‘Super 8′ Trailer & Official Synopsis Offer A Little Insight

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Elle Fanning in Super 8 movie Super 8 Trailer & Official Synopsis Offer A Little Insight

If J.J. Abrams had his way, the general public wouldn’t know a single thing about his new film, Super 8, until opening day. The first real footage from the picture was unveiled in an enigmatic Super Bowl TV spot, and Abrams offered little in the way of concrete details when interviewed about the sci-fi/monster movie.

Now Paramount Pictures has gone ahead and released the full-length trailer and official synopsis for Super 8. Both provide a bit more insight about the pic, but only hint at the true nature of the strange creature at the heart of the plot.

What has been known about Super 8 for a while is that it revolves around a group of kids in the 1970s who encounter a bizarre creature while shooting a movie, via 8 mm film stock. Abrams’ new project is also said to pay homage to sci-fi and coming-of-age stories from the ’70s and ’80s – flicks like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Stand By Me, to be exact.

There was also an E.T.-style atmosphere to the Super 8 TV spot. That surprised a number of viewers, who were expecting something that harkened more to the Abrams-produced Cloverfield in terms of tone. Steven Spielberg’s classic story of adolescents who encounter a life form not of this Earth has a sense of charm and wonder, but there’s a dark undercurrent to the tale as well, and Super 8 looks like it could be the same, based off the official synopsis and theatrical trailer.

Without further adieu, here’s the official Super 8 synopsis, followed by the full-length theatrical preview (via Facebook):

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth – something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

Even after Abrams clarified that Super 8 is not related to Cloverfield, there was still speculation that the former could be another “found footage” mockumentary, possibly be shot in (naturally) 8 mm even. Once it was announced that Super 8 will be released in IMAX, that seemed less likely – and now the footage that has been shown from the pic demonstrates that it was filmed as a standard fictional narrative piece.

This new trailer touches on the personal drama of Super 8, including the father/son dynamic, first love, and the bond that forms between young people as they are forced to confront extraordinary circumstances. It also provides a glimpse at the film’s special F/X, which look rather impressive, and seem like a sturdy blend of practical and digital material. Also – is the lens flare becoming a visual motif for Abrams, much like flashlights are for Steven Spielberg?

Super 8 movie image1 Super 8 Trailer & Official Synopsis Offer A Little Insight

Super 8 made our most anticipated releases of 2011 list, and there’s good reason to hope that Abrams’ latest will be a very exciting, intriguing, and maybe even touching story. While Cloverfield (which Abrams neither wrote or directed) ended up being essentially a straightforward monster movie, Super 8 appears to be more of a blend of genres – with elements of an alien invasion flick, conspiracy thriller, family drama, and even a supernatural creature feature.

We’ll find out for certain when Super 8 hit theaters this summer on June 10th.

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  1. has the spielberg touch to it. i’ll definitely see it. viewing the most recent trailer it looks like a blend between Signs & ET

  2. Yeah, I’m really excited about this one!

  3. I was REALLY hoping they would change the music for the trailer. While I love the score to Cocoon, it just feels “wrong” for half the trailer. Unless this is J.J’s way of saying “hey people, this movie won’t be ‘terrifying’ at all, it’s just a family-oriented kid flick”.

    The trailer, with different music, would most definitely look like a scary piece of work, despite the focus on the kids.

    I am SOOOO looking forward to this movie, anyway!! Soon as I heard J.J. was making another sci-fi movie, I was on-board.

  4. Looks awesome.. A very interesting and an exciting trailer after a longtime.. It will surely make a perfect summer blockbuster..

  5. I might pass on this. I thought Cloverfield would be great, but wasn’t what i expect so i’ll wait for this to hit dvd.

  6. Also — is the lens flare becoming a visual motif for Abrams, much like flashlights are for Steven Spielberg? <—- Can someone explain this statement for me please…..

    Im thinking there is a reason for the light music in the trailer and i think its something most ppl arent thinking but its the first thing i thought of when i saw the main cast was kids…. This "Monster" is not a monster at all its a baby creature/ailen that is only trying to feed it self and is more scared of us then we are of it, in the end the kids will help it escape and the Army will be tha bad guys by the end of the movie… but then again could be wrong JJ its a beast when it comes to misdirection now that im thinking about it the music in the trailer could be just that a misdirection.

    • Sorry for the confusion, RMF – I was referring to how the lens flare keeps popping up in Abrams’ movies (Star Trek, the Super 8 trailer), much like flashlights are always showing up readily in Spielberg’s movies.

      Honestly, go back and re-watch some of Spielberg’s previous films, the flashlights are pretty much always there. 😎

      • With Ridley Scott it’s always cathedral lighting (and propellers slowly turning), Blade Runner, Alien, Black Rain.
        Every director has his favorite gimmick. Lighting is usually easiest and sometimes cheapest.

        • and for all the talentless hack directors it’s the epileptic camera affectionately known as “shaky cam”. A note to all you young directors who think that “shaky cam” makes your film look hip and edgy: it doesn’t. it just induces nausea in your audience. so STOP USING IT.

          • The lens flare is because Abrams decided to use Anamorphic film on Star Trek which is more sensitive to lights and cause the “flare” look that you are seeing. My guess is that he liked how it worked with Star Trek, I personally thought if it wasnt for the “flares” it wouldnt of been as intense but then again little things like that stick out to me, that he decided he wanted to go with it again. Im really happy he did stick with it though.

            • according to the commentary track, Abrams added the flares and filmed in a manner to give lots of flares. it was a “on purpose” filming decision. many of the lens flares were added during post production, many were done “in camera” by adding LOTS of extra lights just outside of the filming area. nothing to do with any type of film stock.

              but it has nothing to do with filming anamorphic.
              he also states that he regrets using so much.

              anamorphic is not a type of film. it has to do with the compression caused by the kind of lens. it allows the entire 35mm film stock to be used instead of wasting the space that would be covered by black lines above and below the image area. a lens is then used in the projection of the film which stretches it out to what it should look like.

              by the way, there are tons of lens flares in ST in sequences that are entirely CGI, where there is no question of “film process”. lens flares in CGI sequences have to be added in post production, during the creation of the CGI graphics.

              • Mike E. is right about the flares in the new Trek film. Abrams actually positioned lights on set to shine INTO the camera lens to cause them.


  7. Looking good. One of my most-anticipated films this summer.

  8. This looks like a cross between The Goonies and E.T.! Lol. I like it. Can’t wait!

    • I was thinking Goonies and Independence Day. =3

  9. Amazing

  10. Best part of the trailer was when a babe walked away from the camera.

  11. It’s so refreshing to see some originality in a world of copycat film making and heartless tales. I can’t wait to see this. Almost has a ‘The Last Starfighter’/’Flight of the Navigator’ feel to it.

    -I freaking loved Cloverfield especially the end. What’s more terrifying than a monster that can’t be beat? I hope we’ll see a follow up some day.

    • I enjoyed Cloverfield as well. The ending was great. I loved the whole feel of the film. The confusion, the panic, etc.

  12. @Marcus

    I agree 😀

    • lol… Those tight jeans. Hip swings. I don’t care what else is in this film. I will watch it for the hip action.

  13. Looks like typical Spielberg to me. Cute but annoying kids, fantastic effects, alien. Doesn’t really look like Abrams had much to do with it.

    Never liked any of Spielbergs movies except for Close Encounters. Too much cuteness for a grumpy old fart like me.

  14. Cool trailer. Can’t wait to see movie

  15. Its about time Kyle Chandler get his time in the limelight, Friday Night Lights was incredible and he deserved a lot of awards. He is the next everyman, better than Tom Hanks

  16. When Hollywood movies started to focus on story and plot rather than mindless action five, or so, years ago I was delighted. Compared to so many stupid actionfilms coming out in the 90s, movies like Batman Begins, Casino Royale, Crash, Blood Diamond, Letters from Iwo Jima and many others felt fresh and intriguing. Now, Spielberg was still involved with those mindless action movies, being the Transformers franchise at the time. So I’ve had my doubts with him lately. But the man has prooven so many times that whenever he’s working with great artists he can create magic. Abrams is one of those people who’s brought back creative thinking into Hollywood and I see no reason why they could fail as hard as Spielberg did with Michael Bay. Afterall, even James Cameron, also a man who’s done many amazing movies, failed recently when producing Sanctum. The director is of such great importance that it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest story at hand if the director can’t deliver.

    Bottom line: I hope for epic, let’s see how it turns out.

  17. Oh this one looks interesting it gave me chills!!

  18. More typical JJ Abrams crap. Can anyone say…lost? They want to call it suspense, but truthfully the only suspense here is whether this will suck as bad as cloverfield did.

  19. Looks like a pretty good movie (Super 8). My husband has been a Locomotive Engineer for 34 years, so I know that the day a lil’ old pick up truck can derail a train is the day monsters are real and terrorize small towns. LOL…Spielberg should have done a bit more research.

    • @Angel – I work for a Class 1 railroad as well and this is by far the most absurd train derailment I have ever seen on film…including the ridiculous subway crash from Speed :) Still a fun movie imho.