Story For Spider-Man Reboot Already Exists

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spider man reboot Story For Spider Man Reboot Already Exists

The major news item yesterday was the shocking but not-too-surprising report and confirmation that Spider-Man 4 was cancelled. No Sam Raimi, no Tobey Maguire, no Kirsten Dunst, it’s done with. Sony is going the path of the speed reboot and starting from scratch with Peter Parker in high school and you can read the official press release in our update on the cancellation.

One of the problems for Sony Pictures all along was having to wait so long between installments. For obvious reasons, Spider-Man is their prized money-making franchise and they don’t want delays between paychecks. With that in mind, the studio had a sort of contingency plan in place if this were to happen anyways and the story for the next Spider-Man is already there.

James Vanderbilt, the man writing the reboot, was initially brought in by Sony to pen the script for Spider-Man 4 but then-director Sam Raimi wasn’t in full support of it – so he brought in other writers to do several re-writes (beginnings of the villain dispute?). Sony actually was pretty fond of Vanderbilt’s ideas however, so they hired him again to write Spider-Man 5 & 6 with the plan that if Raimi and his cast were not to return for the 5th and 6th interconnected Spidey adventures (which we knew they wouldn’t), Vanderbilt’s script would act as a franchise re-boot. Case in point: Yesterday.

In a sense, they always had a back-up plan to ensure Spidey would hit the silver screens in 2011 or 2012, no matter what. Except this time, we’ll be seeing young Peter Parker back in high school dealing with the contemporary issues faced by youths in similar situations today (sans radioactive spiders of course).

Clearly, the studio is aiming at targeting the next generation of moviegoers going with a younger cast and teenage-based drama (Transformers and Twilight crowds?). But how will they differentiate this from what was done in Raimi’s first Spider-Man? According to EW, the reboot will be a “gritty, contemporary reboot of the franchise” and make reference to what Batman Begins did for DC’s key film franchise.

Spider-Man isn’t a “gritty” sort of character so I’m assuming (read: hoping) that they simply mean it may be more realistic in tone with slightly less comic book cheese factor – not to say, Spider-Man 1 & 2 were cheesy, I loved those films. What I mean is, we’ll likely be seeing something more serious and less colorful and comedic.

With there now being a clean slate for the next Spider-Man film, the field is open for a new director and a new cast to come out and play. Any ideas as to who could take over the reins and help kick-start a new Spider-Man trilogy?

We’ve already seen Spider-Man’s on-screen origins and it wasn’t that long ago either; Do they come up with a new origin and aggravate the fanbase even more or do they just quickly get into the costume and webshooters? Do they re-design his costume or copy what was done successfully in the existing trilogy?

Another big question is what villains will be used. I doubt they will use the characters we’ve already seen in Raimi’s trilogy with one exception: Venom. You can argue all you want, but Venom isn’t nearly as bankable character compared to Spider-Man and it’s evident that Sony Pictures really wants to launch a solo film for the fan-favorite symbiote. In order to do that, they will likely tie him into the Spider-Man reboot series in one way or another as I predicted they would with Spider-Man 5 & 6 anyway. It seemed a sure thing that after the fourth installment, they were going to have to restart without Raimi and Maguire.

What do you think of all this?

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Spider-Man (the reboot) comes out in the summer of 2012.

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  1. The first ten minutes of the film should be a straight adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man #45. Now THAT would be intense, and a better opening than in Iron Man or Star Trek.

    The comic details May Parker’s visit to a therapist. It establishes her husband’s death, Spider-Man’s existence, May’s distrust of him (and, of course, her ignorance of his true identity) and May’s fears, which are substantial.

    Bendis takes a lot of flak, and I’m not saying none of it is deserved, but that issue makes up for one hell of a lot for me, and i urge everyone to track down a copy, so you know what I’m talking about.

  2. They need someone very ripped for the role. not neccesarily big and bulky, but atleast how spiderman should be. Tobey made spiderman look boring with no definition and it was just plain. They need a hero, not an average joe. Atleast, after he is bitten.

  3. Dramspace I disagree Spiderman doesn’t need to be ripped just thin. In fact at first he needs to be a geek. He gains all the abilitys his body doesn’t need to suddenly be full of muscle.

  4. This is going to suck.

  5. I am excited about this news. I understand that Spider-Man is not intended as a really “dark” superhero but I still feel like the franchise could use some grittiness.
    I think Screenrant should have an epic fantasy-casting article for major characters but for director as well! That would be awesome.

  6. Sony and Spiderman will get totally destroyed in 2012, competing with the most anticipated superhero films of the last 10 years- Avengers and Batman 3.

  7. I agree with Daniel F; Anton Yelchin is a great choice. He’s not quite an up and comer yet, as his parts in the Terminator and Star Trek franchises are relatively small, so he wouldn’t stick out in the role like, say, Shia would.

    I also wouldn’t mind Justin Chatwin, though his resume isn’t very good and he hasn’t really proven himself as an actor yet.

  8. After the generally abysmal 'Spider-Man 3' and – more importantly – the advances in comic book movie storytelling made since the existing trilogy began, I think a reboot is an awesome idea. However, Sony really should consider making the smart move of cooperating with Marvel Studios and Disney to integrate Spider-Man into the world of Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk and Captain America… with a view to including him as a team member in an Avengers sequel. It's not out of the question. I mean, after all, 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Titanic' have both shown that studios can play nice when it benefits all parties. Now, if only Fox could have the foresight to let the current 'X-Men' franchise die so they too can get it right. In spite of Bryan Singer being back on board with the old franchise, I still think the best film translation of the X-Men universe is ahead of us. Let's look to the future instead of beating a dead horse.

  9. I just had a great idea for a future Spider-Man movie in the rebooted universe. Jackie Earle Haley as Carnage!

  10. how bout the kid from Forbidden Kingdom, he was also in Sky High, and Black Irish…… Michael Angarano

    or that one kid form Sasquatch Gang, Peter Pan…… Jeremy Sumpter

    or even the lead kid in the new Kick-Ass movie

  11. ick..

    its so bold.. i like the old commenting better!

    oh well..

    if taylor lautner ( and no i dont like twilight) had a lighter complexion hed be pretty good.. hes got that new ara wirey spidey frame.. that type of body is perfect for spidey.

  12. ara = era

  13. I’m looking forward to this reboot. Marvel… thank you. Sony, please don’t screw this up. I know you have your “studio” ways and “studio peeps” you have to grease but you almost killed the franchise with Spider-man 3′s debacle. Look for guidance from Marvel Studio films. Iron Man was great. I can’t wait for Iron Man 2.

  14. Great news!
    Ive said it before Maguire is an appauling actor especially as peter parker…who by very nature is witty and charasmatic, two things tobey greaty lacks

    Im all for a return to high school. But I suggest they skip the origin story, maybe have a breif montage at the beginning but thats it. Also, Im all for gritty…look at the recent cartoon series “spectacular spiderman” and their gangland war story line…that is great writing and I think they should take a few leads from that such as:
    Tombstone controlling all the organised crime: I know it SHOULD be kingpin but sony cant use him :(
    Make eddy brock peters best friend and dr connors lab tech: First movie eddy and peter are friends but eventually grow apart leading into a true venom v spidey clash

    For the first villain, hmm im not sure perhaps introduce tombstone and a lackey or two, save green goblin for the sequel then venom for the third

    but i definitly think they should incorporate the gangland war stoy line from spectacular spidey season 2…check it out if you havent seen it, its not exclusively a kids show

  15. Shame Marvel can't take Spidey away from Sony… the writer whos doing Spiderman did the Wolverine movie? Please say it ain't so…

  16. I was with two of my sisters when I heard about this, and before I could decide if it was good news or bad, the first thing out of their mouths were suggestions for the new Spidey. One said Jared Padaleki, the other, Jeremy Sumpter. Whether I agree with them or not is unimportant. What is, is that I realized then that I was going to get a whole new look at a beloved character. And maybe, it will be done well enough, that we'll all feel like Spidey jumped right off the pages. And so here begins the hope, and the UNENDING speculation. LOL
    Perhaps this time around, we'll get to see Morbius and Kraven. (Please?) :)

  17. I too hope we see Morbius and Kraven. That would be great. I don't mind the
    whole reboot thing so much but what bothers me is that it sounds like they
    are going back to an origin movie with Parker in high school. Please don't
    make this only for teens.

  18. Oh geez, I hope this isn't the case.

  19. I have been wanting a total REBOOT of Spiderman for such a long time, I can hardly believe it's true.

    Now it's finally going to happen. If Sony does do a back to high school origin “teen flick”, let's hope the cast especially the lead roles, are more in tune with accurately portraying the characters from the books.

    If Sony get it right, then perhaps a mature script and character treatment will be in order for future installments. :)

  20. I never really liked what they did with the Spiderman trilogy.(Haven't seen the third one).The first was somewhere b/w above average and good. Second was just watchable(barely).
    For the record Spiderman is my 2nd favourite comic character after Batman! The tension, nervousness, wit, recklessness and high school drama makes the character what he is. The movies were a BIG disappointment at least for me.
    Reboot doesn't sound bad, infact if I had a choice to reboot any franchise I would probably reboot Spiderman!Lets HOPE it is done right this time. That IS what reboots are for, RIGHT?

  21. Unfortunately for Sony, the “honeymoon stage” for Spider-Man fans as far as seeing their favorite web-slinger is on the silver screen is already long past. They'll never make as much money as they did with Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy again. That being said, hope these new movies will be interesting at any rate, but somehow I doubt it. They seem too eager to just throw any kind of story out of there that would bring “dumb people” into the theater to see their movie. It's all about money with them now.

  22. you guys are a bunch of haters. i know that spider-man 3 was lil beat lame. but i don't see why you guys complaint about the spider-man triology because no mather what any of you say is the best superhero franc by far.

  23. What a ridiculous reply. Firstly, did I say I hated the third film? No, I said it was “generally abysmal”. Secondly, I actually agree the Spider-Man trilogy is the best comic book trilogy so far. In fact, the second is one of my favourite films. But that doesn't mean the franchise couldn't have been a whole lot better. I just think you can have too much of a good thing… and expecting the same actors and same creative team to produce an endless series of films is just asking for the quality to diminish. The way I see it is: the comic world is filled to the brim with different interpretations of characters – dark ones, light ones, new origins, classic retellings – so why not open our minds to that same variety on the big screen? Single films, well considered trilogies and clever crossovers are all I wish for. Get greedy for more and you'll inevitably be disappointed.

    If that somehow makes me a “hater”, I guess someone should call a few dictionary publishers… because the definition seems to have changed.

  24. A reboot? well maybe it's a sign, don't get me wrong i think both cast and crew did a great job in ALL 3 and I am a little sad that we won't ge to see Raimi's Spiderm4n, but “with a new begining, comes new possibilites” maybe a future tie in to the avengers franchise? a civil war movie? ahh………. :)

  25. well, this might be good loved the first series but it's time to move on…. i hope they make the villains darker and spidey wise crack though… and this one i'd like a film per year and connected to the new unvirse such as iron man, hulk, cap, thor, and avengers, maybe they can put him into the avengers? not an avenger but maybe just a cameo?

  26. well, this might be good loved the first series but it's time to move on…. i hope they make the villains darker and spidey wise crack though… and this one i'd like a film per year and connected to the new unvirse such as iron man, hulk, cap, thor, and avengers, maybe they can put him into the avengers? not an avenger but maybe just a cameo?

  27. I anticipated it would go this way. Spidey`s always been my fav. superhero. What to say, huh. If only the franchise had gone straightly, sensitively, and organized. I don`t think anyone other than Maguire is going to be a good Spiderman. I wonder if there`s a guy out there looking so much like maguire and looks like a peter parker. Is Venom the reason why this franchise came to an end? They were only pressuring him in cuz of the fans, weren`t they? This world probably would need more power for things to go better than they do. Oh, what else to say, what else to say, what else to say.

  28. Just wait for the third Batman movie to come out. Then those will be called the best comic book trilogy ever made! Once Spider-Man had it’s three out in theaters and ready to buy worldwide They will probably take second or even first place. I am a huge Spider-Man fan but I will still say this. Christopher Nolan really knows how to make a great movie and really knows how to make the crowd beg for more!

  29. Raimi was the same as Nolan as a visionary director who makes viewers want more, though I agree Batman films are a bit better. but if Nolan was pressured as much as Raimi was “You need to add Riddler or you’re out, and add Bane and Mr. freeze too” we’d have a same sort of flop

    it is a shame the 3rd movie caused this and i’m not looking forward for the reboot at all. Symbiote and venom broke SM3