Storm Shadow Returns in G.I. Joe 2

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gi joe 2 storm shadow Storm Shadow Returns in G.I. Joe 2

While G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra may have been a bit of a big budget mess of a film, it did bring to fans a whole lot of what G.I. Joe is all about: crazy action, cool characters and over-the-top vehicles. Despite some questionable special effects, Rise of Cobra offered a fun experience, bringing to the screen what many of us imagined in our heads as children while toying with action figures on the floor.

G.I. Joe 2 is expected to bring back most of the iconic franchise characters of the first film for another explosive adventure, and now we can include one character who many thought may have met his end: Storm Shadow.

By far, one of the coolest aspects of the live-action G.I. Joe film is how it took the opportunity to utilize flashback sequences to explore the history of several key characters. Two of those characters who shared a complex history were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, played by Lee Byung-hun and Ray Park, respectively. In their final showdown however, Snake Eyes seemingly defeats Storm Shadow, ending his life.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s report however, they have confirmed with Lee Byung-hun’s agency that he’ll be back to reprise the role of Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe 2. There’s no word yet on Brandon Soo Hoo, who played the youthful Storm Shadow in the flashbacks of the first flick, but it’s unlikely they’ll delve into the back-story of the character in the sequel.

We all know what this means: Storm Shadow vs. Snake Eyes rematch!

Their action sequences were a highlight of The Rise of Cobra and bringing them back offers an easy sell for the sequel to many fans. We can only hope that Zombieland/Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick give them and their dynamic relationship good screen time.

With new talent penning the screenplay and a new director incoming (Stephen Sommers is not returning to direct G.I. Joe 2), we can all hope that with the origin story already told, characters and set designs already established, that Paramount Pictures takes this opportunity to bring a solid sequel to go along with the profitable Hasbro merchandise.

Let’s hope Joseph Gordon-Levitt is soon confirmed to return as Cobra Commander for the Untitled G.I. Joe Sequel. Other returning cast members will undoubtedly include Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Rachel Nichols, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Sienna Miller, Dennis Quaid and of course, Ray Park.

While there are no official dates for G.I. Joe 2, it may shoot this year for a 2012 release.

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Source: THR

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  1. That’s great news.
    When I first saw him get stabbed, then fall lifelessly into the water, I was shocked, but I quickly thought, No way they’d kill off Storm Shadow.
    And, besides, with the “nanomites,” he easily could be brought back to life, if only as someone completely under the power of Cobra Commander.

  2. Yeah! I really liked the first film, and if I had been a kid I would have frickin loved it! Imagine being 5-10 years old and watching that film!

    • I liked it too DSB, Tatum not so much. But it was a very fun movie.

  3. i hope they bring him back in some smart way as opposed to just having him appear out of no where.

    • eye

    • I have a feeling it’ll have something to do with the nanomites Cobra Commander put in his soldiers.

  4. I am all for a sequel, hopefully they will clean up some of the crap from the first movie, Like lets turn Baroness back into a badgirl, lets quickly forget and ignore that she is Cobra Commanders sister, please forget that part, please. the other thing is I think that Duke and Ripcord should be off on some far far far away mission and cannot particapate in the sequel. I would much rather have Flint and Stalker, oh yeah and can we please lose Heavy duty , he a poor mans Roadblock anyway. Then I would like to have the Dreadnoks added in with Firefly. OH YEAH AND PLEASE NO WANANBE IRON MAN SUITS. NOT NESSARY FOR AMERICA’S ELITE.

    • what i really hated was the special effects for the human characters (most note able is the scene where shadowstorm and baroness fly out of the facility) it was terrible for the most part.

      • I was laughing at how cartoonish (and pointless) Scarlett (Rachel Nicols) when they used CG for her character on a motorcycle. They could have easily just used a stuntwoman or better yet, cut her from the chase all together. Her character provided NOTHING during that chase, and was just pointless to have her join in when she could have just stayed in the van and saved Summers money.

    • Well said Loco Lobo.
      I also want Baroness to turn bad again, and I’m sure she will since she still has those nanomites in her.
      It would be cool to see Flint and Stalker, but I doubt they’re going to dump Duke and Ripcord.
      It would be VERY cool if they used the Dreadnoks and Firefly. I just hope they don’t screw them up.

  5. I hope they make Cobra Commander look better with a new-better lookin mask. Even if its one that covers his face completely, otherwise id rather see Serpentor be introduced somehow. Can’t wait to see Siena Miller back as Baroness, she was hot as she was bad,lol. And i look forward for a rematch between Snake-Eyes & Storm-Shadow.

    • I also thought Sienna Miller was hot as Baroness. I tend not to like the typical look of “beauty” that Hollywood serves up, but I thought both Miller and Rachel Nichols (Scarlett) were sexy and attractive in the movie.
      Likewise, I’m looking forward to Snake and Storm fighting again. When I first saw him get stabbed, I thought NO! But then I thought, no way they’re going to get rid of a character as popular as Storm Shadow. And I thought Lee Byung-hun turned in one of the best, if not the best, performance in the movie.

  6. The first time I saw the sceene where he fell to the icey water I said to myself they did it like this so he could show back up. I just wasn;t sure if it would be towards the end of the first film or in a sequel.

    Its very clear that the scene did not imply he was killed only that he may have been killed. Bringing him back in teh sequel is far from being unrealistica or over the tope, in fact I believe most who liked the movie (it did make several hundread million dollars over 2 months which is not a sign of a poor performing film) expected he would be back in the sequel.

    That said I sure which Tatum Channing would not retrun, I hated him and I am a big fan of the movie. He sucks at least in this role.

  7. Yep the simple answer is that he’s a member of Cobra so of course he’s going to come back. Anyone who thought he would is just plane silly. Remember folks, it’s based on a cartoon. Those characters never truely died. but as bad as the first movie was I’m actually looking forward to the second.

    • Oops I meant (wouldn’t is just plane silly.) Was typing too fast.

  8. Oh come on, they arent going to have Storm Shadow in his Ninja Tuxedo like the last movie?? Well as long as they have Marlon Wayons signed up that is all that matters. /sarc

    Crappy acting, terrbile story and atrocious dialogue, what more can we expect from the sequel.

    • Wqell it wouldn’t be like the old show if it didn’t have any of those things you mentioned.

  9. I loved the Gi joe film but I think the cgi rendering on the gi joes planes in the dessert scenes where not great, there was something not right there. Did anyone notice how the planes the landscape just did not look right against the dessert I dont know what it was but it kind of turned me of a tiny bit maybe im making a wrong observation but does anyone know what i mean.

    But overall i really enjoyed the film i longed to see how it would look I hope the story in the next one is stronger,clever, and story based more than just eye candy, it has to have depth and maybe if it could have a producer who can turn this into something really special that can influence other films,inspire future film producers this is where films like this need work on. I fear another transformers 2 situation with the next Joes movie I hope not but i do have that little fear about it somewhat,, but with the right and proper story it could rock the camp.

    I hope they bring the crimson twins into this one as long as its a good story and good actors too. It needs something extra that when you see it you go thats really good thats really interesting i never saw that coming, it has my mind alert, its tense drama and good acting, and strong story with good actors , we need a film like this that can be different but fresh,new and something we have not seen before, Im probably asking a bit much for a film like this,, i suppose I just love films to much,,,

    • many of the effects looked pretty poor. The planes, the submarines, just looked off to me.

      I agree though that with teh backstories out fo the way (and a different director) hopefully the sequel will be better.

      I’m sorry, but the flashbacks of Duke and Baroness were 90210-grade, almost painful to watch. The body count also really bothered me for some reason. Not that I expect to see every soldier jump from the crashing helicopter or eject from every exploding plane (like the cartoon), but just the number of random people shot, blown away, cross-bowed (etc) just took away some nestalgia.

    • I had read that the scene of the plane in the desert scene was a rush job so the graphics people had to push it on through even though they needed and wanted more time with it.
      That also seems to be the case with other CGI parts, such as Storm Shadow and the Baroness escaping the Joe’s base.

  10. Not to be the party pooper and everyone is compleatly intitled to thier opnion but just remember this film series is based as Transformers is, on a toy line. So no matter what we hope for as fans, we’re not going to get the best outcome here saddly.

    • thats a cop out, I have seen great movie based on properties that are either comic books or toys it can be done, if the right people are involved.

  11. Seems obvious that Storm Shadow returns in the sequel. The guy could be just be having a healing style technique (Like in NINJA ASSASSIN) that both snake eyes and storm shadow learned from their master.

    And booyah, He’s back or maybe saved in time by another cobra character that gets introduced in the second film.

    Whoa! Im glad I ain’t the only one who hated Tatum. The guy is dry as gravel when it comes to acting. I would have made Duke and Ripcord’s characters a little bit mature. Maybe Thomas Jane as Duke.

    And Arnold Vosloo should have been cast as DESTRO not as Zartan!!!

  12. Tatum looked like a kid compared to the other Joes. I always thought they needed someone older for Duke. I agree about Arnold Vasloo being better for the role as Destro than Zartan instead of that other guy who seemed to classy & weak.

  13. I am not a fan of reboots but I wish they would reboot G.I. Joe. The first movie wasn’t all bad as some characters were well chosen than others but I just didn’t feel the magic there as I did with the first Transformers movie. I just felt like someone just made this just to hit the cash cow on the 80′s franchises. I mean Tommy from 3rd Rock From The Sun as Cobra Commander…Really? And the list could go on for a few others

  14. Um… dudes, Ripcord was a white guy and Cover Girl was a red headed tank driver, not a blond secretary.

    • Actually your wrong about cover girl… Blonde tank driver. Just watched the original series on Hub and she was in the episode…

    • Lady Jaye was the red head. She had a thing for Flint.

  15. This movie was embarrassing to watch on so many levels. If I had to pick one thing I hated worse about this movie were the tractor trailer sized plot holes. For one, they couldn’t keep dukes rank straight, enlisted men don’t fly planes, you cant have a beard like tatum had , I can go on and on. The best gi Joe characters ive seen in a movie were the guys from transformers. If you want a good Joe story, check out the original comics written by Larry hama.

  16. Storm Shadow used a “Sleeping Phoenix” trance to survive. The trance puts the person in a death-like state and then they can be revived later. Storm Shadow used it to survive being shot by Baroness in the comics. I have expected this since the end of the first movie.

  17. I was disappointed with the special effects. And the story was weak. But still a fan since I grew up watching GI Joe.

  18. Storm Shadow is the best

  19. I think they should have storm shadow come back but as a good guy like in the original gi joe story