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2012 Summer Movie Awards

2012-summer-movie-awardsSummertime is over, and 2012 was certainly a monumental one for movie fans, with two big cinematic events ruling the box office (The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises); a celebrated director returning to a genre he pioneered (Ridley Scott's Prometheus); reboots (Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Shadows) and remakes (Total Recall) offering fresh spins (or not so fresh spins) on familiar properties; and literary adaptations (Lawless) trying work the magic of the page on the silver screen.But what are the moments from the 2012 summer movie season that deserve serious (and not-so-serious) recognition? Find out in our very own Screen Rant Summer 2012 Movie Awards, presented in no particular order via the following list of winners.


Most Successful: Marvel's 'Avengers' Universe

15 Characters for Avengers 2 Movie SequelsWe questioned early on whether Marvel Studio's shared movie universe would work; after the release of The Avengers we questioned again whether the experiment had been worth it.Well, fans and  critics have (for the most part) agreed that it was a success - and the box office certainly agrees that it was. Bottom line: Marvel has changed the game and set a new precedent for how to launch a multimedia, multi-platform, franchise model.If that wasn't enough: "Phase Two" of the Marvel movie universe has a lot in store, including new franchises (Ant-Man), an expanded scope that will venture headlong into sci-fi territory (Guardians of the Galaxy), and even a TV series tie-in through Joss Whedon's upcoming SHIELD TV series.Hold tight, fanboys and girls; with Marvel Studios, the best maybe yet to come.

Most Confusing: 'Prometheus'

Alien and PrometheusSo many questions, few concrete answers. (How does it connect to Alien, exactly? What's the deal with that Engineer left to die on Earth?)Ridley Scott's not-quite-a-prequel film to his 1979 sci-fi/horror classic Alien was one of THE most anticipated films of summer 2012; however, when all was said and done, many viewers walked away scratching their heads; others took to the Internet to mock the film's uneven mix of profound philosophy and ridiculous horror movie tropes. Some loved it, some hated it, some are still debating it - but when Ridley Scott starts referring to Jesus being one of the Engineers, it quickly becomes clear that the story of Prometheus went right over our collective heads.

Most Hilarious Moment: John vs. Ted (Ted)

Ted vs. Mark WhalbergSeth MacFarlane has established himself via his animated shows Family Guy, American Dad and (to lesser extent) The Cleveland Show - but it was far from a guarantee that his antics would translate to live-action filmmaking. $384 million in worldwide earnings later (on a $50 million budget), Ted proved that MacFarlane has a whole new avenue of revenue to tap.The film - about a guy  who can't let go of his childhood - had plenty of funny moments, but funniest of all was watching John (Mark Wahlberg) get into a fight with his living Teddy Bear (as voiced by MacFarlane).For those who are meta-minded, there was added joy in the realization that what we actually witnessed was Wahlberg alone onscreen, throwing himself around a hotel room. Such is the bizarre world of acting, boys and girls...

Most Emotional Moment: Ending of 'Dark Knight Rises'

Nightwing John Black Dark Knight RisesThe death of Bruce Wayne/Batman had been a possibility since the Dark Knight Rises began to take shape. Would Nolan kill Bruce Wayne, only to have "Batman" live on thereafter? It seemed highly possible. However, Nolan pulled his usual 180° trickery and instead gave us tears of joy when Alfred (Michael Caine) finally gets his longtime wish to see Bruce sitting in an Italian cafe, freed from the pain and misery of Gotham City and Batman.If Alfred's fatherly joy wasn't enough, Hans Zimmer's now-classic Dark Knight theme kicked in loud and booming one final time, as John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) stepped onto the altar of Batman and rose out of view - thereby inspiring fresh tears of sadness, as we realized that Nolan's Dark Knight Legend was well and truly ending.RUNNER UP: Agent Coulson's death in The Avengers.Image Source: Black Dandelion

Most WTF Moment: KFC Dinner in 'Killer Joe'

Killer Joe Ending Kentucky Fried ChickenNot many people may have seen Exorcist and French Connection director William Friedkin's bizzarre Neo-noir flick, Killer Joe, but it certainly wins the award for having the most 'WTF' moment of any film this summer.After a scam gone all kinds of wrong, hitman Killer Joe (Matthew McConaughey) finally comes looking for payment from the trailer-trash family that owes him. As the family gets ready to enjoy a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner, Joe shows up to preach a perverse kind of sermon - one that includes explicit and violent use of America's favorite chicken franchise.After experiencing Killer Joe, we dare you to reach for a bucket of KFC without gagging.

Best Fight: The Avengers vs. The Chitauri

Avengers Fight Battle Action Scenes SequencesThere's no doubt that audiences' collective minds were blown when the big final battle between the assembled Avengers and Loki's Chitauri alien horde took place in the heart of Manhattan.The visual effects alone were impressive - and seeing all of the Avengers standing together in that 360° rotation shot was enough to send fanboys into nerdgasm. However, the way that director Joss Whedon captured the Avengers team members fighting in tag-team-style unison will go down as some of the most iconic (and awesome) moments in the history of superhero films.

Worst Fight: The Collins Family vs. Angelique Bouchard

Dark Shadows Ending Barnabas (Depp) vs. Angelique (Green)Tim Burton's movie reboot of the Dark Shadows TV show was overall a pretty lackluster affair (read our review), but the final showdown between vampire Barnabas Collins and his witchy tormentor Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green) offered a lamer supernatural creature showdown than an episode of True Blood.Barnabas apparently comes from the most candy-ass Gothic family in existence, because the combined forces of a century-old vampire, a shotgun-toting Michelle Pfeiffer and a teenage werewolf (Chloe Moretz) weren't enough to take down one witch. Matter fact, it took a creepy kid and his ghost-mommy to win old Barnabas' battle for him. Embarrassing.

Best Chemistry: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone (Amazing Spider-Man)

amazing spider man movie discussion tonePeople may debate the qualities of Amazing Spider-Man forever (or at least until Amazing Spider-Man 2 rolls 'round) - but it's hard to debate that stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had chemistry onscreen. And, considering the pair of breakout stars are now dating in real life, it's apparent they also had some offscreen sparks.Within the modernized context of Amazing Spider-Man, Garfield and Stone managed to bring the characters of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy back to a classic place, which many comic book fans remember fondly. Teenage romance tinged with Shakespearian super-powered tragedy... who doesn't love that?It didn't get much cuter than this in the summer movie season of 2012.

Worst Chemistry: Sebastian Stan & Ashley Greene (The Apparition)

The Apparition Ben (Sebastian Stan) Kelly (Ashley Greene)Ew. Just... ew.Ten minutes into The Apparitionmany people in the theater (at least in my viewing) were already rooting for the ghost to win. Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) are that couple in a Costco you eavesdrop on, just so you can later tell your friends about the ridiculous pair with the idiot banter you overhead.Compounding the problem are two young stars who manage to make their every onscreen interaction feel like an exercise from some Monday night dramatic improv class. Forget chemistry - we're talking about not even being able to find the test tubes.

Rising Star: Jeremy Renner

Jermey Renner Avengers and Bourne LegacyThis was a hard one. Tom Hardy had the biggest breakout with Dark Knight Rises; but conversely, his fantastic performance in Lawless has (so far) been contained to a smaller crowd. Andrew Garfield continues a meteoric rise with Amazing Spider-Man, but that was his only big run this summer. Jeremy Renner, meanwhile, became a major face in not one, but two major blockbuster franchises - Marvel's The Avengers and The Bourne Legacy - meaning he got the most exposure of the three.Sure, Bourne Legacy has been something of a box office disappointment ($160 million worldwide on a $125 million budget); however, that misstep won't be enough to derail the entire franchise (especially if Matt Damon returns as Bourne), and Renner's character is still part of the equation. Factor in his attachement to the Mission: Impossible franchise and Oscar nomination for The Hurt Locker in 2010, and it's a good time to be Jeremy.

Falling Star: Taylor Kitsch

Battleship International posterPoor Taylor Kitsch. This guy just cannot catch a break!After a calamitous wash-out in the spring with John Carter (which wasn't that bad, actually), Kitsch was poised for a summer 2012 comeback with the one-two punch of Peter Berg's blockbuster extravaganza, Battleship, and Oliver Stone's latest crime-thriller Savages. Unfortunately for Taylor, both films struggled.Battleship managed to recover with international grosses, but in the U.S., the military flick only earned $65 million - a quarter of its $209 million price tag. Savages cost less to make ($45 million) but earned even less than Battleship ($47 million domestically). Add Kitsch's role as iconic X-Man Gambit in Wolverine (another underperforming film), and it begins to look like this guy is legitimately cursed.Worst part: he's not a terrible actor. The long-struggling  Friday Night Lights TV series showcased what he can do, and he's arguably been a charismatic and likable presence in all his projects. Go figure...

Best Franchise (Re-)Launch: The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man is the Best Superhero MovieThe Amazing Spider-Man faced a lot of opposition right from the get go. Many fans were hoping to see director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire back for Spider-Man 4, but when creative differences and ballooning budgets resulted in a chasm between the studio and creative team, the entire franchise was put to bed.Soon after, Sony decided to go with a fresh approach via a rebooted universe, with taglines stating that Amazing Spider-Man would tell 'the untold story' of Peter Parker - namely by borrowing from the more modern Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity. Well, that untold story ended up being more of tweaked origin story told over again, but Amazing Spider-Man did manage to open up the Spider-Man mythos and universe in a way that Raimi's films never did - and managed to make $740 million, to boot.Amazing Spider-Man 2 is already in the works, and there is rumor that Sony tried, and will try to synch their new Spider-Man universe with that of Marvel's Avengers Universe. Spidey is back in big way.

Worst (Potential) Franchise Launch: Battleship

Worst Movie of Summer 2012 BattleshipWhat should've been an easy blockbuster story (alien scouts come to Earth to kick-off a full-scale invasion) instead was a series of befuddling events and circumstances: What was that whole red/green thing in the alien POV shots? Why did the aliens not just kill indiscriminately, if they were planning to invade? What the hell were they after, exactly? Were earthlings the villains all along?Indeed, upon closer examination (of anything besides the slick visual effects), it seems as though Battleship wanted to tell a larger, deeper, story - one that possibly could've kicked off a franchise of films dealing with the alien threat. Too bad it never made it into port.Sequel? No thanks.

Most Disappointing: The Bourne Legacy

Bourne Legacy drops to second placeLike Amazing Spider-Man, The Bourne Legacy was facing opposition from the moment it was greenlit - namely due to the absence of franchise star Matt Damon as titular character, Jason Bourne. There was still potential for Legacy to score big with moviegoers; unfortunately, the film was a long buildup to a small payoff, and overall seemed fairly extraneous and unnecessary.It's not that Bourne Legacy is a bad film (it has some pretty intense action/thriller sequences) - it's just that with a cast featuring acclaimed actors like Jeremy Renner, Ed Norton and Rachel Weisz - under the supervision of Oscar-nominated writer/director Tony Gilroy, who wrote the scripts for every Boune movie - we just expected much better than what we got. High hopes often lead to the biggest disappointments.RUNNER UP: Snow White and the Huntsman

Most Unecessary Reboot or Remake: Total Recall

Colin Farrell in Total RecallIt's somewhat sad that this category even exists, but given the sheer number of remakes, reboots and sequels out there these days, we actually have precedent to decide which project is the MOST unnecessary. In 2012, that award goes to Total Recall.Early on, the filmmakers promised that this redo of the 1990 Paul Verhoeven version (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) would actually stick closer to the heady themes and ideas of the short-story by legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. However, what we got was just another mindless action flick - one with less ambition (and space travel and mutants) than Verhoeven's film.Really, the only thing that Total Recall 2012 accomplished was adding another bothersome entry to our IMDb search results.

Worst Use of a Famous Cast: The Watch

The Watch Stiller Hill Vaughn AyoadeBen Stiller. Vince Vaughn. Jonah Hill. Those three actors have (respectively) headlined some of the biggest comedy films of the last half-decade - so when they all appeared on the same posters and theater marquees for The Watch, big things were understandably expected. If you were a fan of the UK series The IT Crowd, you were also probably excited to see that show's star, Richard Ayoade, making his American debut in the company of comedic giants.There's still no explanation for why, exactly, The Watch turned out so poorly. You can't blame it on real-world events (the Treyvon Martin shooting), and the premise (aliens invade a suburban neighborhood) was wild enough to be funny. Only it wasn't. The cast should've carried the film with a combination of improvised banter and raunchy humor. Only they didn't. They were just... there.Truly a waste of talent - though Stiller/Vaughn/Hill haters would likely say it was just further evidence of why these guys suck. Hard to refute, in this case.

Best Use of an Unknown Cast: For A Good Time, Call...

For a Good Time Call starring Lauren Miller and Ari GraynorA lot of moviegoers will have vague recollections of seeing Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor somewhere before, even if they can't place the names and/or faces in exactly the right spots. However, with their breakout comedic performances in For a Good Time, Call... Miller and Graynor put the famous comedian collection of The Watch to comparative shame, while simultaneously scoring another big point for female raunch-com movies, in the vein of Bridesmaids.Not bad for two girls whose names are still relatively unknown in the mainstream.

Most Kick-Ass Character: Booker (Expendables 2)

Chuck Norris Badass Expendables 2We were excited to learn that Chuck Norris would be joining the likes of Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme in The Expendables 2. The  72-year-old former action star has seen his screen persona blossom into a full-fledged part of the cultural zeitgeist, thanks to Internet sensations like Chuck Norris Facts.Norris' brief cameos in Expendables 2 didn't show off any of his martial arts skills, but as "Booker," he still managed to be extra badass, playing the "lone wolf" amidst a collection of movie badasses. When Norris broke down and cracked his own Chuck Norris List-style meta joke, it was all fans needed to make their lives complete.

Most Idiotic Character: Millburn the Biologist (Prometheus)

 Rafe Spall in Prometheus Biologist Pet Alien SnakeWhat the hell do they teach scientists in the future that Ridley Scott imagined - how to be the smartest dumb people in the universe? That certainly seems to be the case, according to Prometheus.We'll ignore a lot of the obvious points that Internet chat forums and spoof-videos have already pointed out - but we can't ignore the dumbest character moment in any summer 2012 movie. The biology specialist on the Prometheus (Rafe Spall) was a craven sort - until all of a sudden he thought it would be a good idea to pet an alien snake rising from a puddle of black goo.We don't usually side with people who scream at movie theater screens - but in this case they were right: that "scientific genius" was beyond dumb, and deserved to die horribly.Image source: Memegenerator

Best Moment: Hulk vs. Loki (The Avengers)

Hulk vs Loki in AvengersLoki (Tom Hiddleston) had been wreaking havoc on Earth ever since Thor, and in The Avengers he certainly took things up a notch. While not the best fighter, per se, Loki's penchant for manipulation and deception was unmatched by anyone in the nine realms; too bad The Hulk is not so much a thinker, as a smasher.In a moment that is pure Joss Whedon, Loki's tyrannical rant against the Hulk is cut short as the silver-tongued villain literally gets his body used like a fly swatter by the jade giant. Not only was Hulk's big smash moment awesomely hilarious, his subsequent one-liner - "Puny god" - may take the award for best summer catchphrase, as well.Image Source: Zerboy

Worst Moment: Haunted House Breakup (The Apparition)

Ashley Green in the ApparitionAfter nightmarish paranormal events keep occurring in their new house, Kelly (Ashley Greene) uncovers a shocking secret from her boyfriend Ben's past: he is responsible for releasing the ghost that is haunting them - and worse (gasp), he had another girlfriend before her!Kelly confronts Ben about his secrets, and after the ensuing argument, banishes him from the house. This leaves Kelly alone in a dark, empty home with a malevolent ghost, armed only with some lame-ass infrared detector as protection. Can you tell yet that writer/director Todd Lincoln never gave his Apparition script a thorough edit, in terms of logical development?Kelly, my dear, you were always too stupid too survive. There's a place waiting for you right next to that snake-petting guy in Prometheus. R.I.P.

Most Eloquent: Forrest Bondurant (Lawless)

Forrest Bondurant (Tom Hardy) in LawlessTom Hardy had a pretty good summer at the movies, headlining one of the biggest blockbusters of the year (Dark Knight Rises), as well as an artful literary adaptation (Lawless). Most impressive of all: Hardy stole the show in both films, while barely speaking an audible line.Bane's Shakespearian dialogue in Dark Knight Rises snagged its own place on this list - but it was Hardy's use of grunts and monosyllabic phrasing when playing Virginia bootlegger (and invincible badass) Forrest Bondurant in Lawless that earns him the award for eloquence and emotiveness through spoken (word? Sound?).All joking aside: Forrest Bondurant's grunt-lingo was a highlight of Lawless, and the lager-than-life character somehow found a way to say more in a guttural utterance than most characters do in an entire monologue. Bravo, Mr. Hardy.

Most Meme'd: Bane (Dark Knight Rises)

Bane KittyHeath Ledger's Joker voice might creep people out for years to come, but Tom Hardy's Bane voice and dialogue quotables are going to be making them laugh equally as long.Everyone has their favorite, and this is clearly reflected in the sheer amount of memes featuring Tom Hardy's Bane that have flooded the Internet since Dark Knight Rises was released.In fact, see the proof for yourself (Click at your own Risk!): Bane Memes

Most 'Creative' Advertising: The Apparition

The Apparition Trailer False AdvertisingIf you watch The Apparition trailer, you too might walk away with the impression that the film is about a ghost that gains the power the more you believe in it. Only, it's not about that at all. You might notice the end of the trailer, where star Ashley Greene is repeating to herself (via voice-over) not to believe - even as ghostly hands grope and envelope her body. Only, that voice-over never happens in the actual movie.While on the one hand we want to call this what it is (flagrant false advertising); on the other hand, we recognize the skills of the PR team who came up with a conceivable way to market a mess of a film that had been gathering dust on a studio shelf for a year. Great job, team! Now give us our damn ticket money back...

Most Efficient Traveler: Bruce Wayne (Dark Knight Rises)

From a hole in the ground at the end of the world, to re-appearing on the streets of Gotham City (exactly where Selina Kyle happens to be) in the span of a few minutes?How does he do it? (All together now:)HE'S BATMAN!

Fall Movies 2012

Summer Movie Recap Fall Movie PreivewIt's been an average, monumental, disappointingly funny action-packed adventure at the movies in summer 2012, with plenty left to look forward to in the Fall.If you haven't done so yet, be sure to have a look at our Fall 2012 Movie Preview, for all the latest trailers, release dates and info about the upcoming crop of fall films.Otherwise, jump to the comment section and share your favorite movie moments of summer 2012 - and/or your best summer movie awards categories (and winners)!


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  1. not sure how batman vs bane didn’t win best fight.

    • to be fair the sewer fight was the best fight of the movie. the end fight was a total f**k up because the it degraded it totally. how exactly did batman beat him so easily?
      …bla…bla…bla Yeah i know, He’s Batman.
      The avengers was better that is how i feel and im sure most people did too.

      • completely agree.. the end fight was a huuuuuuuugee let down. I still cant believe that Nolan thought that was the way to do it. Too bad bc the rest of the movie was awesome, including their first fight.

      • WHOOAA!! Clearly you are forgetting all the pushups, pullups, and situps Bruce did while in that prison!

      • he did it after a s*** ton of push ups. Training in the prison wasn’t just for the climb after all, good sir. He’s not Batman, that’s just a symbol. He’s Bruce f****** Wayne!

        • The last fight he was clearly more patient and blocked before striking unlike in the first were he just attacked. did nobody see Tom hardy go ballistic after batman hit his mask? Those were the most ferocious realistic punches I’ve seen all year.

          • I agree completely. When bane cracked that pillar I got chills. Bane and Batman’s two fights in that movie were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Especially the end. Only complaint is that it could have lasted just a bit longer.

            • Tom hardy is the most spot on puncher in Hollywood especially in warrior

      • batman was doing push ups in the pit…bane was sitting around city hall watching people get judged…peace cost him his strength, victory defeated him in the end.

    • exactly, thats what i would choose as best fight

    • Cause it wasn’t? Come on. That fight used to many cuts that you can’t make a single thing out of it. Avengers showed much more when talking about fighta than TDKR, but it’s OK, because TDK franchise is not about that!!!

  2. Avengers vs Chitauri was like a dream of mine… but Bane vs Batman (first time) deserved a runner up mention just due to the pure brutality of it.

    This is coming from a Marvelnite so to speak (find the Batman films very overrated) but that scene was done perfectly.

    • the avengers fight was more epic but not really a fight more of an was whooping. only seldomy was any pain inflicted

    • “Avengers vs Chitauri was like a dream of mine… but Bane vs Batman (first time) deserved a runner up mention just due to the pure brutality of it.”
      ^^Exactly that.
      I loved the first Batman vs Bane fight… it was like you said, just pure brutality. Very emotional and very well done. It definitely deserves an honorable mention methinks.


  4. I love Ted, but the most hilarious scene would have to be the after credits Shwarma scene in the Avengers, or the scene where Hulk punches Thor, or when Hulk smashes Loki. The unexpectedness of those scenes made it that much more funnier.

  5. Superhero movies are lame. Mindless drivel.

    • then what are you doing on this website? There are plenty of others who surely cater to your trolling tastes.

      • He thinks he’s being clever and mature…sort of like a toddler.

      • Now, now Stove…the sign says “Don’t feed the trolls”

  6. Except for the funny bits involving the Hulk, in my opinion nothing matched so many of the great moments in TDKR. People will b**** about pretty much anything these days no matter how good something is. You can pick any film that is considered a masterpiece and nitpick at every little thing in it and say “well it doesn’t make sense, because his mustache was longer in this scene but shorter in the next, why did it shrink all of a sudden…” I enjoyed Avengers, it was a good, but I also enjoyed many other movies this summer, my favorite was TDKR. It might not be perfect, but no movie is.

  7. though it’s all in good fun, at number 25: how is it so hard to believe a man who could find a secret building a top a snow caped mountain in the dead of winter could not find one woman walking around a somewhat deserted urban winter street? this same man traveled days(minutes in the movie, but days according to Morgan Freeman’s freckles) and long distances with no cash (not like he learned to do that before with complete audience acceptance in a previous movie, unless we count Batman Begins) yet I am baffled as to how often these two things get brought up as plot holes (though not mentioned as such in 25, i’m just a grouch and hate this non-argument)… a true plot hole is when something doesn’t make sense… these are actions clearly provided with prior back stories giving them a canonical feeling, much like the comics eventually provide after enough time as passed to allow such a canon at all in the first place. Bruce Wayne showed him self to become a resourceful man through out the trilogy. “Because he’s Batman?” No, because he’s Bruce Wayne.

    • I think it took him 3 weeks to get back to Gotham, which is mentioned by other characters when they were referring to the time to detonation.

      People probably expect a flash sequence they do in Guy Richie films, showing Bruce Wayne hitching a ride, shaking hands with his rich friends, a passport, Bruce sitting down on the airplane, having a drink, beat up a few henchmen, use his devices to track Selina, and boom! Selina eating the apple.

      This is not even including how he fixed The Bat’s autopilot, giving the GPS device to the orphange for Blake to pick up later on, setting up the bat symbol, tracking down Blake and the police, parking the Bat before fighting Bane, fix his wound from Talia’s knife stab, ejecting himself from The Bat, finding Selina again, and sitting through all the cafe in Florence to find Alfred.

      • Oh, and probably another quick scene of Bruce crying in the batsuit inside the City Hall bathroom after getting stabbed by Talia.

        People, this might be included in the director’s cut, according to my anonymous but reliable resource =P

  8. I LOVED Dark Shadows so it really doesn’t matter to me what anyone(besides those who actually enjoyed it) thought of it let alone the people at Scree Rant.

  9. the last fight between batman and bane was not a letdown. bane showed speed and strength when he punched those pillars which was BADASS. batman beat bane easily because the bomb was gonna blow and he had to stop it since he thought catwoman wouldnt help plus batman was told about bane mask keeping pain away, so the logical thing a smart fighter (which batman is) would do is attack him on the face. seriously dont get why it was a letdown to some.

  10. I too find the Dark knight Rises ending emotional, but for me, the ending of Safety Not Guaranteed (which was seen by practically no one, which probably explains why its not on the list) is the most emotional one for me.

    Its a movie about a group of people with their fading aspirations, so when the film ends, the ending is so out there, so big for an indie, yet so incredibly hopeful for all the dreamers out there, that I’m still smiling after seeing it.

    • No theatre in my area got it. what a shame

  11. How come I’m not seeing any awards on this post besides 2 or 3

  12. Nvm

  13. How The Bourne Legacy is a disapointment! his boxoffice run is farfrom over especially since it has yet to open in many countries1

    • I haven’t seen Bourne Legacy yet (still two weeks to go before it’s released here), but yeah, IMO Prometheus was the biggest disappointment this year.
      That opinion might change after seeing BL, but I’m not so sure… I was really looking forward to Prometheus and it just didn’t live up to the hype.

      • Haywire to me was the biggest disappointment. I thought it was terrible

      • “IMO Prometheus was the biggest disappointment this year.”

        Agreed. I left the theater shaking my head.
        And I loved Bourne Legacy so go see it and subsequently enjoy it. :)

      • Curious. what did you not like about Prometheus? besides all the un explained crap lol

    • ‘Cause, its a movie that was building up to a fight between Renner’s Aaron cross and Edward Norton and his agency, but instead the closest thing we got to a climax was some random agent introduced a few minutes before the climax and no conclusion to the story, just a build up to another sequel.

      Talk about a non-ending.

  14. Totally agree with your list. Except for one movie MIA.

    Moonrise Kingdom.

    Best movie of the summer for me. Avengers second.

  15. A lot of these categories were singling out specific movies. “Most Meme’d”, “Most Efficient Traveler” “Best Use of an Unknown Cast”. This article shouldve been called “Most Memorable movies of the Summer Movie Season” not Awards

    i would like to see an actual award format set up for the summer season (May-August). Best Action Sequence, Funniest Character, Worst Actor. Have runner-ups as well so we know what it was up against.

    Also, Moonrise Kingdom didnt get any love, for shame

    • I agree.

      As for rectifying the glaring omission of Moonrise Kingdom, I personally would have bumped the ending of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ for Most Emotional Moment and replaced it with the ending of Moonrise Kingdom. That scene at the end with Sam Shakusky painting and then climbing out the window, was very moving for me.

      TDKR ending was ruined for me because of Batman’s cockpit speech to Catwoman. Not only was it bad timing due to the ticking time bomb about to go off, but Batman’s squirmingly bad dialog was delivered in Batman’s “rough” voice…… and at this point Catwoman already knew he was Bruce Wayne. Right? Why bother disguising your voice? Macho posturing? Anything that happened in TDKR after that terrible scene couldn’t produce a lump in my throat. I just didn’t care about Batman after that.

      • He probably just used batman voice out of habit. Batman is a whole new persona to himbut I get your point. Moorish was great BTW

      • I love TDKR, it was the most emotional ending of the Summer, it have me on the edge of my seat!!

        • Gordon: Batman hurry, the bomb is about to blow up!
          Batman: one second, i gotta make out with Catwoman
          Batman: ok
          Gordon: now be careful, this is a megaton nuclear bomb, it’s very fragile
          Batman: no problem, let me just hook it to the Bat-Jet
          *Jet flys away, dragging the bomb across the street, swinging it into the side of a building, knocking over street lights in the process*
          Gordon: Damn-it Batman, I said be careful!

          • lmao!!!

      • agreed sir. for me, the emotion i felt at the end of TDKR was anger…that i sat through this 2 hr 40 min crap-fest, and people are hailing this film as the best thing since citizen kane. nolan is god my @$s!

  16. Yep Bourne Legacy was a big let down.

  17. Its funny how people are saying now tdkr is overrated. Avengers was ok, the only credit i give the avengers was how each hero didnt outshine each other.

    • That, also it was funny, the action was great, and the story line (though nothing special) was not complete gibberish. The Avengers as itself was an alright movie, but when you consider how many things couldve gone wrong, you realize that its pretty awesome.

      Its like looking at a work of art: “it’s no mona lisa but it’s ok”. Then someone tells you it’s made completely out of crayons. And your like “damn, thats pretty impressive, i wouldnt expect something so good come from a place i’m use to less then spectacular things coming from” (maybe that allusion is not perfect, but you get what i mean, on paper that movie would not work at all, but everyone seemed to enjoy it overall)

  18. Great list Kofi (it kinda reminds me of the annual Top Gear awards: a lot of them make a lot of sense and are pretty well thought out, while some of them are just plain hilarious – referring here to the “Most meme’d” and “most efficient traveler” award :P)

    There are still a few flicks that I have to check out (Ted, Bourne and Expendables to name the big ones), but from all the movies I’ve seen, I can’t find any fault with the list… and it’s awesome to see that my favorites of the year all got at least one “award”!

    If I had one criticism it would be to add an extra category for “most surprising movie hit of the summer” – it would be nice to know which summer blockbuster surprised you guys the most (where you had low expectations, and came out of the theater feeling blown away or very surprised at the quality)

    • Avenger, since you are a regular here, I will add that just for you!

      I’ll drop a comment when it’s added.

      • ^Now that’s what I call service :P
        Thanks Kofi.

    • idk about surprise hit money wise but some movies that I surprisingly loved were Pirates! Band of misfits and cabin in the woods

  19. You hit the nail on the head!

    Great article, Screen Rant!

  20. *expects retarded, childish fanboys form both sides explaining why their movie was better

    Oh, no..

    They are already here!

  21. Most Successful…the Avengers? I believe you’re forgetting about a little 3D documentary covering the life of the latest ex-wife of Russel Brand and her spinning peppermint bra. I’m pretty sure that movie pulled in 50 or 60 bucks.

    Great job Kofi! I enjoy these types of articles.

  22. While I’m not going to dispute Avengers winning best fight over Batman vs Bane, because I do think the consensus is that it was better, I just personally don’t get why people think so.

    The Avengers vs Chitauri was big and had that very neat, tidy choreography, but there were no stakes. No one’s at risk of dying, and we don’t even see it as being particularly dangerous to the city (unlike that deleted scene). It’s epic purely because of the geek factor of seeing the Avengers stand in the same scene and go all tag-team on the Chitauri. There wasn’t much of it that was new or creative as far as action set pieces go (think TDKR’s football field scene, or plane-jacking scene).

    In fact I think the neat fighting works against it. It’s just so…obviously choreographed that it feels more like I’m seeing the characters work out a well-rehearsed routine rather than go to war. Maybe it’s just me (which is why I don’t dispute the results) but the explosions just don’t cut it for me anymore.

    Batman vs. Bane was pretty damn epic the first time. Whether you’re a Batman fan or not, there’s that edge-of-your-seat kind of feeling in watching the fight and thinking that Batman might just take a beating this time – and then he did.

    The second fight was pretty unimpressive, granted, aside from Bane’s few wall-breaking punches. But I don’t think we’re counting that one, are we?

    • I actually think the second fight was ALMOST as good as the first, but for very different reasons. Unfortunately, my feeling of victory and love of the moment of Batman finally destroying Bane was stolen by the rather late-in-the-game and ill-timed reveal with the knife in the side. Well done, but poorly timed. It really stole away Batman’s win.

      • I agree, after all the buildup about Bane being Batman’s equal if not superior, the twist just made Bane less important and diminished Batman’s win. I think the fans were all excited that the Talia rumours were true (I know I was) but in the end I think it would’ve been better if they just left it out.

        I think with a little better fight choreography and maybe some actual ninja moves from Batman the final fight could have been as awesome as it seemed to be when I first saw it. I didn’t think it was bad at all, though.

  23. Come on, guys. Where is the Batman love? Only two entries and one was sarcasm. It should have easily won best fight, for the first Bane vs. Batman. This replaced my favorite fight of all time: 1986 Prime vs. Megatron. Honestly, it was perfectly done and flawless. The Avengers, while amazing, was anything but flawless. Nolan gave everyone, especially hardcore fans what they wanted with that fight, and more. I feel like it became a bit trendy to bash the new Batman film, almost to the point where its greatness was overlooked in favor I taking a road of going against it, which the media seemed to do from the get-go. Almost an “I told you it wouldn’t be as good as TDK” approach. Actually, in many ways, it’s better! Most just didn’t see it.

    • Exactly. No mention about the plane-jacking scene – ‘Most Mindblowing Scene’, maybe?

  24. Was the Red Light Green Light thing in BATTLESHIP really that cnfusing to people? It was clear to me by the second time I saw it that the Red was identifying bad/potentially amful tech/life and the Gree was indetifying safe/OK to avoid .

  25. To be fair, this is pretty much the “Comic Book Movie Awards”

  26. right on with that list, best one was # 23

  27. I’m continually baffled as to how people seem to warp their own minds to consider the most insipidly uninspiring nolan-crap to be great.

    The first (arthritic-)Batman vs (mini-)Bane fight shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as THE AVENGERS action sequences. It was stale, boring, uninpsired, poorly-choreographed, and unimaginative. Nolan cannot do great action….it’s obvious!!! The Black Widow vs thugs fight in THE AVENGERS was a better action scene than anything in tdkr, and in fact the entire tdk trilogy. Three movies…..over 7 hours of Batman and not one truly memorable action scene.

    • Darksteel…

      Your loud expression of your own biases discredit you. Nolan’s films have been considered, for the most part, successful, both critically and popularly. Despite your arrogant self-love, the world seems to disagree with you. So…WHOSE mind is actually warped?

      Plus, your last statement leads me to believe you didn’t really pay any attention to the Batman films…and, thus, should NOT give a random, tring-to-sound-hip-and-cool opinion.

      • Sigh…that should be “discreditS”…ah, the joys of subject-verb agreement.