Story For Spider-Man Reboot Already Exists

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spider man reboot Story For Spider Man Reboot Already Exists

The major news item yesterday was the shocking but not-too-surprising report and confirmation that Spider-Man 4 was cancelled. No Sam Raimi, no Tobey Maguire, no Kirsten Dunst, it’s done with. Sony is going the path of the speed reboot and starting from scratch with Peter Parker in high school and you can read the official press release in our update on the cancellation.

One of the problems for Sony Pictures all along was having to wait so long between installments. For obvious reasons, Spider-Man is their prized money-making franchise and they don’t want delays between paychecks. With that in mind, the studio had a sort of contingency plan in place if this were to happen anyways and the story for the next Spider-Man is already there.

James Vanderbilt, the man writing the reboot, was initially brought in by Sony to pen the script for Spider-Man 4 but then-director Sam Raimi wasn’t in full support of it – so he brought in other writers to do several re-writes (beginnings of the villain dispute?). Sony actually was pretty fond of Vanderbilt’s ideas however, so they hired him again to write Spider-Man 5 & 6 with the plan that if Raimi and his cast were not to return for the 5th and 6th interconnected Spidey adventures (which we knew they wouldn’t), Vanderbilt’s script would act as a franchise re-boot. Case in point: Yesterday.

In a sense, they always had a back-up plan to ensure Spidey would hit the silver screens in 2011 or 2012, no matter what. Except this time, we’ll be seeing young Peter Parker back in high school dealing with the contemporary issues faced by youths in similar situations today (sans radioactive spiders of course).

Clearly, the studio is aiming at targeting the next generation of moviegoers going with a younger cast and teenage-based drama (Transformers and Twilight crowds?). But how will they differentiate this from what was done in Raimi’s first Spider-Man? According to EW, the reboot will be a “gritty, contemporary reboot of the franchise” and make reference to what Batman Begins did for DC’s key film franchise.

Spider-Man isn’t a “gritty” sort of character so I’m assuming (read: hoping) that they simply mean it may be more realistic in tone with slightly less comic book cheese factor – not to say, Spider-Man 1 & 2 were cheesy, I loved those films. What I mean is, we’ll likely be seeing something more serious and less colorful and comedic.

With there now being a clean slate for the next Spider-Man film, the field is open for a new director and a new cast to come out and play. Any ideas as to who could take over the reins and help kick-start a new Spider-Man trilogy?

We’ve already seen Spider-Man’s on-screen origins and it wasn’t that long ago either; Do they come up with a new origin and aggravate the fanbase even more or do they just quickly get into the costume and webshooters? Do they re-design his costume or copy what was done successfully in the existing trilogy?

Another big question is what villains will be used. I doubt they will use the characters we’ve already seen in Raimi’s trilogy with one exception: Venom. You can argue all you want, but Venom isn’t nearly as bankable character compared to Spider-Man and it’s evident that Sony Pictures really wants to launch a solo film for the fan-favorite symbiote. In order to do that, they will likely tie him into the Spider-Man reboot series in one way or another as I predicted they would with Spider-Man 5 & 6 anyway. It seemed a sure thing that after the fourth installment, they were going to have to restart without Raimi and Maguire.

What do you think of all this?

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Spider-Man (the reboot) comes out in the summer of 2012.

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  1. Not sure how it will be gritty and what not if Parker will be a teenager again. Seems like they want to go somewhat dark but sounds like an odd mix.

  2. This is a very confusing situation, but I can see the thinking behind it, and it’s more than just trying to appeal to girls as was mentioned in the other articles, with the exception of 2, the spiderman movies never got the character of Peter/Spiderman right. The stories can be incredibly dark but Spidey was always on hand for a witty quip.
    Hopefully these new films will be better than the last ones. Just so long as it is a reboot, and they don’t do the origin story again!!!

  3. spidey should be play by the guy who played john conner in the sarah conner chronicles.

    and this movie will be better than all past spidey movies combined.

    just watch the amazing spiderman cartoon for reference on how awesome this reboot could be.

    i hope they change the costume because i cant stand those ugly silver lines.

  4. I want to say this first, and this might be a really obvious choice, but the kid playing kick-ass could potentially be a really good Peter Parker. Just give him a hair cut and you’re there!

  5. All this is just to bring in the Twilight generation. How friggin’ annoying! Spiderman didn’t need a reboot so soon!

  6. @Lily

    this has nothing to do with Twilight, this is taking Spiderman back to the beggining of his character, and forgetting that Sam Raimi ever had anything to do with the web crawler. Some people have mentioned Shia Labeouf in the other thread, he may be a bit too old to play someone in high school but he would be amazing in the role!

  7. I like the idea. I mean he is suposed to be a teenager for longer than he was in the first one.
    If it is “darker”, though, idk, because if you take a look at spider-man, he’s a teenager that fight’s bad guys and is DEFINETLY A JOKER/SARCASTIC guy, and i don’t see the darkness in that.
    I’m excited but I’m still unsure, I’ll need to see some cast info in the future to make my final decision.

    ps NEVER F*cking put Spidey and Twilight together.

  8. I don’t think a reboot is necessary, they just needed to make it better than the last one. I do hope they still use the Malkovich as the Vulture. The Vulture could be the gritty character they want, because Spiderman is not a gritty character, thats like making superman gritty? it don’t work! Sounds like they want to make a movie to sell to the teens, instead of working on a movie that is just good! so it may suck! we’ll have to see?

  9. Well, what you have to think about when they are rebooting it, do they go the route of Peter Parking making a device that allows him to shoot web, or do they stay with the past three movies and say that his body creates it? Along with the possible change in that, what if they create a new costume to stand out from the others that has the web wings attached to the arms and torso. Sony just FAILED in my book!!!

  10. Whay are people saying this will be aimed squarely at teens? One could easily argure the first 3 movies were exactly that, in the UK they were rated 12, so no one younger could see them anyway, these movies are not made solely for adults people! And if they are, those arer weird adults!

  11. @Alex

    Like the idea of the guy from Kick-Ass. Haven’t seen his acting yet, but he fits the look.

    I’m not sure how to handle a reboot, as far as origin, since we just saw it 8 years ago. Hopefully someone does. :)

  12. @Ed Castle, Do you mean Spectacular Spiderman? I believe that is the most current cartoon running.

    You know.. I want a 16 yo playing a 16 yo. Even 17. I could care less if he was a no name. As long as he can act decently and he looks the part.

    That gives them a movie almost every 2 years with the Main character growing/maturing also covering HS, College, Job and Marriage.

    The origin takes all of 5 mins and you could introduce most of your supporting characters (Gewn, MJ, Harry, Flash WE NEED FLASH!!). 10 more for the lesson of responsibility.

    Heck I could even go with “Flashbacks” covering the spider bite and uncle Ben dying in the opening credits like a montage.. having Peter wake up to the haunting… With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility to his first day of his senior year in school.

    You dont want to not cover the origin. However you dont want to take half the movie to cover it.

  13. Even flashabcks arent really necessary, The Incredible Hulk retold its origin story over the credits and that worked perfectly.

  14. Thats what I meant… a flashback (meaning it already happened) montage of events.. is there a particular name for that in the movies?

  15. DrSamBeckett

    I don’t think anyone’s saying it’s being squarely aimed at teens. They are however trying to expand the fanbase with the new youths and I think many fear for a dumbed-down adaptation. When the reboot comes out, it will have been a decade since Spider-Man 1. Meaning entirely new generations in high-school/late elementary, etc.

    It’s not JUST for the “Twilight crowd” (we hope), they’re expanding/targeting to them by having Parker back in high school.

    And it’s also not about the rating. All Spider-Man movies will remain PG-13 as they are, like you said, meant for all ages.

  16. I wouldn’t mind seeing them pull from the Ultimate Spider-Man story. Gives them an easy in for attaching Venom to the film’s universe.

  17. @Rob Keyes

    Yeah that is what I was saying, so many people think it is a deliberate attempt to cash in on something else that is currently popular with a teenage audience.
    if anything, this is about bringing quality to a franchise that has been sadly lacking.

  18. i just hope they get it right this time and not what the studios want…

  19. I just hope at the least we dont get the same villians (exception to venon) I wish they’d just rip off the show and have peter parker as a young adult, if anything we know how easy it is for peter parker to look EMO so they should stay away from high school altogether

  20. His parents were murdered spies .
    His Uncle was killed because he didnt stop a thief.
    How much darker does his origin have to be?

  21. Whit spiderman 3 it obvious that Sony should have nothing to say in the making of the movie. I think that is first ennemie should still be the green goblin. But well I have zero confidence in the project.

  22. it’s a big mistake getting rid of tobey and sam and all the other people. they are the ones who won the crowd over with spiderman. too soon to do a reboot. you can only go back to high school so many times. shia is a great choice but too old to go back to high school. who will be the next spiderman? can you put some names out there? so what if you have a script. do you have the actors? sony should be careful with what they do or they might just loose an audience? look what happened with superman returns.

  23. as long as its in 3D and im there.

  24. so much potential, COULD be even better than the original trilogy with a solid cast and a strong director that still wont be pushed around… still we all know who the first enemy to appear in this reboot series will be don’t we?

  25. I love the first 2 Spider-Man movies, so I was REALLY hoping that Sony would let Raimi tell the story and close out his time with Spidey with a fantastic Spidey 4. This franchise does NOT need to be rebooted yet, but since they are doing it, I agree that they REALLY need to gloss over the origins story. I’d rather they just assume we all know SPidey’s history and just give us a new movie.

  26. If they do his origins, then it should be done over the opening credits, like in “The Incredible Huld”. We don’t need to see another hour of his origins when Raimi did a PERFECT job at it.

    As for should direct the film, I have heard that Cameron and Bay names thrown in. Although, if Bay gets it I’m going to skip the film completely. I love Bay’s film, but he should stay clear of superhero films.

    Cameron would be a great choice, but I want him to do Battle Angel Alit next. We’ve been waiting for that film long enough.

  27. the more i think about it the more i like it. i thought the writers for the first two spideys nailed the enviromental feel of the character.. tobey just didnt deliver the lines well, and they should have been better written..

    they tried, like that cage match in the first one when he says thats a nice outfit, did your husband get it for you.


    just need to bring in some sarcastic mutha f*(&ers to pen some in fight jokes.. but keep the feel (if the only thing they do) please keep the feeling the same

  28. I’ve read Amazing Spiderman for 5 years now and I love most Marvel characters, but if James Cameron directs this then I will not see it in theaters.

  29. Anton Yelchin has my vote. I really like this kid and he still looks like a high schooler. He is the most talented young actor I have seen in my life. He is only 20 right now and after Star Trek and Terminator I’d still believe him as a 17 year old.