Stuart Townsend Replaced Last Minute For Thor

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Stuart Townsend, who was cast as one of “The Warriors Three” in Kenneth Branagh’s production of Thor for Marvel Studios, has left due to creative differences. Replacing Townsend (left) as Fandral the Dashing will be relative unknown Joshua Dallas (right) according to two anonymous inside sources.

The change reportedly occurred last week and this is slightly curious but not that uncommon. It is very last minute with principal photography is set to begin tomorrow and I wonder what sort of creative dispute would make Stuart want to bail on such a high profile project. This is the first hiccup we’ve seen from the casting side of things as everything leading up to this point has been on the up and up for what has become an amazingly talented cast.

Joshua Dallas played a prominent role in The Descent: Part 2 and plays a secondary character in George Lucas’ Red Tails. I’m not familiar with his acting myself, but I have faith in the team’s casting decision at picking budding stars as they did with the title character casting of Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder.

I was interested in seeing Townsend in a cool role as the handsome Asgardian ally of Thor, especially after he was replaced last minute as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Viggo Mortensen. No complaints there as Viggo was perfection as our favorite ranger of the North, but I would have liked to see Townsend in a cool role in an epic such as this.

Joshua Dallas gets his big break here as part of The Warriors Three where he’ll fight as Fandral the Dashing along side Ray Stevenson’s Volstagg and Tadanobu Asano’s Hogun.

What do you think of this news?

Thor takes over Spider-Man 4 for a new release date of May 5, 2011.

Source: Associated Press (hat-tip to our bud Ed Douglas for the find)

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  1. I feel this Stuart Townsend is like such an arrogant bast***.
    I dont understand what is his problem but he has miss 2 great opportunities in his career as an actor due creative differences?
    Exactly what sort of creativeness he has involving? Why is it so hard for him to follow direction from a director.
    He’ll be regreting on this, I guarantee. With such reputation no one would ever dare to cast him for anything anymore.

  2. Don’t know either of them so I’ll just roll with it and see where it goes.

  3. Yeah, it is weird that this is the second time this has happened. All I know is he sucked as Lestat in Queen of the Damned. I don’t know if that is his fault or the director’s, but he was way too much of a brooder in that film. Lestat is flamboyant and just plain likable. He played the character wrong.

    He was fine as Dorian Gray in LXG, even if the film was no bueno. Dunno… he must just not work well with certain directors. Too bad. I assume he is still kicking himself for losing Aragorn.

  4. @ deacon,

    The Lord of the Rings thing wasn’t his decision. Once they started, they realized he looked to young for the role and desperately tried to replace him quick.

  5. Both of them aren’t exactly A-List actors so I don’t know if this will make that much of a difference.

  6. Lol what kind of creative difference could he have? He isn’t even the star so I don’t understand how he could think that he has enough power to shape the movie. The guy must have a huge ego to think he has much input when he is nothing but a small part of a large cast. Not only is he just a normal cast member but he is also lacking in experience when compared to others on the cast who have little experience them selves. Dumb move

  7. On one of the appendices discs of LOTR it did explain his being let go even though they didn’t have a replacement as yet.
    I got the impression it wasn’t just because he was too young, though that is what IMDB states.

    (His fiancee is sure hot though!)

  8. Thought he did a good job in League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, especially his scenes with Peta Wilson.

  9. Hope he can live off his GF’s success, how many big gigs does one say no tob4 the bills start piling up??(or you’re known as “Mrs. Moresuccessful other”)

  10. I didnt care for him in Queen of the Damned, only thing i liked about that movie aside from the end credits was the soundtrack and i think the one hottie from the mighty ducks was in it too!

    He was indeed fairly decent as Dorian Gray in LXG, which i enjoyed a bit too!! And that movie was full of creative differences during the shoot according to some with COnnery and the director!! lol

    As for him getting replaced? Maybe he wanted more money or thought he deserved more lines when he is actually a supporting character!! Terrence Howard was canned for differences too, but i read more than once that it was about the money. At least he was replaced by an actor we’ve seen in other things and liked in other things.

    did he make a big boo boo backing out, oh yeah!! The Marvel movies are HUGE when they come out, even the incredible hulk which was a lot better than the ang lee touchy feely hulk; was HUGE when it came out. hehehe maybe stuart can be the lead in an animated Thor movie someday and be the main star lol!! although some comic book animated movies are decent too!!

  11. Joshua Dallas sure looks like Townsend.
    After the films release,
    I Hope people dont negatively compare Dallas to Townsend.
    While it is certainly a great opportunity for Dallas,
    He is also doing them a great favor.
    He is keeping the production on track.
    That is not a small matter for an Epic like this.

  12. The character “Fandral” himself is having a hard time being cast. First it was Zecharia Levy from “Chuck” then Townsend, now this new guy is coming in. Wow!!! I think that Branagh should have actually played as Fandral himself.

  13. This dude Joshua Dallas looks like a Joe Bloe everyday Plain Wayne dude off the street. He’s probably gonna be the next big thing next to Chris Hemsworth though, is he an Ausie too. LOL!!

  14. Creative differences? Was this a huge part in the first place? Townsend sounds like a right goon! He would bow out of Thor but stayed for The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

  15. @ Daniel F,

    Perhaps he didn’t dig the costume? ;)

  16. Who cares he’s probably only a minor character in the film anyway, infact that’s probably why the dude bailed…not enough screen time.

  17. THIS is what is wrong with Hollywood. If you dont like the job dont take the job.

    I find it hard to believe people find it difficult to be someone they are not.

    I mean it is not like they were asking him to sleep with a Hedgehog.

    Creative differences… /sigh….

  18. I do not get it as well. I would however like to see more Peta Wilson in anything as mentioned earlier!

  19. Wow the character “Fandral” himself is having a hard time to keeping someone on board to play him. First it was Zecharia Levy form “Chuck”, then Townsend left now this guy Dallas is on board. I always thought that Branagh himself was destined to played as Fandral, maybe that’s why he’s having such a rough time with this character. This Dallas guy looks like a regular Joe Bloe Plain Wayne off the street though.

  20. Sorry about the multiple same posts.

  21. The Gods of Asgard are angry, and will only allow a worthy actor to portray Fandral The Dashing.

  22. “Codpiece Problems.”

    ~ Stark

    P.S. Mine’s bigger!

  23. Aknot: I agree.

    The last movie I saw him in was “Unhitched” or something. I believe that was a DTV movie (well, I don’t recall the movie being released in theaters)…

  24. dumped as Aragorn, dumped by Charlize Theron, what’s worse?