What Students Are In X-Men: First Class? (Not Gambit)

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x men first class original team What Students Are In X Men: First Class? (Not Gambit)

With X-Men Origins: Wolverine opening in a mere few days, there’s plenty of talk surrounding the X-Men franchise, sequels and spinoffs. Most of that talk centers around X-Men: First Class, the next X-project on the Fox’s development slate.

Two weeks ago, we found out some more details regarding X-Men: First Class where it was revealed that it would be another prequel tied into the X-Men movies that we’ve seen so far and not its own separate franchise that would hopefully follow a more accurate continuity from the comics.

Most blogs and movie news sites out there reported the news but none really explored the idea of who would actually be in the movie. In that report, producer Lauren Shuler-Donner discussed X-Men: First Class:

“It is the first class of Xavier’s school, way back when, so it’s young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that’ll be really fun, I think (the plan) is to follow some of the characters into their own stories, and weave them back into the X-Men world.”

“And hopefully First Class will become its own franchise and we can follow them as they grow up.”

But Lauren, what about young Iceman and young Angel? Just kidding! I know you guys already messed that up.

I’ve said this before in other X-Men threads here on Screen Rant: the more changes and deviations from the source material that Fox makes with these movies, each successive movie becomes further and further distanced than the comics to the point where none of the characters and their histories resemble what they should.

We’re starting to see this really take effect now with characters showing up twenty years before they should in the Wolverine spinoff, and it’ll be at the forefront of X-Men: First Class with a roster that will be 40% different than that of the comic series it’s based on.

So, who is going to be on the First Class Roster?

In the comics, the X-Men: First Class series represents an early look at the original five X-Men characters: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Jean Grey all under the teachings of Professor X.

In the X-Men movies however, Iceman is recruited into Xavier’s school for the gifted much later than the other core mutants and we don’t meet Angel until the third movie (he’s never actually a member of the X-Men) so we know they’re not involved.

As Donner says in her interview, we can expect to see the obvious characters of Cyclops, Jean and Beast. The other two (or more?) choices are up in the air but we can certainly piece together the possibilities from what we know about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We can expect a lot of bridging between that movie and First Class since writer Josh Schwartz had to update his script with re-writes because of the additional footage shot later for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

x men origins wolverine cyclops emma frost What Students Are In X Men: First Class? (Not Gambit)
Young Cyclops and Emma Frost from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Fox’s take on the Wolverine origin story introduces us to a young Cyclops and a young Emma Frost, a prominent couple in modern X-Men comics. The movies are chronologically reversed from the comics in that aspect. In Marvel continuity, Cyclops is with Jean before meeting Emma and only hooks up with her years after Jean’s death.

It’s an easy assumption to make that we’ll therefore see Emma Frost as part of the original X-Men five which would make for an interesting love triangle (and a possible reason for Emma leaving the team and not being in the X-trilogy?). It’s also likely that Tim Pocock and Tahyna Tozzi who play Scott Summers and Emma Frost in X-Men Origins: Wolverine respectively would reprise their roles since First class takes place shortly after the events of that movie. They’ve already been cast as those characters once and are the right age, why else would they even be in the Wolverine film?

So, if Emma’s a part of the team, we still have one more spot. The obvious guess to fill the void would be Gambit – a fan favorite who finally makes his on-screen debut in the Wolverine origin movie and who’s played by young Taylor Kitsch (who also happens to have a three-picture contract), making him the right age to fit into X-Men: First Class. On top of that, with no Wolverine as part of the team, the Ragin’ Cajun can take the role of the independent keeps-to-himself bad-ass (that’s a reason Gambit was left out of X-Men 3). Unfortunately for us Gambit fans, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Click to continue reading about Gambit and the potential X-Men: First Class Roster…

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  1. Storm is probably the most likely one to be included, and I’d have no problem with that. They should leave it at 4 though.

    I was never a huge X-men comics fan, but I tend to think of the movies as being based on the comics character, but in a different reality. Actually, I try to think that way about MOST comic book movies or I’d end up like a lot of people on this board freaking out over a costume design or continuity flaw. Then I’d never be able to enjoy the movies.

  2. Ive spent a little bit of time on Xmenfilms.net and for it being the leading site about all things X-men, why do they still show pictures of the Original First Class. They have said numorous times that X-men First Class is going to be about Jean, Cyclops, and Beast, but yet they still show pictures of the Original 5.

    Get your heads out of your @$$ Fox and at least change the pictures. Haven’t you made enough money Crapifying the X-men Franchise that you cant spend a little bit of money to draw a new First Class???

  3. Either they will add more or one of those is wrong, I can’t see them having more girls than guys

  4. i was hoping they would have gambit in first class…oh well

  5. i was always a fan with the story of angel(ultimate x-men excluded) and would love to see him again on screen, i think a fourth x-men movie with apocalypse saga or maybe just an x-force spin off would be cool. as far as storm goes from Haley Berry’s first scene in x-men i felt that not only the writers but her as an actress got the character completely wrong she has the slight accent that slips in and out, she is extremely foil, possess no emotions other than directly affecting story line, its hard to care about characters when all they ever do is benefit a basic purpose for plot, we got no back story in narrative or personality, it was like she was born five seconds prior to the movie, but enough of my complaining, my point is it would be greet to develop her character more. and a pre-blue beast would be good, but then they would have to explain the transformation and out of all the explanations none are good.

  6. I don’t really care much about changes from the source material. In fact I kind of like it to s certain point. I don’t want to see the exact same story I already read in a comic. I like the changes plus I consider the films to be their own universe something inspired by the comic, but not an adaptation. You tend to enjoy the films more if you don’t focus so much on how much alike it is to the source material. Some examples are DareDevil and Ghost Rider while not great films they are better than generally considered if you don’t take the source material in to effect and just look at them as simply a comic movie. Who cares if it is the exact same thing as the comic. Other movies like X3 and Spiderman 3 just sucked though. That was bad writing and direction though along with some poor casting choices.

  7. @Daniel…

    I thought the casting in Spidey 3 was decent, with the exception of Eric Foreman, oops Topher Grace, as Eddie Brock. Thomas Haden Church as Sandman was great. J.K. Simmons IS Jonah Jameson, it was like he was pulled from the pages of the comic book. The writing and directing is what killed Spidey 3. That being said, I still had fun watching it, just not as much fun as the first 2. Oh, and does anyone else feel that Bryce Howard would make a better MJ than Dunst (being a natural redhead and all) and Dunst would have made a better Gwen Stacey?

  8. andy s,

    yeah i look at comic book films as reboots of the comics, if i didnt i would probably end up being “one of those” of who complain about how much the films deviant from the source material.

    i didnt mind topher grace as eddie brock/venom b/c he doesnt have to be fit to be him b/c the suit is what gave him his strength(dont know if thats how it is in the comics) just how they executed the character was wrong and killing him off felt like a waste(especially after giving him like 20 minutes of screen time) and as far as Dunst is concerned i thought she was perfectly cast as MJ

  9. As much as I think that the proposed team would be a good one, Rob, I have to agree with JMoney in that Fox probably won’t go with more girls than guys.

    All I really care about though is seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen back. Just digitally de-age them a little bit and we’re good.

    Any idea on the who the bad guys will be? I think Magneto is probably a given, but I’m curious if he’ll have any recognizable flunkies.

  10. I can see them adding another member(s) but I don’t know who. Either way, hardcore comic fans will be upset about it.

    Maybe they’ll mess with continuity even more and make the First Class film about time travel and we’ll see Cable and Bishop. The twist is that Cable’s the future son of Emma and Cyclops as opposed to Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) and Cyclops.

    That Scott Summers fellow sure does get around…

  11. Let’s face it gang, “First Class” title…second class treatment by studio exec types who continue to treat stupidity as if it were a sacrament.They honestly expect long time fans to pony up thier hard earned dollars for a glimpse of what excited them about the original characters in the first place, and then force feed us thier so called “vision” with little or no regard for the source material. Sorry to come off so cynacle here, but I’m really sick of these bozos tampering with some pretty cool childhood memories of these unique and well concieved characters and story arcs.
    I’m sure they would be outraged if you took one of their family albums and replaced all the photos with stick figure drawings…
    With the exception of a choice few (recent) comic book based movies, the most overwhelming emotion that I experience more times than not after watching these farces is dissapointment.

    Thanks 4 letting me vent, now back to our scheduled programming.

  12. nowhereman i couldn’t disagree more. They show regard for the source material just by simply doing a movie about it.The movies live in their own private universe. I’m a huge comic nerd, but I accept this because I’m not a fanboy just trying to complain about anything. Following the source material to a T is the least important part. The acting, writing, directing and casting are far more important. If you love the source material so much and want to relive those memories go read the source material. The movies are their own original stories you know what people try to complain about hollywood not having. I love how unoriginal hollywood is yet they try to do something different at least slightly from an idea that’s been done and fanboys jump on them. You wouldn’t be happy unless they show a movie from a comic shot for shot. I can honestly say for the majority of movies I wouldn’t watch if they did that. Aside from stand alone comics like watchmen I wouldn’t want a shot for shot. A unique universe with a unique twist of it’s own is much better much more original and a lot more clever.

  13. well it Would be cool to see HaVoC as the Bad guy.
    being Scott’s Brother that would make for dum good sibling Rivalry.
    Also it could also introduce a small Rag-tag Version of the “BrotherHood”.

    my question is Fox basiclly Screwd them selves By introducing Angle as an outsider in X3.
    cuz it would make no sense that he would be in the First Class.

    so there now the fans have another reason to be mad At FOX.

  14. Just stop screwing over Cyclops and i might be able to stomach “first class”. Of course, caring about Cyke’s past when it looks like they fried him in X-3 makes it a little less interesting. Of course he didn’t die on screen, so they can explain it away.
    I’d like Storm as long as Halle Barry NEVER plays her again. She’s beautiful, but she is a terrible actress.
    Emma Frost as an original member would be interesting, as long as they don’t kill her off or anything terrible like that.
    If I seem overly negative it’s because I pretty much hate the film franchise. And I’m not some geek expecting every detail to be correct. But there is such a thing as keeping characters in character.

  15. @ Brodie Bruce,

    Interesting idea, I always dugg Havok. Although I can’t see him as a true villain, perhaps a semi-bad dude who becomes good and helps out with his own team.

    or… maybe he can be a member of First Class team.

  16. I agree with you Daniel, im a “hardcore” fan, but i dont complain about every little thing. If you really think that Fox has ruined your childhood then im sorry but you must have had a really crappy childhood. Come on, if they made a Cable film, or added him in one, you really think it would fly with the audience when he says that hes Cyclops’ and Jean Grey’s clones’ love baby??? lol some things are changed for a good reason. If people would stop complaining about how close it is to the comics they might enjoy the films a little bit more.

  17. Oh yea, Rob your team makes sense. They might be able to add Colossus in there.

  18. Exactly Oscar. It’s a film it should be judged on it’s own as a film. Forget what it is based off of and just judge it as it’s own film. Focus on the things that make a film great and leave it at that. Technically there were inaccuracies in every single comic movie that didn’t keep some of them from being praised. Iron Man and every Batman film ever are proof of that. In fact the most true Batman movie is Batman & Robin it’s feels like it came straight out of a 1960′s Batman Issue. TDK has many glaring differences from the comics of any era, but it’s just a damn good film regardless. I’m one of the biggest Batman fans in the world and some changes bothered me, but it was just a minor irritation that didn’t hurt the quality of the film at all so I never bothered complaining much about it.

  19. yup, especially when the comics themselves always change the stories. I just look at it like the “Ultimates” series, its the same characters but some have changes made to them.

  20. I think Havoc would be a good choice to be part of first class. I just can’t see anyone else playing professor x though.

  21. @ Oscar!, Daniel

    Totally agree on looking at the X-Men films as there own separate thing, that’s the only way a fan of the comics can truely enjoy it.

    It only becomes an issue when in the movie, a character is weak or not entertaining, and when we know he/she is so different and better in the comics, it doesn’t make sense that they intentionally made that alteration. Two quick examples are Colossus and Deadpool (made worse for the movies).

    @ wes,

    IESB has a great interview with Lauren Shuler-Donner and in it she says they can’t make First Class without Patrick Stewart. That’s awesome.

  22. Okay, I retract everything. You are obviously much more accepting of flash over substance than I am. S’cool, but no need to get pissy over an expressed opinion…

  23. Oh, and just for the record, my referring to childhood memories stemmed from my reading the source material in the mid 60′s when it was fresh and innovative. I hardly ment for it to be used as an invitation to be psyco analyzed or ridiculed. Perhaps it would be best if you re read your posts. Some of your points are duely noted, but some of your sntiments are petty.

  24. I’ve never read any of the comic books, so I get to look at all of the movies from a fresh viewpoint, and I think they’re making a huge mess of it. They’re feeling like movies for monies sake and that’s when I have to draw the line. If they want to make a huge string of movies that all have a clear theme and focus, fine, but X-Men just doesn’t seem like something that came from a plan.

  25. Rob Keyes it should be noted which comics you are refering to because every character has multiple universe with in the marvel world as it is. If that’s accepted why not accept it for the movies. I mean how many different incarnations of Wolverine have their been? Lets take a step out of the universe ones even and just look at the different time lines as well. I mean the characters have so many incarnations and its widely accept for that in comics, but fans simply can not accept it in film and demand it be just like the comics, but which comic? Also it makes you wonder if the main continuity is held with in Earth 616 than maybe the films are Eart 518 or 143 I mean their are clearly suppose to be a million different versions of these characters so marvel can explain away all their own mistakes.

  26. AS who could be added to First Class?

    *Dragon Man.

    In the comics, the character isn’t a mutant, of course, but then again neither was Juggernaut. But Dragon Man did appear in the X-Men First Class run.


    I second this, although I don’t see him as a bad guy either. “Sibling rivalry” might mean simply a difference in personality traits, nothing more.

    * Mastermind

    Or, as we know him as (sort of) adapted to the films. Jason Stryker. Here’s your villain.

  27. @ Daniel,

    Standard Marvel Comics – I suppose that’s 616 if you’re looking at it that way. That is what all the other universes, television shows, etc. are based on.

    Although it’s obvious that the movies borrow a lot of the more realistic elements from the Ultimate X-universe (the one that got can canceled btw).

    If the movies (in this case, X3) didn’t have flaws or were very very good (a la The Dark Knight) then there’d be no issue at all because the movies are there own. BUT, when a movie that doesn’t adapt things well or isn’t that good only exists because of the popularity of what it was based on (and who in terms of characters), it doesn’t make sense to take away/change important character defining attributes to the point where they become not as good/entertaining as what they’re based on.

    Obviously, we all understand changes to make it better in the movie. But characters like Colossus, Deadpool, Rogue and Phoenix are not better in the films (very much worse) and that’s what I mean about changes for characters. Does that make sense? But if the movie, story and characters are awesome in their own right, there’s no issue for the most part other than making something drastically different from what it’s based on.

  28. I started reading comics when they were about 15cents per issue. When the original X-men came out I was immensely fascinated by the concept and characters and I have been a true fan ever since. I must say that I am totally disgusted with the direction in which the X-men franchise has gone. X-men 1 was a good introduction, X-men 2 was excellent, absolutely off the charts. A true representation of what the X-men are about. X-men 3 was horrible. I was so disappointed. The core story had potential but the writing was bad. The directing was horrible as most Brett Ratner films are (see Rush Hour 3). So much of the chronology and ties to the comic were destroyed. It was terrible. X3 was not made for the true old school fans of the comic book. Now they are going to have two new characters to include in the original five?! As a loyal X-men fan I feel betrayed.

  29. @Rob, what was wrong with Rogue, Colossus, or Phoenix?

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