The Story of Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt? [Re-Updated]

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rambo 5 sylvester stallone The Story of Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt? [Re Updated]

On Monday, Screen Rant relayed the great news of Rambo 5 being given the greenlight. It was reported at the time that the story of the next Rambo adventure would follow the bad-ass to the Mexican-U.S. border where he’d tear down a bunch of human traffickers and drug lords to rescue some kidnapped girl.

That part was secondary to seeing Sylvester Stallone back to gruesomely destroy the opposition.

Now comes word that Rambo 5 has a new title, a new poster, and the story we thought we knew isn’t right at all. Apparently, it instead will be about stopping some super-soldier experiments with the Rambo franchise taking a sci-fi twist.

Read on for the details…

Harry Knowles of AICN is pals with Stallone and spoke with him to clarify the matter. According to Harry, the movie is in fact set in the States as reported earlier but not by the south border as we thought. The movie will see John Rambo back where we first met him in the Pacific Northwest where there’s some sort of secret U.S. Military base working on a super soldier program…

Bear with me, I know what you’re thinking…

At this base, they’re attempting to unleash the “savagery” deep down inside of every person to create human weapons. As expected an experiment goes awry and some super killer is unleashed and this is where Rambo and a Black Ops team is brought in the clean up the mess.

Let me guess, Rambo was an early result of these experiments and that’s why he’s the perfect killing machine?

They’ve created a quick teaser poster for the film and here’s a look at it – Click to see the full version at AICN.

rambo 5 v the savage hunt poster small The Story of Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt? [Re Updated]

Normally, reading this and seeing the quality of this poster, I’d call April Fools… but it’s not April and it comes directly from Harry who spoke with Stallone. From their phone conversation, we also know that the film will include “The Savage Hunt” in the title.

If the story ends up following this path (it is very early in the process still), it’s certainly strange but still very cool in my mind. I don’t really care who the villains are and this sounds much more interesting than the human traffickers/girl rescue story. Bring it!

[UPDATE: Stallone left a voice-mail with Harry to clarify the confusion surrounding the film.  Click to read about the accurate story details of Rambo 5]

[UPDATE 2: We have the official synopsis for Rambo 5 which explains the story and reveals what it’s based on]

What do you think of this news? Do you dig this story idea more than the last?

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt begins production next spring.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Ehhh… if this is indeed true, I’m now less interested about this movie. I hate it when non sci-fi movies put a sci-fi twist just to be “different”.

  2. I say keep the sci-fi factor out and just make the ‘Super Killer’ a younger, deadlier version of Rambo. The main confliction in the Rambo series is Rambo’s inner struggle with who he was, what he has become since then, and how he is to continue on living. See, despite the incredibly difficult training he received at the hands of the military, Rambo managed to sustain some of his humanity. He was a man, just one step away from being a machine. This most likely never came to pass because of the generous guidance of General Trautman.

    The ‘Super Killer’ could be the opposite. He has no humanity, no remorse. All he knows is combat and killing. So in essence it will be Rambo facing what he could’ve become. I think there is a very interesting story to explore there.

  3. I really can’t see Stallone going “sci-fi” on the next one after the gritty realism of the last one. I’m sure it will be grounded in the plausible, not the fantastic.


  4. Sounds good but the success of Rambo 5 will only lead to Rambo 6. Come on you know its gonna go down that way,,,
    Hell be taking on the Predator in the next film,,, 8-O
    Lol, not that that’s a bad thing but to say this is the last Rambo,,, haha,, naw. Go Rambo!!!

  5. TJ says: ” I’d say they try to make a supersoldier by psychologicaly altering a soldier, making him smarter, more determined (and not specifically stronger, than it would be rambo vs Rambo).”

    Actually I remember a program a few years back about a Soviet KGB experiment that used a Psychotronic system that they perfected. It could turn people into programmable weapons. I think the program said something about its use during the Afghan war. Soviet soldiers reported when under the influence of a combination of radio waves and hypnosis that they felt no sympathy for people and that the behavior could be activated, like with a code word. Something like that combined with a form of pharmacotherapy could account for even more modification. Aricept is a drug that many have heard of that can help the mind focus, prescribed for Alzheimer patients. So why not a cocktail that a soldier is programmed to use additionally?

  6. Hey all,

    Stallone has given an update on this and it’s not really “sci-fi” when you hear what the story’s actually about:

    Read here:

  7. isn’t it time for stallone to retire? his skin is sagging his muscles look soft and he still can’t speak proper english? yo adrienne i need some help with this movie.somebody please tell this guy to hang it up,go home and enjoy your money and your life because you cannot act anymore.stop with the rambo’s & the rocky’s for god’s sake.

  8. Wow
    funny but I know EXACTLY what this is – Stallone recycling an old idea

    Back in 1999 an author named James Byron Huggins wrote a book called HUNTER – apparently this guy hooked up with Stallone on the set of Copland and pitched him on an idea for a story he had – Stallone liked it and wanted to make the idea happen as a movie – Huggins proceeded to write the novel which would then be adapted into a screen play with Stallone playing the lead.

    Hunter is the best tracker their is and has a giant wolf that lives with him in the mountains. He winds up having to work as the lead tracker for a gov’t agency going after a ‘thing’ that is slaughtering people at the their secret military installations. Turns out to be a genetic experiment using DNA from some long dead missing link type creature that was the ultimate killing machine

    Obviously the movie never happened – but I guess Stallone still has the rights and wants to make it

    (A) Mixing Rambo with the X-files type sci fi reality – in my opinion, bad idea

    (B) I’ve read the book – its terrible. Its a handbook for how to be a hackneyed writer. Its just BAD.

    His clarification on the other page STILL sounds like this was the source material.

  9. It sounds like jurassic park 4 having soldier raptors. Rambo should NOT fight wolfmen. He is a soldier not a scifi hero. That would just be dumb

  10. I love every Rambo movie, but i think this would be a very bad move. They could make a whole other movie with this story. Title it “Savage Hunt” or something. Stallone could still be in it, just don’t make it Rambo 5.

    They’re war movies, not (as someone said) Predator movies

  11. Sounds very good A new twist will be nice to see cause when the last one ended everyone thought that was it. so start something new and knowing Stallone it will work big time.

  12. I would rather have Rambo(Stallone)come back full circle and have him take on a similar role that Col Troutman had in the first Rambo movie. Except have Stallone take on a more active role in helping track down or bring in a current SF Afghanistan/Iraq war veteran that wants to be left alone and happens to come across another town sheriff that just won’t leave him be or something to this affect. I personally liked the way he ended the Rocky movies. I thought he brought that franchise full circle. This is something I would have liked seen done with the last Rambo movie.

  13. I’m not sure if this has already been suggested, but if they use Dolph Lundgren, he can be both the Universal Soldier AND Ivan Drago and merge the two franchises. Either way Drago needs an appearance (like spider rico in the last Rocky)

  14. I really enjoyed the Rambo series and the last was the bestbecause it brought him full circle and back home. That was one vet that got to come full circle as did only a few of our reall vets got to. So in short leave it alone

  15. Rambo is dead to me now, sci fi worked so well for Indy IV, what could go wrong.