‘Sucker Punch’ TV Spots Hit The Mark

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Sucker Punch TV spots Sucker Punch TV Spots Hit The Mark

Zack Snyder’s name has been in the news of late, due to his Superman reboot snagging its Man of Steel. Snyder will return to the spotlight next month with the release of his film Sucker Punch, an original adventure that promises to be full of imaginative visuals, fantastical action, and gorgeous women battling an array of dazzling CGI monstrosities.

Warner Bros. has released two television spots for the film, which secured a spot on our 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011 list and should kick off the upcoming spring movie season in, if nothing else, plenty of style.

Emily Browning went blonde to headline Sucker Punch as Baby Doll, a young woman who is imprisoned in a mental institution by her cruel stepfather during the 1950s. With only five days left until she is scheduled to be lobotomized, Baby Doll recruits her fellow inmates (Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone) to participate in a daring escape – one which requires them to imagine an alternate reality where they are able to literally engage their enemies in combat.

That’s the setup for Snyder’s pic, which (in terms of plot) looks to be part video game quest, part Alice in Wonderland – if Alice had fought deadly samurai and fire-breathing dragons in a WWII-style war zone instead of pursuing a white rabbit and having tea parties, that is.

Watch the television previews for Sucker Punch below:

Like the official Sucker Punch trailer, these TV spots excel when focusing primarily on the story of Baby Doll and her attempts to confront her horrifying existence by visualizing another world that she can control. The bits of exposition and advice delivered by the Wise Man (Scott Glenn) continue to suggest that the dialogue in Snyder’s film lacks the poetry of its visuals.

Most moviegoers who are eagerly awaiting the release of Sucker Punch aren’t expecting to be blown away by its characters or storyline, both of which sound satisfactory enough on paper. Snyder is one of those filmmakers who’s often dismissed as being pure style over substance – and while there is certainly a fair amount of truth to that statement, his movies are generally also the kind that truly deserve to be seen on the big screen (or in the IMAX format) for their visual splendor.

sucker punch trailer2 Sucker Punch TV Spots Hit The Mark

Sucker Punch arrives in regular and IMAX theaters around the U.S. on March 25th, 2011.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. And the guy responsible for this is now in charge of Superman? WOW. I am now so excited.


    In case you didnt realise, I’m being sarcastic.

    • I have some faith in Snyder directing Man of Steel.

      Keep in mind that he would bring his technical and visual directing skills to the job, while the dramatic/thematic/plot content would be left mainly to more qualified individuals (writers/producers Goyer, J. Nolan, etc.)

      So if you can at least appreciate the visuals and special effects of Sucker Punch, then I think you will like what he ultimately brings to Man of Steel. Unless his visual techniques aren’t your cup of tea, in which case, well……

      I can’t be the only one who thinks that a shot of Superman flying to the top of the Daily Bugle and looking over all of Metropolis in Snyder-style slow motion would be majestic/bad-ass.

      • No I don’t think it would be bad ass at all. All of his films have the same look and technique, all of which are wrong for Superman.

        And I know you meant The Daily Planet:)

        • how so , you want an action packed Superman, and action is what he does best. I think his style and visulization mixed with Nolans writing makes a great combination. i am extremely excited to see Supes battle it out with whomever the big bad is. This is why he was hired for this project, it wasnt so he could come in and do something new he was brought in for his style. You dont hire Alex Ross to come in and do a cartoon drawing you have him paint, you have him do his style of Art. This is Snyders style. I think if people are thinking he is going to do something new and experiment with a different style of filming on a project as big as This one I dont think it will happen. Its just like art when you comission an artist to do a project , you bought his style as well.

          • Loco no one is expecting him to experiment we are expecting him to bring his style this style which IS NOT superman. Snyder’s style is everythign Superman shouldn’t be. It’s ugly, gritty and explosive. Some my think it’s cool, but it’s always gritty, bloddy and violent and that’s NOT superman. Hell it doesn’t even fit Batman. He may be a decent fit for Deadpool or someone like that but not the beacon of hope, and Justice. This is Superman we are talking about..

            Also since when is Nolan writing this? You may have missed the news, but Goyer wrote the script. Nolan was a producer and has since dropped out wanting nothing to do with the project. He has not written the script this is Goyer and Snyder’s baby and I can’t think of two people less qualified to handle Superman.

            • Yes his movies have been “gritty” in the past, but so are the comics they’re based on. This is just another movie that happens to also be “gritty”.

              I have yet to see a trailer for The Man of Steel to make me believe it will be “gritty”

    • I think Superman is very different material and he’ll approach it in a manner suitable to the topic (I hope).


      • I agree Vic.

    • ^ All this from a Small Vile fan, Lawlz.

      MOS will show you what Supes is all about, He’ll be able to fly, put on the red and blue, and kick some butt. There WONT be any blur bullcrap, whiny emo clark kent, annoying lanas, witches, vampires, zombies, premature supergirls, superboys villains plot lines stork arcs, stones, teen justice league titan jr, jimmy will be alive and STAY that way, chloe never existed (as its supposed to), black supernatural-esy crow smokes passin of as villains, etc…..

      • Yeah, Smallville was made with something called “CREATIVE LICENSE” as in they can change things around. Not every comic version of Superman’s origin’s has been the same, and Smallville has showcased more DC villains and characters than anything else ever has. And did you criticise Smallville for having story arcs? Ha! Teen Justice League? Nope, they are all in their mid 20s early 30s.
        The Man Of Steel is going to be nothing other than a horrendous visual ‘blur’ of slow motion and fancy visuals. Perhaps you fail to realise, that just because you don’t the show, millions of people do worldwide, I hear its quite popular, maybe that has something to do with it having been on for 10 YEARS!

    • I’m with you Sam. Not only is he a poor choice for superman, but this film looks awful.

      I can’t remember the last time a trailer looked this bad. I think Green Lantern looks terrible, but honestly Sucker Punch makes it look great by comparison lol. This looks to be the campiest ultra violent movie I’ve ever seen. This almost reminds me of that crappy Rober Rodriguez film that came out a few years ago with like 40 different stories in it. Can’t remember the name though. This is ugly as hell and looks pretty cheesy if you ask me… Anyone else see The Spirit ? Seems like it will be The Spirit with a little more SFX .

      • I actually thought of the Spirit when I first saw the trailer for this. The Spirit made my brain hurt and my eyes want to be sick.

  2. This looks like so much fun! If nothing else, Snyder’s movies are always a visual treat, and unlike anything else out there.
    I’m really looking forward to this — and in case you can’t tell, I’m NOT being sarcastic LOL (just a friendly jab DSB — I really do like Snyder’s stuff. It resonates well with me.)

    • His stuff is so superficial and vapid. Hardly a good fit for Superman. I’m not saying I wont see this, I agree with you that it does look fun, but thats it, theres no substance to it.
      Snyder has a good eye for visuals. But nothing else.

      • “Fun” will probably be the best word for it. That’s the #2 reason I go to movies right after an escape from reality. I think his visuals are some of the most creative and interesting in the business (as refreshing as Tim Burton was in the late 80′s -early 90′s). I could do with less slo-mo though. Re: Superman, well… I’m going to reserve judgement for now. I just hope they have a great script in place that will give us something new and still captures the essence of Superman.

      • substance would come from the storyline and the writing. I also think substance is something that is subjective , I think his visualization contain alot of substance.

      • I see a movie in a theatre for the following reasons, whether they be for one or all of them:
        Awesome Action
        Unbelievable F/X
        Cool visuals
        An extremely funny (looking) comedy
        AND … my wife tells me to.
        After that I can wait for the rental.

        • INK

          I am hereby revoking your man card for failing to mention HOT CHICKS as one of the reasons to see this movie.

          You can re-apply after 6 months of therapy, which includes watching Spike TV, eating greasy food and boozing.

          • In all honesty, the chicks are the last things I’m looking at during the action sequences in this film. There’s a lot of awesome stuff going on.

            • Sigh, okay Zombie Hunter, okay…


              Anyone else?

              • I have not watched a film for Hot Chicks since I was 14. I’m a grown man in fact if it looks like the big push for a film is how hot the chicks are I tend to avoid it. Films like this are just trash to me. It’s trying to capitalize on big effects and Sex sells. I hate skimpy dressed female action hereos. If your gonna have a female action hero make her believable and don’t over sex her up it’s stupid. You don’t see Bruce Willis walking around in a Mankini or banana hammock.

                • You have given a deeply disturbing image of John Mclane dressed in a Borat mankini. I hate you.

                  • Muwahahaha Phase one of secret evil plan complete. Now to ruin Clint Eastwood lol jk

          • @”I am hereby revoking your man card for failing to mention HOT CHICKS as one of the reasons to see this movie”

            Meh, the girls are hot, but I have more dignity than to see a movie for hot girls. Besides, the last time I did that was with THE FAST AND THE FUTRIOUS, and I was still asking for my money back.

            • Holy Crap! Someone else who hated that aweful movie (TFATF). Seems like everyone I know loved it — but then my community is mostly redneck, so go figure.

              • Greg I hate Fast and Furious mmore than just about any movie. It was not only an awful story, but was a cast of some of the worst actors known to man. If Paul Walker stopped acting tomorrow it would be about a Decade to late.

                • Amen!

      • “Vapid and superficial”? Give me a break. Don’t confuse style for lack of substance. The stories in 300, Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead were very well executed; great characters, enticing story lines, etc.

        • Sorry, I’m still laughing at that.

        • OGB that’s a joke right?

          Wathcmen had a good story, but that’s hardly Snyder’s fault it was a well written comic that he stayed faithful to and it was the only good film he has made.

          300 was shallow as all hell and one of the worst stories for a comic based film. It was all about the visuals and the action. There was nothing else good about it.

          • Yeah the only reason Watchmen was so good was all due to the brilliance of the source material.

            • … Superman’s not good source material?

              I get the reason’s you don’t like Snyder and I respect that, but you’re judging a movie that hasn’t even been written (finished) yet.

  3. I can truely say that I am really ambivilant over this movie. It has a lot of pretty eye candy and geek factor, but how much of the actual film is this?? Have we seen most of the action and fantasy visual and the rest is simply mental patients sitting around planning a break out??

    Will have to wait and see before I even give a yea or nay on this one. Been burned too many times on exciting looking trailers that promised more than they delivered….**cough cough** Robert Rodreguiz** **cough cough***

  4. This movie is gonna be sick ,can’t wait!!! :)

  5. Looks to be just an over budgeted CGI fest. Even though I ama big fan of his, and at one point was excited about this, that excitement has stalled.

  6. I wish this wasn’t just a stupid day dream. I don’t like that it takes away, for me at least, the ability to really get immersed in the storyline. Because whenever they will be fight giant samurai or slaying dragons, i’ll just remember she’s just dreaming. I would have been better if Snyder scratched the asylum thing and made a really cool supernatural fantasy sci fi war flick that was actually happening in some alternate earth. However, i will see this.

    • It’s Zach Snyder it’s impossible to get immersed in the story line his films don’t usually have one, It’s Ohhhh Ahhhhh and nothing more.

  7. the acting is stale as f***, just watch the 2nd trailer to see how ‘deep’ the acting goes. like everyone else i’m only gonna be watching this for the visuals, women and action, if by some freak chance the acting improves then that’s a plus but i doubt it’s gonna get any better then the trash in trailer 2.

  8. This is absolute complete cheese. Garbage!

    • mmmm… cheeeese…..

  9. i dont see how they are superficial and vapid. but its subjective so its your opinion.
    the stories arent horrible, i think they’re alright.
    but i suppose most watch snyder movies is because of the action and visuals.

  10. it was meant as a reply to drsam

  11. Still going to see this for purely guilty pleasure (because he holds so many iconic images that I love seeing in films). I’m also going to see his Man of Steel movie. I think the choice of actor, Nolan’s script, just may give Snyder his best movie of all…

    • For crying out loud people stop saying for NOLAN’S SCRIPT. It’s not Nolan’s script he didn’t write man of Steel. He was a producer who dropped out of the project. David Goyer the guy who wrote and directed Blade trinity is the guy who wrote this script. A script by the way that is getting so much bad press.

      • I’ve given up even trying to argue that point, the only reason people are even excited about Superman is becuase they think Nolan is heavily involved, which is exactly what WB were counting on.
        He has no involvment in this film anymore, he probably never did. It was all about the publicity.

  12. I keep thinking of Van Helsing. A fun idea for a movie totally ruined by overdone silly CGI.

  13. Also why is it called Sucker Punch. My vote for dumbest title of the year.

    • Because it’s based on a comic book of the same name?

      Ignorance of the year…

      • It isn’t based on a comic, actually, though they may make a comic based on it. The title is based on the idea that it’s going to deliver a sucker punch to the audience–that you’re never going to know what’s coming next.

        On an unrelated note, I have a lot of faith in Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish’s acting abilities. I don’t expect it to be the most perfect piece of filmography ever, but I do expect it to be insanely fun.

        • I was talking about my ignorance. I thought it was but wasn’t sure. I guess my comment seemed kinda bad. I’m sorry.

          • There’s no need to apologize! You didn’t say anything bad. I was just saying.

  14. I can’t wait to check this out. I have had this on my radar since last year. I love Snyder’s visuals, thats enough to warrant a viewing. Add hot girls who kick ass to the mix and Im there!

  15. It looks pretty sweet! Not expecting a gripping story at all. But I mean c’mon hot women, action weird giant creatures. That’s a win win for me.

  16. This is funny, but apparently early reports are that Sucker Punch is terrible.

    Apparently they recently held a private audience research screening and it went really bad. I mean really bad. It’s slowly coming out today as more and more sites are reporting it. Apparently WB is very unhappy with the results.

    • I just read this from Luxury Film Blog, 2 reviewers of the pre-screening:

      Anorak: “The film flows at a good pace, and even without the fantasy action pieces every 20 minutes the events transpiring in the whorehouse world are captivating in and of themselves.”

      Blank: “My problem with the movie is that the story doesn’t seem fully realized… If you want to keep me interested you will need a lot more than 20 minutes of fantasy CGI sequences sprinkled throughout a 120 minute trek. Having all of your primary actresses’ dressed in Fredericks of Hollywood’s finest doesn’t hurt but ultimately wears thin.”

  17. Huh… according to the wiki entry for this movie, it has musical sequences ala Moulin Rouge — I hadn’t heard that before. The cast is singing White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane), Love Is The Drug (Roxy Music), and Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard of course) — guess I just have to say WTF? Hmmm… kinda skews this movie a bit.

    • Greg,

      Are you serious?

      Oh… God… musical numbers… This thing is going to BOMB.


  18. I figured out what it is I hate about this whole thing.
    It isn’t te tartly dressed, green screen lil goddesses (God bless ‘em).
    It isn’t the Ritalin-thirsty rapid tone changes, or anti-interactive video game aesthetic.

    It’s the Samurai w/ a Machine Gun.
    That is just such a waste of two potentially awesome ideas, that together, sound and look like something my nephew or the kid who writes “Ax Cop” might come up with.
    Seriously. Just picture how much cooler that samurai would look if he had an actual samurai sword, instead. Wasted Potential!

    • This is about a girl’s daydream.

    • ‘Cause a mini gun isn’t more bad ass than a sword?

      … what?

      I mean really?

  19. You know,this might be the Comic Book chick’s take on Moulin Rouge.

    And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

    I don’t know what it is about Snyder. He’s just so easy to hate –
    maybe b/c he seems to think he’s so infallible, and is so unapologetic about it.

    It’s a funny thing no one’s mentioned this, but given the imagery in
    this trailer, I’d say he might actually be the PERFECT fit to direct
    (hold your breath)