Summer 2013 Movies to Break Box Office Record – Sequels Win Over Originals

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Summer 2013 Movies Box Offices Profits Summer 2013 Movies to Break Box Office Record   Sequels Win Over Originals

The summer blockbuster movie season. When I was a child of the ’90s it was an unrivaled time in which Hollywood ruled the hot months of summer, luring me and my friends to dark, air-conditioned theaters to watch (and more importantly, re-watch) the biggest and most awe-inspiring flicks we were likely to see each year.

Well, the times they have a changed, and the utopian landscape of the summer movie season has been transformed into a battleground where movies with whale-sized budgets duke it out with each other and the many other competing forms of media that are now readily available to the public, in the hopes of snatching up as much cash as can see them safely out of the red and into the black. Nevertheless, despite a harder fighter for ludicrous amounts of money, it seems that Hollywood (on the whole) is going to emerge on top, once again.

 According to Variety, summer 2013 is being deemed the “best ever at the domestic box office,” despite many underperforming films – a subject we discussed earlier this year in our post, “5 Reasons Summer Blockbusters are Failing.” With several big releases yet to go before the end of summer – including Kick-Ass 2 and The Mortal Instruments - the domestic box office tally already sits at $4.15 billion; $4.4. billion was the record-setting number tallied at the end of the entire 2011 summer movie season, and 2013 is clearly poised to surpass that figure.

star trek darkness kirk harrison Summer 2013 Movies to Break Box Office Record   Sequels Win Over Originals

Star Trek Into Darkness

So, while films like Lone RangerR.I.P.D.Pacific Rim and After Earth were all duds at the domestic box office (to name but a few), it seems that films like Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Fast & Furious 6Despicable Me 2This Is the End and World War Z (this year’s summer sleeper hit) were there to provide a nice upswell, while tentpole uncertainties like Man of Steel and The Wolverine falling somewhere in a middling “respectable but not spectacular” range.

The reasons Variety cites for the titles that underperformed pretty much sit in line with our own analysis - namely the overabundance of films at theater every weekend (see: July 19th weekend), the abundance of CGI and 3D gimmickry – and of course, films like Lone Ranger that are simply not in line with the tastes of the larger moviegoing public. So what does the ultimate success of the summer 2013 box office indicate? Unfortunately, it’s easy to assess that sequels to popular franchise – like Iron Man 3, like Fast 6,  like Despicable Me 2 – are the “safe” and “successful” way for Hollywood to go.

this is the end movie cast Summer 2013 Movies to Break Box Office Record   Sequels Win Over Originals

This Is the End

Oh, you say you’d rather see more Pacific Rims than G.I. Joe: Retaliations?  Well, sorry: the former only made $97million (domestic) on a $200 million budget, while the latter made $122 million (domestic) on a $150 million budget. So if I’m a gambling man (which I’m absolutely not) my money is literally going to be put on the cash cow that I know produces good milk. At the moment, originality looks to be overrated and underfunded (from the viewpoint of Hollywood execs, that is). The exceptions seem to be comedy and horror, with This Is the End and The Conjuring scoring major domestic profits ($96 million and $121 million, respectively) on budgets that hover in the $20 – 30 million range.

Back and forth about the state of Hollywood – with record-breaking summers set against ominous warnings about the industry’s imminent collapse – is likely to continue into the next year. This question of box office earnings doesn’t even broach the subject of domestic earnings verses foreign earnings, and the merits of Hollywood’s recent “foreign markets first” initiative. That’s a whole other can of worms to get into.

Kaiju Level 4 in Pacific Rim  Summer 2013 Movies to Break Box Office Record   Sequels Win Over Originals

Pacific Rim

After spending so many years working in movie journalism, and reading so many thousands of comments of people complaining about Hollywood’s ‘lack of originality,’ I have only this to say: the industry flows in the direction of the money; so if you want more original films, then you need to $upport original films when they come along – be they big imaginative blockbusters or the plethora of indie films that go largely ignored every year.

Right now, however, the old and the familiar is also the most popular and profitable. And with the big films of summer 2014 already including Amazing Spider-Man 2X-Men: Days of Future PastCaptain America: The Winter Soldier and Fast & Furious 7 - and a WHOLE lot of skepticism and uncertainty surrounding more “original” projects like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy… It doesn’t look like we’re in for a major paradigm shift anytime soon.


Source: Variety

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  1. Isnt every year pretty much more successful than the last. I feel this same kind of article came out last year. But 2015 will be the explosion

    • Yup, 2015 will indeed be a box office explosion. I can’t believe that many big name movies are coming out in the same year, let alone most of them in the summer.

    • Inflation

      • You said it, Straight Dave.

        • Yeah eh did, Gay Dave

  2. 2015 will be the biggest in history. Star Wars Episode 7, Batman/Superman, Avengers: Age of Ultron, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, ANTMAN!!! That’s just a few but 2015 will be epic!!!

    • oh yahh summer 2015 i will be seeing a movie every week haha cant wait

    • You also forgot the next Terminator, Hunger Games Mockingjay P2, and The Fantastic Four reboot.

      But yea, it’s gonna be one huge summer. Imagine if Avatar 2 was still gonna be released in 2015?!?! To bad, I think I heard recently it’s been moved to like 2016.

    • Then suddenly, a car hits you. Oh man.. what happen to 2015?.. kidding.

      • and… (tum tam tam) Jurassic Park IV!

  3. 2014 will crush 2013, for sure. And 2015 with pulverize both 2013 & 2014 combined.
    Man of Steel was just respectable but not spectacular?
    Gaurdians of the Galaxy will probably be the first original content movie to make close to a billion dollars in the next year. I don’t see where the skepticism and uncertainty is in that.
    Does this report take into account the rising ticket prices?

    • Guardians of the Galaxy will NOT make anywhere near a billion. Space epics don’t gross as much as they used to.
      Just look at Star Trek 2. The second biggest space movie name in history and it made ONLY 400-500m after one of, if not the best reboot of all time.

      • Guardians of the Galaxy will make close to a billion for two reasons.
        It’s Marvel, & It’s the last Marvel film before the Avengers 2 movie.
        700-800 million minimum.

        • On the other hand, unlike other Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy are pretty unknown to the general public, which’ll definitely hurt its box office chances. Simply sticking Marvel’s name on it won’t instantly make it a box office success.

          Although, obviously, it’s much too early to tell, I doubt it’ll make that close to a billion.

          • I’m thinking the Disney Marvel hype machine will get the world very familar with The Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Rocket Racoon, by the time the movie rolls out plus any tie in to Avengers 2 will also help. It’s just my opinon thats all, not trying to start anything.

            • I thought that too, but since then Marvel has made it clear that Guardians is separate (for now). If it was leading directly into Avengers, then for sure. If it just has some connection to them that mostly only fans are aware of,… that’s not bad news, but not gonna draw them in as much.

              It needs to be good. Marvel connection will help, but hype won’t carry it that far. I’ll wait and see. I don’t understand the polar opinions people have, that it will be great or terrible.

              I do think the Groot, RR characters have the potential to be huge fan draws, if done right. So far so good.

          • I think sticking the Marvel name will sell it. That and “the studio that brought you The Avengers and the Iron Man Trilogy” etc will sell it. I say 600-750 mill.

        • It has Thanos too… so… *shrugs*

          • That alone is guaranteed to get my butt in a theater seat for that movie.

        • Nick, I like your enthusiasm. I too am very excited to see the movie. But, your 700-800 million predi too is unrealistic . No non Iron Man/Avengers MCU movie grossed more than 450 million worldwide. Plus, most people in the world are unfamiliar with the GotG. Thirdly, none of the actors in it ha e the star powered RDJ. So, I agree with Blade’s estimate.

  4. How was Man of Steel a “respectable but not spectacular” offering when, during it’s opening weekend, brought in about 120 million and G.I. Joe gets a “nice upswell” when it made 122 million during it’s time and didn’t even make back it’s budget? Just wondering….

  5. I’d agree with MOS being described as “respectable but not spectacular”. It just wasn’t as good as we were all hyped to believe.

    It’s a shame The Wolverine is in that category though because it was my fave comic book movie of the year so far and even worse that my movie of the year (so far) – Pacific Rim – did badly enough in the US to be considered a flop. There’s seriously something wrong with that.

    That’s why I’m not looking to 2014 or 2015 as major movie years because I lost faith in US moviegoers completely now. I don’t trust them to not screw things up for the rest of the world as far as not going to see great movies that deserve sequels or going to see terrible movies that become major franchises that never go away.

    • I agree with dazz on Man of Steel, but Wolverine was a let down to me. Man of Steel is a very polarizing film for some reason.

    • Nothing like letting your opinion get in the way.

      MOS was extremely successful. It didn’t break a billion dollars so most people consider that a failure. Go figure

      The Wolverine is in that category because it is. It has grossed a solid 190 million over budget worldwide (minus marketing), but it’s not the 420 million over budget what MOS did. (I collected Wolverine and X-Men comics as a kid, not Supes).

      Fact of the matter is, who cares about the ‘US moviegoers’ or movie goers in general.

      If you see 1 movie each year you are absolutely in love with… then the filming world has succeeded. imho.

    • @Dazz

      You did not like Man of Steel and that is too bad, but you cannot possibly tell me that the movie did not make money, Man of Steel has made spectacular numbers, 288 millions domestic and a worldwide total of 648 millions, how is that bad, I do not understand. If we are talking about domestic performance than Man of Steel is number 3 of the year, not bad for a superhero who people said is out of date and not cool, also is the number 1 Superman movie of all time in the box office. It has beaten Star Trek Into Darkness (a sequel) , G.I. Joe: Retaliation (a sequel), This Is the End, World War Z in worldwide numbers and Fast & Furious 6(another sequel) in the domestic box office and is the number 1 reboot (domestic) of all time. The movie in no way, shape or form did anything but spectacular numbers. I am not talking about the movies quality I am just saying that it is one of the biggest success of the summer and that this article is just wrong.

      • The problem is that people seem to be judging a films success based on fan expectations. Personally, i think that’s the dumbest way possible to judge a movies success. What if fans had expected MOS to make 2billion? Would that make MOS a flop?

        The only correct way to judge a movie’s success is to look at the production cost, and the total box office earnings. In that case MOS is a big hit for WB.

        Profits are not subjective, when a movie make almost 3X its budget calling it middling is ridiculous.

    • Dazz, there is a whole host of things wrong with your post. Since I’m a busy man, I’ll only focus on two things: 1) You show your naïveté when you specifically focus on Americans. Don’t you know that domestic box office calculations include Canadian grosses too? 2) You make it seem that you’re the arbiter of which movies are good or bad. Obviously, you’re not. I certainly put no stock in your opinion and judgment.

      • exactly, some of these folks speak non-sense without either knowing what
        the subject matter is or don’t bother to do their research. anyone who is
        just focused on just americans in respects to box office does not even come close to knowing what the heck in this industry makes a box office

  6. I agree about the Summer of 2015. If I die sometime after that Summer, I’d be ok with that. A few comments. How can Man of Steel not be considered a huge financial hit film in Hollywood? “Middling?” $650 million and going on a $225 million budget. Almost $300 million domestically. Factor in a new, unknown actor, and the no-so-great Bryant Singer film just 4 years ago. That’s a major jumping off point for the franchise with a sequel almost certain to land in the billionaire club.

    • The golden ticket to turning a profit in Hollywood is if a film can pass 3X it’s budget. MoS did not, ergo it’s respectable not impressive.

      • my god people.

        2.88 times more.

        you’re right.

        • Agreed. Elysium bot break my arm!

      • MOS nearly did that. Besides I think 2X the budget is the minimum gold standard for the studios. I’ve read that many times on moviemojo. Films like the Wolverine and Star Trek (good to great Summer films by the way) made 2x the budget and are now labelled hits. We can get into the Blu Ray and DVD sells discussion another time, but that has to be a huge factor too. Oh and Zaam. MOS biggest openning in June. EVER! $113.1 million.

        • No, 2X the budget wouldn’t be that much of a profit. I’d say 3X the budget would be really considered as a profit. Because there is the actual budget, and the money they used to market the film.

          • Read WB’s earnings report. They definitely consider MOS an success. Are u saying u know better than the studio that actually produced the film?

      • Then Man of Steel made more than enough, it made 65 millions more than is budget and that it is only in the domestic box office, worldwide it made 425 millions more than is budget, is that not 3X it’s budget? Besides Comic book extremist is right you only had to pass 2x the budget to be call a box office hit.

    • Mos was a decent flick, but by Hollywood standards it was just average in success. Many people, including me, saw it multiple times which helps boost the numbers, but it didn’t even reached $700 million. In movieland, you need Iron Man kinda success to be called a winner. What I dont get is why the moive is so polarizing. people like it or hate it.

      • @Marcus

        Then Iron Man 2 ( a sequel, not a reboot) is a bigger failure than Man Of Steel because it only made 623 millions. Hell I guest Iron Man 1, Thor and Captain America are all failures too because they all made less money than Superman. I guest this Summer was full of failures because only Iron Man 3 had Iron Man kinda success, I guest we only had one winner this summer and every other movie where losers.

        • @Manny

          Whilst I fully support that MOS was a financial success, we have to remember that Iron Man 2 wasn’t released in 3D. Had it been it probably would ‘ve grossed between $700- 800 million that year for sure.

          • @lebsta

            I agree that if Iron Man 2 was released in 3D it would probably had made more than Man of Steel, I don’t know about 800, probably closer to 700.I still think that the movie (being a sequel to the first Iron Man) should of made more money.

            Another thing that I like to mention is that Man of Steel has not open in Japan yet, so is not finish earning money.

        • Elysium bot give that man a shot.

        • Haters gonna hate I guess manny.

        • Yep some of these folks use toddlers math to gauge a hit. Anyone who has done any research knows a film typically sees a profit if movie makes back double its budget worldwide, now of course if studio and producers are not truthful about real budget, usually they complain about it years later. (Forest gump an example) iron man 2 should have made a billion but story sucked but it was still considered a hit.
          iron man 3 hit a billion beause it had fortune of being right after avengers.

  7. comic book extremist, i agree. While opinions can vary on man of steel as a movie, I thought this article is looking purely at box office numbers and that’s the part that confuses me. Wasn’t Man of Steel the third highest grossing movie this summer? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Just another person’s opinion in this article.

  8. Forget this article. MOS was a success. Box Office wise.

  9. MAN OF STEEL is one of this summer’s biggest hits and FAR more successful than Star Trek Into Darkness or World War Z! And this comes from a life-long Trekkie! It’s simply not true that MoS was a bomb. STID – while not an all-out failure – is far closer to a major disappointment for it could not keep up with its predecessor domestically and creatively. Compared to the snoozefest Superman Returns, MoS was a major success…both money-wise and critically…

    • Eh critically??? No, MOS was panned by critics, it has a 56% on RT, even super Man Returns (as boring as it was) has a higher score than MOS on RT, Super Man returns has 75%. So critically, MOS failed,even the first transformers has a higher score on RT than MOS lol xD

      • Everyone remembers that we’re talking DOMESTIC earnings, right?

        Man of Steel earned approx $289 million on a $225 million budget. That’s not a big success. G.I. Joe 2 earned $122 on a $130 budget – but needless to say, expectations were WAY lower for that film, so its measure of success is a bit different.

        Just so we’re clear: I am the guy who rated G.I. Joe 2 2 stars and MoS 4 stars in official reviews on this site. So I’m not the enemy. :-)

        • Forget you Marvlite. Only reason Marvel doing good is cause their cramming that sh*t down out throats. Also no one cares about Domestic take anymore. They care about Worldwide. Since now a days they make more money over their. Sorry but United Stated does not bring in the money than over seas do. Movies make more than double over their..

          • @Curtis – It takes the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD to beat the box office receipts of just one country. I’d calm down with the ignorant holier than thou attitude.


        • @Kofi Outlaw

          Then if we’re talking DOMESTIC earnings, Then Man of Steel was a big successes at the box office, it is the number 3 movie of the year in the DOMESTIC box office. It beat Star Trek Into Darkness(a sequel), G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Fast & Furious 6(a sequel), This Is the End, World War Z, Monster University(a prequel), The Lone Ranger, R.I.P.D., Pacific Rim and After Earth, That is spectacular if you ask me. G.I. Joe 2 (a sequel) fail to match is budget, not to mention it also fail to reach is predecessor successes, so it under performed. World Word Z(this year’s summer sleeper hit like you call it)only beat is budget by 7 millions (World War Z budget is 190 millions) nothing to brag that much about, in comparison Man of Steel beat is budget by 65 millions.

          About Man of Steel expectations, while it definitely did not meet is expectations critically, it definitely meet then in the box office.

          I am a big fan of your reviews and articles, and I am glad that you like the movie, but I disagree with you completely about Man of Steel performance.

          PS: Sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language.

        • @Kofi

          Perhaps true that in the US market MOS wasn’t as profitable. But more and more now the focus is on succedding in the international markets. Correct me if I’m wrong but Dark Knight was one of the last blockbusters to actually gross more domestically than internationally.

          Looking at it another way, MOS would’ve need to gross over $400 million in the US for a sizeable domestic profit and not even the most dedicated Superman fan would’ve expected that.

      • 56% is not panned. Buy yourself a thesaurus.

        • +1

        • The Rotten Tomatoes score only accounts for the number of negative reviews, not the brutality with which the reviewers eviscerated the film.

          “Endless, mindless, explosive, stultifying action”
          -John Serba,

          “a chaotic mess”
          -Jeff Beck,

          “an ungodly overload of CGI that amounts to a special effects bludgeoning”
          -Erick Weber, NECN

          “there’s nothing to see here”
          -Michael Burgin, Paste Magazine

          “a humourless, melodramatic mess of explosions.”
          -Matt Neal, The Standard

          “coarsegrained action and computer-generated images of inexplicable banality”
          -Joe Morganstern, Wall Street Journal

          • I can do that too, lest see here

            “MAN OF STEEL is the Superman film us Supernerds have all been hoping for. It’s raw, it’s gritty, and it’s one of the most realistic comic book films ever made.”
            -Chase Whale, Gordon and the Whale

            “A phenomenal game-changer that could potentially redefine the world’s most famous superhero for a new generation of moviegoers in the same way as Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.”
            -Jeffrey Lyles, Lyles’ Movie Files

            “This is exactly the kind of reboot that the franchise desperately needed… a massive and incredibly enjoyable step in the right direction.”
            -Jason Zingale,

            “Batman is serious. Iron Man is funny. I’m perfectly fine with Superman just being badass.”
            -Ali Gray,\

            “If the word “epic” has lost its meaning, ‘Man of Steel’ forcefully redefines it.”
            -Matt Patches,

            “By the end, you will feel like you got hit and run over by a motion picture. Possibly in a good way.”
            -Luke Y. Thompson, Topless Robot

            “The most exhilarating and arresting interpretation of Superman yet.”
            -Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy

            “Awe-inspiring and, by far, the best Superman movie ever made.”
            -William Bibbiani, CraveOnline

            “In Snyder, Nolan and Goyer, the Man of Steel has found an unlikely dream team able to make him soar once again.”
            -Shaun Munro, What Culture

            “A satisfying blockbuster with real-world sensibility and sci-fi fantasy, Man of Steel deserves to be the iconic Superman movie for a new generation.”
            -Kofi Outlaw, ScreenRant

            Fun fact, more critics like Man of Steel on Rotten Tomatoes than dislike it.

  10. Why did I pay to see GI:JOE2… *sob*

  11. Actually I think Thor:The Dark World will be one of the highest grossing films\ superhero films of the year behind Iron Man, and it proves out this report to be right, it’s a sequel.

    • There is no way Thor is going to out gross MoS. Just stop. MoS was THE best movie of the year.

      • Eh can you predict the future?? No, so don’t be so sure. A lot of people on this site claimed MOS will gross a billion but here we are, with MOS failing to outgross TASM. Thor 2 will get a boost from The Avengers, same way IM3 did, don’t be surprised if it outgrosses MOS or even match MOS numbers, mark my words :)

        • Yea and those people who where claiming MOS will make a billion do not live in reality. Also newsflash it did beat Amazing Spiderman. You just looking at Domestic take. Newsflash they care more about the over seas take since like i said before makes them more money.

          • While they do care about overseas numbers, they don’t looks at overseas numbers when considering sequels(based on interviews given on some different sites). When considering a sequel they look at what was the overall take domestically from the overall costs of the movie. Yes, MOS was a success but did it do as good as the top executives thought it would do? No and that was expressed in several interviews. Did it do good enough to validate a sequel? Yes, because the intake was close to cover the costs(domestically). STID, while wasn’t as good as ST, did good in which it took in more than the costs and therefore will bring another sequel. Pacific Rim didn’t do as good domestically and therefore is taking longer to announce a sequel. Yes, Del Tor is working on the sequel but the studio hasn’t announce/confirmed that it will be made

            • That’s not true. More and more, studios are considering the potential success of a sequel in international markets.

  12. Imo I think WB/DC should make some changes on how they make their films if they wanna do better. This article id say pretty much accurate. 2015 is gonna be one heck of a year. One year I wouldn’t place bets on any movie.

    • I doubt Studios will be releasing all the films in the summer. That would be ridiculous and stupid. They are just going to eat into each others profits. There needs to be some gap between releases.

  13. 87 Million in China for Pacific Rim so far.

  14. It sure is a shame that Pacific Rim is considered a disappointment because that was the best and coolest movie of this summer,but I truly believe it will stand the test of time in the long run and will someday be considered a sci-fi classic like Blade Runner,which was another movie that was called a flop when it was released in 1980 or 81,and is now one most beloved science-fiction movies of all time,especially after it was given a second chance for success in the home video market,I think Pacific Rim will follow this same path,but I still hold out hope that PR with it decent worldwide box-office,that it will one day get a sequel.

  15. Also screw RT. I getting tired of people and trolls bringing that up. Really if a person who hate a studio or character so much they can put a rating on RT if they want. Also RT critics are stupid as hell and are paid off by some studios.

  16. Also let take a look at Iron Man. That did not make a billion and yet they built it up. Now look at it. So really sequels do win out. I know MOS would not beat Iron Man 3. Anyone who thought that it would are crazy. It did not have the build up that Iron Man 3 had and that a lot of people still think of Superman as a lame boyscout.

    • Exactly. Before MOS was released there were plenty of people that were saying that Superman was a lame character and that the movie wouldn’t work. Now suddenly we see critics claim that since Supes is an iconic character the movie should have grossed much more. That’s just ridiculous!

      This was a reboot that came after the flop that was Superman returns. WB is extremely happy with how MOS performed, yet somehow it did not match critics expectations. Studios do not greenlight sequels for average performing movies.

  17. Its sad you don’t give Pacific Rims Worldwide Total since its not even released in Japan and at $344M Worldwide!

    • It was release in Japan this past weekend and hardly made any money there.It only made about $3 million during. Pacific Rim needs to make at least $400 million worldwide just to break even.

    • Score

  18. It’s weird how many people seem to believe the article saying MOS did ‘respectable not spectacular’ = MOS did awful.

    Honestly, for what Man of Steel was, I’d agree that it did ‘respectable not spectacular’. While there’s no denying that it was a box office success, considering the incredible levels of hype the film had pre-release (honestly, I’d say only Iron Man 3 really matched it hype-wise), there was absolutely no doubt it was going to do well. However, I don’t think it did as well as it was expected to. Look at the 65-68% drop from the opening weekend. No matter how you try to spin that, that’s abnormal. While there was no doubt that Monsters Uni was going to make first that weekend, MOS was beaten by WWZ of all things?

    • All studios hype their films. I don’t recall there being any excitement for another superman movie from the GA. Most people consider Superman an boring character. I remember lot of people predicting it wouldn’t even cross 600 million.

      Now that it has crossed that mark, suddenly i see people claiming there was plenty of hype surrounding it, and that it should have crossed 1 billion. Superman isn’t really a beloved character as people like to claim. Spiderman and Batman are much more popular. After Superman Returns flopped, MOS was always going to have an uphill battle.

      Frontloaded movies always drop in their second week, this isn’t so abnormal. MOS is the biggest hit of the year for WB.

    • Yep, iron man 3 domestically could have gone a little higher if it were not for the ridiculous third act in movie. Iam not a huge dc fan but i give props where props is due, MOS film was a better story then im3. 650 milion to be the supposed kickstarter to dc universe is a heck of a start considering how horrible bryan singers version was.

  19. Pacific rim deserved better treatment at box office then what transpired, but that being said its remarkable it will make at least double its budget despite the fact it had to deal with (still best sci-fi film this year so far though)
    1. The top ten films domestically put together racked more then 2.5 billion
    2. And then the other 9 films that followed did more then a billion domestically.
    3. All seven films comparable to pacific rim (science fiction,action or comic book movie) all had advantage of recognizable actors. Rim would have gone higher
    with box office draw actor.

  20. Pacific rim has already broken even and its already on its way to making back
    double its budget worldwide. Those who use faulty reasoning such as looking only at domestic numbers needs to do some more research. Ice age 4 grossed 877 million dollars worldwide last year despite ranking 16th domestic wise.

  21. Gotta say, I’ve been disappointed by this year’s movies… so far.

    The only two films that really stood out to me were Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel – both did very well in the box office, although both made less than what was expected of them. BO aside, no matter what anyone says, I thought both those movies were f@#$%^& epic. MOS especially. People can hate all they want, but at the end of the day, those are the two flicks that I want to watch again and again.

    All the other movies I’ve seen, mainly IM3, Wolverine, Pacific Rim: although I still think they were all good, they were definitely underwhelming to me. For what it counts, I did have fairly high expectations for IM3, but they all had a “something” that was keeping ‘em back… For IM3 it may have been the overabundance of humor (and after the twist, it did start to feel pretty alienating), for Wolverine it was that third act, and for Pacific Rim… well, I still don’t quite know what kept me from loving that movie, but all’s I know is I didn’t walk out of the theater thinking “WOW! I wanna go see that again!”. Same goes for the other flicks I saw this year. Quite frankly, I don’t even remember some of them – that’s how unmemorable they were. Not bad, just not particularly anything special.

    So yeah, maybe it’s all down to high exceptions caused by 2012′s fantastic movie year, but “underwhelmed” is how I’d describe 2013 in movies… so far.

    • I think my picks would have to be Man of Steel and The Wolverine. I haven’t seen Star Trek Into the Darkness or Iron Man 3 yet though. Also, World War Z I thought was pretty solid.

      While Pacific Rim had some pretty epic action scenes, the story was a huge letdown for me, and I find they didn’t focus on their strengths. In my opinion, they focused on a story that didn’t really live up to anything and focused less on the brilliant action scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for story but not when the action is more enjoyable.

      The Wolverine, I have to agree had a weak 3rd act but the first 2 acts sold me, also Hugh Jackman was pure awesome as Wolverine. I also liked how it had those laugh out loud moments, not because the movie was trying to be funny but because that’s how Wolverine is.

      Man of Steel was amazing. The first time, I thought it was simply good, but the second and third time, I put it up there with one of my favorite superhero movies.

  22. Stupid idiotic article. Because the price of tickets increase every year, of course you’re going to get the biggest box office for the summer.

  23. To Mr. Outlaw: The total gross for Pacific Rim Worldwide is: $344,684,273 and you still haven’t considered the sales for the blu ray and DVD’s. So I guess the movie is already a success. You say audiences need to support original films but you were biased with your comments on this project. IM3 did well because of the hype behind The Avengers but the story was not as solid as the previous instalments. It’s logical that animated films will always make more money for they are made for the whole family.

  24. The money studios get on domestic grosses is as important as the money they get from foreign screenings and the studios know that. That’s why films such as Star Trek had its opening weekend outside the US and Canada. The result is a worldwide gross of $452,187,104. The domestic gross for The Wolverine so far is $114,294,123 whereas the foreign gross is $194,700,000.

    Man of steel had a domestic gross of $288,923,009 whereas the foreign gross was $359,500,000.

    In the end, people decide to endorse such films not because of the idea of breaking a record but because of the fondness they have towards the characters or the stories and in other cases because they provide something new that people want to see.