This year companies spent $4.5 million for a 30-second spot at Super Bowl XLIX and, as always, these remain the most expensive ad buys on television. Fortunately, 30 seconds isn’t much time, and $4.5 million is still quite a bit of money, so companies are hoping it’s money well spent.

To save you the trouble of having to search around, we’ve collected all the ads for you to watch right here. You can see Bud Light bring PacMan to life; watch Danny Trejo join The Brady Bunch through Snickers; watch Loctite blow their entire marketing budget in just two months; and finish with Jeff Bridges being Jeff Bridges for Squarespace.


Always – “#LikeAGirl”

Avocados From Mexico – “#FirstDraftEver”

Bud Light – “Real Life PacMan”

Budweiser – “Lost Dog”

BMW – “Newfangled Idea”

Carnival Cruise Lines – “Come Back To The Sea”

Clash of Clans – “Revenge” (Taken)

Coca-Cola – “#MakeItHappy”

Discovery – “Surprise”

Doritos – “Definitely Visible”

Doritos – “Puppy Dad”

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Doritos – “Secret”

Dodge – “Wisdom”

Esurance – “Say My Name” (Breaking Bad)

Esurance – “Sorta Mr. Craig”

Esurance – “Sorta Your Mom”

Fiat – “The FIAT Blue Pill”

Game of War – “Who I Am”

Geico – “One on One with Ickey”

Jeep – “Beautiful Lands”

Kia Sorento – “The Perfect Getaway”

Lexus – “Make Some Noise”

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Loctite – “Dance”

McDonald’s – “Pay With Lovin’”

Mercedes-Benz – “Fable”

Microsoft – “Braylon O’Neill”

Mophie – “All-Powerless”

Nationwide – “Invisible Mindy Kaling”

Nationwide – “Make Safe Happen”

Nissan– “With Dad”

NO MORE – “No More”

Skittles – “Settle It”

Snickers – “The Brady Bunch”

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Sprint – “Apology Goat”


Squarespace – “Om”

T-Mobile – “#KimsDataStash”

T-Mobile – “One-Uping”

T-Mobile – “Vulturing”

Toyota – “My Bold Dad”

TurboTax – “Boston Tea Party”

Progressive – “Marshawn Lynch Interview”

Victoria’s Secret – “In The Mood For Love” – “ItsThatEasy”

WeatherTech – “America At Work”