Summer 2013 Movie Awards – SR Underground Ep. 107

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sr underground 107 summer movie awards Summer 2013 Movie Awards   SR Underground Ep. 107

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one hundred seven of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we present Screen Rant’s Summer 2013 Movie Awards, offer updates on the Spawn movie, discuss which superhero we would kill-off in Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as answer listener e-mails.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 107 - Summer 2013 Movie Awards

We present Screen Rant’s Summer 2013 Movie Awards, offer updates on the Spawn movie, discuss which superhero we would kill-off in Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as answer listener e-mails.

[0:00] News: Age of Ultron: Joss Whedon Discusses Killing Off An AvengerJames Spader Officially Cast as Ultron in ‘The Avengers 2,’ ‘Spawn’ Reboot Aiming for 2014 Shoot; Will be a Horror Movie, Not a Superhero Movie, and Mitch Hurwitz Is Writing the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie, To Be Followed by Season 5.

[1:19:13] Rants and Raves: Mailbag – How we (the editorial team) met and our most divisive fight.

[1:50:04] Discussion: Summer 2013 Movie Awards (read our full list of Summer 2013 Movie Awards).

[2:27:31] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week: Riddick

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (The World’s End opening): Sal reports it was another erratic week for the listeners. None of the new releases topped the charts and nothing new topped #3. The winner this week was Sam Howard with a score of 12!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Riddick – 2,800

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • N/A

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  1. I agree that MOS had the most emotional moment, but I would pinpoint it more towards Clark watching Pa Kent die.

    A moment like that really hasn’t stirred me since, as I’ve said, Bond struggling to save Vesper from drowning in “Casino Royale”. Both happened for different reasons, but it’s that moment of helplessness, watching the hero suffer because this was one life he desperately wanted to save, but ultimately couldn’t because his loved one wanted to die so that the hero could do what was right from there on out.

  2. That Hulk death idea is crazy, I can’t deny I’d tear up a bit too.

    • This podcast is starting to get me really excited for Avengers 2.

    • If Ant-Man is coming, that could happen though. Giant Man could stand in as the brawn.

      Honestly, I think it’s probably going to be Hawkeye. And if it turns out to be Cap, Bucky will become the new leader.

      • Cap would be an interesting move, though I think it’ll be Nick Fury. Maybe Cap well end up taking over his position if it does happen.

        Hulk getting back to earth by jumping through space reminds me of when Goku was trying to get back to earth to fight Vegeta and the other guy aha.

        • I think Hulk would die if he tried that, right? He can still be deprived of oxygen.

          • I don’t think it should happen or would happen, it’s just funny aha

  3. HOLD IT

    What if Ultron blasts Hulk off into space and he becomes captured by Thanos AND The Leader?

    He could return in Avengers 3 as a brainwashed villain, something the Hulk is not unfamiliar with. OR Leader could harvest the gamma radiation, test it on Thunderbolt Ross, and we get Red Hulk.

    • I see that could work, brilliant idea =)

  4. 1 riddick
    2 butler
    3 one direction
    4 were the millers
    5 planes
    10 getaway

  5. I’m with you Ben on the Spawn front. I’d prefer a big budget film as well. With Cy-Gor. Giant robot gorilla. I’d love to see a new Spawn movie.

    As far as Marvel Studios go, I’m just gonna focus on one movie at a time and use my fanboy comic knowledge to slowly try and piece it together. Hawkeye will die and then Tony Stark in Avengers 3.

  6. Ben you may also have a thing for Vera Farmiga because Elizabeth Olsen = younger version of Vera Farmiga depending on how you look at it might be where Vera Farmiga = milf version of Elizabeth Olsen.

    I think I would kill off one of the Hawkeye & Black Widow tandem. It almost feels like they are bringing in super powered replacements in Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch. They could easily kill one of the the two new characters but not both it would seem like a wasted to do that, so logically one of the old & one of the new characters.

    They are the easiest kill off because being human & ScarJo is a relatively big name that like Ben said it “she doesn’t necessarily need this” plus they brought in Emily Van Camp as Agent 13 & theres the Elizabeth Olsen factor. Hawkeye can now get more to do in Avengers 2, which Whedon has been saying he’s going to give Hawkeye a more important role what better way than with a Coulson-esque death scene.

    Killing Thor would almost be too much of a cop out in a way, since they did kill him in the first Thor & Loki is going to do what he’s going to do to Thor in the sequel. Captain Americas death would almost be better served in Avengers 3 so they could bring in Bucky for the following sequels.

    Anthony I think your death scene for Hulk is very beautiful. It would be an amazing way for him to go out, it’s very King Kong like “Twas beauty killed the beast”

  7. I agree with pretty much all of the awards. Out of all the big movies this year, I think Star Trek Into Darkness was the most overlooked movie. So great. But aside from Star Trek, Kick-Ass 2 definitely best sequel.

    But man, has Ryan Reynolds become a curse among comic book movies? Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D. Geez.

    • What I hate is how he was never necessarily bad in those movies. To me anyways, he was always solid, it’s just the movie itself that sucked. I feel bad for Reynolds, he’s got some serious potential. Hopefully they get that Deadpool film off the ground and show everyone off.

      • If he wants to prove something a deadpool film is not the way to do so. Look at cooper, with a string of hangover sequels and a lack a great role he tries out for a tough role one that can solidfy him in silver linings playbook and he kills it

        • True, you’ve got a point there. He’s just gotta start making good movies in general that shows he’s a serious actor. Maybe something along the lines of Buried? His performance in that movie was awesome.

          • Right after that film he went straight back to blockbusters and his usual environment.

          • Yep very good in burried

  8. Your guys’ stories about meeting and working on Screen Rant were really fun to hear. I’m hoping there are more stories to come!

    • was about to say that. It was really interesting to see how all u guys got to know each other and start with screenrant

    • Yeah, that was good stuff. Also a perfect opportunity to ask something that I was wondering about for quite some time now: is Kofi Outlaw your real name or just an alias? I’m asking because it sounds way too cool to actually be a real name and, as we heard today, you’re also a bit coy with your contact address. ;)

      • It is my real name. If you heard my FULL real name it would only blow your mind further. Maybe one day on the ‘cast ;-)

        • Wow that’s one badass name, I always thought it was just your internet name.

        • @ Kofi. I think I remember either you or Keyes talking about writing a piece on The Wire. Where are you guys with that?

          • That was Kofi and he’s already begun. It’ll go up sometime in near future :)

        • That’s awesome! Now I’m really curious. :D

  9. As for Ryan Reynolds…

    The ONLY possible way I think he could redeem himself as of right now would be if they did a Sly Cooper movie and he voiced Sly.

    HOWEVER, I don’t see Kevin Miller saying no to that :)

    • That’s one game adaptation we need.

      • Right?

        The writing is very well done and the universe is quite unique.

        • Exactly. Plus, imagine what you can accomplish with the art style of the video game on the big screen.

          • I’m picturing Panda King’s village in IMAX

            Holy crap.

  10. #1 Riddick
    #2 The Butler
    #3 One Direction: This is Us
    #4 We’re the Millers
    #5 Planes
    #10 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

  11. LOL Ben “Oh my god I cussed! I never curse…”

    • Haha, that part cracked me up too!

  12. This summer, I really enjoyed Man of Steel and I had a blast with Monsters University (I’m a lifelong Pixar fan), but the best moment for me was seeing Star Trek Into Darkness. I went with my grandpa, who is a huge Star Trek fan and we both loved it. It was a really cool memory that I’ll never forget. The movie was a lot of fun and it was awesome to have that experience.

    It was great hearing you guys talk about how you met. That was a funny segment.

  13. My favorite summer films were:

    Mud (8.1/10)
    Star Trek: Into Darkness (8/10), you guys are right it was a heck of a sequel.
    This is the End (8/10) yea the “rapey” joke was a major topic among the media.

    Lot of love for Man of Steel. Haven’t seen it because the reviews did not blow me away, 6.2/10 consensus (rottentomatoes), but I may give a try on video.

  14. WestSideStory! :D

  15. I think that House Cards was really good, but I can’t picture their core demographic (40′s-60′s) flocking to the internet to rant/rave about it. Look at it this way; my pops only uses the webs for international news. After discovering House of Cards he’s subscribed to Netflix. I think it was successful as Netflix claims, just not with the crowd that’s going to be vocal about it online.

  16. I have a hard time seeing them kill off Hawkeye only because he’s the character audiences will have the least attachment to. I don’t think Whedon or Marvel would bother to kill off a character if it’s not going to have much of an impact.

  17. On the podcast you guys mentioned the recently release Avengers animatics cut-scene with Loki and Tony in Stark tower. You speculate that Jarvis in that scene alludes to his becoming evil and Ultron based on his conversation with Tony.

    However, my impression of that scene was that all of that convo was a manipulation by Loki, trying to twist Tony into becoming his pawn. The words coming from Jarvis, the “perfect” human image and all, I thought was generated by Loki using his “mirage” magic.


  18. Hey guys, I was wondering if on the next podcast you can discuss Steven Spielberg’s comments at USC. The one where he talks about the implosion in the film industry (caused by flops). 2015 has massive releases, could that be the year that results in drastic price variances?

    • I could be wrong, but I think they talked about that in a mailbag segment on The Wolverine podcast. Either that or The Lone Ranger episode.

      • +1
        They did discuss it for a bit on that podcast

  19. blackwidow and hawkeye will be pretty useless by the time phase 2 is complete so why not kill them off together.
    Im thinking the prime avengers cap, thor, ironman and maybe hulk will most likely make it to thanos at the least

    • 1-Riddick
      -The Butler
      -One Direction

      10-The Worlds End

  20. 1. Riddick
    2. One Direction
    3. The Butler
    4. We’re the Millers
    5. Planes
    10. Mortal Instruments

  21. Did I hear Ben Kendrick compare Screen Rant’s Summer 2013 Movie Awards to the Academy Awards?

    Ben, come on…the SR awards are way more relevant.

  22. You guys are the reason the podcast and the site are so alive and entertaining. After all these years following you, I can’t imagine the internet without ScreenRant!! Keep up the good work.

    1. Riddick
    2. Lee Daniels’ The Butler
    3. One Direction: This is Us
    4. We’re the Millers
    5. Planes
    10. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

    • Thanks Adel! Very kind words :)

  23. Box office battle
    1. Riddick
    2. The butler
    3. One direction
    4. We are the millers
    5. Planes
    10. The worlds end

  24. Do you remember how good the fried clams were at Howard Johnson’s years ago?