Screen Rant’s 2014 Summer Movie Awards

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Summer Movie Awards 2014 Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

The 2014 Summer Movie Season is now over, and it’s time for us to look back over the lineup of movies we either sat through, suffered through, or enjoyed in full. Being the year leading up to some much bigger years in summer cinema (see: the overcrowded 2015 lineup), 2014 wasn’t exactly packed with top-shelf material; but there were some important events of note.

There were big gambles on launching new franchises (Guardians of the Galaxy) or re-launching some older ones (Godzilla, TMNT); established franchises tried to course-correct themselves into a shared universe expansion a la Marvel (X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man); and in between the big dogs, a few smaller films tried to gain notoriety (Snowpierecer). And of course, there was no shortage of sequels to bring us back to some familiar places (22 Jump Street, Transformers 4, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes).

As always, our Screen Rant Summer Movie Awards will start off with some serious-minded categories, before we move into some of the more eccentric (and fun) parts of the summer movie season we wish to highlight. Enjoy!

2014 Summer Movie Awards (SPOILERS Follow)

Most Successful: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Team Roster Silhouette Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

There is no doubt who the big winner of summer 2014 is – and surprise, surprise, it’s once again Marvel Studios. However, unlike in previous years, Marvel’s success in 2014 comes on the back of a big gamble in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy.

No matter how the people may talk (read: front) now, even most hardcore comic fans hadn’t really explored the Guardians comic books – be they the old 1970s version or the more modernized “Marvel Cosmic” version. That meant Marvel Studios risking top-dollar on a relatively unknown property; led by a relatively unknown leading man (Chris Pratt); under the guidance of a relatively untested director (James Gunn, who had previously done indie films); with a release date (first week August) that is traditionally NOT a magnet for big tentpole films.

However, as is the way of things, big gambles resulted in big rewards. And after winning this big (half a billion and counting in just a month), it’s hard to imagine that there’s anything that stop the Marvel Juggernaut (pun). Bring on Ant-Man.

Most Disappointing: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Amazing Spider Man 2 Fight Sequences Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise has promised much, only to deliver little. The first installment promised us an “untold” version of the Spider-Man origin… then it basically told us the same story with a sillier CGI villain (The Lizard). Amazing Spider-Man 2 made the bold shared universe promise that our hero’s “greatest battle” would begin… but instead we got several half-assed villains and a jumbled mess of a movie.

What wins this sequel this particular award, however, is the fact that, visually, this was the best Spider-Man movie we’ve ever gotten. The wall-crawler, the super powered action – all of it was top-notch. It’s a crying shame that the story surrounding the visuals wasn’t as strong, and that the final film looked like a studio hack job, with key pieces (already shown in the overflow of marketing) missing from the puzzle.

Needless to say, the Spider-Man movie franchise is feeling a bit squashed in its hopes for the future.

Best Franchise (Re)Launch: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy End Credits Scene Explained Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

Guardians of the Galaxy is now at $490 million worldwide and counting – in just one month of release! It earned more money domestically than Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 – which is a feat in and of itself – thereby cementing its status as the biggest movie of the summer.

With a sequel already in the works, a cartoon series on the way, and a whole shared Marvel universe of future possibilities, the Guardians brand is stronger in its infancy than most other franchises are in their old age (see: Expendables 3).

Honorable Mention: TMNT. No matter how old-school fans feel, Paramount turned a new generation onto Ninja Turtles movies – with more to come.

Worst Franchise (Re)Launch: Hercules

hercules poster trailer Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

Paramount Pictures thought that they had a new potential action franchise on their hands – and on paper, it sounded pretty solid. Get a massive leading man (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and put him in a Greek swords-and-sandals tentpole piece starring a superhero-esque protagonist (Hercules).

Well, under the (mis)guidance of director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand), Hercules failed to earn back its $100 million budget domestically – and only barely crossed that line with international sales included. Factor in the likely cost of marketing – and the fact that a different Hercules film also flopped in 2014 – and it’s clear this franchise is DOA for the immediate future.

Best Shared Universe Launch: X-Men Days of Future Past

X Men Days of Future Past Full Cast Photo Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

The X-Men movie franchise is famously bad for keeping track of its own convoluted continuity. With different directors and creative teams working on different iterations of films, at different times, under conflicting visions, fans had seen things fracture so far apart that it was unclear whether Fox could ever get it together again.

Then along came original X-Men director Bryan Singer with a crazy little old idea called Days of Future Past.

Infusing the superhero movie formula with time travel and a dysfunctional family drama, Singer made Days of Future Past an all-around fun and immersive X-Men movie experience, while simultaneously wiping (much of) the old, messy, slate clean. We now have new and exciting possibilities for future X-Men sequels and spinoffs set within an expanded and revitalized universe.

In the race for shared universe franchise supremacy, Fox’s X-Men brand came back from near-death and pulled a major dark horse win. Now about that Deadpool movie, though…

Worst Shared Universe Launch: Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Previews Trailers Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was such a disappointment (lowest domestic box office, critical drubbing) that the studio has had to rethink its plans for the franchise.

Right now it seems it’ll be a few years before we see anything; and when we do finally get more Spidey, it will be villain films like Venom and Sinister Six first. Kids moving into freshman college dorms today could be receiving their diplomas at graduation before Amazing Spider-Man 3 ever makes it into theaters. Thank ASM2 for that massive franchise cool down.

Right now, if the franchise’s star player can’t even muster excitement for himself, it’s hard to see how villains and supporting characters from his universe are going to win back waning fan interest. It’s going to take something very different, and very great, to turn this drifting ship around.

Best Fight: Godzilla vs. MUTOs – Godzilla

Godzilla 2014 Atomic Breath Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

Godzilla admittedly split audiences, depending on whether or not you found the final destination worth the journey to get there. One thing that is not really debatable, however, is whether or not the film delivered an adequate climactic payoff.

It was a long chase between the MUTOs and Godzilla – but when the big showdown in the San Francisco bay finally came, Godzilla once again proved why he is – and forever will be – the undisputed King of Monsters.

Talk all you want about what other films had what other great fights; there was only one moment in our summer 2014 movie experience where the crowd went absolutely wild during a big brawl – and that moment involved an atomic mouth-to-mouth fatality.

Artwork Source

Worst Fight: End Battle – Transformers Age of Extinction

Optimus Prime Riding Grimlock Transformers Extinction 1024x576 Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

If nothing else, you can always count on Michael Bay’s Transformers movies to deliver some unequaled blockbuster action. But with Transformers: Age of Extinction, it’s like Bay’s heart is no longer in his many, many, pyrotechnics and explosions.

Fans waited four films to finally see Transformers favorites like Galvatron and the Dinobots – but when the aforementioned finally came together with Optimus Prime, the Autobots, a sadistic bounty hunter and a new breed of Decepticons for a big showdown in China, the result was pretty underwhelming.

More Transformers than ever, and yet we saw the least interesting battle ever. Just a mess of faceless robots doing this or that; a few recycled ideas from Transformers 1 (see: tow truck rescue); more than a few wasted characters (Galvatron, Grimlock) and a triceratops stuck in  a tractor beam.

Yeah… it was pretty terrible.

Best Sequel: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Reviews Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was an unlikely franchise-spawning reboot that impressed both critics and fans – so expectations were understandably high for the sequel, Dawn of the Planet of Apes. The return of motion-capture actor Andy Serkis and his Weta Digital effects teams was a good sign; but having Cloverfield director Matt Reeves step in was something of a question mark.

Well, the answer to that question turned out to be this: Matt Reeves was the perfect choice for DotPotA.

Crafting a story that boldly put the Apes and their fledgling society front and center, Reeves led the character of Caesar (Serkis) through a turn of events that both continued what we liked about Rise, while offering a decidedly new and different vision. DotPotA expanded both the scope and scale of the story on every level; we’d be lucky if every sequel was this good.

Honorable Mention: X-Men: Days of Future Past. As a sequel to X3First Class AND The Wolverine, DoFP was a much-improved version of all aspects of the X-Men movie universe.

Worst Sequel: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker at the end of Amazing Spider Man 2 Screen Rants 2014 Summer Movie Awards

Look, we don’t want to keep hitting Spidey when he’s down, but this was a sequel that promised to fix the many problems of its predecessor AND introduce us to an exciting new shared universe…. and it did neither. That’s pretty much a total failure of intent.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: The Expendables 3. While some on our staff enjoyed this action throwback, we can all agree that it was pretty pointless to wedge younger characters (and subsequently, an extra hour of screen time) into a franchise built entirely on showcasing old greats. And drop that PG-13 rating; Hard-R action is what the core fans are paying to see.

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  1. I agree with all this 100% Winter Soldier deserves the Most Badass Award.

  2. Tasm2 deserves the worst shared universe award. I didn’t hate it, but it should have been better.
    The rhino guy was pointless! Hipster goblin should have been saved for later! Introduce harry and develop him here, turn him into hipster goblin in the 3rd one. So Sony must either get their s*** together or give Spidey to Marvel. Take your pick.

    • I think marvel owning spiderman would be great but, how many movies would we get in a six year period considering all their properties. it would be best for this MCU to die out probably after phase 4 and Avengers 4. by then sony’s whatever theyre doing will be over

      btw, imho, TASM2 wasnt that bad, only cause it was supposed to be 9 at least and ended up a 6, so the disappointment makes it look terribe

      • This is just a thought but… maybe Spidey should have a live action show?
        On Netflix or ABC perhaps? Marvel loves those channels apparently

      • I’d rather want it to slow down than die out. Because a die out would only bring back reboots and who needs that?

      • IMO if marvel had the spider-man rights again I wouldn’t even bother with an origin movie I’d introduce him on the avengers figure out a way to explain him not being around during the battle of NY then build interest in him via avengers movies and the daredevil show

        (daredevil/spider-man team up = incredible)

        after fan interest is incredibly high and renewed with spider-man in phase 4 I’d drop a spider-man solo with greater MCU implications

        • We can always hope for that scenario!

  3. I think this was the most solid list you guys have put out in awhile. I do think however that SPIDERMAN 2 was one of the most entertaining movies of the summer.

    • I couldn’t even get through 20 min of ASM2… It was just god awful… INHO… and i downloaded it… Still couldn’t get through it…

    • you are the only genius guy here
      TASM2 was a lot better than X-men DOFP
      I think X-men was the MOST disappointing Movie

      • FINALLY someone that agrres with me. DOFP was so watered down and did not compare to the greatness of First Class and possibly The Wolverine.

      • Hammad: not to disscuss owr discussion here but why is the desapointing in the X-men movies if the movies is much more different then the episodes cartoons why is it desapointing what is they do wrong the x-men movies?? why is there a disapointing if the movie should be much more different then the cartoons network

    • I loved TASM 2! It’s my second favorite superhero movie. It sure got ripped apart in this article though.

  4. Three “Worst” awards for TASM2, lolerbation.

  5. Edge of Tomorrow deserves best Sci-fi award. Hopefully you guys will give it at the end of the year!

    • OH yeah, I did enjoy Edge. And also the time-travel discussions I had with my friends afterwards. Loved Emily Blunt and how they approached the repeats. Groundhog Day with a vengeance!

      • I love Groundhog Day it still cracks me up after all these years, and I agree Edge is Groundhog Day with a vengeance.

        Just on a side note I liked Xmen 2 better then Spidey 2 sorry to say but best of the best out of the entire summer list is for Guardians of the Galaxy.

  6. Uh oh dazz ain’t gonna be happy about this list.

  7. I disagree with everything said about TASM2, the story wasn’t bad and while it didnt answer every question it was still a good movie. It handled multiple villains much more proficiently that Spiderman 3 that’s for sure. As for a shared universe idea, it’s a marvel property so until it reverts back to marvel I don’t think a shared universe will work too well for spidey. And the transformers end fight was incredible! The last hour and 15 minutes was the only part of the movie I thoroughly enjoyed. GoTG was obviously a good movie so no arguments to the categories it won.

    • So… you were OK with hipster goblin and the rhino?
      OK, then.

    • It sounded like you were defending the movie and then you dropped this bomb:

      “The last hour and 15 minutes was the only part of the movie I thoroughly enjoyed.”

      I mean, if you only liked the last half of the movie, doesn’t that say a whole lot about how good it actually was? 😉

      • Just a lack of paragraphing. First he defends TASM2, then he defends the second half of T:AoE

        • Oh, my bad. I somehow missed the word “transformers” completely 😉

  8. funniest moment: channing tatum’s reaction to jonah hill ef’ing ice cube’s daughter. 22 jump street.

    this movie deserves awards. i cant believe you left it out. one of the best, if not the best, sequel to a comedy.. and that is tall order to accomplish.

    • That was my runner-up for funniest. I will HM it.

      • Nice article and nice picks. Didn’t know you guys did these lists at the end of the summer, pretty cool!

    • Ice Cube’s reaction was the only funny part

    • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my favorite part in the whole movie LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for reminding me about that lmao!!!!!!!

  9. ‘In its inaugural year we give this award to the found-footage tornado disaster film Into the Storm for making us wish the whole found-footage trend would die back down into sporadic use, by purposed filmmakers, with well-developed ideas.’

    Clearly you’ve never seen Grave Encounters.

  10. So happy I asked about Snowpiercer for the Summer Preview haha!

    Too bad CA:TWS can’t be included in all this. Maybe it’ll be in a year-end? Pretty much totally agree with the Honest Movie Trailers… trailer.

    As far as summer movies… I judge by how many times I’ve seen a movie as to what I like the best. I have yet to see any twice (other than Snowpiercer – which I had to watch on VOD)… HOWEVER… I do plan to see GotG again tomorrow so there you go (also the only Th premiere I watched).

    This summer sucked as far as movies are concerned. I usually cement the Foursquare Mayorship of my local theater since I usually go 15-16 weeks in a row. This summer I saw less than 10 flims (though my mother and uncle died in May so that put a halt to some of them – example: I didn’t get to see 22 Jump Street).

    I was also very disappointed in TASM2. Watched it in 3D so yeah the FX were amazing… the story not so much. Neither villain was believable to me. They turned so quickly and so far it made my head spin.

    On the other hand I loved The Giver. Maybe it helped that I read the book the week before and felt the changes enhanced the movie – I don’t know.

    I’ve been aware of Chris Pratt since Everwood and I knew he was a hottie in hiding over there on Parks and Rec. I had faith in him!

    Otherwise I do agree with you Kofi about pretty much everything else. Though – where’s the comedy stuff? I missed 22 Jump Street AND Neighbors. Which should I see first?

    • Sorry to hear about your mother and your uncle..

      • Thanks that’s very kind of you.

      • And Everwood was my ish!

        • Yup, wonder when they’ll put Emily and Chris in the same movie :)

          • Wow your right. I hadn’t even thought about that! Fingers crossed for an Everwood reunion in Avengers 3!

  11. Spider man had to be the most frustrating film of the Summer. I enjoyed it but when you compare it to Marvel productions it doesn’t hold up. Days of future past pulled a fast and furious and made even the crappier installments worth a damn. I eagerly anticipate Wb getting back in the game two years from now but man that is a hell of a long wait. I’m so happy that the movies i dreamed of as a kid are now available every six months.

  12. hi there, nice article.
    first comment ever on something that’s bugged me for some time on this site: the word’s “climactic”, not “climatic”.
    Thanks and keep up the good work 😉

  13. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 was not a disappointment. Who thought it was going to be any good? Nobody. And they were right. It sucked. Maleficent on the other hand, was a steaming pile of rancid, rape/revenge fantasy horse-crap.

  14. Agree with most of them, except:
    – Best Shared Universe Launch: X-Men itself is already a shared universe since the first movie. I’d say this movie fits better in the Best Attempt to Fix Sin of the Past category. In fact I think Guardians should be in this one, because it opens a bigger cosmic universe, but I understand why it’s put in the Re(Launch) one.

    Sad to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the Razzies this time around, I didn’t care about the movie from the start but it’s indeed a disappointing movie. I was hoping to see something better than I expected, appearently not. Also sad to see Hollywood still couldn’t make a proper Hercules movie. How about making it ala Gladiator, in a serious tone, and call it Herakles since Hercules is a Roman name that insults Greeks? Edge of Tomorrow should go into Best Under-Rated Under-Appreciated movie of the year… (alongside Snowpiercer of course).

    • Oh, I AM GROOT? (read: “and no Best Character?”)

  15. Hey Screenrant, you got a ‘most successful,’ but no ‘biggest fail?’ Biggest disappointment means something that did not live up to expectations, totally different than fail. If you had that category, ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ most definetly deserves it, 6M over one weekend? That is sad.
    In regards to ASM2, I didn’t think it was THAT terrible, you guys really ripped it and then some! The sequel certainly did not live up to expectations by a mile, exacerbated by overflow of marketing, but the film was okay – not good, but not bad either. The thought of a Sinister Six team up is still intriguing to me.

  16. Great job on the awards!

    ASM2 deserves all the bad awards it got and I love Spiderman, he’s my favourite but it was just a mess. By the time the Phillip Phillips song started I had just about enough. Way too much Gwen and Peter when that time could have been used to develop Goblin and Electro.

    XMEN, Guardians and Apes were my favourites of the summer. I really enjoyed Chef and Godzilla and I have no hate for my Turtles.

    Some good flicks in what was a pretty lame summer 2014.

    • So you would’ve preferred them to keep Gwen on the backburner all movie and then kill her off at the end? I’m pretty sure that would’ve received hate as well. All the Peter and Gwen stuff was necessary. Electro and Harry will be back, this was just the beginning of their development.

  17. Screen Rant sure seems to have a lot of hate to heap on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but yet in the past has had nothing but mostly praise for a genuine crap-fest like Man Of Steel.
    And THAT should tell you all you need to know about Screen Rant.

    • …and yet, YOU keep coming to the site to read the articles, comment, and chat.

      THAT should tell EVERYONE all they need to know about Chad. 😉

  18. OK, the one about the TF final battle is ridiculous. That scene is awesome. That movie is awesome.

  19. Interesting concept and very cool list the only major thing that I disagree with is TASM2 loved the hell out of that movie, I loved it like I loved Guardians and Winter Soldier, as a whole though I would agree that Guardians is the best summer movie… awesome list guys :)

  20. Most profitable movie of the summer : God’s not Dead. Budget $2 million. Box office $ 62 million
    Worst flop of the summer : Walk of Shame. Budget $ 15 million. Box office $ 5 million
    Best surprise of the summer : Eva Green complimentary sex scenes in 300 rise of empire and Sin City 2

    • NOTE :
      I didn’t include Transformers 4 as most profitable because it has production budget $ 210 million . And I’ve read somewhere that it has marketing budget $ 200 million. Despite the fact it made $ 1.06 Billion worldwide. Their profit margins are slim.

      Whereas God’s not Dead with production budget $ 2 million had $ 0 marketing budget. They relied on good ol’ fashion word-of-mouth and social media marketing. Their profit margins are huge. I’m happy that small budget indie films still exist . Well done .

  21. The only good part about TAS2 was Emma Stone dying. Andrew Garfield was an inspired casting. Emma Stone was the worst casting. She never was a good Gwen Stacey. I wish every executive at Sony would kill themselves for screwing up the look of EVERY Villian in the Amazing Spider-Man series. It was really hard to watch either one. I’m glad I decided to wait for the RedBox DVD rather than go to the Theatre for those two turds. Once Emma Stone was cast I knew they’d be awful until she died. And I was right.

    • The chemistry between Peter and Gwen (and Garfield and Stone in real life) is what made the movie for me. They were real people that i cared for. I guess i look for things that most others do not in these movies…you know, actual likeable characters that act somewhat like real people do.
      I loved GOTG, saw it twice and i never do that. The other Marvel movie…meh. CA:TWS was real good but Avengers and Ironman 3, ugh. I mean, the world is ending, aliens exist and are attacking, people are dying and the you handle the situation with a wisecrack and some shwarmas…please.

      • Hmm… Spider-Man handles all situations with a wisecrack.

  22. Bummer that spidey 2 didn’t end on a good note. Considering spidey is one of my fav super heroes it sucks to see it fail

  23. well 2 shame with this movies and so sad for the franchise of X-men i hope for the future can make more X-men movies sure it is a high school for the producers disigner from the whole and qualifiand each every designer from each every movie so they better do something for them

  24. Ok, I will keep this short and to the point. Amazing Spider-man 2 is better than Spider-Man 2 and by saying that, I ‘m not saying it was perfect, far from it in fact but still a great movie. Two, I love DOFP but it was no shared universe launch (no FF in sight). Worst fight TF 4? Are you crazy? Some of the others I agree or I have not seen them yet so, that.

    • Did you mean it was better than Spider-Man 3? The one with Sandman and Venom?

      Because it was certainly not better than Spider-Man 2. The one with Dr. Octopus.

      Regarding DoFP, I suspect they’re talking about the team-up of the X-Men from the different times. But I agree that’s not really shared when they’re all X-Men.

      • No… I was talking about that one with Octopus because anything is better than that crap with Sandman and Venom! I mean, Octopus was the best part of the movie, yes, but you have a problem when your villain’s story is good but your hero’s is so bland and predictable. So, while the villain’s in “Amazing” were not as good as Octopus, the story for Spidey was great and that is the thing I want to see.
        Unless my statement wasn’t clear enough, yes I think ASM 2 is better than SM 2

        • The story for Spidey in ASM2 was about being with Gwen or not because she could get hurt and trying to help Harry (his father had just died).

          The story for Spidey in SM2 was about being with Mary Jane or not because she could get hurt and trying to help Harry (his father had just died).

          Oops, they sound very similar.

          There are differences of course: Harry in SM2 blames Spidey for the death of his father and wants him dead. Harry in ASM2 is initially indifferent towards Spidey, but when Spidey won’t help him, he also wants him dead.

          Harry learns that Peter is Spidey in both movies.

          I think Spidey has plenty on his plate in both movies. I wouldn’t call either of them bland. Predictible? I think they are more or less equally predictible.

          But I personally think SM2 is a lot better written and executed. So we can agree to disagree 😉

          • Well, for me the main difference is that Gwen is better written character than MJ was in any of the three movies and Harry was more than a rich kid with daddy issues (his “journey into darkness” is one of the best parts of the movie). I said it was predictable because it actually had the same plot progression of a chick flick (guy can’t get the girl until he does something extremely romantic for her in order to dump the other guy she is with) with a superhero twist (change extremely romantic with revealing her his secret identity) MJ leaving her fiancee at the altar was all kinds of wrong (if it were another movie you would have said “what a b—“. I mean, the guy was a good fellow, he didn’t deserve that! LOL). But yeah, we can agree to disagree.

            • We can agree on some parts. I do agree that Harry in ASM2 was a more interesting character than Harry in the SM trilogy. And I would also agree that his story is one of the best parts of the movie.

              I don’t see Gwen as a better written character than MJ. I just see her as a different character. Gwen is smart. She was a chief intern at Oscorp and she get’s into Oxford. MJ wants to become an actress. So they have different talents and ambitions. They also have a different background. One is a police chief’s daughter. The other had an abusive father. It reflects on their personalities too.

              I am also one of those guys that like the chemistry between Garfield and Emma in those movies. I just don’t think the good overshadows the bad in that movie. The holes are visible when I look at the big picture.

              With SM2 I think the whole story works. I don’t mind that is has a romantic plot too. I guess Garfield is lucky that he just had to catch her before she leaves and tell her that he loves her. That’s only a little romantic. Not secret-revealingly extreme 😉

  25. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is my favorite summer film.

    • Agreed! I would say it’s the best out of the bunch honestly.

  26. I liked Drax’s, “creepy little beast” line to Rocket during the prison break. Hysterical.

    • Yes, I know this creature! We used to roast them on the fire when i was a boy…their flesh is quite delicious! (or something like that)

  27. I don’t know how anyone could have ever expected the Dwayne Johnson Hercules to do well.

  28. No one had a better year than Chris Pratt. Dude seems unstoppable at this point.

  29. Spider-Man was s*** get over it. Now the thing with marvel is in love them, and I love how the fuse family, comedy comic type movies in so in a way, turning thhis golden comic book era ”MAINSTREAM’. However, the thing is when I watch MOST marvel movies, I don’t get any real thrill from them. It’s hard to explain for example, the dark knight series was comic book art. From the storyline to the cinematic(great cinematography) feel of it. X men is exactly the same, except for the last stand of course. But the point I’m trying to make is that when I watched x men dofp and TDKR I LEARNT ALOT from it. When I watched guardians of the galaxy I didn’t. I loved guardians of the galaxy by the way, it’s just I’ve come to the conclusion marvel movies do so well is because

    Marvel movies ARE BASIC for basic. Family