Summer 2011 Movies: The Best, The Worst, & Some Surprises

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summer 2011 movies Summer 2011 Movies: The Best, The Worst, & Some Surprises

Forget about checking your calendar – when you read that Shark Night 3D is one of the big releases of the weekend, you know the Summer Movie Season is officially coming to an end.

Overall, 2011 was a decent year as far as summer releases go. There were a handful of surprises (and more than a couple of disappointments) but most movies were good enough to ensure that people walked away entertained and with their expectations met – as opposed to, say, protesting in the streets and demanding a ticket refund.

Quibbles about whether Fast Five or Thor truly marked the start of Summer 2011 aside, the season started off with a bang at the box office – and eventually fizzled out in the end. So, here are the big questions: What were the standouts of the summer? And what movies left us unimpressed (to put it mildly)?

Bear in mind: the following is strictly OPINION and based on the collective views of us here at Screen Rant. Which is why, for example, Rise of the Planet of the Apes isn’t our choice for Best Surprise Summer Hit – while a lot of people were skeptical about how that franchise reboot would turn out, we were behind that flick long before it was released. So, the final product being as good as it was came as less a surprise to us.

Feel free to voice your agreement (or disagreement) with any choices in the comments section – and as always, keep it civil. icon wink Summer 2011 Movies: The Best, The Worst, & Some Surprises

If you’re interested in a particular category, here’s the breakdown

We’ll start out with our favorite movie genre here at Screen Rant


Best Comic Book Movie – Captain America: The First Avenger

New Captain America movie clips Summer 2011 Movies: The Best, The Worst, & Some Surprises

This summer, it turned out the best superhero comic book movie was being saved for last.

Thor and X-Men: First Class were both solid, but it was the second Marvel in-house production, Captain America: The First Avenger, that was arguably the overall best pure superhero movie of the season. It was appropriately old-fashioned in design, didn’t have to devote too much effort to setting up The Avengers – heck, it even came up with a clever explanation for why its main character runs around with a bullseye on his shield!

Captain America didn’t boast the enthralling action set pieces that some of its comic book movie peers have offered, but it was a fun blockbuster that featured some great characters, pleased comic book enthusiasts with its similarities to the source material – and, most importantly, made people all the more excited to see Steve Rogers return in both The Avengers and future Captain America solo ventures.

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Most Disappointing Comic Book Movie - Green Lantern

sad ryan reynolds in the green lantern corps Summer 2011 Movies: The Best, The Worst, & Some Surprises

Some two and a half months have passed since this superhero title hit theaters, and fans are still a bit tetchy, to say the least. While the majority of professional critics agree the movie was a mediocre attempt to realize the Green Lantern universe in live-action form, there remains a vocal minority of the fan community who feel that director Martin Campbell’s comic book flick is undeserving of all the flak it’s had to endure.

One thing we can (hopefully) all agree on is that Green Lantern certainly could’ve been better. Case in point: how many people who had never read a Lantern comic book prior to seeing the film honestly walked away afterwards with a solid understanding of how the Green Lantern Corps works? Or didn’t think there were there, at times, some gaping holes in the plot? Or didn’t feel that Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan kind of came off as DC’s answer to Marvel’s Iron Man - but not in a good way?

Perhaps this “I’m a Marvel… and I’m a DC” skit put it best: We all love the Hal Jordan character – now we just want to see him appear in a good movie.

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Next up: Best and Most Disappointing Comedies

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  1. Great read, but I would have to argue that Friends With Benefits was a better comedy than Bridesmaids. The jokes just ran on too long and made the movie uncomfortable to stand at points (maid of honor dinner speech, airplane bit). Although it was refreshing, Bridesmaids just didn’t bring the “ha ha” as much as FWB did in my opinion. Both had some great emotional weight, but in the end, FWB was just more enjoyable to sit through.

    Also, “Part its success can be attributed to the balance of endearing character drama and raunchy humor that director Paul Feig​ and co-writer/starlet Kristen Wiig​ managed to pull off so well.” I think you’re missing an “of” in that sentence.

    • Thanks for catching that, Tyler S, it’s been corrected. :-)

    • Friends With Benefits was one of the most pretentious, derivative, annoying movies I’ve ever seen. They spent most of the movie trying to convince us that it’s not your typical romantic comedy, and then just end it in the same way every romantic comedy ends. Moreover, I’m getting sick of movies about young, attractive, rich people complaining about their lives.

      • Perhaps somebody doesn’t watch Community?

  2. I’ll be honest, Rise of the planet of the apes surprised me. It was so good. That and Captain America made my Summer. Waiting for The Avengers, TDKR, and TASM.

  3. I totally agree with all those, except best comedy – I would give that to ‘Horrible Bosses’ over ‘Bridesmaids’.

    • I agree.

  4. Hahahaha everyone complains about how “bad” Transformers was but made the 2nd most money this summer with the 2nd best 3D EVER!!! Aswell placed #5 on “Most Grossed Film of all time”

    • I really liked Transformers

      it had acting and a story that wasn’t good, but also not bad enough for me to hate anything about it. And the effects and action scenes were near perfection.

  5. Why wasn’t Super 8 on this?

    In terms of best film, I’d give it to Super 8 tied with Harry Potter.
    In terms of my favorite film, Captain America for sure

    • Super 8 would have registered better if it hadn’t been over-hyped. I had my expectations cranked all the way to 11 after hearing some of the reviews. But while sitting in the theater, that moment of “Wow” never came. It was probably a good movie…maybe even great. But after hearing “Its ET and Aliens all wrapped together for the 21st century!” I left feeling pretty let down.

      • Overhyped? Barely anyone knew about it and when a few friends and I saw it on opening day after school, the theatre was empty as hell. You said it was a let down, I thought it was one of the best films I’ve seen in years. That’s all a matter of opinion…

  6. All the big summer comedies fell flat to me. The best one i thought was Hangover 2 and all that was, was the Hangover 1 in “asian town”. “Bridesmaids”, “Horrible Bosses”, and “Friends With benefits” were all only ok movies, nothing rememberable about any of them.

    Best comedy for me of the summer was “Midnight In Paris”, smart, surprising, and very funny. That one was also a surprise.

    I agree that Planet of the Apes was a bigger surprise than xmen

    • I recently caught Midnight in Paris as well and agree, it was a smart and fun comedy. All things considered, though, it was a Woody Allen film, so I’m not really sure enough people were really that surprised it turned out okay.

      • I think it did catch people by surprise that it managed to make that much amount of money.

      • Well Woody Allens comedies have all been smart and funny but they’ve also been forgettable in the past few years.

        But i think the real surprise was that that it made so much money, well deserved too.

  7. Planet of the Apes movie was horrible. Stock character that acted dumb just so the apes could win in the end. One of the worst of the Summer.
    Transformers was horrible as was Pirates of the Carribean.
    I enjoyed Green Lantern a lot in spite of all the negativity.
    Loved Thor and Captain America and Bridesmaids.
    Oh and Harry Potter.
    Paid only for 2-D movies. The 3-D fad is over. Please stop Studios.

    • You didnt like Planet of the Apes for stock characters but you liked Green Lanter??

      there was absolutely no point to having Hector Hammond, Senator Hammond, Kilowag, or Tomar-re.

  8. Gotta say guys. I agree with your opinions 100%. Almost. I would put Thor at the top of the hero list. I remember when no one gave it a chance.

  9. My favorite of the summer was Super 8. The film that disappointed me the most was Cowboys And Aliens. I had high hopes for it but it fell flat on every level. X-Men and Potter also get an honorable mention.

  10. Good list. I have not seen most of the films mentioned so my opinion is limited. Captain America for me anyways, was the better film than Thor(though Thor was a good film). Cars 2 was a bit of a let down. Kung Fu Panda was okay, I feel it could have been better.

  11. I thought x-men first class was much better than captain america. Fassbender and mcavoy had the best performances of the summer. As for most dissapointing cowboys and aliens top that list for me. Idk if this counts towards most suprising of the summer since its an indie film and not a blockbuster but attack the block has been my favorite movie all year

    • Yeah, Attack the Block is kind of a tricky one. Word had gotten around the movie blogosphere (love that word) that it was really good, well before it reached theaters.

      To the average person on the street, though, it was probably more of a pleasant surprise.

  12. Great article.

    My best movies of the summer are Thor, X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter DH2, Transformers 3, Captain America: TFA, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and some may hate this but The Hangover 2, I mean the sequel is like the first one but with a few changes which makes it funny for me.

    My worst movies of the summer are Scream 4, Priest, Super 8 and especially Green Lantern because I feel the movie was more of a goofy movie than a serious movie like The Dark Knight, I’ll be amazed if Warner Bros considers a sequel but still the video game was okay.

    The summer of 2011 was awesome.

  13. Harry potter was te best !!

  14. Great article Sandy, I couldn’t agree more.

    Obviously, I haven’t seen EVERY movie that was released this year, but here are my views on some of those I saw:

    Cap was the best superhero movie of the year (but not by much though: X-Men and Thor were both very good). It had the least amount of “continuity problems” and while the ending was terrible, it didn’t really matter that much because of the exceptional performance during the rest of the film. It also managed to make a lot of money – considering the fact that when it was released, most people were tired of comic book movies. I would reckon that if it had been released in May… in MIGHT have achieved the half a billion mark.

    It is sad to see GL fail the way it did – it had great potential and could easily have made it to the top if they’d just paid more attention to detail.

    It’s just a pity that an average movie like Fast Five managed to rake in more money than any of the awesome superhero movies this year…

    While Transformers was disappointing to some, I really enjoyed it and the 3D prices were definitely worth it… I was expecting to see lots of explosions and robotic-mayhem (and Bay didn’t disappoint) – but I was very surprised to see that they managed to put something together that resembled a PLOT! I never though they would be able to pull themselves of the floor after the dreaded TF2 (que dramatic music – dum dum duum!).

    Pirates 4… what can I say… I think we’ve seen enough by now…

    Like I said, I haven’t watched very single movie that’s been released this year, but I’m looking forward to watching all the comedies (with my mates) and animated flicks (with my cousins) on DVD/Blu-Ray in the coming months.

    • Hey The Avenger, good look on that Avengers season 2 the animated series update, it looks to be an awsome season.

      • I’m hoping so! ;)

  15. For biggest surprise hit, I think The Help should get that spot. Did anyone really think that movie would make $125 million and counting and be the number movie at the box office for 3 straight weekends?

  16. Great pics, Sandy. I agree with virtually all of them.

    The biggest shock bomb for me was Conan.
    It really seemed to just fall off the table.

    Captain America. What can I say.
    I saw it four times. That says it all.

    • You saw Cap 4 times? RIGHT ON MAN! :D

      • Thanks Avenger. I appreciate the vote of approval :)

    • 3 times for me…so far.:-D

  17. My favorite summer movie was easily Midnight in Paris. It reignited my interested in Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and had me mesmerized all the way through.

    My least favorite was probably The Tree of Life, because I expected something better out of it. I thought that it was about the most pretentious thing that I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Harry Potter was pretty good, and I’d say that Thor, Green Lantern, X Men, and Captain America were all at about the same level. Good fun, but not cinematic greatness. I still need to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

  18. Sandy how can u even include Final destination 5 with Transformers FD5′s 3D was nothing compare to what was in TF3 for me it was best 3D Experience!

  19. I agree with all these besides a couple of them. I enjoyed X-men more than both Captain America and Thor, but not by a lot. In fact, both Captain America and Thor exceeded my expectations by a lot. I also didn’t really feel Bridesmaids that much I even enjoyed the Hangover 2 more. Everyone has their own opinions of course, and this is a great list and I appreciate the work.

  20. Cap was the best part of the summer for me. Absolutely amazed!!

    • I second that opinion! :D

  21. WOOP! Go harry potter and Bridesmaids!! <3

  22. I thought X-Men: First Class was the most disappointing. It was just crap.

  23. I’ve given up on live-action 3D.

    • I’m guessing that you didn’t see Transformers 3 then. I felt the same way before seeing it, and it restored my faith. Best use of 3D since Avatar, imo.

      • You’d be correct. Resident Evil: Afterlife killed 3D for me.

        And, FWIW, I did see Transformers 3 and didn’t really like it much, though the effects were really good.

  24. Thor,Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Fast Five were all great hits that I didn’t expect.

    X-Men First Class was simply ok. Better than the previous X-films in story and acting, but much worse as far as picture-quality (cheap camera equipment) and soundtrack. Not to mention that it would have been nice to see Charles and Erik as children, as opposed to grown adults. The idea that they were close friends and had a lengthy history was a bit rushed on-screen.

    Regarding Green Lantern : Fans got it, while non-fans didn’t. A formula that equals not only millions lost for the studio, but a script to a sequel that will never see the light of day.

    • I had the thought that at some point those behind X-Men: Hugh Jackman Can’t Be The One Controlling The Mutant Franchise really rushed the enevitable Magento turn, which should’ve been in a second movie of three. Menwhile, I couldn’t stand Charles being so “be proud of what you is/hide what you is if you look out of the ordinary” conflicting ideals which no one else seemed to catch.

    • Jahnjones fans got it?

      I’m a hardcore GL fan. Been reading the comics most of my life and no the movie sucked. Fan or not fan it was a horrible film. Most fans of the comics actually didn’t like it that much. Just because you did and maybe one of your friends doesn’t mean ‘fans’ got it. It’s a movie that only appealed to a very small group of fans the ones so desperate to see GL on screen they would accept anything. Most comic fans hated it. It was a terrible film that wasn’t even true to the comics. There wasn’t nothing for fans of anything not the comics and certainly not fans of film.

      • Daniel F…

        While I agree that Jahnjones OVERstated his concept of who got “Green Lantern” and who did not, SO DID YOU. Those of us who liked the film and enjoyed it did NOT feel that way simply out of desperation for a GL movie. We ACTUALLY liked it. If you didn’t, that’s fine, but DO NOT presume to know what motivates those around you…quite often, you are simply wrong. It is, I have observed, habitual for you. Stop.

        • Archaeon your being petty , childish and insulting. I’m shocked. (Sarcasm just in case you couldn’t figure it out. )

          Way to bash me really makes you look like the big bad internet king. Yep I’m just wrong always please don’t hurt my feelings so much geez.

          Ok maybe I’m not accurate about why you liked a bad movie I’ll just accept that you liked a BAD movie and move on. Though I still think that you liked it for the above stated reason. Of course you are not gonna flat out say that’s the reason you may not even realize it. Sub conscious thought is a funny thing that way. Kind of like your sub conscious made you insult and be little me for saying something about GL.

          If I’m habitually wrong does that make you habitually childish, immature and rude ? I’m gonna go with yes.

          Thanks for your feedback always appreciated

          • Ive never been a fan if green lantern. I seen the movie and though it wasn;t the greatest, it wasnt terrible to me. I actually was pulled into the whole thing. Maybe I lack intelligence, who knows. I definatley think the movie is worth saving with a sequel and not a reboot given then right story / script.

            • @Tim, I feel the exact same way.
              The movie wasn’t good (let’s face it), but like you said, it’s wasn’t really all that “terrible” (disappointing is the word I would use to describe the GL movie)

              I also think it can be saved by a sequel as long as they do it in the way Nolan’s doing Batman (i.e. realistic and gritty).

            • Tim I wouldn’t say you lack intelligence smart people like terrible films all the time. We all have a bad film or two that we like.

              GL was terribly cast film, poorly acted and horribly written. Not to mention poor cgi and nothing but campy cheesy scene after another,.

          • Daniel F…

            First: Switch to decaf. You NEED to calm down.

            As for the rest of your blathering, PLEASE, point out to me where I insult you in my response. I would LOVE to know. Since when is one being childish expressing irritation at another’s CONSTANT use of absolutes, usually to put down those who disagree with him (“I’ll just accept that you liked a BAD movie and move on.” Really? How magnanimous of you…)?

            YOU frequently talk down to people and get huffy when they call you on it, so excuse me if I don’t take most of what you say seriously.

            Grow up, and shut up.

            Oh, and your appreciation of my contribution to the tread (or lack, thereof)? A NON-issue, I assure you…

            • …sigh, that should be tHread…damnable butter fingers :P

              • “It is, I have observed, habitual for you.”

                My mistake you are correct that is incredibly polite and respectful not at all insulting. Can’t even acknowledge your own rude behavior wow.

                I don’t mind being called on huffy-ness/talking down to or whatever, but I don’t tolerate being blatantly insulted.

                Also I’d point out that it’s funny to tell someone to grow up and in the exact same line tell them to shut up like a 5th grader would when someone doesn’t agree with him.

                I may ‘talk down’ to people, but I don’t tell them to shut up or blatantly insult them. Say what you want about me, but I’m not as flat out rude as you are. At least I’m civil with my ‘talking down to people’ unlike you. Your just flat out rude.

                I talk in absolutes because unlike other people I’m honest. We all believe our opinions are right I’m simply honest about it. By all means focuse on this one little paragraph though and ignore everything else in my post. I’m sure you will. Just like you will insult me some more continue to be rude telling me to shut up like an 8 year old and everything else your known for. I’ll continue to take it and respond in a less rude manner than you and we can keep this going for a few days. My annoyed responses to your rude comments in a circle over and over.

                • Can I just share my opinion here?

                  @Archaeon: I have to agree with Daniel, you are being quite rude and abrasive. Saying “grow up and shut up” really isn’t a good way to settle an argument (it’s quite childish and petty). Maybe if you calm down a bit, you will find that this whole argument is actually pointless…

                  @Daniel: Do think it’s a coincidence that you ALWAYS find yourself in some sort of argument with someone? Maybe if you stopped “talking down” to people altogether, you’ll find this problem will stop. I think most of us know that you’re only stating your opinion, but the way you do it can sometimes be a little insulting to some (for instance: “fans are so desperate for a GL movie, they’ll accept anything”). Throughout the argument you are actually being just as rude as Archaeon (just in a more classy and civilized manner).

                  • The Avenger while I appretiate your opinion. I am a blunt honest person I don’t hold back my thoughts on anything to spare anyones feelings. I also do not insult people. You may feel insulted by something I said, but there is never an insult in there. I didn’t say people who like GL or slow or impaired in anyway I simply said that I think that they are letting their love of the comics get in the way of an objective opinion of the film. Maybe you don’t agree maybe you do, but it is in no way shape or form an insult. I didn’t insult the person I simply suggest that they are making a mistake that everyone makes be it love of the source material, actor, director or simply nostalgia we all some times let these things get in our way once in awhile of being objective. I try never to, but even I have made the mistake once maybe twice. For instance I can admit Reign of Fire probably isn’t good, but I enjoy Bale so much as an actor that I can’t help but at least kind of enjoy the film. I never let a love of source material or nostalgia get in my way, but sometimes a love of a certain actor does especially Bale, and John Cusack.

                    Maybe you can take it as me talking down to people (I don’t see it that way) but it is in no way an insult.

                    All that said like it or not it’s who I am. I believe in honest and blunt at that. I get to the point and sparing someones feelings is rarely my concern I think people lie to much that pure honesty is refreshing as long as it’s civil. I think it’s hard to argue my first comment wasn’t civil. I may of dropped civility a bit after that, but when I’m not a door mat and when I’m insulted or pushed I push back… That’s not true in real life usually if pushed I start swinging, but on the internet I try to progress a little slower. I’m the opposite of the typical internet person I hold back. I think the anonymous nature of the internet gives cowards more courage than they would typically have so I try to go easy on them with that in mind. Not a mistake I make in person.

                    I’ve always said if someoen disagrees with me I welcome a civil debate or discussion, but I don’t tollerate rude behavior or insults. If you can’t civily disagree with me like an adult with out saying childish things than avoid me. I’ve had run in’s with this guy several times and it usually has me saying “If you don’t like me so much rather than hunt down all my comments and tell me how horrible I am why not just avoid me? ” He responds to me regularly and very hateful. It’s a worn out trend when he could simply ignore me. I typically try to ignore him, but I don’t ignore direct replies to me.

                    • Okay… I can respect that. “Honest and blunt” can be a very good quality in a person, but all I’m suggesting is that you just tone it down a LITTLE bit – just a little…

                      P.S. I was expecting that you or Archaeon would bash me for stating my opinion in this argument… so thanks for not doing that :) – I appreciate it.

                    • I couldn’t tone it down if I cared to even try. This is me toning it down honestly. I try to be more hand holding on the internet. It’s just who I am though.

                      No reason to bash you. Your response had everything I respect. It was civil, respectful, honest and should you had no fear to express your opinion but could be polite and maintain dignity while doing it.

                      Honestly i was far more aggressive and very rude when I started posting on the internet. I’ve toned it down a lot and matured to still be me blunt and honest while maintaining some maturity and civility. If you could find some of my really old posts from like 07 you would see me yelling at people telling them to shut up and … Well basically acting like some one who posted in this very discussion. I’ve changed things since then and tried to be a little more polite. Still have the short fuse I had back than, but I extended it a little longer at least in general I maintain civility but if pushed and insulted enough I do still snap. Haven’t had that happen since a certain 3 numbered insane poster was banned.

                    • Daniel F, TheAvenger…

                      First, I will apologize for the “shut up” statement. That was too harsh for this particular back-and-forth. I did not intend to lower myself to the level I accused you, Daniel, of reaching.

                      Second, Avenger, I’m not upset with you giving your opinion or with the opinion, itself, but I was curious why you felt the need to do so if you truly thought the whole thing pointless. By the way, I happen to agree that it IS, indeed, pointless.

                      Third, Daniel, I do not FOLLOW you. I DO respond to your condescending statements and attitude when I feel it necessary. You are not “classy” or fairminded or merely blunt and honest. You are RUDE. You, in fact, respond VERY much like the typical, anonymous internet poster…That is NOT a compliment. You do not spare others’ feelings, but you do not even show the faintest hint of common courtesy: Whenever I see you type “Excuse me, but…” or “I disagree with…”, I feel a level of cattiness lurking just beneath the surface of your words, NOT sincere interest or respect for the other person engaged in a “conversation” with you (you’ll notice I use that term loosely). You also continue to snipe at them, as you’ve done in your last two responses (to Tim and to TheAvenger…I’m not even including your immature responses to me, in part because I did, in fact, contribute to the worsening tone with that “shut up” I threw in).

                      Simply put, Daniel, although you may enjoy arguing and verbally sparring for its own sake, I do not. I prefer discussion to fighting. Above, I stated my agreement with TheAvenger’s sentiment that this has been pointless; thus, arguing with you is not worth anymore of my time. As such, I am done with our little game.

                      Good luck…

                    • Wow Arch that’s amazing you can read minds and how people really feel just be seeing them type I disagree? That’s amazing that when I can type I disagree an innocent commonly used phrase you can sense all my thoughts. Impressive.

                      So basically your intense childish hatred of me is based on what you think I might be feelings when I type a word. You so I talk in absolutes and make false assumptions yet you make such a huge leap from someone typing I disagree.

                      Want to know what I mean when I type ‘I disagree’ I mean I disagree with that person. It happens alot people disagree with each other.

                      So your done with this conversation? Good for you . You know what would be great ? If you were done with every conversation and just stop talking to me all together so I don’t have to deal with your attitude and BS. I’m sure you’d never be able to do that You enjoy being rude to much. I guess we will see.

  25. Great article. Appreciated the depth of discussion. I think Hollywood needs to breathe a sigh of relief that total sales weren’t any worse, given the economy. Still, I think HW is in for a real wake up call regarding audience desire to pay ridiculous prices for mediocre 3D and criminal prices for D-Box. Add to that steep prices for general tickets, and it will be interesting to see whether the tremendous list of 2012 summer films will be enough to lure customers.
    For me, it was Cap, Thor, FF, X-Men, Cowboys & Aliens, with Green Lantern as my disappointment.

  26. Thor was a very good flick, seriously, but not fatally, damaged by (again) the filmmakers inability to successfully interpret superhero action sequences. The penultimate battle between Goldilocks and the Destroyer should have been an epic sequence in the Marvel filmdom ouevre -instead, viewers were served up an absurdly brief, throwaway scuffle between two figures who, in the actual comic book, are among the most powerful characters in the universe. When Thor piledrived the Destroyer into the desert floor, my teenage son literally turned to me and groaned “Don’t tell me that’s it!”. Regrettably, it was. (The Warriors Three actually provided a more interesting stand-off against that villain.) The clash between Thor and Loki was slightly better, but still disappointing. Meanwhile:X-Men:First-Class, as with all the other entrants in the X-Men franchise was thoroughly mediocre (okay, the second flick and perhaps the Wolverine movie (barely) were slightly better than mediocre.)Captain America – a definite winner. Lots of fun, well written, acted, visually striking; simply well done all the way around.

  27. Agree with most except with Best comic book movie. It was a year of one let down after another, but IMO while it wasn’t perfect to me Thor was by far the best of the year comic book movie wise. I thought Captain America was very bland and it’s bad IMO for a movie when the star is the weakest part in the chain of actors. It was a middle of the road average comic film with nothing spectacular or great. Thor at least shined in some areas the only real strength that Cap had was Tommy lee Jones and he wasn’t enough to carry the movie to greatness.

    I also disagree on Bridesmaides the movie just wasn’t funny. Horrible Bosses , Crazy Stupid Love and Our Idiot Brother were all better. Not only better comedies, but better films period.

    I would also disagree with XFC being a good surprise. Super 8 was IMO a better surprise because it was a better film and was a little lower on most peoples radars. However, the best surprise was probably Drive a fantastic movie that seemed like it would be just a by the numbers car movie.

    Can’t comment on 3D.

    I will say you guys nailed the biggest let downs on every category though.

    • Didn’t notice more pages. I really disagree with best cartoon. Serious Kung Fu Panda 2? Cars 2 was terrible but even it was better than Kung Fu Panda 2. I didn’t think anyone liked that horrible pile of crap especially shocked that Screen rant is calling it the best of the year. Nothing about Kung Fu Panda is clever or smart or even good.

      HP may of made the most money this year, but certainly wasn’t the best Block Buster. Not in quality at least.

      • Oh I don’t know, Kung fu Panda 2 I thought was better then a lot of the other summer films, it wasn’t my favorite animated film of the summer though.

        And if no one really “liked it” then explain all the good reviews it got?

        • Most of the people I know (who saw the movie) also though it was pretty good (obviously not as good as the first one though).
          But yeah… saying “I didn’t think anyone liked that horrible pile of crap” is obviously not a good thing to say since most people didn’t think it was that bad…

        • I didn’t say no one liked it I said I’m surprised anyone liked it. There is a huge difference. Shouldn’t be so surprised though people also like Green Lantern and Twilight. People tend to have bad taste.

  28. Its funny, we all read the article but after we just go ahead, disregard it and give our own opinions anyway. Nobody listens, much less cares about another person’s opinion these days

    • That sort of comes with the territory when you put discussion areas after articles, IMO. Sometimes you just get people saying what their best and worst is and sometimes you get some discussion about the films listed.

    • Do you know why sites put up a comment section? Is it only suppose to be 5 pages of people saying nothing but “Thanks for your opinion”

      Also Very few people just disregard the opinion of the writer. Just because they offer their own opinion or disagree does not mean they are disregarding it they are disagreeing with it both words start with Dis, but don’t share the same meaning FYI.

      If people didn’t care about anyone else opinion they wouldn’t of even read the article.

      • Agreed: 100%

  29. Great article. Appreciated the depth of discussion, and you placed a lot of the films exactly where I would have.

    I think Hollywood needs to breathe a sigh of relief that total sales weren’t any worse, given the economy and poor overall product. HW is in for a real wake up call regarding audience desire to pay ridiculous prices for mediocre 3D and criminal prices for D-Box, especially when many summer films seem to disappoint more than they satisfy. Add to that steep prices for general tickets, and it will be interesting to see whether the tremendous list of 2012 summer films will be enough to lure customers.

    My favs of 2011 were (in order) Cap, Thor, Fast Five, X-Men, and Cowboys & Aliens, with Green Lantern as my disappointment. God, DC better get its act together – if Superman or DKRises fail to live up to the hype, we might have to form our own Justice League!