Early Split Reviews For Zack Snyder’s ‘Sucker Punch’

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sucker punch trailer2 Early Split Reviews For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

[UPDATE: Read our review of Sucker Punch]

Zack Snyder’s upcoming eye feast Sucker Punch recently screened an unfinished cut for a private group of people in the Chatsworth, California area. Two of the audience members shared two very different opinions of the film.

While the anonymous reviewers could be blowing a lot of smoke, the analysis of the film and plot details seem right on the money. The first trailer showed off a visual spectacle that brought more questions than answers. While Warner Bros. contemplates the best way to market the film’s storyline, we can rest assured the visuals will be in excess – something that might benefit Zack Snyder’s Superman.

In fact, the visual effects seem to be the only aspect of Sucker Punch that these two reviewers agree upon. Both reviews were sent to Ain’t It Cool News under the pseudonyms “Anorak” and “Blank.” Anorak absolutely loved the film, while Blank was less enthused about the CGI romp.

Both Anorak and Blank share their awe for the intense visuals that seem to break all kinds of boundaries. Snyder’s past work with CGI and animation should continue to serve him well as a director. Sucker Punch looks to be filled with innovation, but Anorak and Blank both feel the visuals are borrowed from other epic films.

Check out highlights from their SPOILER-FREE reviews:

Anorak: “The CGI and Greenscreen were some of the best I’ve ever seen, with [one exception]… The movie is Snyder through and through, meaning a washed out color scheme, a lot of slow motion and sudden speed up. Unlike previous Snyder remakes and adaptations, however; this film is equal parts flash and substance.”

Blank: “The fantasy sequences are amazing although heavily borrowed from other movies in the art direction department. Drawing from Blood: the Last Vampire to Lord of the Rings to I, Robot there is really nothing new under the sun with where they went in designing the fantasy scenes.”

Sucker Punch poster Early Split Reviews For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

Snyder’s cast is comprised of mostly women who combine their looks with their muscle. While it doesn’t look like a challenge on the acting front, there will surely be some emotion in a film that dives head first into the human psyche.

Anorak: “Of the young girls, all are phenomenal! Emily Browning in particular is jaw dropping, even without a line of dialogue for the first half hour or so. She is sexy, tough, vulnerable and entrancing, even without the dance. Oscar Isaac is the true villain and is charming, intelligent and sinister with every line he delivers.”

Emily Browning Sucker Punch Early Split Reviews For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

The other main point in both reviews deals with the overall pace of Sucker Punch. The trailer moves like a train on the loose, but Blank found most of the film to be a bore. On the other hand, Anorak was pleased with the balance of story and action.

Anorak: “The film flows at a good pace, and even without the fantasy action pieces every 20 minutes the events transpiring in the whorehouse world are captivating in and of themselves.”

Blank: “My problem with the movie is that the story doesn’t seem fully realized… If you want to keep me interested you will need a lot more than 20 minutes of fantasy CGI sequences sprinkled throughout a 120 minute trek. Having all of your primary actresses’ dressed in Fredericks of Hollywood’s finest doesn’t hurt but ultimately wears thin.”

The reviews also contain heavy spoilers on the content within the film. The entire plot is essentially revealed and I couldn’t help myself from reading it. This is not the time or place to discuss the story of Sucker Punch, but if it finds itself somewhere between a fantasy video game and Inception, the movie should be a massive success – at least amongst fanboys.

Anorak believes the film will get a PG-13 rating, since most of the violence is directed at non-humans. The MPAA is a tough crowd, especially when women are involved with violence. Some of the plot details revealed in these two reviews sound pretty hardcore, but a PG-13 rating is Sucker Punch‘s best hope for financial success.

sucker punch trailer Early Split Reviews For Zack Snyders Sucker Punch

The Sucker Punch footage shown at Comic-Con was mind-blowing, to say the least. Most of it is in the trailer, but the overall reaction was a collective gasp. Some are still skeptical about the actual story, but nobody is debating whether or not the movie will be an exhibition of state-of-the-art CGI.

The two early reviews should be taken with a grain of salt for a number of reasons, including the fact that we don’t even know who these people are. We’ve seen people come up with elaborate plot details just to get their early review out there, but these are so intricate that it is hard to ignore.

What do you think about the potential for Sucker Punch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sucker Punch slaps into theaters on March 25th, 2011.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. I am a big fan of Snyders for awhile now, I really enjoyed the visuals in Legend of the Guardians. This being his first original piece hes done yet will surely tell if he still has IT or if he is going down the M Night Shayamalan path. I am excited for SUCKER PUNCH but if the stunning visuals are only accounting for 1/6 of the screentime then that is a bit dissapointing. I guess we will have to just wait til next year and see!

  2. well, The Man of Steel will be my only PG-13 Snyder film i’ll be seeing lol. this one looks to be his most CGI heavy movie to date. not for me. i still disagree that a film has to be PG-13 to be a financial success, but it certainly helps i guess.

    • Did you not see Avatar? That one was pretty CGI heavy…

  3. i think whoever does the visuals for Snyder’s films (Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen) has been snubbed for academy awards in Visual Effects, Art Direction, Costume Design, and Makeup. These films may have been violent trash for the purpose of entertainment only, but damn did they look good.

    • Dude, I couldn’t agree with you more. I had never read 300 so when that movie first hit it was the visuals that got me into the theater for that.

  4. Just give me a break with the slo-mo in the Man of Steel. Save it for Flash please.

    • How epic would that be?????!!!

  5. “but if it finds itself somewhere between a fantasy video game
    and Inception, the movie should be a massive success – at least amongst fanboys”

    Fanboys of what, fantasy games or Inception?”

    • general fanboys? The kind that love things that go BOOM in the night and can dress up for at Comic-Con? I know the fanboy universe is specific to films and genres, but I also think there is a general part of all of them that this movie will appeal to.

      • i agree mike. i just cant get used to a PG-13 rating from this lol. only way i’d see it is if my GF wants too, she hasnt heard much about it

        • If you want to see it, talk it up! lol We women like a good action romp too, ya know. :)

          • i cant reply to that Mo, Vic will flag it and send me a ruler on the knuckles email lol.

            • lol

      • Or fangirls. I love video games and comics even more. I’m down for a new crazy Zack Snyder movie. ;)

  6. what i heard before that Sucker Punch is going to be PG-13 anyway but i feel it should be a R. but if this movie only focus on special fx and no story going with it then this movie will be hard to sale to everyone.

    im surprise WB never asked Zack Snyder to do a Mortal Kombat reboot movie since he does fantasy films.

  7. He will ruin Superman.

    • DC’s been trying for 20 years to ruin Superman, if they haven’t succeeded how can Snyder in 2 short years? On the contrary I think MoS will be superb.

  8. Still very excited for this movie!!

  9. I’m not that bothered about seeing this so I read both reviews in full, and the one thing that summed up these two guys’ different perspectives was Blank referring to an opening montage “set to a new version of Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’”, whilst Anorak seemed to think he was listening to a Pixies cover. A hunch tells me Blank heard Marilyn Manson’s fifteen-year-old cover version, and Anorak didn’t know WHAT he was listening to. Memory’s a funny thing, and I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable appearing in a police lineup in front of either of those two…

    • Yeah I was wondering about the ages of the two reviewers and their attention span.

  10. Snyder’s films always seem to be style over substance, but there’s so MUCH style that it makes up somewhat for the lack of substance. This looks visually interesting as hell – looking forward to it.


      • i agree with u when i saw the trailer it looks like a R rating movie not PG-13. he even stated once that he will make Sucker Punch a R-rated film then he change his mind and make it PG-13 instead. im guessing since Watchmen did not make that major money as a R-Rated movie the people at WB must of told him to make Sucker Punch PG-13.

        • i think he put his footdown with Watchmen, anyone thats read the graphic novel knows its not PG-13. making it so, down shifting it to that rating would have cause big time backlash with its hardcore fan base

  11. this sounds about the same as the reviews for his prior films. I am interested to see this for the visual style, but why can’t he make shorter movies? about halfway through 300 and Watchmen I was tired of the visuals and the substance was noticably lacking and the movies just seemed to drag on and on and on

    • 300 was WAY shorter compared to Watchmen Panda

      • when I say shorter, I mean short films, like 20 minutes. I don’t care that 300 had a lower running time, it felt long.

        My point is Snyder’s style wears thin too quickly for me to make his movies good and there’s nothing else in them to enjoy.

  12. I guess besides the violent aspect, a “whorehouse world” may not go over well for PG-13.

    • Bad…lol your name just ROCKS buddy

  13. guys you act like snyder held back with his violence

    it is only pg 13 beauteously the only people getting shot/slashed/maimed are monsters/dragons/zombies/robots/etc.

  14. *because*

  15. I can’t wait for this movie.

  16. I’ll give it a whirl on DVD…

  17. I still can’t get over Vanessa Hudgens with guns, but alright. Haha. This movie looks freakin, CRAZY!!!

    As for the PG-13 rating, I’d say that 300 was R because of the boobies and blood. Watchmen was R because it had to be. The only way to show the right emotions of that story was to have a very dark, R-rated world.

    Can’t wait for this one AND for the Man of Steel!

  18. Also, Jon Hamm is in this movie, so that may be good for everyone who wants him to play Superman…

  19. I have been loving Snyder’s works wholeheartedly since 300. His visual direction is genius!

  20. Superman just isn’t his style.

    It’s like getting Burton to direct it – dodged a bullet there!

  21. This movie just looks so awful to me. I enjoyed Watchmen, but 300 was trashy with only brief moments of enjoyment and no substance what so ever. This movie though based on what i’ve seen make 300 look great. I can’t believe anyone is looking forward to it. I know people like to say Snyder is flash over substance, but I think Trash over substance is more fitting.

    • Daniel,
      it shocks me every time you say you like Watchmen – you’re probably the last person who posts regularly that I would expect to have liked it

      (I really don’t mean anything by it, just makes me curiouser and curiouser what you liked about it)

      • I thought it was a good movie panda. Some of the snyder clitches are annoying but it had a great story fantastic acting and I like that the squid was gone. I think all the changes he made worked very well. The slow-mo , sex scene and over the top blood annoyed me a little but that’s what a snyder film is.

        • fair enough. Like I’ve said, several people whose opinions on films I respect very much liked it, but the negatives for me were just too overwelming for me to enjoy it. I really really wanted to like it because it was Watchmen but after two viewings I just can’t.

          That’s pretty much how I feel about all of Snyder’s movies, except the Owl one that I haven’t seen (don’t know if I care to) and this Suckerpunch looks like more of the same

  22. I am totally looking forward to this movie!!! The idea of kick-ass gorgeous women being the subject of an action movie is long overdue. These girls are young, fresh, and talented, for a change. I especially love the mix of action, visuals, AND music that this movie looks to bring. THAT is what will separate this movie from others, and I think Zack Snyder is going to do it justice.

  23. They forgot to mention he’s ripping off imagery from his own movie adaptation of SIN CITY.

    So that really clears the air of any hint of originality. Great!

    I’m torn. If a kinda cute girl wants to see this movie, I’ll see it.
    That’s about what Zack Snyder stands with me. But hey –
    he very well might inspire cool chicks to want to see this, so
    it sure as hell beats the appeal of, say “RAMBO”.

      • Not only is he not connected with Frank Miller’s Sin City in any way, shape or form, their directing styles aren’t similar at all. A little research please.

        • Although Snyder seems to have nothing to do with Sin City, I think it’s obvious that 300 would not have been made if Sin City hadn’t been made. 300 is another Frank Miller comic that is shot to look as similar as possible to the original comic. No Frank Miller comic movies before Sin City, then, all of the sudden, after Sin City, we get another Miller adaptation. So, I’d say that he is connected with Sin City, and Watchmen is the same story. It probably would not have been made without the success of Sin City. So, regardless of Research, with a little, you know, independent thought, you can make a clear connection.

          Now go ahead and attack me, and tell me how wrong I am and what an idiot I must be…it’s inevitable.

          • And don’t forget the magnum opus that was Miller’s own adaptation/travesty of The Spirit, Mannyman! No argument from me on the greenlit a>b>c progression there.

  24. this movie seems to be snyder’ best art like movie since watchmen sucked like hell and 300was comprehensively cool trailer two and one speculated my senses. i love this movie

  25. Um how about the CGI looks exactly like Casshern and Goemon (if not a little better than goemon) and rips off every single popular anime from Jin Roh to blood the last vampire and many more without having a single new concept to speak of. Just because those Japanese movies never made it to the American big screen doesn’t mean you can steal their ideas to make a profit. :-/

    • Sometimes you fanboys get confused over the words “Rip Off” and “Inspired By”. Snyder was very clearly inspired by classic anime, as well as many other forms of fantasy mythology. Just because something reflects the actions and looks of another thing doesn’t make it a rip off. If what you say is true than every single anime that comes out is just a “rip off” of all the anime’s before it because they all borrow from one another.

  26. i have absolutely no desire to see this

  27. I want to see it, but if the word of mouth is bad, well, that usually means Netflix or even wait until it hits cable.

  28. this is the worst movie that I have seen in a long time and I have seen a lot of bad movies. It tries to make up for the extremely poor storyline and even poorer ending with hot chicks and borrowed action moves. I wish I had passed on this.