DC Comics’ ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie on Hold Until After ‘Justice League’

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Suicide Squad On Hold DC Comics Suicide Squad Movie on Hold Until After Justice League

At one time, Warner Bros. had multiple projects based on DC Comics characters waiting in the wings. The strangest – and perhaps most ambitious – was a proposed film called Super Max, which would have featured current CW stalwart Oliver Queen wrongly convicted of murder and sent to a high-tech prison populated by many of DC’s B and C-list villains. Though David S. Goyer’s Super Max script was roundly praised by those that read it, the film never generated enough interest to get off the ground.

Those still hungry for something in the spirit of Super Max got quite the treat six months ago when it was reported that Warner Bros. was interested in adapting the classic reformed-supervillain title Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, it looks as if the proposed film has run into quite the snag – Warners has decided to place all its second-tier adaptations on hold until after the release of Justice League (and perhaps beyond).

Collider shares the news that Suicide Squad had been placed on the back burner until after more major titles have been tackled for adaptation. When asked about the proposed adaptation of Suicide Squad, producer Dan Lin (Gangster Squad) said:

“[Suicide Squad] has a script from Justin Marks, but that is on a hold right now.  I think Warner Brothers wants to finish their A-list stories first and then we’ll talk about stories like Suicide Squad.”

Suicide Squad would almost certainly follow a group of convicted supervillains given a second chance to pay their debt to society by taking on dangerous – if not outright self-destructive – missions for the United States government. Though not the first version of this so-called “Task Force X,” this tale of super-powered criminals fighting against impossible odds debuted in 1987 under the pen of John Ostrander. That well-regarded comic book run completely revised previously campy villains such as Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Count Vertigo, and Bronze Tiger.

Given Warner Bros.’ current strategy with adaptations of DC Comics’ superhero universe, the move to de-prioritize Suicide Squad makes quite a bit of sense. For the moment, the company has decided to forgo the Marvel Studios method of shared world-building and place all emphasis on upcoming Superman adaptation Man of Steel, followed by the much-discussed Justice League, due in 2015. Dan Lin’s quote seems to indicate that the embargo on lesser-known titles may last even longer than that, as Suicide Squad is far less known by the general public than other characters set to be introduced in Justice League. We may have to wait for film adaptations of The Flash and Wonder Woman before we see Deadshot fighting for his freedom on the big screen.

Suicide Squad Contemporary DC Comics Suicide Squad Movie on Hold Until After Justice League

Perhaps this delay is for the best. The fact that Suicide Squad‘s script has been penned by Justin Marks should be cause for trepidation, if not intense fear. The only major produced script that Marks is known for is Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, an adaptation so notoriously awful that it made audiences nostalgic for the Street Fighter film that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia.

While one cannot reasonably place all the blame for Chun-Li on Marks’ screenplay, there are numerous creative decisions in the story (for instance, changing the iconic villain M. Bison into a milquetoast Irish gangster) that indicate the screenwriter took the path of least resistance while adapting the difficult source material. Despite the fact that Marks has also apparently written the adaptation of another comic book (Hack/Slash), his current output does not inspire confidence.

While Suicide Squad  is on indefinite hold, Man of Steel will fly into theaters June 14th, 2013 and Justice League should debut in the summer of 2015.


Source: Collider

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  1. Would love to see this done properly. But I’m still holding out for that Justice League Dark movie that was rumored a few months back. If they made that and this (and if they were good) I’d safely be in DC’s camp movie wise until the end of days.

  2. Every time I hear something about SuperMax it just makes me smile. Alas, the only version of Green Arrow we’ll probably get is on TV for the time being.

    • I agree Super Max sounds awesome. I don’t think WB knows what they’re doing

      • Im not really up on green arrow but unlike batman doseng he actually kill poeple?

        • His moral compass is not always pointed in the same direction as bats.

  3. Comfortably, the article is in reality the greatest on this noteworthy topic.

  4. You would think that in order to do a Suicide Squad film, you would most certainly have to introduce any members previously even more than you would Justice League members. Of course, one would simply have to have some amount of faith in WB’s handling of their comic properties and they have been notably lacking in this when it isn’t their two staple characters: Superman and Batman.

  5. Yes! This is what I want to hear! DC FOCUSING on getting a proper JL/DCCU out there.
    Their scrambled way of planning movies was seriously starting to worry me so I’m ecstatic that this is the route they’re taking.

  6. is DC afraid to do larger property films? Has Green Lanterned scared them away from risking Wonder Woman, Flash, and Hawkman films? Thats what it looks like to me. It looks like they are gonna take things one step at a time with Superman and Justice League and until they have a verdict on Superman, then they will risk putting these superheroes in their own movies. Until then, they are going with low risk films. Ones that if they do poorly, they can just shove it off to the side and pretend it didnt happen. Its easy to forget Constantine and Jonah Hex, but it’s hard to forget “Green Lantern” when he’s suppose to be be in the Justice League. Having the JL movie tie in with the GL movie could actually hurt ticket sales, so they dont want to risk another flop on their biggest properties.

    Marvel on the otherhand, as soon as Iron Man was a hit, they set in stone their next 5 movies, all the way to The Avengers. DC wants to do that but they are afraid that spreading themselves too thin will hurt them in the long run. So they are releasing lesser know properties like Suicide Squad and LOBO, because who cares if those movies turn into flops, its not gonna hurt them in the long run.

    • not to say Suicide Squad doesnt warrant it’s own movie, and that it could be really good. I just saying its a lower profile movie than say Flash or Wonder Woman, and those films would be more anticipated in the general audience.

      • I think they’re doing somewhat of the opposite, actually. In that sense they and Marvel seem to be in agreement: get people on board with the mainstays, and once a style has been established, start branching out (Guardians of the Galaxy).

  7. Hopefully they will base it off of the New 52 Suicide Squad with Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark and El Diablo.

  8. Why stop at suicide squad, every WB movie should be put on hold so they can focus on putting out a quality JL film.

  9. WB/DC need to get their act together.

    • Exactly, and I think this news is a sign that they’re doing just that.

      • @ The Avenger: Took the words right out of my mouth.

  10. What WB could do is intro the Suicide Squad members in the impending JL, WW and Flash movies in the next few years (granted everything goes according to plan) and spin Suicide Squad off that. Whether they play major or minor roles, each villain could be captured/detained at some point throughout those movies and thus the general audience would become familiar enough with each character and it’d be an effective way to tie everything together.

    • Correct. I think Dead Shot AND Harley Quinn could easily be introduced in The Batman, so there’s two out of the way.

  11. No problem with this at all, Justice League comes first, they have to get it right, this tells me DC/WB are getting their act together, Suicide Squad would be sick, same with JL Dark, but everything must go into JL first, its a MASSIVE project, once thats out the way then branch out..

  12. But, isn’t that what WB/DC do? They tell you about all these movies that they are going to do in the near but distance future then they can them.

  13. In order to make a successful Suicide Squad movie, it would most definitely have to be R rated. This means a lot of killing, a lot of good ole fashioned blood and guts, and MAYBE even a sex scene between Harley and Dead Shot.

    • No… Just no… I won’t see the movie if it is that bad. The Dark Knight trilogy did extremely well and it didn’t have any of those things. Was there a few questionable scenes? Yes, but they were not very graphic luckily. I am fine with the killing but I am not okay with blood and guts or the scene between Harley and Deadshot. This happened in the comics and fans hated it. (Including me)

      I would rather the film be taken seriously and done from a Nolan perspective. Replace King Shark with Bane, take away El Diablo’s fire hand stuff, give Harley a less revealing suit and make them “more” realistic.

  14. Personally, I think a Justice League movie is something that needs to be taken slowly and very carefully. It needs a build up matching Marvel’s otherwise it will be just too shoddy.

    Personally, I’d love to see a suicide squad movie. I know DC has trouble with anything other than the World’s Finest Duo, but I actually think their imprint adaptations are hugely underrated, RED and Losers spring to mind. I think Suicide Squad would really work with a similar aesthetic, if a bit darker.

    My ideal line-up would be Deadshot (obviously) Harley, Black Spider, El Diablo, King Shark (But more human looking, think along the lines of Sabretooth, but with gills instead of fur) and Savant, who defects and is replaced by Captain Boomerang (who loathes the name and insists on being called Digger)

    On a related note, I’d love to play Boomerang…