First Amazing Trailer For Zack Snyder’s ‘Sucker Punch’

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sucker punch trailer First Amazing Trailer For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

One of the movie-related things at Comic-Con that blew people away was the Sucker Punch panel. The Screen Rant staff who attended the panel were not able to describe the footage to me – they just kept grasping for the words… And now I understand why. Zack Snyder’s follow-up to 300 looks incredible – at least when it comes to the visuals.

Sucker Punch is the story of a young woman locked up at a mental institution who escapes mentally into a fantasy world in order to help her survive her situation. The film has a group of beautiful women battling everything from your basic bad guys to giant robots, fire-breathing dragons, Samurai warriors and more. Instead of telling you, click on the image below to go see the first trailer on


sucker punch trailer2 First Amazing Trailer For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

Now you see what we’re talking about. icon smile First Amazing Trailer For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch opens on March 25, 2011.

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  1. Hmmmmm… As much as I dislike Snyder’s stuff, I am intrigued due to his use of visual effects (albiet, way over the top, but still fun).

  2. Y’all weren’t kidding at all. I’m looking forward to this.

  3. this is like the girls version of Expendables…on drugs. I like it

    • that’s what i was thinking throughout the trailer hehehe
      it looks great and all but to much fantasy stuff, i recon it could go without the dragon(s). also like mentioned by someone below, if she dreams about escaping doesn’t that mean she’s still in the institute the whole time… i greatly dislike movie that have the ‘is it a dream or reality’ BS… yeah that goes for inception as well.

      • good observation..

        • Actually, there no reason why she couldn’t also escape the institution by using her mind. This premise is nothing new Madeline Stowe and Alan Rickman were in film very simliar.

          Stowe was being tortured and interrogated by Rickman for political reasons, but Stowe was able to battle and outduel and outwit him in her mind and then convey it to reality, so the end result was the captived became the captor… The question is does the now captor show mercy that wasn’t shown to her? I wonder what Wes Craven’s opinion would be?

      • I find your open mindedness severely limited. Thus, chances are I’m going to avoid bumping into you in the future.

        • so your saying you wouldn’t really care if it turned out everything was in her head and she never leaves the institute. so long as you have big explosions, women in lingerie, guns blood and mythical creatures… please correct me if i’m wrong.

        • I understand you completely.Why not play with the viewers mind with whats real and whats a fantasy.It makes for an interesting story of what the mind does to escape the harsh realism of life and bad situations.And the fact he calls it BS shows his lack of respect for unique story telling

      • Inception is one of the best films of the year,and possibly ever made.So you have issues if you think its “BS”.You need to check out twilight or something that would allow you relax and enjoy b/c it all takes place in “reality”

        • Best film ever made? spoken like someone who (like all of us) has gone through one of the most dismal movie seasons on record. Inception is good….but FAR from the best….I think it’s somewhat made better by the veritable drought we are experiencing right now.

        • Inception is a great film, block buster or not, but one of the greatest ever made? Not by a long-shot. And I don’t say that just because I think critics are a lil trigger happy due to the dismal summer movie season.

  4. As if any director would be better for this type of movie. Im excited.

  5. please be R lol

  6. So many bucket loads of awesome. Sign me up please.

  7. WOW this is definitely a must see for me. I know what me and my friends are dressing up as for Halloween 2011 =D

  8. That does look pretty cool but I’ve been wary of Snyder ever since he spectacularly missed the point of Watchmen

    Also, someone is gonna use that voice over for a Bioshock fan-trailer. Mark my words

    • Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation is exactly what I imagined the perfect film version of Watchmen to be, even the ending. If you don’t like it than I’m not sure you entirely get the point of Watchmen. It’s way better than 300 and rivals The Dark Knight as one of the best “superhero” films ever made. Oh yea, Sucker Punch looks good too.

      • I liked it for what it was,but I wholeheartedly disagree that it even rivals TDK.I don’t even think it’s better than Batman Begins.

      • The last time I checked, the point of Watchmen was to deconstruct the superhero icon and show them how they would be in the real world: fallible, flawed, without any of the romance, sex appeal of “cool-ness” they have in comics.
        Watchmen the book is about how superheroes in the real world would disappoint us.
        Watchmen the movie spends ever possible minute glamorizing superheroes with slow motion, extended fight sequences and dramatized glory shots with everything positioned just right to make the hero look awesome.
        The movie puts heroes up on a pedestal in the same breath that it claims to be deconstructing them, thus failing at both.

        • I agree 100% with you. This was the main reason I didn’t like Watchmen at all.

          • But the opening credits were great, I’ll give it that.
            And purely from a design point of view I liked Nite Owl’s costume.
            As an interpretation of the costume from the book, didn’t care for it at all.
            But as an entirely separate entity I warmed to it.
            See, he can make the underoos on the outside look ok! So can Batman! :P

            • Watchmen was fine lol. christ man get off that already

          • Cuz when the Comedian shot the pregnant woman he seemed like such a hero…? Yeah, not really. Watchmen rocked!

            • Thank you. The only “hero” that really shined was Rorschach- and he’s insane!

              • Also, I wouldn’t say they glamorized Nite-owl in the least bit when he couldn’t get it up. And that’s just for starters. We see every bit of the flawed heroes that the comic had.

                And, as a huge fan of the comic, i say that every character was handled perfectly. Except for Silk Spectre. She kind of Sucked.

                Also, I’m not particularly sure what pedestal is being referred to. The only thing even remotely close to a pedestal is Comedian’s military funeral. And that was in the book.

                • You mean aside from the solid thirty seconds of him standing in front of Archie when he first suits up, back to the camera, arms crossed, cape flapping in slow motion in the wind while a dramatic orchestral score plays?
                  Nothing glamorous about that.

            • Dude. TONE. It’s all about TONE. You can have someone do the most reprehensible things imaginable but seem to be propping them up or glamorizing it depending on the tone.
              Just look at the Saw franchise. Ask most fans of the movies, they’ll tell you Jigsaw is cool. Same goes for Freddy Krueger or Keyser Soze. Bad people being glamorized. They’re still bad, but they’re presented in a way that makes being bad cool.
              What’s important to me about Watchmen (the book) is that it strips away all that bs. In the case of The Comedian, it takes the gun-toting, Punisher style vigilante and strips away the glamor. This isn’t something that should be romanticized in any way, shape or form. This person is a monster.
              Same with Rorschach. He is not some mysterious, brooding creature of the night dispensing justice and looking damn cool doing it, he’s a mentally ill, sexually repressed man with mommy issues. Take away the mask and he’s the kind of loser you don’t give a second glance to when you pass him babbling about conspiracies on the street.
              The book paints a picture of these people in stark mundane reality. There are no big cool two page splashes. Most of the “Shots” are framed in the most straightforward and un-stylized way possible. I may be wrong but I don’t even remember sound effects.
              The movie however is all style. Dynamic lighting and camera angles. Glory shots. Slow motion. Stark, mundane reality this ain’t. This is a really, really violent saturday morning cartoon. And for me atleast, that’s not what Watchmen should be.

        • I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with you as well. The fact that he left the story virtually unchanged is, for me, the biggest thing here. From your posts, it’s very clearly the cinematography that bothers you in the movie. I know you’re so far into your disappointment in the film that you won’t change your mind, but I’m hoping you can see things from my perspective here. In all the characters, you still see their flaws and their struggles and their real-world imperfections. They certainly looked good kicking people’s asses, but that’s what they did in the story anyway. They were superheroes. They fought crime. I don’t think the movie would have been enjoyable if the fight scenes consisted of a bunch of untrained street rats trying to stifle crooks. It’s the characters’ personalities and personal characteristics that reveal their real-world flaws and differences from your cliche superheroes.

          Once again, that’s just me. I don’t feel like the film was as far off as you think it was. But at the same time, I can respect your view of the film, and I think your concerns are legitimate. I just feel differently.

          • Thank you. Finally a coherent, well phrased disagreement.
            I didn’t find they looked all that good in the book. I mean Nite Owl had a paunch as big as mine. Especially when you compare it to other books of the time, the art in that book is spectacularly dull. Even the panel layout. It’s totally uniform. A one page splash at the beginning of each chapter, and that’s it. And that’s what’s cool about it. It’s making superheroes real. And by real, I mean mundane. Boring, even.
            And you’re right, it is the cinematography and overall visual design that was the huge sticking point for me. I felt it was conflicting the message the whole way through.
            The writing was pretty close to the book, the characters flaws were prettymuch exact. But for me the way it’s filmed and presented just negated that. At the same time they were flawed, they were looking great. I’d rather they looked flawed and looked like regularly people in funny clothes.
            As for the fight scenes, have you watched any of David Cronenberg’s newer films? A History of Violence or Eastern Promises? The fight scenes in those are great and would have worked great for Watchmen. No music, no slo-mo. Very brutal and harsh and real.
            I respect your view as well, and you’re right, the writing was good although I have issues here and there.
            But I’m all about visual design in a movie, and Watchmen’s visuals just felt really off the mark.

  9. If the girl is imagining all of this then I’ll be pissed. Other than that this looks AWESOME!

    • get ready to be pissed lol. it all takes place in her head

  10. You had me at the character posters. But a giant samurai wielding a Vulcan cannon? Sold.

  11. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • agreed!

  12. I saw the footage at CMB and I was blown away. Looks incredibly insane. One thing I didn’t understand is why does this movie wasn’t shoot in 3D. This flick breaths 3D in every frame. Maybe Zack wants to prove he can grab good money without the 3D Factor? I still expect he does not decide to make a lame 3D converstion and he can pull a good story and interesting characters to support his movie.

    • dont really think Snyder is a follower with regards to this lame ass 3D trend

      • I concur.

  13. When i saw the picture i thought it had something to do with a the expendables with females thing. Then as i saw, man i loved it. Looks like another great movie for snyder. I found 300 amazing and yes, i loved watchmen too. As for the 3d stuff, snyder’s still going to kick ass without it

    • yes he is, 3D is a lame trend i wanna see squashed…but fat chance of that lol.

  14. Someone made a joke about it being part musical because of Vanessa Hudgens…

    Gerard Butler (300… Phantomm of the Opera)

    Patrick Wilson (Watchmen… also, Phantom of the Opera)

    • Lol- don’t you know? the maker of that joke is a fan of High School Musical. It’s the uncultured joking against the uncultured. Like… some of the choice visitors of this website.

      At least you do your homework. I can respect that- and thus you.

      • Interpretive dance is actually a huge part of the narrative according to Snyder at the panel at SDCC. Each character has a style of dancing that is sensual and meaningful to their character’s mindset.

      • Well thank you! :)

  15. 300 and watchmen were brilliant and this looks like it will continue Snyder’s run………

  16. umm is it just me or did the WB just realized that Snyder should be the director for Justice league??? me hopes so… after watching the DC Universe trailer i think he should be up for it..

    Any one want to make abet??

    • I would welcome him to that idea

  17. the music fit the trailer…awesome..i think it was the prodigy??

    • It’s “The Crablouse” by Lords Of Acid.

  18. OMG why

  19. AWESOME, SIMPLY AWESOME!! The only downside, why-oh-why does there have to be a “rational” around this?? Why not just a pure fantasy vision? Why a back story that this is all thought up by a mental patient at all…just let loose.

    • I think the back story is great because it’s all battling demons and we all have our own demons to battle and yes unless your from another planet the demons are in our minds, and apparently the way to get out of a mental institution is to get well so the film maker is drawing a parrellax and it gives him or her a canvas to create….

  20. I wish they wouldn’t have leaked that it all a dream (or fantasy).

    • had they not, audiences woulda felt cheated when they realized its all in her head

      • True but IDK if I want 2 see a movie about a crazy persons fantasy.

        • Why not? And if this is the case then give me more. Why were people so interested in the joker then?

          • IDK if I want 2 see another movie about some crazy persons fantasy(See Shutter Island). The Joker was a real villain in TDK,he wasn’t some fantasy that didn’t exist.

            • Yea good point on the joker. I actually haven’t seen shutter island though.

            • Yea good point on the joker. I actually haven’t seen shutter island though.

              • Sorry I Spoiled Shutter Island For You.

  21. Who say’s this trailer is amazing?

  22. This looks like it will be fantastic.