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Summer Movie Preview Trailers 2014 2014 Summer Movie Preview

The time for blockbuster movies has come again – seemingly ahead of the warm weather, this year. While fans try to ride out the final up-and-down climates of spring, movie theaters everywhere will be heating up with a slew of big films that fans have been waiting all year (if not longer) to see.

In the superhero genre the big three of summer 2014 are Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy; those looking for laughs have the sequel 22 Jump Street or new celeb-heavy comedies like Neighbors and Sex Tape, while films like GodzillaTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers 4 will try to turn nostalgia into box office gold.

So while 2015 might offer a bigger lineup of films – everything form Avengers 2 to Jurassic World - there are still plenty of films in 2014 that need to be part of your budgetary planning. Read on for a listing of release dates, explanations of each film, our take on whether or not the film is worth your time and money – plus, new images and trailers for your viewing pleasure.


Release Dates By Month


May Movies


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Amazing Spider Man 2 webslinging 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 2nd

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) continues to struggle with balancing his life as a high school student and his responsibilities as Spider-Man. When Peter begins to investigate more about his father’s past, thanks to the help of his friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), he begins to realize that the new threats of Electro (Jamie Foxx) and the Rhino (Paul Giamatti) all have one thing in common: OsCorp.

OUR TAKE: There so many big things coming from this franchise – an epic Amazing Spider-Man 3 showdown, Venom and Sinister Six movies – that it puts massive amounts of pressure on this second film to be both an improvement on the first, and a wide spring board for this expanding franchise universe. Can ASM2 deliver on both fronts? Well, early reviews provide mixed answers to that question…



Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Movie 2014 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 2nd

A reporter’s (Elizabeth Banks) dream of becoming a news anchor is compromised after a one-night stand leaves her stranded in downtown L.A. without a phone, car, ID or money – and only 8 hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life. James Marsden (X-Men), Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Sarah Wright (21 & Over) co-star.

OUR TAKE: Elizabeth Banks is one of the funnier comediennes headlining movies these days – and we love those “long oddessy to a single destination” comedy flicks in the vein of Quick Change. But even with a raunchy red-band trailer this film looks more forgettable than memorable – and it could easily get tangled in Spider-Man‘s box office web.




Chef movie 2014 starring Jon Favreau Robert Downey Jr Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 9th

A chef named Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family. Robert Downey Jr. Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo, Amy Sedaris, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson all co-star.

OUR TAKE: It looks like Jon Favreau is back to writing and directing his own indie-style films (in the vein of Swingers) – and we are not at all mad about it. A nice lineup of friends/collaborators/co-stars adds more incentive to check out this smaller summer offering.



Fed Up

Fed Up Movie Documentary Poster 2014 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 9th

Upending the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and how to lose it, Fed Up unearths a dirty secret of the American food industry: far more of us get sick from what we eat than anyone has previously realized. Filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and TV journalist Katie Couric lead us through this potent exposé that uncovers why-despite media attention, the public’s fascination with appearance, and government policies to combat childhood obesity-generations of American children will now live shorter lives than their parents did.

OUR TAKE: We’ve seen it. You need to watch it. Your eating habits may never be the same.


Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Legends of Oz Dorothys Return 2014 Preview 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 9th

Dorothy (voice of Lea Michele) wakes up in post-tornado Kansas, only to be whisked back to Oz to try to save her old friends the Scarecrow (Dan Aykroyd), the Lion (James Belushi), the Tin Man (Kelsey Grammer) and Glinda (Bernadette Peters) from a devious new villain, the Jester (Martin Short). Wiser the owl, Marshal Mallow, China Princess and Tugg the tugboat join Dorothy on her latest magical journey through the colorful landscape of Oz to restore order and happiness to Emerald City.

OUR TAKE: With films like Tangled and Frozen redefining classic “damsel in distress” tales for a modern feminist era, we’re just hoping Legends of Oz can keep step with the changed times, and still deliver an animated movie experience on par with Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks.



Mom’s Night Out

Moms Night Out Movie Preview 2014 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 9th

All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and fun – a long-needed moms’ night out. But in order to enjoy high heels, adult conversation, and food not served in a bag, they need their husbands to watch the kids for a few hours … what could go wrong?

OUR TAKE: A family-friendly comedy about how hard moms work, and how dad taking care of the kids is a disaster in the making? If this was the mid-1980s, this movie would be totally rad; in a 2014 world, it just looks two-dimensional and dated. And sorry, having names like Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) and Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) as your headliners isn’t exactly drawing us in…



Neighbors Movie 2014 Preview 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 9th

Kelly (Rose Byrne) and Mac (Seth Rogen) are settling down in a quiet neighborhood with their newborn child, until frat brothers move into the house next door; Teddy (Zac Efron) is the President, and Pete (Dave Franco) is his right hand man. Night after night, Mac asks Teddy to lower the fraternity’s noise, eventually  accepting an invitation to the party. When Teddy eventually goes back on his word to keep the partying down, Mac calls the police to deal with the problem. And so, the war begins.

OUR TAKE: If we had to place a bet on that big comedy hit of the summer, this would be the frontrunner.




Godzilla Roar 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 16th

In this modern reboot, a giant radioactive monster called Godzilla appears to wreak destruction on mankind. A soldier (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), his wife (Elizabeth Olsen), and other human characters (Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe) try to survive the mayhem of a world overrun with monsters.

OUR TAKE: This was our #1 Most Anticipated Movie of 2014 – and from the looks of the promo materials, we chose wisely. icon smile 2014 Summer Movie Preview



Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm Movie 2014 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 16th

A sports agent (Jon Hamm) stages an unconventional recruitment strategy to get talented Asian cricket players to play Major League Baseball.

OUR TAKE: A sports drama biopic with a feel good angle, featuring an all-American leading man. Do summer and baseball go together? Oh really? Then yeah, there will definitely be an audience for this.




Blended Movie Preview 2014 starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 16th

After a bad blind date, a man (Adam Sandler) and woman (Drew Barrymore) find themselves stuck together at a resort for families, where their attraction grows as their respective kids benefit from the burgeoning relationship.

OUR TAKE: Is anyone still hoping for that Wedding Singer lightning to strike again? Anyone? ANY ONE???



X-Men: Days of Future Past

X Men Days of Future Past Final Trailer Preview 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 23rd

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in an epic battle that must change the past – to save our future.

OUR TAKE: This is the biggest gamble that the X-Men movie franchise has ever taken, with an inflated budget and a cast jam-packed with two series’ worth of X-Men characters and actors. Monumental things are expected from this quasi-rebooting, universe-expanding installment; whether it will deliver all that it needs to, remains to be seen.



A Million Ways to Die in the West

A Million Ways to DIe in the West Movie Preview 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 30th

As a cowardly farmer (Seth MacFarlane) begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town (Charlize Theron), he must put his new-found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious gun-slinger (Liam Neeson), announces his arrival.

OUR TAKE: The merits of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s comedy have been heavily debated in the last few years, but there’s no denying that his first feature-film effort, Ted, was a success (half a billion worldwide on a $50 million budget). Westerns aren’t what they used to be, but MacFarlane’s brand is strong right now – as is his cast, which also includes the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Silverman and others.




Angelina Jolie as Maleficent 2014 Summer Movie Preview

May 30th

A vindictive fairy (Angelina Jolie) is driven to curse an infant princess (Elle Fanning) only to realize the child may be the only one who can restore peace.

OUR TAKE: Fairytale re-imaginings like Alice In Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman and Jack the Giant Killer haven’t exactly been new classics – but a few of them (i.e., the ones under the Disney banner) have made money. With one of the biggest stars in the world headlining, a Disney marketing push and little competition in the genre, we expect Maleficent to do alright for herself. Will it be a good watch? Recent history says that the animated Sleeping Beauty won’t be upstaged by this new version.



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  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Edge of Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy for me.

  2. ASM2 is basically MOS all over again.

    • Here we go!

    • Really?

      It was THAT good?

      I’m going to see it tomorrow then!

      • @YoureAllCrazy +1

    • “MOS all over again”

      So, you mean…

      A really cool CBM that will encounter fake reviews generated by rival studios and there investors in hopes that you spend your money on their product instead?

      I agree with Tay.

      • Gutsy of you to come here after you’re escape. You know frequent stomping grounds will be the first place they look. Good luck, Dr.!

        • *your escape.

          • I finally got the anti-matter fusion ray working!

            LET THEM COME!

    • You’re confusing a lot of fanboys on that post of yours.

      • Phew, thankfully I’m not one of them :D Hulk, Superman…need a better Superman movie!

    • Sweet! So Amazing Spider-Man 2 is gonna be one of the best comic book films ever? Awesome! I look forward to it even more.

      • What I meant by that is this film isn’t nearly as bad as critics are making it out to be. By what’s being said, this film is worse than SM3, like how critics has MOS worse than Superman Returns. MOS was not a bad film, this isn’t either. They have problems, but they weren’t bad and deserve the treatment they got.

        • *They don’t deserve

          • I saw ASM2 Monday, I saw Man of Steel a few months back at my home, in 3D. While the visuals are great in MoS, ASM2 is a far better film as a whole.

            Personally I did not like the origin story of MoS, or the way the film jumped around from scene to scene. The fight scenes were amazingly well done, but I just was not feeling the film as a whole.

            ASM2 was a little slow for the first hour, but it really starts to pick up and felt like a true comic book movie.

            • “While the visuals are great in MoS, ASM2 is a far better film as a whole.”

              Talk about damning with feint praise. That’s like saying “ASM2 isn’t that bad. No, really: it’s better than Disaster Movie!” And what “great visuals” did Man of Steel have? The CGI Mortal Kombat fights?

              • It means that I liked ASM2′s story better than MoS’ weak take at a Superman origin story that bounces all over the place. How is that damning of ASM2? MoS was a good movie, with a sub par story. ASM2 was a great movie, with a much better story.

                Personally, I think Zach Snyder thought he was making a Dragon Ball Z adaptation when he made Man of Steel.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to skip it, and warn my friends to do the same! ;-)

    • @Tay1

      “ASM2 is basically MOS all over again”

      So what you’re saying is that it was unnecessarily hated by people who didn’t watch it but was actually a really good movie?

      I agree.

      Until Guardians releases, I’ll push ASM2 as my fave comic book movie of the year because I enjoyed it just a little bit more than Cap 2.

      • Out of the hundreds and hundreds of critics who gave Man of Steel negative reviews, I’m sure at least one or two of them actually saw the movie before sitting down and writing. They get to see it for free, after all.

      • Pretty much. I mean people have different opinions and all of that, but it was by no means a bad movie. Aside from the few problems I had with Electro, I loved this film.

  3. June, July and August (Actual Summer months) look weak. Maybe one movie a month, two tops, that are even interesting.

    Hopefully Fall can match 2013′s.

    • July is SUPER weak.

      • We’ll always have Step Up: All In

  4. SEEN:
    -TASM2: Seen, it was great, if only see one this summer I’ll be glad it was this one.

    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    LIKE TO SEE(but might not):
    -A Million Ways To Die In The West

    WANT TO SEE(But living in Spain will wait for DVD release):
    -Walf Of Shame
    -Million Dollar Arm
    -22 Jump Street
    -The Giver(Interested to see how it works out)
    -The Expendables 3
    -When The Game Stands Tall(Caviezel in a sports biopic, yes please!)

    -Guardian Of The Galaxy
    -X-Men: Days Of Future Past
    -Edge Of Tomorrow

    -Jupiter Ascending
    -Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
    -Sex Tape
    -How To Train Your Dragon 2

    • WOW! you’re putting GOTG and X-Men on “Maybe”. You’re truly are a Michael Bay fan.

      • I’d never heard of GOTG before they announced a movie, and the trailers still haven’t sold me on it, maybe some more trailers and I might want to go and see it.
        X-Men: 1st Class, was the 1st X-Men film I actually liked and enjoyed, so to see Singer back directing when I didn’t like 1 or 2 doesn’t make me think “I’VE GOT TO SEE THAT!”.
        And yeah, I like BAy, is he a great film maker? No way. But when he does release a film is it usually really entertaining? IMO Yes. Going in, knowing I’m not expecting a brilliant film just to be entertained, Bay films are great for the summer IMO.

        • “But when [Bay] does release a film is it usually really entertaining?”


          • IMO, yes.

  5. Out of everything listed, all I’m pumped to see is:

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    • For your health!

      • For the Nova Crops! Health is for hunks!

    • @Guardian Outlaw

      Ditto. Some of the rest of these, like Spider Man & X-Men, I know I will eventually get around to seeing, just not at the theater. I’ll be hitting up GotG, though.

    • Couldn’t agree more…

      I don’t waiting for the rest on home-videos

      • I don’t MIND waiting

        (I hate typhos but kept making them)

        • Tbh aside from Guardians of the Galaxy I’ll be seeing:

          Amazing Spider-Man 2
          X-Men: Days of Future Past
          Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

          in IMAX 3D lol

          Guardians however is really the only movie I’m extremely excited for. I’m a huge fan of the comics and looking forward to the Legendary Star-Lord stand alone comic series.

          I’ll also be seeing:

          Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
          Expendables 3
          22 Jump St
          Transformers: Age of Extinction
          Jupiter Ascending

          In standard 2D and/or 3D.

  6. X-Men is my most anticipated… but I must admit that I am 100% biased in that department.

    X-Men was the first comics I started reading, and it’s what got me into everything else comic book related. The “gateway” comic if you will.

  7. Godzilla & Gaurdians. I really just want to see that monster and Ronan The Accuser. lol

  8. I’m worried about Melissa McCarthy. I think she’s funny, and actually has some dramatic chops, but she’s on the fast-track to becoming a cliche. I’m afraid the world will remember her as a female Chris Farley.

    • Yeah, she needs to change it up a little. She’s becoming like 95% of the comics out there in which it’s the same stuff every film. I think she needs to branch out

  9. Guardians of the Galaxy is by far my most anticipated film to see, now since I’ve seen ASM2.

    Does anyone else believe Capcom may have had a heads up by Marvel a few years ago into their future projects? Look at Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3′s roster….Rocket Raccoon, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist…also MODOK and Nova, two characters I’m anticipating will be featured in Marvel films in the near future. I mean, it was also due to fan pressure to add certain characters, but I can’t help feeling as if they were all added to raise their awareness.

    • Marvel chose the characters they wanted to put in that game…
      So if you say Capcom had a heads up, probably yes. After all, some of these movies have been planned by Marvel for their long-term production for quite some time, even before the release of the games IMO

      I’m with you, still waiting for MODOK and Nova to come to the big screen.

  10. Jupiter Ascending has me more interested than any of the reboots or sequels.

  11. I actually have a lot of films scheduled this summer, mostly action flicks. My biggest hope is for X-Men.

    I would like to ask why Snowpiercer isn’t on the list?

    • @Evie

      I left off some of the more indie-flavored films. But I think I’ll add Snowpiercer after all…

      • ADDED: Snowpiercer – by request of @Evie


        • I HEART YOU! (It’s my third-most anticipated this summer)

  12. Godzilla, Guardians, Hercules, Expendables 3. In that order. Then nothing until Interstellar in December.

    • Surprised to see Hercules on that list. Swords and sandals fan?

    • Same here, then again I can see myself seeing it if the word of mouth is very positive

    • Wasn’t Interstellar supposed to be out on November?

  13. spidey, xmen, gozilla, guardians, edge of tomorrow and expendables 3

  14. I don’t get to the movie theater that much but these are the ones I’m opening my wallet for.

    TASM 2
    X-Men: DOFP
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Transformers 4

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Godzilla if possible… :)

  15. Random Guardians of the Galaxy question for anyone who can answer it:

    What relation does the upcoming movie have to the GotG comic series that was running in the early ‘90s? I don’t recognize any of these characters, but I only read a few issues of that particular series so maybe I’m wrong. I thought it took place in the future and they were led by Marvel Boy from the New Warriors who had somehow managed to avoid aging.

    • The movie is based on the new roster showcased in Guardians of Galaxy vol.2 (released I think in 2008), so yeah… it won’t feature that 90s team. Those characters however, still exist in the new comic, as the future Guardians, and they had a cameo appearance in the comic. I think the movie has Yondu, who is one of the member of that future team.

      You should check out the vol 2 comicline, it was really great!

      And I’m speaking not as a comic book geek hahaha

      • Thanks, that clears a few things up! I really can’t remember any of the characters from the ’90s series other than Marvel Boy, anyway. I can’t even remember what his name was in the GotG series. Still pumped to see the movie in August.

  16. SEEN:
    -TASM2: I saw this at an early screening last night. It’s a good movie and a huge improvement from the first TASM but I am still not at that point in which I would call this movie great.

    -Guardian Of The Galaxy
    -X-Men: Days Of Future Past
    -Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(more than likely I will go see this since I am a huge fan of the comic version of TMNT)
    -Transformers(Its Bay directing this franchise again so what makes me think he will change things from the previous films. I might check it out but I will wait on the word of mouth on this one)
    -Jupiter Ascending(Will more than likely wait for the DVD on this one. Looks just meh to me)
    -Edge Of Tomorrow(I am waiting for what the word of mouth is on this one. So far the trailers hasn’t done anything for me)
    -Hercules(I will wait for the DVD on this one more than likely)
    -Neighbors(This one I will more than likely go see. It looks funny and it’s probably something the wife will enjoy)

    -A Million Ways To Die In The West
    -22 Jump Street
    -The Expendables 3

    -Walf Of Shame
    -Million Dollar Arm
    -The Giver(Interested to see how it works out)
    -When The Game Stands Tall(Caviezel in a sports biopic, yes please!)
    -Sex Tape
    -How To Train Your Dragon 2

  17. With the ticket price for the theatre in my country getting ridiculously too pricey, and the fact that I usually go with my family, the only movie I will be watching is Guardians of the Galaxy. The rest… on rent, or get it later on home-video.

    Beside, my family (especially my Mom, surprise surprise) is already very excited to see it, because they want to see THAT CUTE Raccoon.

    • Ditto. I can wait on a DVD release for every single one of these aside from GotG. Winter Soldier was so awesome I didn’t mind spending the money on that, but the $100 I wasted on Desolation of Smaug still stings.

  18. Really looking forward to:

    “How to Train Your Dragon 2″
    “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”
    “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
    “Edge of Tomorrow”
    “Jupiter Ascending”

    Will most likely see::

    “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

    Might see…or might not:

    “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return”
    “Guardians of the Galaxy”

    • I would add to my “must see” list: “Lucy”.

      I would add to my “probably see” list: “Snowpiercer” and “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”.

  19. Expendables 3 is the only movie I plan on seeing in a theater this summer. I’ll wait to watch some other ones on DVD.

  20. I would probably add Expendables 3 to must watch list as well. Just to see all the different stars in the movie…

    and new avatar!!!


  21. Ima gonna burn my wallet this summer

  22. Thanks for letting me know that the sequal to the purge will be coming out real soon.

  23. Unfortunately all our wallets will burn this summer, they know it, we know it. But BAD SCREEN RANT! BAD! TMNT looks horrible, the turtles look terrible, awful, very bad! The fact shredders armor looks good and the actor is good, is not enough to redeem it. SHAME ON YOU for saying otherwise, SHAME get in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

  24. I’ll definitely be seeing Godzilla (my most anticipated of the summer), X-Men, Expendables 3 & How To Train Your Dragon.

    I MIGHT go see Planet of the Apes, Hercules and Lucy, but I can wait on those.

    I will NOT be seeing TASM2. Maybe someday for free on FX or AMC, but I will not give Sony money for these films.

  25. Well, here’s what looks good to me:
    Amazing Spider-Man 2
    X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    as Above, So Below
    I will buy the first two (and the third, if they impress me more than I think they will) on DVD, and watch the others on Netflix when available. Later on down the line, I will also watch Avengers 2 and buy the DVD for sure, and possibly just give Jurassic World a peek on Netflix.

    Comments on movies I will not watch:
    Sex Tape: Wow, Cameron Diaz can sure make a pair of pink panties and a wrinkled grey T-shirt look good! When I die, I want to come back reincarnated as her laundry basket!
    Walk of Shame: Re: Elizabeth Banks: There are just some banks you’d love to put a deposit in!

  26. Wow! Kofi outdid himself. He basically covered every single major Hollywood movie that will come out next summer.

    Good job Kofi

  27. Not a single genuinely FRESH, much less ESSENTIAL offering in the batch.

  28. Most Anticipated Film For Me – GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!

    Other Films Want to see/ Have Seen
    -Transformers Age of Extinction
    -Amazing Spider Man 2
    -X-Men Days of Future Past
    -Captain America Winter Soldier-Seen It- Awesome
    -Guardians of the Galaxy