests that their sole focus is on the Super Troopers sequel.

Would you contribute some hard earned cash to see Car Ramrod ride again? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to how Super Troopers 2 develops. We’ll let you know when production gets underway.


Source: Bert Kreischer’s Bertcast

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  1. Yep, go to Kickstarter to get chumps throwing their hard-earned cash at yet another unfunny comedy movie.

    I’m surprised Adam Sandler hasn’t gone that route yet.

    • Yeah, its sad. While I liked the movie. There is zero chance for Super Troopers to raise 15 million.

    • Man you just don’t like movies do you Dazz?

    • Dazz, I 100% agree.

      It’s just a movie. Make or not make it, I don’t really care. But don’t ask the public for money to finance it. We pay to see it, not to make it. I will never give a dime to any kickstarter movie. And I will never ‘pay’ to see a movie from kickstarter.

      I don’t care if they were to bring back Orsen Wells to make a Citizen Kane 2. I still wouldn’t donate to the cause.

      • Ot of stupid people here. Dont like it don’t support it. But 15 million is chump change. Throw this on kick starter itll be raised Ina month. Between every damn college and university in north America and reddit, yeah I’m going to say close to a million a day.

      • Oh yes because the way Hollywood normally funds movies is SO much better. Who needs to have a direct link between the audience and creators. We should definitely keep scummy producers and investors as middlemen to this creative process. They know what they’re doing! /sarcasm
        Having the public (if they so desire) spend a few bucks to help create a movie is just amazing. So, shushers.

    • take ur tampon out and quit being a b****.

    • Then dont contribute and dont watch it.. Better yet, dont comment on something about it if you dont care! WHAT AN IDEA !!!

  2. I would definitely contribute to this. Super Troopers is a classic! I love that movie so much..

    • i’m hoping I can contribute $1,000 to have them get me so drunk im near death, I’m down for that.

  3. a few years ago an old website I ran interviewed Broken Lizard and they talked about the script, at that point they had it started working on it and mentioned it takes place DIRECTLY after the events of the first film. This was in 2009 so I dont know if they will be updating it or following that plan still. http://youtu.be/I_XeKlFoa_A?t=9m

  4. I’m in! They have my $10-$15 at the theaters!

  5. Forget Super Troopers 2, Do Pot Fest.

    • Pot Festttttttt.

  6. I’d give at least ten pictures of her Majesty for any film starring Brian Cox.

    • What happens in gingerland should stay in gingerland…

  7. If I had three wishes from some magic genie bottle I would go with, 1.) Super Troopers 2 2.) The original Godzilla costume 3.) Infinite set of incorruptible wishes Wichita include these three wishes.

  8. If fox wont pony up 15 million which amounts to 15 cents to them… something
    not jiving here.

  9. I would definitely pledge money if they went to kickstarter.

  10. Hey, hey, hey! Beerfest is hilarious.

  11. So if I contribute funds on kick starter do I get a cut of the profits? ….nope. Biggest joke ever.

    • yea kickstarter for movies is an awful idea. Either make the movie or dont. Dont beg for money and then give the contributors nothing when you make a ton of profit.

  12. Lol
    Studio want us to fund their movie while they get a hundred percent of the profits
    Veronica mars and Zach Braff proved that there’s a sucker born every second

    • Seriously. WTF is wrong with people. Rich a$$ people asking for the average Joe hard earned dollar so they can make a movie (with 0 risk) and get richer. Kickstarter was made for people with innovated ideas to get funding. Not actors and directors (Braff & Spike Lee) to get 100% return on there next films. If there films are deserving of a silver-screen I’m sure one of the hundreds of Movie studios would finance them. These people should feel embarrassed asking for charity.

      If we do donate to there kickstarter, can we read the script? Will they get a pre-screening? Answer is no.

  13. I want to do a documentary about a guy who travels the world searching for the best food, liquor and exotic dancers, I should start a Kickstarter fund.

  14. Beerfest was great! And so was ST 1 :)
    the others… not so much

  15. Personally I’m NOT a movie snob, I have a wide variety of movie tastes, and I highly look forward to Super Troopers 2 among many other films by autuers and amateurs alike :D

  16. For 15 million they should give double what the contributors put in back to them if the movie does more than 30 million. That ways its also a big fu@k you to Fox.

  17. The 1st 15 mins of super troopers should warrant a sequel on its own.. Its was hilarious . I can’t wait for ST2 plez happen

  18. Pretty shocked that a big studio won’t finance a sequel. Everyone I know and barely know loves that movie. Then again it has taken them this long to get another Dumb and Dumber film going so who da F knows.

  19. Parts of super troopers was great but the second half lost my interest. I also agree with some that a kick starter for this is a joke.

  20. I for one want to see a sequel to “Super Troopers”. Very interesting.

    • I also agree. 300m Americans, 15m bucks that’s like .05% of the population. If I donate a buck and get a copy of the movie (br) mailed to me hells ya. Come on Broken Lizard what about the fans?

  21. I don’t get the hate for the crowd funding sites. If they are offering rewards…like the BluRay or other promo related things people might buy for $20 anyway…it’s essentially like pre-ording the film or merch, and helps the creatives concentrate on the film itself rather than appeasing investors and having to rely on corporate sponsorship with product placement. I don’t don’t see why this sort of solution to a very obviously broken Hollywood paradigm is regarded with such seething hatred from so many people. Is it a perfect scenario? Of course not. But why is revered with such disdain by so many people?

    • Well, the thing that gets most people is that a lot of people that use Kickstarter are rich and have money of their own so it seems pretty insulting when a rich guy like Zach Braff holds out a collection plate asking for money from working stiffs. Now, I don’t think that applies to Broken Lizard because I highly doubt that those guys are swimming in cash. They only had one successful movie and it didn’t even do THAT well. I don’t know, though. Kickstarter was created for people that didn’t have any money to get their projects off the ground, but it’s now being used by successful people that don’t want to invest (or risk)their own money when they can collect money from the public instead. Zach Braff has $22 million in his bank account and yet still asked for money to get his pet project made. That rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

      Another complaint, and one I agree with, is that people are asking you to contribute money to something that doesn’t even exist yet. It’s bad enough to pre-order a movie or a game that hasn’t come out yet as your buying something that you don’t know is good or not, but to spend money on a movie or game that hasn’t even been made is pretty damn stupid. You have no idea how good or bad it’s going to be. You can drop $20 on getting ‘Super Troopers 2′ made and if it turns out to be the worst movie that’s ever been created, you don’t get your $20 back. There’s also been quite a bit of fraud on Kickstarter with people asking for money and keeping most of it or even all of it and either putting out some cheap piece of crap or nothing at all.

      Kickstarter is a great idea in theory, but the problem is is that people suck and ruin everything.

      • To me it just seems like a way to get people to pay for a product that they are going to have to pay for again. Not only will the producers and the studio get money out of this, but the theater chains that show the movie may make money off of something that individual people who probably do not have the amount of cash these big corporations do.

  22. Since their follow up commercial failures, no company wants to invest in these guys, but I still appreciated their lowbrow slapstick style. No company is going to make a commercial investment in them, isn’t that painfully obvious. The only way to make this movie is through contributions or an eccentric million who doesn’t give a @#$@# and loves super troopers.

  23. Why don’t these guys just out a talentless and arrogant Jewish guy in the movie or as a Producer and the Federal Reserve Bank and Hasidic Jews will just POUR the money in. This is the problem when you team up an Indian guy with 10 WASPS – no one in their can raise any money at all.

  24. Why don’t these guys just put a talentless and arrogant Jewish guy in the movie or as a Producer and the Federal Reserve Bank and Hasidic Jews will just POUR the money in. This is the problem when you team up an Indian guy with 10 WASPS – no one in their can raise any money at all.

  25. Why don’t these guys just put a talentless and arrogant Jewish guy in the movie or as a Producer and the Federal Reserve Bank and Hasidic Jews will just POUR the money in. This is the problem when you team up an Indian guy with 10 WASPS – no one in there can raise any money at all.

  26. Cheap bastards you can’t give a couple bucks? As a stoner and a fulltime student without a yob I count my pennies, but even I can give five bucks. As a stoner I really hope they do it and I would gladly give up some money. They are stoner movie geniuses!

  27. I really enjoyed Super Troopers, I loved Beer Fest and I liked Slammin’ Salmon (One of Michael Clark Duncans final films.) I don’t see what is wrong with starting a Kickstarter for a movie. If people are willing to pay for it, then that’s their choice. Put contributer’s names in the credits, give them a free autographed disc, whatever. If people don’t want to fund it, they don’t have to. Simple as that.

  28. I’d pay. Hopefully releasing it free online would be an option if it’s funded by Kickstarter.

  29. Yes, absolutely I will fund this.