Sucker Punch Review

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Sucker Punch Review Sucker Punch Review

Screen Rant’s Ben Kendrick reviews Sucker Punch

For many moviegoers, Zack Snyder seemingly exploded onto the scene with his visually striking adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300 – with Snyder both penning the screenplay and directing the film. The combination of Miller’s imagination and what we now know as Snyder’s trademark slow-motion/action choreography, resulted in an exciting and brutal film that paved the way for the director to tackle other high-profile existing properties, including Watchmen and the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel.

Sucker Punch, however, is entirely Snyder’s invention – earning the director his first original story credit. With Superman reboot fervor (and fear) at an all time high, not to mention the response to Snyder’s middle-of-the-road Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, many film fans are looking to Sucker Punch as a barometer for whether or not Snyder is still on his game – and subsequently, whether he’s going to deliver a respectable Man of Steel film.

Does Snyder’s latest effort offer an edge-of-your-seat visual spectacle with an engaging story? Or is the film just a confused mish-mash of fantasy set pieces retro-fitted with a convoluted narrative?

Read on…

Unfortunately, despite a few visually-striking action sequences, Sucker Punch is a soulless film which comes across as little more than an excuse for Snyder to showcase a series of vivid fantasy worlds in rapid succession.

If you’re unfamiliar with the basic Sucker Punch premise, here’s the official synopsis:

“Sucker Punch” is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality.  Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and her incredible adventures blur the lines between what’s real and what is imaginary.

Despite the filmmaker’s attempt at an overarching story of self-empowerment – as well as imaginative dream-worlds – Sucker Punch is one of the most formulaic films to hit the screen in recent memory. The basic structure is spelled out in the most recent trailer: In order to be free of her captors, Babydoll (Emily Browning) must find five (symbolic) items – the majority of which are tied to one of the film’s fantasy set-pieces. Similarly, the premise/vehicle through which Babydoll repeatedly enters the dream world isn’t nearly as artistic as Snyder must have thought – and, with each successive performance, becomes increasingly awkward.

Sucker Punch Cast Sucker Punch Review

The film’s reliance on disassociation from reality – while fertile ground for over-the-top action scenes – strips most of the Sucker Punch characters from having anything but cliché and one-dimensional personalities. Two quick lines in the film’s synopsis layout about as much as the audience will get, in terms of character, from the film’s warriors:

She has been locked away against her will, but Babydoll has not lost her will to survive.  Determined to fight for her freedom, she urges four other young girls – the outspoken Rocket (Jena Malone), the street-smart Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), the fiercely loyal Amber (Jamie Chung) and the reluctant Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) – to band together and try to escape their terrible fate at the hands of their captors, Blue (Oscar Isaac), Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino) and the High Roller (Jon Hamm).

All of the performances are extremely one-note – with only Oscar Isaac (Robin Hood), as the film’s main antagonist, successfully bringing anything more than surface-level emotion to the production. In the end, the film seems to violate the most basic storytelling principle – show, don’t tell. Throughout the movie, the audience is told, through dialogue, that each subsequent victory results in some significant impact on each character’s sense of self-worth – but the story never takes advantage of the promised momentum. As a result, even in the closing moments of Sucker Punch, it’s unclear whether anyone has actually been empowered – in spite of voice-over narration that preaches otherwise.

Similarly, when the fantasy elements of the film are later reconciled against the real-world events (which is an on-the-nose exposition dump), it’s hard to feel as though Babydoll’s imagination didn’t just protect her from the horrors of the surrounding environment – they also protected Snyder from having to truly grapple with the emotions and implications of the more important real-world story as well as the subsequent fallout. If Snyder had spent as much time developing a satisfying story arc for the real-world events as he did imagining backstories for the fantasy worlds, Sucker Punch might have actually succeeded in providing a competent narrative journey.

Sucker Punch Fantasy Scenes Sucker Punch Review

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, in a film where visuals take precedent over character development and engaging story progression, that the Sucker Punch action scenes are fast-paced, exciting, and epic in scale. However, the film’s five-item formula wears on the proceedings, making it hard to appreciate each successive entry – especially considering the first two sequences are far superior to the latter ones. The final set-piece is especially lackluster – since it’s much more confined than the prior entries (not to mention it comes across as a mash-up between The Matrix Reloaded and Dru Hill’s music video for “You are Everything [Remix]”).

Given the film’s reliance on music (both in terms of story and execution), it’s a relief that the Sucker Punch soundtrack is one of the better aspects of the production – especially considering the recordings feature vocals from star Emily Browning. Each action set-piece is framed within a single song – modernized covers ranging from Bjork to The Beatles – and while the on-screen execution can be stiff, there’s no doubt that the music is successful in pumping more adrenaline into the already intense action set-pieces. The opening prologue, set to a remix of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” is especially persuasive. In general, the inclusion of Browning’s vocals in a number of the songs add an additional, and especially intriguing, layer to the fantasy versus reality conflict in the film. If only the rest of filmmaking choices in Sucker Punch were as playful and interesting…

Sucker Punch Emily Browning Sucker Punch Review

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that a feature film may not have been the best medium for the Sucker Punch concept. Had Snyder presented a less-expensive version of the story in the form of a high-profile short-film/web-series event, the overarching narrative might be easier to appreciate – and would have allowed the director to add more room for character development as well as the fantasy worlds he spent so much time developing. As it is, the film is at odds with itself – with each fantasy setting competing against the others while, altogether, overshadowing the larger themes and story beats.

There’s no doubt that a lot of audience members will walk out of Sucker Punch in awe of the fight scenes and, as a result, might enjoy the film. That said, given the movie’s emphasis on self-empowerment (as presented through dialogue and voice-over), it’s obvious that Snyder was aiming for more than just an action-packed popcorn flick – making it hard to ignore that, much like Babydoll, the filmmaker may have temporarily lost his footing in reality.

If you’re still on the fence about Sucker Punch, check out the trailer below:

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Well, all my fears for Superman have been well and truly put to bed.

    • It’s exactly what I thought it would be from the review: an expensive CGI-Fest. I’m still on the fence about seeing the Supes movie when it comes out, time will tell.

    • was that sarcasm?
      it’s a bit hard to read… the expression you specifically chose (“put to bed”) seems to imply that your fears have been allayed.

      After reading this review, my fears for Superman have risen from the shadows to torment me.

      • I think he is talking to you Sam lol.

      • I can assure you, it was the purest sarcasm. This is the guy tasked with bring the greatest superhero of all time back to the big screen.
        My heart weeps.

        • 1.0 I knew you would be the first comment on this review lol

        • Why in the world did Chris Nolan allowed to select this director. He is nothing but one trick pony. All visuals and no real depth to story or characters.

          • He was picked because Warner Bros needs a superman movie fast to keep the rights. They know Snyder can take a movie with no story and sprinkle some vfx on it so it becomes passable.

            • Warner Brothers owns DC and it’s properties outright. I don’t think they are in danger of losing the rights to anything.

              • Uh, you might want to double check that. WB are very possibly going to lose the rights to a great deal of Superman’s backstory, including Krypton and the story connected to that. It is a legal battle with the estate of the creators of Superman.
                This is why they are rushing a new movie out.

                • Wow, that is funny. I have been so far out of the comic book loop I wasn’t even aware that some people had gotten tired of the work of the original artists and writers being used to make millions for these companies. Jack Kirby has the same lawyer the estate for Superman’s creator used. This could get messy for a few companies in the future.

                  • First of all there is a large difference between this movie and superman, that being that this he created this from the ground up. His adaptations have been good, or at least decent. I have not yet seen this movie (and will probably wait until it is released on netflix) but it will have little or no effect on the new superman.

  2. It seems ripe for an animé series.

    • Technically it is an anime feature O_o kinda

      • Im Snyder fan so I will be seeing this anyway. As for Man Of Steel I won’t judge that yet. Seems his weak point is directing his own script.

  3. It has a certain ‘cool’ aspect to it but unfortunately my balls dropped quite some time ago so there is no need to rush to the theater for this one. my vote. pass.

  4. I’m still holding out hope for Man of Steel, but this review (and the early Rotten Tomatoes indicates that other reviews will be like this one) have me just a little worried………………

  5. This movie should have been a video game. The whole plot is something out of a video game… it just reminds me of a video game. SORRY FOR SOUNDING REPETITIVE BUT IF THIS WAS A PS3 GAME… I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT. Games are also longer so there would have been room for “character development” and the fighting scenes would have been even more awesome.
    This movie is basically a video game… except you don’t control the characters and it’s shorter.

    I wish the Superman movie the best of luck… it’s gonna need it…

  6. I’m a fan of Zack Snyder. Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen – all excellent movies in my mind. Bottomline is that I read critic reviews, but I do not take them seriously until I see the movie myself. And from what I’ve seen in the past with movies like The Chronicles of Riddick and most recently Battle: Los Angeles, I definitely see a difference of opinion and some harsh criticism.

    What I think many critics do is in their mind compare every movie they see with great movies and not go in to the theater knowing exactly what that movie is going to be. Going into this movie, after seeing many trailers for this film, I know that this movie is going to be all about the effects and action. While Superman: Man of Steel, I guarantee, will be a movie both about the action sequences and story.

    I trust Snyder. And until I see this movie or Superman, I won’t judge it. I find it funny when people watch a movie and immediately judge a Director for a movie he hasn’t even started filming yet. I also find it quite stupid – no offense.

    • Co-Sign

      The music used in the trailers and tv spots alone made it obvious this was about Epic action and thats all I want from this.

      For Superman he has no involvement with the script thats Goyer’s problem lol. I remember having the “wtf” feeling when I heard Favreau was doing Iron Man, then I saw the movie and it blew me away.

    • Reviews are definitely subjective but, speaking for myself, when I go into a film, I don’t compare against other great films. I, personally, try to approach it from the perspective of whether or not it delivers on what it promises.

      In the case of Sucker Punch, as I mentioned in the review, moviegoers looking for cool action will get plenty – however, the film takes itself much more seriously than a simple action film – hinting at incest, sex slavery, and other dark themes. It doesn’t deliver on the large and disturbing real-life character stories it introduces – which means it doesn’t deliver on its promises.

      The film is entertaining but as someone who really enjoyed 300 and Watchmen, because they delivered, I think a lot of moviegoers will be left scratching their heads some at what Snyder was trying to do in Sucker Punch – aside from present a lot of epic action scenarios.

    • PS: I don’t mean to sound as though I think someone would be crazy to enjoy the film (and I hope you enjoy it Sin). I just thought it was important to address how the SR team approaches reviews.

      • I’m not against Screen Rant at all. That little rant of mine was more directed towards other critics. The critics who are featured on Rotten Tomatoes to be precise. Rotten Tomatoes is a website that, unfortunately, a lot of viewers rely on to bring in the reviews of critics across the country. Many of which are very respected. But, these critics seem to judge movies way too harshly.

        I really wish I could write a review for movies I see. I’ve tried to get on Screen Rant several times, but Vic just won’t let it happen! Haha.

        But, I feel like websites like Screen Rant and Aintitcool are the sites that get it right in my mind. I agree with almost 100% of the reviews that are written on this website and I love that. Most other critics seem like they think they’re high-and-mighty, but what I love about SR is that you guys are all just like me. People who love movies and want to share with everyone news and reviews.

        Now THAT was a rant lol.

  7. “It seems ripe for an animé series.”

    Umm.. yeah cuz Snyder ripped off just about every animé cliché then threw it in a blender for this pastiche.

  8. I am really hoping the Superman movie will do well. But I don’t think it will… Snyder just isn’t committed enough to the DC franchise… he is reckless… I mean he insulted all the previous Superman movies saying they were “broken”/crap (and I agree, the movies were never as good as the comics or the animated series – the movies were ahead of there time).

    Look, when I was a kid I used to dress up as Superman (and Batman)… So don’t think I don’t like DC or Snyder (Watchmen was great!)

    Snyder just isn’t the type of director this movie should have…
    Oh, and he insulted the Thor movie, which means he insulted Marvel! Not cool man, not cool!

    • He needs to be destroyed if he insulted Marvel because that means in a kind of weird way he’s insulted the great Stan”Great Destroyer”Lee…Not Cool and someone needs to pay.

    • he did not insult Marvel or Thor, He if anything questioned Dc as to why has Thor got a movie coming out and it has taken so long to get Superman back up there, thats what he said.
      oh and as far as him sayingb the movie franchise is broken is because it is they had two lackluster films in the series and a third that made money but was not good IMO, Doc liked Returns. I thought it was a serious insult to the character and played homage to the wrong thing, rather then paying hmage to the Donner films they should have paid homage to the books and done a great movie.

      • He DID insult the Thor movie (everyone knows that) saying (basically) Thor doesn’t deserve a movie as much as Superman. He basically said that Thor is not worthy of getting a movie – that the Thor character is inferior to Superman.

        IF Snyder didn’t mean to insult Thor… he should clarify… his reaction to Thor wasn’t very “positive”.

        On the other hand… Snyder is a jerk (no offense) so what he said could have been taken into the wrong account. I mean when he opens his mouth bad things always come out (and I don’t mean germs ;))He swears, insults and he has a very “dark” sense of humor – which is fine – each to his own and all that…

        • Yeah, Snyder is one of my favorite directors, so when I read that he was going to direct the new Superman movie, I was willing to watch it although I dislike Superman only because of Snyder but after his comment about Thor I was like “To the hell with Snyder and his Superman movie I won’t watch it!”

  9. Stylized action violence..not much of a resume but 300 and Watchmen I have enjoyed…

    • right on the money. i only liked 300, felt watchmen was boring and slow.

  10. Terrific and incisive review. Pretty much speaks to the concerns I’ve had with the film in everything I’ve viewed about it and also to the concerns I’ve had about Snyder as a filmmaker. People I spoke to that went to SD Comic-Con last year said everything they saw about the movie looked like a total mess and the trailers have done nothing to allay that for me.

    As for ‘Man of Steel’, I wasn’t thrilled with the choice of Snyder to begin with and ‘Sucker Punch’ looks to strengthen my distaste.

  11. Or perhaps, as reviewer Ben says, it would have been better as a series of short films. Or, instead of a film of just one story, it could have been made up of five seemingly separate stories, where each character goes in search of one of the five items, and then the last story shows them coming together as we find out what their individual missions were for.

  12. Well, that’s unfortunate. I will read a few more reviews before spending my money but if this is any gauge I will be waiting for a dollar Redbox rental.

  13. I dont see what the big problem is here, I don’t know about anyone else but I wasnt expecting an amazing storyline from this film but your telling me this movie isn’t going to be awesome on the visuals. I mean who doesn’t like a good story and great visuals all in one, but some films (like this one) you have to accept the fact that its substance over quality. Yet you guys are worried the director has lost his footing? I dont know about anyone else but he has made some very successful movies, and good ones at that. I don’t see how the superman film is going to be affected, I think his superman movie is going to destory alongside the new batman. Why have people lost faith in Zack Snyder because he did something that was pure visuals and wasn’t fantastic on the story end of things ?

    • He has made successful movies of pre-existing stories,and this is the first time that he’s done anything original.

      Personally,I think this movie just panders to “nerds” by showing a lot of action with a bunch of chicks and guns,and pretty much nothing else.It also looks like green screen hell,which I think Snyder really needs to get away from.Dawn Of The Dead is a great example of how good of a director he is,but he’s just too quick to hitch his wagon to the green screen star.

      Not interested in this film,so I’m definitely not going to give them my money.I might rent it when it comes out,but it’s so far down on my wish list that if I never see it,I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    • Leggy:
      I agree with you completely. Zack Snyder has made some great films and great visuals is what he excels at. For people to “throw him under the bus” because his FIRST ATTEMPT at an original screenplay fails to deliver a compelling story arc is ridiculous. Sucker Punch delivers in great visuals which (again) is what he excels at. As for The Man of Steel Snyder has not been involved in the writing (which is a good thing no doubt) so I’m still optimistic that we’ll get a good Superman film.

      • Thank you Cometic,

        Someone understands my reasoning. I think superman will be great, i was telling people, its like going to see machete for a storyline when you robert rodriguez is there to deliver hilarious one liners and ridiculous action. I knew that suckerpunch wasn’t going to be a masterpiece of a story but i can accept the fact that it wil be a great, entertaining movie.

        • For clarifications sake i was comparing machete to suckerpunch not superman.

  14. As I said when I saw the first shots of this movie. It’s another Van Helsing. All visual effects very little story or characterization.

    • Well I loved Van Helsing and think it’s entirely underrated. I am going to see this movie for the visuals and campy over-the-top story. I’m expecting a movie-sized Saturday morning cartoon, not Inception.

  15. This guy should stop directing and be put in charge of a FX company or better yet, make his own company.Leave the directing and writing to more capable people like Christopher Nolan or Ridely Scot.
    Love the guys visual style, but he just isn’t a good story teller.

    I’m just hoping he doesn’t end up ruining Superman. But I kinda doubt that he wont. *shakes head and sighs*

    • JRJ,

      Funny you should talk about putting him in charge of a visual effects company – as I was reading/editing Ben’s review and the references to look over characterization and story, I kept thinking “George Lucas.”


      • Yes there are some similarity’s between the two of them.

      • haha george lucas can’t write dialog for his life but you gotta love him anyway.

        • No I don’t..

      • Vic – I have made the same comparison. I haven’t heard/read any interviews from actors who have worked with Snyder before, but I have an impression they would say things similar to what Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have said about Lucas – he has a great visual imagination but doesn’t really direct people well at all.

        I picture Snyder on the set of Watchmen filming, say, the diner scene: “Zack, what’s my motivation here?” Snyder throughs the comic on the table – “ummm, it’s in there, just do what he does in the book”

    • well said

    • Right on man, right on…

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

    • Agree! You hit the nail on the head.

  16. This is unbelievable, like totally. What the hell did Nolan think when they got Snyder to do Superman? Goodness gracious.

    • I heard he wanted Aronofsky, but the studio thought Aronofsky would take too long polishing the script. So they went with Snyder instead. I can’t vouch for this rumor, but it sounds plausible to me. Aronofsky is much more a Nolan-type guy.

    • Well there’s still some hope for Superman since the script is written by David S. Goyer who wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

      • Thandrale David Goyer didn’t write Batman Begins and TDK alone. It was mostly written by the Nolan brothers and he helped. They brought the good story telling and he brought the comic knowledge.

        In fact David Goyer writing Superman is a huge negative not a positive since he isn’t a good solo writer. Sure when he has help on films like TDK and Begins he’s great. Then go watch movies he wrote by him self and suddenly you realize “Wow this is a pretty crappy film.. What crapy writer put this script together… Oh”

        • Yeah people who think Goyer being involved in anything is an automatic plus just needs to watch Blade Trinity, if they can sit through it.

          Granted at this point the studios just rotate the same writers and directors for these movies hoping for some Avatar-like payday I guess. People are not going to keep going to see the same movie over and over because the studios want a do-over.

          • Quite write. Hollywood is in danger of severe inbreeding. They use the same people over and over again, that is why there are never any new ideas.

            • I just really don’t know what the studios are looking for at this point out of these guys. If they hire them based on work they have already done and they produce something similar to their other movies then, you got what was expected.

  17. But I guess that I’ll have to see it before I say anymore.

  18. Im not sure how anyone can already slam Superman, Sucker Punch looks like a tween rebelion Movie with sic effects. Snyder nailed NAILED Watchmen and 300, both comic/graphic novels. There is no doubt in my mind Man of Steel will be a Solid movie and much better than Superman Returns.

  19. An open letter to movies:
    Please stop making movies that make me wish they were a decent game. I want to play this, not watch, just like how I wanted to play Avatar, not watch it.

  20. you know,
    i still have hopes for the man of steel. Two totally different concepts, two totally different movies. I enjoyed 300, and dawn of the dead, who’s to say he wont knock Superman out of the park?

    • Snyder seems to be good at visualizing other peoples stories. He’s just not good at writing his own. So Superman could be very good since it has a very good writer.

      • It wasnt that he is good at visualising other peoples stories, he simply copied what was on the page for 300 and for Watchmen. Anyone could have done it.


    Snyder is being GUIDED through production on ‘Man of Steel’. He’s not flying solo and doing his own thing.

    His strength is with F/X and his vision when it comes to action sequences and the overall aesthetic of a film.

    His weakness is clearly story – not so much the idea part, but rather the execution of a story arch and themes and all that.

    BUT – Snyder will have good help on that front with ‘Man of Steel’. He’ll also have resources from a director like Nolan, who is strong on story.

    ‘Sucker Punch’ having a unsatisfactory story in no way means that Superman is dead in the water yet.

    That’s all I’m saying.

    • I agree with you totally, Kofi. Well said.

      And I think too a disappointing Sucker Punch
      insures a more active role by Nolan whom I already
      thought would be a substantially involved engaged producer.

      There is nothing wrong with a director needing good scriptwriters to
      give him foundation and a strong production team to provide guidance.
      The Hollywood studio system thrived with such directors making great films.

      Zack has unique visual talents and Nolan has noticed.
      Nolan knows too Zack needs a mentor of sorts
      and he sees himself as a godfather on this.

      Nolan has no interest in being disinterested in Superman
      despite devoting his main focus on The Dark Knight Rises.
      He shepherded this production from concept to execution and
      he will not sit idly by why it falters because he did not offer help.

      • Umm Robert Nolan already quit Superman he is no longer a part of it. He is no longer a producer or involved at all.

        • Yeah Daniel is right. This news was way back in December too. He left Superman in order to give his full attention on The Dark Knight Rises.

        • Nolan is still the producer and credited as such today at IMDb.

          • Robert no Nolan IS NOT still a producer. He has quit the project. He announced it as did WB. It is a confirmed FACT that he is no longer a part of the production and is focusing all his attention on TDKR. He is no longer in anyway involved with Man Of Still. Both he and WB have confirmed this it is a fact.

            What IMDB says is meaningless. IMDB has a long history of beeing inaccurate and flat out wrong when it comes to upcoming films. For awhile they had Robin in TDKR and had him cast even as some no name random kid. IMDB is meaningless unless it’s an old film that came out years ago. IMDB is not a good source of news and at the end of the day the best source of news is the person them selves in this case Nolan has has said he is no longer involved. As has the studio involved.


            No matter how much you say other wise will change that.

            • IMDb is not the only source on Nolan producing. There are many others.
              It is not a question of what I say, it is a question of fact.

              March 23, 2011

              Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas will be producing Superman: Man of Steel, but Nolan is completely willing to let Snyder take full reign of the directors role. Snyder commented on his relationship with Nolan, saying:

              “Chris is awesome. He’s super-respectful but super-helpful, too. You can’t imagine a more generous [collaborator] … once he sort of got what I want to do with it, he was like, ‘OK,’ and once he said, ‘You know what, that’s awesome,’ now he’s 100%. If I say, ‘What do you think of this?’ he’s like, ‘That’s awesome,’ and then there’s a great give-and-take about it, a great conversation that we can have about it and making it better every day. And by the way, he’s hilarious too.”

            • The LA Times March 16, 2011

              I told Snyder I was interested to see how he and his wife and producing partner, Debbie Snyder, would collaborate with the producer team of Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas – another married couple who have put themselves at the center of the Warner Bros. present and future when it comes to blockbuster ventures. Nolan, of course, directed the two most recent Batman films, which many people consider the pinnacle of superhero cinema, while Thomas has been the producer of every Nolan film, including last year’s “Inception,” which was nominated for the best picture Oscar.

              “It’s been really great,” Snyder said of the collaboration so far. “Chris is awesome. He’s super-respectful but super-helpful, too. You can’t imagine a more generous [collaborator] … once he sort of got what I want to do with it, he was like, ‘OK,’ and once he said, ‘You know what, that’s awesome,’ now he’s 100%. If I say, ‘What do you think of this?’ he’s like, ‘That’s awesome,’ and then there’s a great give-and-take about it, a great conversation that we can have about it and making it better every day. And by the way, he’s hilarious too.”

              • Dude Chistopher Nolan him self just a few months ago said that he is no longer producing the film. WB had a press release said Chris Nolan is no longer producing Man of Steel. Once WB has an official Press release it wins the argument. Keep trying though

                • You are the one trying to
                  make points without facts.

                  You cannot link to any release.
                  There is no such press release.

                  Nolan and his wife are producing as
                  mentioned in this WB press release on
                  the casting of Diane Lane Mar 03, 2011.

                  WB explicitly states Nolan and
                  his wife are producing the film.


                  Diane Lane Cast as Martha Kent in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ New Superman Movie

                  BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that Oscar®-nominated actress Diane Lane will play Martha Kent, the only mother Clark Kent has ever known, in the new Superman movie to be directed by Zack Snyder.

                  Snyder stated, “This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.”

                  Lane will star with Henry Cavill, who was recently announced as the new Clark Kent/Superman.

                  Lane earned an Academy Award® nomination for her performance in the 2002 drama “Unfaithful.” She most recently starred in the family hit “Secretariat.” She next stars in the HBO feature “Cinema Verite,” opposite Tim Robbins and James Gandolfini. Lane’s long list of film credits also includes “Nights in Rodanthe,” “Hollywoodland,” “Must Love Dogs,” “Under the Tuscan Sun,” “Perfect Storm,” “My Dog Skip,” “Chaplin,” “The Cotton Club” and “A Little Romance,” to name only a portion.

                  Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder are the producers of the film. The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are serving as executive producers.

                  Slated for release in December 2012, the new Superman movie will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


                    Straight from the mouth of Nolans wife.

                    • The recent official press release speaks for itself.
                      As well as Zack’s own recent comments linked to.

                      To take “handing it off to him” to mean Nolan is no
                      longer producing would mean Zack is now producing.
                      And Nolan’s wife did not say he is no longer producing.

                      Clearly, Zack is not producing.

                      The official WB press release says
                      Nolan and his wife are producing.

                      Case closed.

              • @Robert
                Nolan getting producing credit and actually being hand-on with the film are 2 totally different things. His wife / collaborator said they are “handing it off to Snyder” which means either (a) Nolan is no longer producing or (b) Nolan is getting production credit but is letting Snyder do all the work, which would likely mean that Nolan isn’t going to be breathing down Snyder’s neck like people think. Neither is good thing for the film and I think that is what Daniel is getting at.

                As people have noted already – Spielberg “produced” the 2 TF movies, but from the sound of things he didn’t know much about it until he watched a screening with Bay 6 months before the release. On the opposite end, Lucas “produced” Empire, but he was going through a divorse at the time and was getting ILM off the ground so he really didn’t do much during the production (that had the opposite effect as what people fear for MOS). Nolan is producing AND directing TDKR which is released within months of MOS – how is he going to have much to say during MOS’s production? I really fear we’re going to get a Snyder crapfest

                • I do agree, Panda, sometimes a producer credit it just that and only that.
                  I do not think this is the case here and Zack’s recent comments saying
                  Nolan is “super-helpful” and a “generous collaborator” indicate there is
                  considerable contact between them and that will continue forward.

                  Nolan will be a guiding influence as Kofi alludes to and
                  after Sucker Punch I see Zack himself initiating input from
                  Nolan and Nolan I am sure will find time to be accommodating.

                  Nolan does want one thing to be very clear, the direction
                  itself is solely Snyder’s charge and it is a Zack Snyder film.
                  To a certain degree Nolan is inoculating himself from failure.

                  No matter how much Nolan provides his best advice, we may still witness
                  what you aptly call a Snyder crapfest — all bets are off until we see the film.

    • Kofi, the thing that worries me most about the film is this: I’m wondering how much Slo-Mo action sequences will be film in this movie. I know I’m pretty much alone when I say that I’m tired of seeing the action being slowed, seems to be a growing trend? I don’t know.

      • No, it’s definitely getting old fast, Ants. Snyder pulled it off in 300 with the use of several hand-cranked cameras and judicious editing, but I thought it was totally out of place in the supposedly “realistic” fight scenes in Watchmen, which on the page were over in a couple of panels. Changed the emphasis and tone entirely from shocking to overly-choreographed and just plain brutal-and-loving-it – which was one of the main reasons I simply don’t agree with the “faithful adaptation” verdict others seem to have reached. Like our friend the shakeycam, it’ll date movies from this period to future generations, no question.

    • Kofi

      You say Snyder is being guided through Superman. Why didnt they just get a director who didnt need his hand held?
      We all know they picked Snyder because he was just going to shoot the script and not rock the boat, fine, studios do that all the time, but surely they had seen Sucker Punch before offereing him the job?! Did they watch and think “yeah thats the guy we need for Superman?”

    • Thats what I’ve been saying. Suckerpunch was his pet project and I think he had so many ideas floating around he couldn’t find a proper balance. However with Superman the script was crafted by Nolan and Goyer two people who know how to tell a story.

      • @ DSB I think they really wanted someone who could bring Superman’s world to life as well as deliver good action scenes in addition to not messing with the script and so on. If the script’s as good as they say it is then I don’t think we have a problem.

  22. And before somebody starts screaming NOLANS NOT INVOLVED !
    he may not be an active producer,
    But he is still a resource for Snyder.
    Snyders already indicated they talk all the time and that they have discussed ideas for the film.
    I am sure that will continue.

  23. Nolan focuses 100% on one movie at a time, and right now that movie is BATMAN.

    His name is being used on Superman for marketing purposes only.

  24. I’m not really worried about Snyder directing Superman. However i am concerned cause Goyer wrote the script..

  25. What I wonder is how in a non-serious/unrealistic movie like Sucker Punch do they get the entire cast to pretty much hold their weapons correctly but so many movies trying to be realistic shows them all doing it wrong?? I think it’s true that women are easier to teach on weapons since they don’t have preconceived notions on how they’re supposed to be held while men think they know how to do it from what they’ve seen in movies so when you try to teach them the correct way they revert to what they think is right…

    Anyway, probably won’t be seeing this anyway since my girlfriend isn’t interested and she basically determines what I watch now, lol, unless it’s something I REALLY want to watch, then she’ll watch it with me, haha.

    • I’m in the same boat there Ken, the GF and I have been arguing over movies lately lol. So, I just told her that to avoid stupid fights, she can pick em. Besides, I HATE going to the theater nowadays lol. Ahh if it were only legal for me to sport my .45′s

      • Not one to judge, but shouldn’t you guys be able to pick what you want to watch, regardless of your gf’s thoughts on them?. That’s not healthy.

        This film is like a fantasy for us. Hot women taking faces.

        • I agree with Jeremy. Lay it out there.

          If she picks a movie she wants to see, then you get to pick the next movie.

          It’s like the hypothetical, “well are you going to buy me a drink?”

          The wrong answer is, “yes.”

          The right answer is something like, “how about you buy the first round, and I’ll pick up the second.” Give a little, but expect something in return, and don’t blink (metaphorically speaking).

        • Jeremy, do you have an old battle axe of your own; oops, I mean a lovely wife to call your own?

          If you did, you’d likely know why guys can’t just decide what they’re going to see. Same as why he can’t decide what time he’s going to come home, or which friends he’s going to hang out with, or where he’s going on the weekends, and so on. :)

          • And while such lines aren’t as thick and drawn with girlfriends, it does start there. Even girlfriends start drawing those lines, those imaginary (soon to be steel) handcuffs they put on men.

            Stay as free for as long as you can. :D

          • Yeah, I’m with Jeremy and Jason here. As for Michael, not all girls are like that.

            My fiance and I usually like the same kinds of movies, for the most part. But sometimes, I get stuck sitting thru stuff like Transformers 2 with him and sometimes, he has to sit thru Saw with me. I love going to see action movies and I do love stupid popcorn movies but on occasion, I have to sit thru a really painful movie. Fiance hates horror movies but he comes with me anyway. Neither of us like going to the movies alone so sometimes, one of us just has to suck it up. Luckily, that doesn’t happen too often. The only movie he refused to see with me is Insidious, which sucks cuz it actually looks really creepy.

            That said, we are both looking forward to watching Sucker Punch.

      • We have the similar tastes in film pretty much, I’m lucky to the point where I don’t have to sit through chick flicks. He does make the occasional odd choice though, its then I just usually will fall asleep in the theater.

        • Did you just say “HE does make the occasional odd choice though,” I thought we were talking about girlfriends here.

          • LOL, Anthony just came out of the closet… :P

            J/k dude. But seriously, I’m happy when she’s happy, so I’d rather just watch whatever she wants for the most part. Trust me, if there’s a movie I really want to watch, we’ll watch it, but if I’m not really dead-set on anything, I let her pick.

            • LOL Ken, I blame the Johnnie Walker. Like i said she is a no chick flick type of woman. So that’s the good thing, plus she just likes cool movies like me.

              • and me :D

      • Or you could, you know, watch a movie by yourself.

    • There holding the guns wrong!


      • Geez man, does our education system really suck that much that NOBODY seems to know the difference between: know, no, and now. Or: it’s and its. Or: they’re, their, or there. Or: hear and here??? Talk about hilarious, learn how to talk right for goodness sakes Jim!! :D

        LOL, just pulling your leg dude, you’re not the only who constantly makes those mistakes… ;)

        • Yeah, look at my typo up there!!

      • and thats the wrong version of they’re, also funny

    • Ken J I laughed at that.

      Have you seen the Cap trailer? There is a scene in there driving me crazy I think it will eat at you a bit to. Cap holding his gun with one hand and walking in the front door with a team slowly and straight forward in the open with guns firing at them like crazy. No dodging or moving at all. Just “Please shot at me ” and “I don’t want to actually shoot anyone or have decent aim so I’m gonna hold my gun this way. “

      • How do you suppose he hold his gun correctly with a shield in the other hand…Oh, and not that much need to dodge surely, with an indestructable shield and all..

        • Frank

          how big do you think his shield is? Not much reason to Dodge when you have a 2 foot tall and 2 foot wide shield? The Shield is covering his mid section leaving his head exposed. NOw I realize the head isn’t a vital part of your body or anything but still.

          How do I suggest he holds his gun with a Shield in the other hand? No clue I just know he can’t hold it like that and hit anything. It’s simply not possible no matter how super he is. If he’s lucky he may hit one target if he takes his time and very carefully aims his gun slowly but his second shot will be a miss. That’s if he has the time to aim his second shot being dead and all from a bullet wound to the head from not covering up, not dodging and taking way to much time to fire his fist shot accurately.

          how do you also explain the 6 or 7 other unprotected soldiers with him? They Don’t have shields… Unless Cap is their shield.. Is he suppose to absorb all the bullets with his head ?

          • Excellent response!

            I see your point, and it did make me laugh… but this IS all assuming that they haven’t stormed an empty place…

            But seriously though, how many times have you seen Captain America in a comic go all Metal Gear Solid and use stealth..he is known for charging in shield first…and if he has enhanced strength and hand eye coordination, he should be able to shoot one handed…

          • @Daniel F

            Actually, shooting one-handed is definitely possible and is part of my routine when hitting the gunrange. You never know if your other arm might be taken out of commission. And to that end, I also practice shooting with my weak hand. But yes, that scene is kind of funny, but not as much him, since he’s supposed to be a superhero, but the others. And they were like shooting from the hip, holding the weapons sideways, etc. Anyway, I hope the movie will be enjoyable anyway, it’ll be a shame to mess up Captain America, even though in the comics he was turned into such a hippy lately anyway…

  26. Batman fans are going to love hearing that Nolan is devoting less attention to TDKR so he can shadow direct Snyder on Superman. Can’t wait until that news hits the fan. Yep, Nolan is about to change his entire method of film making, which was previously to devote 100% attention to one film at a time. Now he’ll be guiding two films at the same time. Marketers want us to believe that will result in two great films. The reality is probably two disappointing films.

    • After reading what you said I was like “U oh”.
      But after reading your name, I just laughed.

      It’s funny how this review has turned into a debate about Nolan’s involvement in Superman and Snyders inability to direct it.
      I guess nobody really cares that much for Sucker Punch, not surprising.

  27. This is an Advance Review
    Sucker Punch is released tomorrow.

  28. “That said, given the movie’s emphasis on self-empowerment (as presented through dialogue and voice-over), it’s obvious that Snyder was aiming for more than just an action-packed popcorn flick – making it hard to ignore that, much like Babydoll, the filmmaker may have temporarily lost his footing in reality.”

    ^^^You defecated on that dude, Ben. Great review.


  29. This was really all I expected this movie to be, so I’m excited to see it! It’s gonna be an awesome get away from all the stressful crap in life Haha.

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