‘Super 8′ Spoilers Discussion

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Super 8 Spoilers Super 8 Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Super 8 review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Super 8 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

Feel free to discuss the film and all its secrets!


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  1. but in general i would not really recommend the film, there are better much film out there right now.

  2. The monster is just mad enough to bring his bigger cousin back! The years tick by to make this the CLOVERFIELD prequel. Sequel (CLOVERFIELD 2) could have the kid as an adult with his alien psychic power working for the government. J. J. Abrams has been laughing at us all !

    • … You do know that Cloverfield and Super 8 are completely unrelated, aside from Abram’s involvement in them, right? The creature in Super 8 was from space, whereas the creature form Cloverfield was from the bottom of the ocean… Plus, the kid didn’t gain any psychic powers; that was just how the creature communicated was through a mental link, that the creature itself established. Sorry to burst your bubble. :P

      • @ Steven

        Was the monster in Super 8 gonna eat that little girl like the others just before the other kids showed up?

        • I honestly don’t know. I do think that he showed her mercy, due to the fact that she was a child, and he could sense that… I’d like to think that he didn’t intend on hurting her, instead maybe on establishing a mental link? By holding her, he could talk to her, and get his ideals and points across, you know? And quite possibly also learn her intentions as well. :P

          • @ Steven

            It’s hard to tell imo. It’s possible it would but then again after noticing it just ate someone before picking her up… maybe it had somthing to do with her size & young looks it noticed. Possible she was about to be next, because of the way it grab the one kid up & if that kid didn’t have a better idea of things goin on, he & his friend might not of made it neither. To me that creature didn’t really trust anyone nor cared to make contact except for that scientist who derailed the train in the beginning. But we’ll never know. I was just curious.

            • Well, I think that once he abducted her, he noticed right away that she was a child, due to the telepathic link. I like to believe that he was using her, along with others, to extract information about his surroundings, piece by piece, so that he knows where he can get what, and those that showed hostility toward him were eaten. Maybe he was about to extract information from her, because it didn’t work with the last guy? Idk. Lol. this is just my take on it.. Everyone who sees it has a different take, and I think that may have been done on purpose, so that the film experience is different for each of us. :P

              • @ Steven

                Did you think the girl Alice looked little bit like Elizabeth Smart or am i the only one?

                • She kinda does.. Lol. But that’s Dakota Fanning’s little sister in the movie, though. :P

              • I originally thought it was pretty clear she was different because of how gently, and how much time it spent, putting her down. If she were just food then when the fireworks went off it would have dropped her like you would drop a cheeseburger if someone lit off explosives in your home.

                However, I then realized that once the director had decided to have it pick her up, hanging upside down, till the moment the fireworks went off that he had to find a way to have it put her down without injuring her. So either he had to contrive a way to put a bed of feathers under the exact spot, or water or something else, this was the only choice. It’s called directing yourself into a box.

                I choose to believe the former because it makes the creature more sympathetic, but I don’t believe any amount of analysis of what you see in the film will let you know what was in the mind of Mr. Abrams.

      • Actually the cloverfield monster came from outespace, in the last scene of the movie, where the video is back on the couple’s day at the amusement park, you can see a splash in the ocean.

  3. Just saw Super8 tonight – and was left with several questions. Like, why didn’t the young girl’s father notice the damage done to his Buick Skylark after it was hit by a lot of debris during the train wreck?
    Wouldn’t the military have searched the town and area for the alien with helicopters? The alien likely would’ve given off quite a heat signature – easily picked up on heat-sensing FLIR cameras. Ok, maybe the alien was reptilian and cold-blooded?
    When the young girl’s father crashed his car while chasing her in the quiet residential neighbourhood – why didn’t a single neighbour in the area come out to see what had happened?

    Overall I found the movie entertaining and watchable, but the implausibilities kept distracting me. I thought the train wreck went on far too long – WAY too epic with airborne railcars, massive explosions – it was like armageddon on rails. I was afraid they’d used up the entire special f/x budget on the train wreck alone.

    Elle Fanning was the standout in the film – as other reviewers have said I think she’s got a great career ahead of her akin to her older sister Dakota.

    • Well the vehicle seemed to be only dirty after the wreck, which could be easily cleaned up.
      Remember they weren’t trying to reveal that they were looking for something?
      Hence not telling the Deputy or anyone about the monster, im pretty sure they would bring in a bunch of helicopters to look for it to avoid suspicion from the public eye.
      The monster also is electrical, and makes electric devices go haywire, like when all the lights would dim on and off. So using a heat sensor would probably be a failure, like when the military was in the town and shooting everywhere randomly, there devices were haywire showing wrong places where the monster was until they finally saw it.
      As for the dad disappearing, hes the town drunk, and the thing was in and out pretty fast. They would’ve just seened the dad yelling for his kid after crashing his car, and with all the military hype many people could probably care less. Hope i helped clear things up, thats the best my 15 year old self can come up with

      • @ AlexanderThe

        I was wondering if the monster was gonna eat the girl like others or was just holding her to look at just before her friends rescued her?

  4. I just saw Super8 and I’ve come away with many of the same conclusions that have been posted. But what distracted me were the continuity ‘defects’ such as the types of doors on the houses in the neighborhoods. Door with large beveled oval glass in the center. This types of doors was not prevalent in the late 70′s and/or early 80′s.

    As the boys exit the house to find out what going on outside (the Airforce had started the fire) the trees had fall foliage. They were wearing jackets. The timeline was the summer. There were a few other defects but overall… a few laughs, jumps out of the seats and action. Worth anyone’s times.

    • Yup…I concur–I had many of the same thoughts already posted. Was a little disappointed with the ending too gooey sweet. Still an ok story, fun fodder for an icky rainy day. The little inconsistencies are what got me–1979 and a sea of backpacks on grade/jr high schoolers? I think given the talent behind the production, I think what disappoints me most is the careless lack of attention to details. (I think I saw a mid 80s Impala in one scene.)

  5. I urinate on the director of this s*** sandwich. Not for his pleasure, but for the hope that the acidity of my urine may burn his face off. This whole film is a bunch of s*** that you asstards ate with eagerness. I hope it kills you with septic shock..

    • Sloth…

      Wow, you really aren’t too bright, are you?


  6. If the alien wanted to go home and could attract all of the cubes as he did at the end, why didnt he do it earlier? I thought that was his whole shtick…. to get home. And perhaps I missed it in the film, but how exactly did the kids know that the alien’s hideout was in that garage?

    It was a decent film, but there were a lot of things that didn’t seem to be accounted for, as have been mentioned by some. I was impressed with the nostalgia and the acting. The kids in the film did a great job.

    That being said, doubt I’ll ever take time to watch it again. I expected more out of this duo.

    • Well, he would’ve done it sooner, had his magnet been strong enough at that moment. Also, the kids knew where he was from a hunch. If you remember, when the cube shoots through the wall of the main kid’s bedroom, he looks through the hole and sees the water-tower, and the garage was directly under it, which leads me to believe that it may have been the old fire-station or something, seeing as the two commonly go hand-in-hand. But yes, the filmmakers are only human, so of coarse the film has its flaws, as does every movie ever made, whether it be consistency, or (particularly with Michael Bay) flaws in logic. That’s not to say that every film is flawed, therefore bad, but to say that it’s inevitable, and that nothing’s perfect, so why down on something because it wasn’t perfect? The same goes for releases like X-Men: First Class, and Hellboy II (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed). A film should never be forced to live up to the combined expectations of both JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

      • They knew it was in the garage because Joe saw the monster in there when he was in the cemetery.

        • Oh and the scientist said it was subterrainean, so he figured things out.

  7. i thought this movie was amazing. It took a few times to watch but im sure i have the actually point of the movie now its about forgive and forget. everyone in this movie has past they need to let go at least the main character and the girl as well as there fathers. The creature(alien) also had a grudge with humans wich he let go in the end by letting the boy live. same as how the boy gave up his locket to let the alien leave and live as well as the parents forgetting about there grudge and there past. excellent movie and great meaning. if you dont agree with this watch it 15 times like i have :)