Best Comedy – Bridesmaids

Summer 2011 will go down as the season of the comic book movie and R-Rated comedy – and Bridesmaids was easily the best of the adults-only laughfests that hit the big screen between the start of May and end of August. Part of its success can be attributed to the balance of endearing character drama and raunchy humor that director Paul Feig and co-writer/starlet Kristen Wiig managed to pull off so well. That the film had its fair share of genuine laugh-out-loud scenes and chuckle-worthy moments aplenty also helped.

Since Bridemaids became a sleeper hit at the box office, there’s been discussion of not only a followup, but also an increase in the number of female-centric comedies being made in general. The idea that women can be as crude and funny as men is not revolutionary (or rather, it shouldn’t be) – still, it’s quite refreshing to learn that there are better chick flick sequels on the horizon than, say, Sex and the City 3.

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Most Disappointing Comedy – The Hangover Part II

After we saw the first full-length trailer for The Hangover Part II, one thing was obvious: the setup for the sequel would be literally the same as its predecessor, minus a few insignificant changes (ex. setting). No one went to see this movie expecting the wheel to be re-invented; they were just hoping for a raunchy and wild comedy that was just as outrageously funny as the original Hangover. Did that happen?

Our (and most critics’) answer was a definite “no.” What worked so well in the first Hangover movie (the lewd gags, bizarre characters, etc.) felt tired and annoying in the sequel. The film’s cast and crew tried too hard to replicate the success of that sleeper hit in a cut-and-paste manner, resulting in a second Hangover flick that felt like too much a carbon copy of its predecessor, for most people’s tastes.

The sequel still raked in more than enough dough to guarantee that The Hangover Part III will happen. Take that as you will.

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