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super 8 movie trailer Super 8 Super Bowl Trailer

J.J. Abrams’ next mysterious monster movie project, Super 8, is on its way, and although the film secured a spot on the list of Screen Rant’s 20 most anticipated films of 2011, we still know very little about it.

The first Super 8 trailer was more of a concept teaser and it was created before the film even began casting. Outside of the teaser and some set footage, all we’ve had is rumors and speculation, some involving what the Super 8 monster may look like. With the advent of Super Bowl XLV this weekend, one of the many major movie TV spots/trailers is for Super 8 and it has given us our first real look into Abrams’ 1970s-based sci-fi thriller (check out all the Super Bowl movie trailers).

Watch and enjoy:

The trailer sure looks interesting and I’m sure Abrams will again benefit through word-of-mouth, but I really wish they took advantage of this opportunity to offer some sort of prequel story to Cloverfield… or is that exactly what they’re doing, despite claims that this has nothing to do with that film?

Super 8 features a cast of relatively unknown young actors and is written and directed by J.J. Abrams himself.

What are your thoughts and predictions on J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 mystery project?

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Super 8 hits theaters June 10, 2011.

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  1. Good!
    I expected more, but they are keeping the great for the new trailer

  2. Looks pretty good, assuming the child actors aren’t bad.

  3. E.T. comes to mind, and in a very good way.

    • Yes. I felt that way exactly… E.T.

      • E.T.’s back and he’s pissed LOL (WHERES ELIOT!!!!!!!!)

        • LOL, I had a similar thought. :)


          • I thought it was an ET sequel lol

  4. How come that reminded me of ET on steroids?

  5. Bit of a let down was expecting something more still want to see it though

  6. I still have no idea what it’s about. I’d not have guessed a monster movie from that trailer. We can only hope it’s better than Cloverfield…

    • Speak for yourself about Cloverefield.. I loved it. You should say “I” not “we” can only hope it’s better than Cloverfield.

  7. Who was the kid ? I noticed Kyle Chandler as a cop and Michael Hitchcock as another cop. Looked pretty awesome.

  8. lol i think it’s funny that people complain when trailers reveal to much.
    and people complain when trailers reveal to little.
    it’s on or the other… choose one. If this trailer revealed anymore than it would totally defeat the purpose of Abrams type of advertising… which is “less is more”

    • The trailer should give you SOME idea of what the movie is about without spoiling the whole plot. This just looked like a bunch of random shots of the movie.

      • That’s just not how J.J. does things. I actually respect him for that because it gets people talking more about it. The Viral promotion for movies is huge and that is primarily thanks to Abrams.

      • In my experience, movie trailers do not necessarily have to inform you of plot, as long as it gives a sense of the feel of the film, as long as it accurately conveys the emotions you’re likely to get out of seeing it. Perfect example of this was Inception’s ad campaign. It was always shrouded in mystery, never giving a clue as to what it was about other than the extremely broad subject of dreams. Yet the trailers were some of the most talked about and most buzz-generating of any that came out last year because of it.

        In a similar yet still different way, I got a vibe off of this like I did Inception’s trailers. I totally got the feel of the film. It screams early 80′s Spielberg (and not because Spielberg is producing – Abrams already drew comparisons to him for his existing work) in the best possible way.

      • There is a train wreck. Something is in one of the train carts. Children witness it, and become involved. And obviously it involves a super 8 camera.

        That’s a good amount of information for a 30 second promo clip on tv.

  9. I love to see scenes form movie like everyone else, but I do enjoy the mystery also. Ya know the movie you go see only to have seen most of it in the comecials already. Super 8 has got me on edge cant wait to see it.

  10. Intruiging.
    I might check it out .

  11. E.T comes back ? or maybe.. the E.T that got caught ?

  12. Could be a prequel to Cloverfield. Could be something about Area 51. No one knows. I love J.J Abrams promotion for movies. This movie looks fantastic already and I have faith that Spielberg and Abrams will give us something great.

    • its not abrams has said that this has nothing to do with Cloverfeild

  13. Oh man a hope it’s a prequel to Cloverfield………. I love that movie. I want to know more.

  14. Spielberg’s influence is very noticeable. J J Abbrams could be the next speilberg if he does some epic dramas in the next few years. Along with his awesome scifi films of course.

    • Nah, I think it would be great if he stuck with this kind of film for a long while. Spielberg tried to go back to doing these in his post-Schindler’s List work with Indy IV, and it just reinforced the cliche’ that you can’t go home again. A lot of the magic and wonder of early Spielberg, that spark that makes his early genre work sing with unabashed emotion, later put to very different (but still devastating) use in much more serious dramas, seemed missing when he tried returning to genre films more recently.

  15. why must every alien movie that Spielberg touches have to have a kid in it let me guess 20 years from now is he going to remaster it and put walkie talkies in the soldiers hands (just wondering)

    • As long as we all still have the original versions to remember the truth :)

      • yea and he directed war of the worlds with dakota fanning and this film has her sister.

  16. I just don’t get why people hold Cloverfield in such high regard, it was totally forgetable and it was impossible to care about any of the characters, why are people so desperate for a sequel/prequel?

    • Because a lot of people thought (like myself) that was was totally unforgetable, and really enjoyed some of the characters…enough to want a prequel.

      • I have to agree. Cloverfield wasn’t exactly original, but yet.. it WAS original.
        We clearly have our OWN giant monster now. King Kong who?
        The viral campaign, the word of mouth and the original trailer had people (those of us who dig giant monsters and such) drooling trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
        I know I spent hours online searching for information on the movie and monster.
        Hell, I still search for information about a prequel/sequel.
        What fell in the ocean? come on JJ.. spill it man! Spill it!

        • I like giant monsters (who doesnt?) but thats all Cloverfield was, a monster movie, there just doesnt seem enough there to make more films.

      • To me it just wasnt original, it was Godzilla with epilepsy inducing camera work. And the charcaters were just nothing to me, they were fodder for the monster.
        I hate Lost too. Fan of what JJ did with Star Trek, loved that movie and he is certainly a talented film maker, but people who are saying the guy is the next Spielberg is a tad over the top. 1 great movie (Star Trek), 1 mediocre movie (MI:III) and one massively over rated televsion show (LOST) does not make you Spielberg in my mind.

        • I feel sorry for the people who get ill because of POV camera work.. just like all those kids when Pokemon first came out.. Poor poor kids.
          Now give me your lunch money!!!
          Hey Doc,
          I “Personally” think there is plenty to make a second movie. The main thing being the monster is still alive and tearing ish up!

          • In Cloverfield the camera work was just crazy, it was disorientating to watch.

        • The problem with your logic is that you are in the minority with that. Lost was huge, MI:III I thought was underrated by many people, Star Trek and Cloverfield were huge also. I think that J.J could very much be the next Spielberg, and in ways he is already there. He is a fantastic director

          • the problem with your logic is he didnt direct cloverfield or lost. which cloverfield while i did like it was mediocre at best a real monster movie is to creatures battling it out the whole monster fighting military is so old i wouldnt even pirate another one off the internet. and lost? well all i have to say about lost is that its called lost for a reason. eh ill just say it. the show sucked
            star trek was awsome MI3 was actually good i hope this movie is good but eh its just more the rehased bs weve all seen before.

  17. This just goes to show that Spielberg’s style of film making is officially old and out dated. This tv spot did not make me want to see it. Pass. Not even a rental.

    • “Spielberg’s style of film making is officially old and out dated”

      Really? With the exception of Chris Nolan, there isnt a director who has been on the scene in the past 10 years that even compares to Spielberg.

      • james cameron quintin tarantino robert rodriguez(sin city) ron howard i could go on and on because spielberg really hasnt done a REALLY good film since jurassic park

        • Munich.

          • Munich was better than JP. TankD needs to watch that before giving an absurd opinion like that.

        • I said the past 10 years! As in new directors, not ones who have been directing films for 20-30 years.

  18. Is this gonna be done in shaky-cam like Cloverfield? If so, no thanks.

  19. Very intresting , but Like everyone else It felt like ET and that was the musical score that was with the trailer that did it for me

    • the music was actually Horner’s score to Cocoon.

      regardless, it gave the trailer an… unusual feel.

  20. I didn’t know Spielberg was involved…to me its disappointing…I was hoping for something more serious or scary, and this trailer seems more of an adventure kind of movie…but who knows its still to early to judge…

  21. Another cult classic. New E.T. version indeed.

    • yep

  22. Its actually E.T. and Close encouters mixed together!

    • I just want aliens to be nice again.

  23. Looks not just like a summer movie but a real film also. I’m getting ready to have my emotions manipulated as I write!

  24. Not sure – need more?