Screen Rant’s Summer 2013 Movie Awards

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2013 Summer Movie Awards


Summertime is over, and 2013 was a year in which films in release were arguably overshadowed by the announcement of future blockbuster titles, such as the Batman/Superman sequel to Man of Steel the Avengers sequel revealing its Age of Ultron subtitle and villain; or even the debut of raccoons with guns, as shown in the footage from Marvel's 2014 tentpole, Guardians of the Galaxy.However, 2013 did deliver a new Superman to the world; revitalized the Wolverine character and X-Men franchise, and kicked off "Phase Two" of Marvel's Movie Universe - just to name the superhero highlights. The sci-fi, comedy and horror genres had their own summer hits - Elysium, This Is the End, The Conjuring - so there is plenty of opportunity for accolades to be handed out in this, our second annual Screen Rant Summer Movie Awards.


Most Successful: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark & Mark 42 ArmorUndoubtedly the biggest success story of the summer (in terms of box office, at least) would have to be Marvel's Iron Man 3. There was legitimate question as to whether Marvel Studios could sustain the same level of achievement with its solo films as it did The Avengers. Answer: Yes.The film itself was divisive and played fast and loose with characters and mythos - and the behind the scenes shenanigans with star Robert Downey Jr.'s contract re-negotiation had Marvel fans on pins and needles - but none of those detractions were enough to stop RDJ and Marvel's continued box office onslaught. Iron Man 3 walked away with 1.2 billion at the worldwide box office.Will Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier see profit spikes for their respective Phase One heroes? Time will tell.

Most Disappointing: R.I.P.D.

July Movie Preview - RIPDIt's always the most subjective category on our awards list, and this year the badge for "Most Disappointing Summer Movie" will likely be awarded to a variety of films, depending on who you ask. While some people might want to nominate Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, I think we can ALL agree that R.I.P.D. was a massive letdown for just about any and everybody....Then again, you probably never had high hopes for this 'Ghostbusters meets Men In Black' mashup, so maybe "disappointment" isn't so accurate a term as "validated" would be. Personally, our disappointment comes from the fact that director Robert Schwentke was coming off a big win with a different adaptation of an obscure comic book (RED), and stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges are generally good guys - certainly better than what this film shows them to be.RUNNER UP: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Best Franchise (Re-)Launch: Man of Steel

Man of Steel Trivia Easter EggsDespite a divisive reception, the box office earnings were pretty good (approx $650 million worldwide on a $225 million budget); however, the real "success" of Man of Steel was its ability to re-introduce the Superman character and movie franchise to a new audience, while also establishing DC Comics and Warner Bros.' shared movie universe. So really, "Best Universe Launch" would be a more accurate term than "Franchise Launch."Need further proof? Man of Steel's reception has engendered what is unquestionably the biggest comic book movie event yet: The announcement that Man of Steel 2 will feature a Superman/Batman team-up! Sure, people are losing their minds right now because that Batman is Ben Affleck, but once we start to see footage from this film, the entire world will likely be lining up to buy tickets. Thank Man of Steel for getting us here.(WATCH: Superman/Batman fan trailer)

Worst Franchise (Re-)Launch: The Lone Ranger

July Movie Preview - Lone RangerWhile Warner Bros. rolled the $200+ million dice on their reboot of Superman, Disney figured it would be a good idea to roll their $200+ million dice on a reboot of The Lone Ranger. And the result was pretty much what a lot of people expected: a major letdown that nobody is begging to see extended into further sequels or spinoffs.If you listened to our Lone Ranger Podcast then you've heard tell of the conflicted halves of director Gore Verbinski's film: it starts off as a supernatural-themed rumination on the old west, and ends as a mundane heist story featuring an evil tycoon, a lot of expensive trains, and nothing supernatural about it. Despite their respective charisma, the pairing of Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp (playing another inexplicably weird Depp caricature) wasn't enough to save this film - or the potential franchise waiting in the wings.Meet this year's John Carter.

Best Fight: Smallville Battle (Man of Steel)

Man of Steel Smallville Battle Fight SequenceThe criticisms of Man of Steel are overly familiar by now - the end fight, writing, pacing, performances, etc. - but there is one point of consensus in this whole debate: director Zack Snyder created some of the best superhero action seen on film, and "The Battle of Smallville" was probably the crowning achievement.Not only is the sequence a fantastic duel and a great showcase of superpowers realized in real-world context, it's also a fantastic character moment, as Superman's defense of the men and women of the armed forces finally earns him the distinction of being a hero.Man of Steel  may have circumvented actually saying the classic Superman line about "Truth, Justice and the American Way", but this scene certainly captured it in spirit.RUNNER UP: TIE - Tokyo Battle in Pacific Rim & Bathroom Battle in The World's End.

Worst Fight: Wolverine vs. Ninja Town (The Wolverine)

The Wolverine Ninja Battle SequenceWolverine (Hugh Jackman) shows up in a remote Japanese village to save his Lady love, Mariko (Tao Okamoto), only to be confronted by an entire town full of ninjas. Now, one would think that an epic Wolverine vs. The Crazy 88-type sequence would ensue (and for a second it does) but then, all of a sudden, we get Logan pushing forward on some doomed march towards his target, while ninja arrows fill his back. Shockingly enough (sarcasm), not even Wolverine can shrug off that kind of assault, and he eventually passes out cold.The symbolism (Wolverine's unbending will and strength) was understandable, even poetic - but the sequence was still pretty lame as far as fights go. Worse yet is the fact that we know from our visit to the Wolverine set that this sequence was originally much more extensive and violent than what we got in theaters.RUNNER UP: Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai

Best Sequel: Star Trek Into Darkness

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-ImageStar Trek Into Darkness may not have changed lives or created a deep, lasting impression, but in this quality-deficient summer, it delivered something that was sorely needed: good old-fashioned summer blockbuster popcorn entertainment.This time the set pieces and action sequences were bigger, the banter between the cast was snappier, and the villain actually got some time for development.Yes, the whole Khan "twist" was something of a distraction for a lot of fans - as was the question of how the Enterprise could possibly function as a submarine. But Trekkie nitpicks aside, Into Darkness was yet another well-rounded space adventure from director J.J. Abrams.On to Star Wars 7.RUNNER UP: Fast & Furious 6

Worst Sequel: Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 Worst Movie 2013Nobody I know was begging for it, or hoping for it, or even wanting it - yet the $271 million box office haul of the first film dictated that this sequel be made. Money talks in Hollywood - and lately it has been saying a lot of wrong things.We're not going to get to deep into this - It's plain to see how and why former edgy comedians-turned-mature adults like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and (to lesser extent) Kevin James would do a movie like this at this point in their career$. What is truly baffling is that this was ever a successful "franchise" at all.Hopefully, the massive drop-off in box office earnings that the sequel saw ($100 million less than its predecessor) will prove that this fluke of stunt-casted mediocrity should be appreciated for what it did, before being retired for good.

Rising Star: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of SteelHenry Cavill is now Superman. 'Nuff said, really. Despite criticism, Cavill has cemented himself as the new Superman for a new generation, joining an esteemed (and small) circle of actors who have had the honor of playing the role in feature-films. Cavill also holds the honor(?) of being the first non-American actor to be awarded the Superman movie mantle, so props for that.And what is Cavill doing for his next act? Well, he'll star in Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie's next franchise reboot, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (along side Armie Hammer); after that, Cavill will suit-up as Superman again for a little film tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman, alongside a little-known movie star named Ben Affleck.So, you know, he's got just a few small reasons to be this year's "Rising Star" winner...

Falling Star: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds in RIPDRyan Reynolds had three films out in 2013 - The Croods, TurboR.I.P.D. - with only The Croods scoring major box office success - and most people probably didn't even recognize Reynolds from the supporting voice role he had in that animated film.R.I.P.D. tanked hard, proving once again that comic book movie/action hero success may not be in the cards for Reynolds (unless it's that Deadpool movie). Meanwhile, Turbo managed to be the one animated movie of Summer 2013 that couldn't top its production budget at the domestic box office; it was also headlined by Reynolds, and debuted in theaters in the same week as R.I.P.D. Talk about doubling the blow...The future of Ryan Reynolds' career is uncertain, but there's no doubt that he's in a slump right now. Maybe he should leave blockbuster leading man life behind and go back to doing what made him a star in the first place: witty raunch-comedy. (And no, The Change-Up doesn't count. We said "witty.")

Best Chemistry: Washington & Wahlberg (2 Guns)

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in 2 Guns2 Guns: yet another obscure comic book property adapted into a mediocre action film, but what set it apart - both in the minds of viewers and at the box office - was the teaming of leading men Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.The film itself was another B-movie crime-thriller from Contraband director Baltasar Kormakur, but watching Washington and Wahlberg trade verbal (at times physical) jabs made all the difference. As two undercover investigators masquerading as partners in crime (while not knowing the other man is also on the side of the law), the dynamic between these icons of action badassery got to take on several forms - each of them entertaining in their own right.Without a suitable romance to set our hearts on fire during the summer 2013 movie season, this longtime-coming bromance will have to do.

Worst Chemistry: Frank & His Ladies (Maniac)

Frank in Maniac (2013)Okay, so we're getting a little tongue-in-cheek with this one, but it still (sorta) counts.Frank (Elijah Wood) has some... unique issues with women, thanks to traumas fostered by an amoral and whorish mother. Frank is a sick puppy driven to do some pretty sick things - all of which we get to see through his eyes, as director Frank Khalfoun forces us into the skin of a maniac killer.As for the award? Well, sit through Maniac and you too will probably agree that the relationships Frank has with his female victims - alive or recreated as mannequins topped in bloody scalps - is not what any sane person would define as "good chemistry" between lovers.And clearly there was trouble in paradise: after all, by the end, all of Frank's ladies turn on him and (symbolically) rip him to shreds. You know your mojo is no longer working when that happens, baby - yeah!

Funniest Moment: The 'Rapey' Theorem (This Is The End)

June 2013 Movie Preview - This is the EndThe scene was pretty hilarious: Hollywood actors James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson are trying to ride out the Apocalypse in James Franco's house with a disheveled Emma Watson. Being the gentlemen that they are, the boys proceed to discuss proper protocol for keeping a girl feeling safe and comforted - without coming off "too rapey."Look, the subject of rape can be a powder keg of controversy and poor taste when it is used in comedic context - but something about Franco and Co.'s conversation rang a loud and funny chord of truth about the quality of a man's character. Don't be surprised if you start hearing the term "rapey" with increasing frequency in the street; for better or worse, This Is the End has managed to puncture the zeitgeist and add a new term to our already sordid vernacular.

Most Frightening Moment: Ghost Witch Parkour (The Conjuring)

The Conjuring Witch (by Jerad Marantz)The Conjuring was hands-down the scariest movie of summer (which we predicted long ago), but of all the freaky little moments in the film - the hand clap games, the ghost-sheet in the wind - the one moment that probably had people plunging their faces into their hands was when the ghost witch literally pounced off the top of an armoire onto a sleepwalking little girl.Director James Wan's strength in the horror genre has always been creative sequencing using old school filmmaking techniques over CGI, and this moment in the Conjuring was one of the best examples. The scare is so effective because of good old-fashioned misdirection: you expect the threat to come OUT of the armoire and are caught off-guard when witch-lady hops down on little Cindy like she owes her money.I now peek over the top of my own armoire every night before I go in to get my pajamas. No ghost witch lady is gonna get the drop on me...(Artwork by Jared S. Marantz)

Most Disturbing Moment: Incestuous Dinner Conversation (Only God Forgives)

Only God Forgives Dinner Scene - Kristin Scott ThomasNicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives is probably the most controversially divisive film of the year so far - a strange high-art conflation of both Oedipal theory and religious moralism. However, that sophisticated blend of cinema doesn't save it from containing one of the most disturbing scenes we've seen recently.After inviting her baby-boy Julian (Ryan Gosling) and his prostitute girlfriend Mai (Yayaying Rhatha Phongam) to a classy dinner, drug lord matriarch Crystal (English thespian Kristin Scott Thomas) greets her guests with a verbal diatribe that no doubt sent more than a few Sundance attendees heading for the exit.We'll spare you the full horror, but let's just say that when a mother decides to wax philosophic about what makes one of her sons better than the other, eroticized and vulgar comparisons about the size of their junk should never, ever, be the crux of that argument. But in the world of Refn...

Most Emotional Moment: Pa Kent on Death & Morality (Man of Steel)

Pa Kent about Death and Morality in 'Man of Steel'We all saw it in the trailers, and even then it sparked a strong (even visceral) emotional reaction in people: after saving a bus full of his classmates from drowning, the people of Smallville express concern about Clark Kent's strange abilities. While confronting his adopted son about the need for keeping his power a secret, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) is hit with the hard question of whether Clark should do nothing and watch as people die.Jonathan's answer, "Maybe," was at once infuriating, heartbreaking and thought-provoking in its implications. In a world of increasing moral complexity, that moment in Man of Steel not only challenged the core values of the super hero mythos, it finally gave the world what it had been needing: a Superman movie that wasn't afraid to confront the Man of Steel's new place in a much more complicated world.

Most WTF Moment: The Mandarin Revealed (Iron Man 3)

Iron Man 3 The Mandarin aka Trevor SlatteryAfter two films that arguably had lackluster antagonists, we were getting the main event: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) vs. his comic book nemesis, The Mandarin - with the villain set to be played by none other than Oscar-winner Sir Ben Kingsley. Questions of ethnicity aside, most of us were excited to see how the opposing forces of RDJ and SBK would clash on screen....And then we discovered it was all a big joke. There would be no Dark Knight-style epic rivalry; no breathtaking villain performance from Kingsley (as we were promised); all the hype was shattered as Kingsley's character was revealed to be an actor/addict named Trevor Slattery, who had been hired to portray The Mandarin.Whether you loved or hated the "twist," the scene where Tony Stark breaks into an enemy stronghold and discovers Slattery's true nature had moviegoers the world over all saying "WTF?!?!?!?!"

Best Frankenstein Job: World War Z

World War Z theatrical vs. Original EndingWhat is a 'Frankenstein Job?' you may be asking yourself: well, it's a nice little self-styled term I use to refer to a film that was intended to be one thing, but somewhere in production the filmmakers had to take a drastic change in approach. The end result is a movie that doesn't seem to have matching halves, or has bits and pieces that don't seem to properly fit together - and World War Z is this year's shining example.Director Marc Foster had another notable "Frankenstein Film" with the James Bond entry Quantum of Solace, so maybe this sort of thing is his signature? Either way, World War Z was clearly a collection of action set pieces loosely connected by a flimsy "quest for a cure" story - and the third act of the film is pretty much an indie horror movie "Frankensteined" onto the end of a tentpole blockbuster.In the original ending, an epic war sequence finale was planned (involving Brad Pitt saving his family), but instead we got a slow creep through the zombie-infested halls of a World Health Organization facility. Then again, after so many production issues, the biggest miracle of all is that World War Z ever worked as well as it did: Frankenstein walked away with half a billion dollars at the box office.

Parasitic Twin Award: White House Down

Olympus Has Fallen Beats White House DownSometimes conjoined twins don't develop correctly in the womb, and one twin winds up essentially dominating gestative development while the other withers away and is sometimes "born" as a gross vestigial appendage  attached to the surviving twin. In movie land, the term applies to when "copycat movies" (Like These Films) are released in close proximity, and only one film flourishes while the other flounders.This year we had two "Die Hard in The White House" movies: Antoine Fuqua's Olympus Has Fallen in the spring, and Roland Emmerich's White House Down in the summer. The former doubled its production budget, while the latter failed to break even, despite the combined star power of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum - AND a less restrictive PG-13 rating.Since nobody is holding either of these films up as astounding works of art, maybe there's a strong case to be made for getting your copycat into theaters first (even at the expense of quality visual effects). In the end, White House Down came out looking like the extraneous leftovers of a movie we already saw - which is why it is the perfect recipient of our inaugural "Parasitic Twin Award."

Most Meme'd: Superman (Man of Steel)

Man of Steel vs. Avengers MemeSo. Many. Superman. Memes.And now that Ben Affleck is Batman, and Man of Steel 2 is going head-to-head with Avengers 2 in summer of 2015, the memes involving the Last Son of Krypton are going to be coming at us much more frequently and ferociously.Which meme is your favorite (so far)?RUNNER UP: Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness.

summer-movie-awards-2013-500x450Once again it's been an average, monumental, disappointingly funny action-packed adventure at the movies in summer 2013, with plenty left to look forward to in the Fall.If you haven't done so yet, be sure to have a look at our upcoming Fall 2013 Movie Preview, for all the latest trailers, release dates and info about the upcoming crop of fall films.Otherwise, jump to the comment section and share your favorite movie moments of summer 2012 - and/or your best summer movie awards categories (and winners)_______Follow me @ppnkof


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  2. These awards ignored a lot of the smaller movies. There were many moments in Before Midnight, Mud, The way way back and The Spectacular Now that were waaaay more emotional than anything in any of the superhero movies

    • I guess they’re playing to a demographic, but I agree. Beyond all the typical superhero fare was a collection of damn fine films that deserve more attention. “Before Midnight” had one of the best screenplays I’ve come across in a long time. “Blue Jasmine” was outstanding. Haven’t seen them yet, but “In a World…” and “Frances Ha” have met with raves. Would have been nice and bit more original to see a scrap or two thrown their way.

    • @deezy

      The Place Beyond the Pines had some good ones too.

  3. I’m surprised how little people know about Superman. Magic can hurt Superman but it’s not a weakness like kryptonite. He’s vulnerable to magic but he can still fight against it. As the official Superman guide says Superman is as strong as he needs to be and as long as the yellow sun shines his powers are pretty much infinite. With that said I had issues with Man of STeel (because I’m a BIG Superman fan as you can tell) but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Is it Batman Begins, Captain America, Iron Man? No but it’s not Superman Returns, it’s not Spiderman, it’s not X-Men 3 and it’s not Green Lantern. Those movies were atrocities. Man of Steel was start it was a great start but it’s a start.

    • Spider-Man was awesome.

      • @SlayerScythe Spiderman 3 I mean. SPiderman 1 & 2 were awesome you are correct. Spiderman 3 however was a MESS. But yeah MoS wasn’t Spiderman 3

    • Its better than Iron man 1, 2, 3 and captain america

      • Definitely not IM1. 2 and 3 yeah, but from the point of view of origin story plus introducing shared universe, IM1 was the better film.

  4. Pa Kent winning the most emotional category? Nah

  5. Pa Kent winning the most emotional category? Nah

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  7. These awards catagories are fine,but the best all around movie for me this summer was ‘Pacific Rim’,it had the best concept,that no other film to date has been able to master,and that is making a Hollywood live action anime inspired movie that was true to the genre,and also respected the culture from the part of the world from which these concepts (giant monsters/giant robots) came from,this movie succeeded were movies like ‘Dragonall:Evolution’,’Speedracer’,the ‘Steet Fighter’films and even the ‘Transformer’ triology,IMO,have failed.

  8. My favorite is Blue Jasmine followed by IM3.

    • You have quite an interesting taste….Iron man 3….lol.

  9. Tokyo Battle really?

    I do hope that you mean the HONGKONG battle, because the Tokyo battle only show up in Mako’s flashback and we don’t even see any fighting.

    Or maybe in your mind all Asian cities are interchangeable. What kind of BS writing is that?

    • Yes, yes because everyone who makes a simple mistake is obviously racist or an idiot. Get over yourself.

  10. Most Emotional Moment: Pa Kent on Death & Morality?? You’re kidding me right?! About all Man Of Steel had going for it was an impressive array of special-almost seizure inducing in parts-effects. The only thing about it responsible for raking in so much cash was the promotional blitzkrieg of overrated hype along with having the distinction of being a “reboot” with some heavyweight names behind it. Sadly, when you get beyond that, all you’re left with is an unsatisfying movie experience at having seen yet another bastardized eviscerating take of Superman. Their next go around wont be nearly as lucrative. With the recent announcement of Ben Affleck as the new Batman being one big F**K YOU to fans,I practically guarantee it. lol

    • There is no lower life form than people who ‘lol’ there own post.

    • There is no lower life form than people who ‘lol’ their own post.

      • BLAST!

      • In Chad’s case lol means lack of laughter.
        And when using it in your own post it translates into
        “I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation.”

      • well, maybe the one who posts his comments twice…lol!

    • @Chad, Completely AGREE 1000%, Man of Steel was weak, all flash, not character driven at all and no real depth. CGI overkill. People ate it up even ignored the poor acting, cartoony dialog, and Dragonball Z fight sequences, because the last one was tripe.

      -For me the movie that really lived up to the Summer Blockbuster genre was Star Trek: Into Darkness, that movie never let up. As someone mentioned in the Screenrant Underground Podcast “It looked like a movie from the future”.

  11. I finally got to see The Wolverine the other night,and people were right,most of the movie was great,but the last half an hour was extremely weak.Hope they will make up for it when it comes out on DVD with a uncut version.


  12. Not to nitpick, great list but I thought Brandon Routh was Canadian. So that would make Henry the 2nd Superman outside of US.

  13. I think IM3 should definitely get most disappointing and worst sequel, hell I could even argue worst fight based on the fact that a lot of people went in there expecting to see IM fight his greatest nemesis but instead we get a steaming pile of F U comic fans. and for anybody that thought Shane Black’s script was original go back and watch the Incredibles it’s almost plagiarism. In case you can’t tell, I really hate that movie

    • I’m not an Iron Man dan and I still felt like I got a FU with that Mandarin twist. In fact, the whole movie felt like an FU to me. I still don’t get there isn’t more outrage from actual IM fans over this. IM doesn’t even fight his own battle at the end. And the lava regen thing was completely boring, almost like a 90s gimmick.

      Honestly, IM3 feels like Marvel’s Batman & Robin to me.

      • exactly silrian. I can’t believe the number of people that enjoyed it.the whole thing could’ve been epic, but instead we get a retarded Ben Kingsley and a horrible ending that just felt like they settled because they couldn’t think of anything halfway decent. It was a horrible way to kick off phase 2. I’m also a little peeved at Joss Whedon since he is supposed to be the over seer and he lets tripe like this get made. It makes me fear for the rest of the MCU. I also have one nagging question about the movie besides the faux mandarin, and that’s why didn’t Stark activate the house party protocol when his house was under attack?

        • What peeves me the most about IM 3 is probably the fact that the trailer sold a completely different movie.

          Remember the dramatic: oooooooohhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh OoOoOoOoOhHhHh AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAhHhHhH!!!!!!

          Such an epic tone promising an epic pay-off, when in reality the trailer music should have been this:

          ^^That tone much more closely matches the actual tone of the movie

          • Lol @ Dr. Mindbender.XD

            But yeah, as I said, I personally am not an IM fan, but the fact that I felt insulted while not even caring much for the franchise (I did like marvel as a kid mostly), man, I just can’t imagine what real IM fans must feel about it.

            And people complained about TDKR being a disappointing final instalment… Well, I counted myself lucky as a Nolan-Batman fan when I saw IM3 I can tell ya that.

    • The villian shares a motivation with Syndrome… therefore the movie is almost plagiarism of the Incredibles? If so, you and I seem to have very different definitions of that word.

      Also, were you seriously expecting Stark to fight Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin? Because I wasn’t. Ben Kingsley isn’t exactly a physical match for Iron Man. And introducing his magic rings, when there’s been little-to-no indication that magic exists (except maybe in Asgard) and the Iron Man films have been technology focused, would have just been stupid and out of place. While it’s possible that the Mandarin might’ve had his own power suit, considering that’s the third Iron Man villain in a row to use a power suit, it’d seem a little stale.

      Also, as a lot of fanboys seem to be overlooking, Tony does have an epic battle with the Mandarin, aka Aldrich Killian. Killian was the Mandarin all along and was simply using Kingsley to throw people off his trail. Word of God confirms that Killian is the MCU’s version of the Mandarin, not that we need that confirmation since Killian outright states that he’s the Mandarin, in the movie.

      @Silrian: What do you mean IM doesn’t fight his own battle at the end? Did you miss the epic fight he had with Killian, where he constantly switched armours before trying to blow up Killian with the Mark 42? While he may not have been the one to throw the finishing blow, claiming that he ‘didn’t fight his own battle’ is just plain wrong.

      • Well said, Rukaio101. People complained about his saying, “I am Iron Man” because so much of the movie was him without the armor, or in the end having to switch suits constantly. My reaction is the opposite. It made the point that Tony is Iron Man and there couldn’t be another like him.

        IM3 was the best this year for me. MOS didn’t do it for me.

      • quoting you ”there is little or no indication that magic exists (except maybe Asgard)”. So there is quite a big indication then, and was the Cosmic cube not the main driving force behind Thor, Captain America and the Avengers?, does the main big bad in the Avengers use magic?, is it the same MCU thats going to introduce a talking tree and a talking racoon? does the same shared universe have someone called Scarlet Witch? and before you retaliate with im only talking about the Iron Man films, well that won’t really wash as they are all made to fit into the bigger Marvel Universe, one that has magic playing a massive part, i do apologise but theres nothing like pulling a tunnel visioned fan boys argument apart.

        • cosmic cube in the MCU is technologically based, not magic. just because it is not understood by our earthly heroes does not make it magic. as for Loki, the OP acknowledged that magic exists in Asgard, but there’s no basis for that in a terrestrial setting yet. as you mentioned, we will be introduced to it shortly (i.e. scarlet witch, potentially dr. strange) but not yet. similarly, neither Groot nor Rocket Raccoon are magic based. if I’m not mistaken, Groot is of a unique species that looks very much like earthly trees while RR is a genetic experiment, a la island of dr. moreau.

          so you see, you haven’t pulled “a tunnel visioned fan boys argument apart.” in fact, rukaio had a very comprehensive and intelligent analysis of the movie and universe as a whole which you must admit despite your feelings toward the movie. while he obviously enjoyed the movie, there was no blind bias or “tunnel vision.”

          now, if you were to amend the mandarins canon slightly to make the rings of technological basis, that would make sense in the current universe. but then again, wouldn’t diehard fans grope about that as well?

          • Personally I wince when they refer to Cosmic Cubes and Asgard related stuff as high-tech. To me it’s a very lame explanation for something that is silly to begin with and has no kind of internal logic (Odin wields all the technology, and Thor wields the hammer technology, Hemdall wields the transportatin tech, etc? It would be like one person wielding a car, and another a phone, and another a gun, etc.). Hopefully they won’t start overrunning the IM movies with that kind of “science” anytime soon. And, yes, the IM technology is very far out and sci-fi, but there’s a huge difference.

        • He said that the Iron Man films “have been technology focused” and he’s right. It seems like Marvel is, for now, preserving the distinct feel of each series. It’s a smart thing to do because a big Marvel universe mash-up might to be what everyone wants from every movie, every time. Or it could be that production for IM3 was well under way before Avengers had been released. It’s not as if they had a crystal ball and knew with certainty that Avengers was going to be such a huge hit. Whereas IM already was, so why stray to far from the formula.

  14. This might be one of your best pieces Kofi. Well done, sir! :D

    Iron Man 3 was the most disappointing film I’ve seen this year, but I haven’t seen RIPD yet so I wouldn’t be able to compare (although, my expectations for RIPD are set very, very low so I doubt I’ll be disappointed by it, whereas with IM3, I was expecting “the best Iron Man movie yet” and needless to say, while I still think it’s a good movie, the experience was a disappointing one)

    I’m also stoked to see Man Of Steel (and Henry Cavill) getting so much recognition from you guys. The movie had its shortcomings, but imo it succeeded in all aspects it needed to.

    I’m surprised to see no ‘Best Villain’ award this year though. It’s a pretty tough choice between Khan and Zod for me…

    • Zod for me. I still can’t believe one could act out that role with as much nuance as Shannon did. He stole every scene he was in. It’s really hard to not be cheesy in a role like that but he nailed it gloriously.

      • I really didn’t like Man of Steel that much, but Michael Shannon’s portrayal of Zod was excellent.

      • Zod captured my heart. Best movie villain since Bane, but better.

        • ^^That’s not saying much :/

        • you think bane was a better movie villain than ledger’s joker?

          …rolls eyes…

          • I thought Bane came close, but no. Anyway maybe I should’ve said Zod is best movie villain since Joker.

      • I’m leaning towards Zod as well. Epic performance. Much like the rest of the movie! :)

  15. I really don’t understand why they are soooo in love with the Superman movie at Screen Rant and why they are so biased when comparing it to other movies.

    Man of Steel was not that special at ALL, and it was very far behind from the quality of the Dark Knight or the Avengers. It didn’t have neither the depth of Nolan’s Batman movies nor the fun/heart of the Avengers. As I said, nothing memorable in cinema history.

    I am sorry for the Superman hard core fans but he is not the king of superheroes anymore. I hope I am wrong, but I think we can all prepare ourselves for disappointment for that highly anticipated Superman vs. Batman… if only WB would have been able to convince Christian Bale to come back… and it is not like Ben Affleck addition is gonna amaze us like Heath Ledger’s Joker did…

    I honestly think that Avengers 2 and Star Wars 7 are going to wipe the floor with Superman’s cape and win the box office battle in 2015. My money is on RDJ.

  16. None of this compares to Breaking Bad season 5. masterpiece in progress.

  17. First off great job to Kofi Outlaw, cool review. Second, my picks for best movies were Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine. My guilty pleasure was Pacific Rim, (I have a soft spot for Giant Robots and Giant Monsters fighting each other.) Acting was spot on in Star Trek; I’m more a Star Wars fan but these last two movies are amazing stuff. In The Man of Steel with the whole time on Krypton, and the battle in Smallville was why I paid to see it twice, once in Real 3D. Iron Man 3 was funny, but lacking anything that got me into the character of the first Iron Man film, but still better than Iron Man 2. These are just my opinions. :-)

  18. Well, I’m in the minority here but Star Trek Into Darkness was a very lame sequel. The whole point of the alternate timeline gimmick was to allow the writers to create new scenarios and introduce new characters. So what did they do? Rehashed two previous Star Trek films (II and VI) and threw in a ton of familiar scenes from other action blockbusters. Yes, it looked great, but what a waste of a talented cast! Benedict Cumberbatch deserved much better; it’s only because he’s a brilliant actor that the Khan character had any presence at all. The first film gave us things we had never seen before like childhood scenes of major characters, characters meeting for the first time, and a new Enterprise. This film gave us nothing new except perhaps slightly redesigned Klingons. I was very disappointed.

    • ^^^
      Same. Into Darkness was bland.

  19. Best disaster scene was when Perry White and Lombard were standing around saying, “where’s Jenny?” And Steve is like, “I don’t know. She was standing right here in this exact spot where this corner section of a building made of reinforced concrete in now in place of.” And then Jenny is like, “I’m in here, there’s not a scratch or a bruise on me, but I’m willey willey scared.” And Perry is like, “Well me and Steve are exposed to all kinds of falling debris, and you are now incredibly secure, but we’re men and the script calls for us to do something manly (Steve a bit reluctantly because he’s a jerk). Don’t worry, Jenny, we’ll get you out here where is far more dangerous.” And Jenny is like, “Hurry! Lift with the legs!”

    • that made me laugh! i have quite a few similar “what they meant” moments with TDKR, but the difference is i enjoyed MOS, while i did NOT tdkr.

  20. Weak summer for franchise films. IM3, STID, & MOS disapppointed and are instantly forgettable. FF6 was a pleasant surprise and Pacific Rim was a blast.

    Quite enjoyed The Conjuring and Now You See Me too.

  21. The term “rapey” while hilarious and awkward, was actually first used in The League on FX a couple years ago. One of the main characters Kevin, an assistant DA, ask another dad at a soccer game, a man he sent to prison, how was his turn in prison. He shrugs and says, “Eh, rapey.”

    • That show is so freaking hilarious. My favorite comedy on TV. I am still waiting to hear if I will get it when FXX starts up. I have DISH

  22. Now that it’s all said and done (except for TTDW, but I don’t think I’ll love it), for me, IM3 was the best. I really liked the twist and especially the action. It constantly demonstrated that Tony Stark’s mind made him better in the suit, and with the technology, than anyone else could ever be. Others disagree I know.

  23. iron man 3 is easily the biggest disappointment of the year with the last 40 minutes of that movie that prevented it from at least passing the dark night rises domestically. i gave it a 70. everyone i talked to about this film said it looked more like the end of phase one rather then the beginning of phase. the best this summer was pacific rim,man of steel and star trek 2.
    glad kofi called iron man 3 as the most what the freak moment.

  24. great article Kofi. the only thing i took issue with was this part from the best WTF; “no breathtaking villain performance from Kingsley (as we were promised)”
    we did get a breathtaking villain performance from Kingsley. when the mandarian twist [to me, that sounds like a 60's dance, or an adult beverage:)] waqs revealed, we all took a collective “whoop” because, as mandarian said “youuu’l nevvvver sssseee meee cominggg” and it was out of no where. the trailers “promised” nothing, and, for once, they gave away very little of the surprises. there was never any indication of an epic Iron Man/Mandarian showdown from the trailers, as they were never shown together. even the trailers for TDKR shows bane and batman fighting, with scenes from both fights.
    Now, that’s not to say you have to like what they did in IM3, which you have made clear you didn’t like it, as well as half the scranters in here.
    I liked the film over-all, but it did have some sillyness in the script that makes me question RDJ’s commitment to the role [even though he has signed on for The Avengers 2 & 3] when he was quoted as saying Black’s script “was the best he’s ever read.”

    • “there was never any indication of an epic Iron Man/Mandarian showdown from the trailers, as they were never shown together.”

      Thank you. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking that. I knew then something was up.

  25. MOST DISAPPOINTING: The Mandarin not being the real Mandarin in Iron Man 3. The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 was a joke!!!

    • Iron Man 3 IS a joke

    • Agree !

  26. MOS !

  27. where’s the best villain?