‘Storage Wars’ Star Admits Show is Faked After Being Fired – Is He Right?

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storage wars dave hester Storage Wars Star Admits Show is Faked After Being Fired   Is He Right?

If you love Dave Hester on A&E’s Storage Wars, you better make sure to tune in to the now-airing season 4, because as of recently, Hester, the series’ favorite love-to-hate figure, has been fired and is no longer a part of the show.

According to Hester, he was fired for complaining about how producers stage the storage units – and now he’s suing for wrongful termination, breach of contract and unfair business practices, amongst other things.

In Hester’s lawsuit, not only does he suggest that A&E has committed fraud on the public, he also goes on to describe familiar examples in which chicanery was afoot on the series:

A&E regularly plants valuable items or memorabilia. By way of example, in one episode a pile of old newspapers announcing the death of Elvis Presley was discovered. In another episode, a BMW mini car was found buried under a pile of trash. When Plaintiff David Hester (“Hester”) complained to producers that A&E’s fraudulent conduct of salting and staging the storage lockers was possible illegal, he was from the Series.

Defendants Original Producers, LCC (“Original”), the producer of the Series, and A&E Television Networks, LLC (“AETN”), the distributor of the Series, would like the public to believe that the Series present a genuine and accurate portrayal of the abandoned storage locker auction process. The truth, however, is that nearly every aspect of the Series in faked, even down the plastic surgery that one of the female cast members underwent in order to create more “sex appeal” for the show, the of which was paid for by Original. Original regularly “salts” the storage lockers that are the subject of the auctions portrayed on the Series with valuable or unusual items to add dramatic effect, even going so far as to stage entire storage units. Original also manipulates the outcome of certain auctions by paying for storage units on behalf of the weaker cast members who lack both the skill and financial wherewithal to place winning bids.

For fans of the series, the Elvis newspaper stash and hidden BMW are memorable moments in the show – though suggestions that those moments, as well as many others, are faked aren’t likely to surprise anyone who watches Storage Wars. What is surprising, however, is why A&E and Original Producers decided to make Dave Hester – arguably the most successful and business-minded individual on the series – their enemy.

Over the past 3 seasons (season 4 is currently airing), Hester has spent a total of $78,210 on storage units, ultimately garnering him profits of almost $300,000. Still, that’s likely nothing compared to how much Hester has earned from simply appearing on the series, which (as both A&E and Hester will tell you) is one of the most popular shows on A&E, if not cable TV as a whole. At this point, most television networks have their own version of Storage Wars.

storage wars fake Storage Wars Star Admits Show is Faked After Being Fired   Is He Right?

Whether or not Hester’s claims are true still remains to be seen. Although, it should be noted that even though Hester has profited from the series, having him speak out about staged units and inappropriate production involvement lends much more credibility than if it were any other cast member complaining. Fortunately for A&E, this might turn out to be a problem for the production company, Original Productions, more than the network itself. Original Productions’ stable of shows includes 2 Storage Wars spin-offs and a Gold Rush: Alaska-esque series, Bering Sea Gold; they also have TruTV’s Black Gold, which is famous for fan complaints about how poorly-staged everything is. They even went as far as tracking down actors and actresses who stood in for real-life people on the series.

Will this impact the future of Storage Wars? Like most things, we’ll just have to wait and see. However, with Hester no longer part of the cast, his disappearance will be as noticeable as it is detrimental. Even though fans of the series love to hate him, Hester was the most professional of the bunch, helping to elevate the entire series to something other than upscale garage selling. Without Hester, fans just have to hope that Barry Weiss, a friend of the show’s creator, can step up to fill the loss of intrigue.

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Storage Wars airs Tuesday @9pm on A&E.

Source: TMZ

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  1. The hottest one on Storage Wars is Brandie.

    • I agree. Brandi can def get it. Ill give her my c**k any day if the week. And for Dave Hester hahaha hes a joke.

      • I liked dave he was straight up. He will be missed. The gamblers the man. And all these shows are dodgy

      • I absolutely hate Dave Hester. He completely ruins the show. I have had to turn it off on multiple occasions because I can’t stand listening to his conceited ramblings. He acts like he is above everyone else simply because he spends more money. The guy needs a wake up call. What he does takes zero skill. I am thinking about going to one of their auctions just so I can knock him out.

        • Yes I agree!!!! That guy Dave with his ýep’. For me reason to turn the tv off!!!!!! Horrible arrogant guy. Won’t miss him.

  2. Barry is very nostalgic, love the hair, good personality and very handsome. They made him into a star.

    • Barry is the MAN!!!!

  3. It’s a shame yuuuppp has gone ill miss his smug attitude good luck Dave from all of us in the channel islands

  4. Great Show, bring Dave back, allow Barry to hit it big every now and then, Bring in a Angeles an Marylin Monroe wanna be in an for the girls Brad Pitt wanna be in. Brandie is fabulous.

    • No don’t bring Dave back. All u need is Barry

  5. Dave hester was the biggest idiot on the show.Name calling arrogant idiot.He deserved to be fired.Barry

  6. Dave hesters claims were thrown out by a judge.Go figure

  7. I’d tongue punch Brandi’s hairy little balloon knot.

  8. Dave Hester needed to be fired.His attitude and arrogance disgusted both myself and My gf and many friends who watched the show.The judge practically laughed him out of the court.His arrogance didn’y work there either

  9. I have ran a storage facility for almost twenty years. The units in this show are definitely staged.

  10. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know the show is a fake. The real losers are the people that show up to try to really buy a locker. The producers must pay them a small amount to let the regular (25,000) an episode regulars win! Weather they enhance the contents of the locker or not does not really matter. The producers are looking for Drama!!! Like the staged little put down wars between the contestants (Which are frequently lacking in intelligence and class) Barry adds a great deal of entertainment to the show with his schemes and eccentric personality. Brandi is really easy on the eyes, Jarrod is cool I am happy to see Dave (The EGO) Hester go!!! and Darrel should go too! he is an Idiot! always trying to start trouble! They need to hire a personality like me!!! I would tell Darrel things like “I don’t come down to McDonalds and tell you how to flip burgers”….or “I will hit you so hard it will make your dog retarded”! The new Harris brothers have a single digit IQ between them!
    Nabila is great bring her on more often (with a tight sweater for better ratings )Brandi is expected to do all the work! Sheesh.

  11. Dave Hester may be a savy businessman, but, I couldn’t stand hearing that annoying, grating YUUUP one more time……I used to mute the volume during the bidding so as not to be assaulted by that offensive sound ! And, he was far too mean spirited and smug. I realize it’s a livelihood for him, and every show has a “villain” you love to hate, but, he’s the epitome of the Napoleanic complex ! It’s a reality show, of course, it’s rigged to some degree! What fun would it be to watch everyone open lockers with just junk and old bedding all the time ? Everyone else has their moments, and, Barry is my favorite (I’m sure I’m not alone in that respect!), but, at least the others are entertaining !!!!

    • barry is fine but its all just a show. talk about mindless drivvel.

  12. I buy amd sell for a living. after hester was fired I was done with storage wars. He was only real reason to watch and if you listened you could get some great info.

  13. Barry is the best – hands down. Hester is annoying, but does bring a certain edge to the proceedings

    Rene’s woman is a totally hottie, but she spoils things by talking. Brandi still looking fine too

  14. Big jock knew, big jock knew

    Brandi : great rack

    Barry : you are the man

  15. C’mon guys its all about the array of large racks that keeps this interesting

    Rene’s wife has a great set
    Brandi’s are often being showcased too
    Even Laura is showing hers off

    Hester is also a large rack, but did know his stuff

    Big jock Knew

  16. Dave I’m so glad your gone the show is so much better now. Good luck with sucking at life and hating everyone. Barry is the man favourite character on show

  17. I am very disgusted with A&E. Dave Hester was fired over two years ago from Storage Wars, yet he’s still appearing in every episode. I must have seen some of them at least 10-12 times. A&E WHY don’t you film more episodes instead of running them over and over and over again and again? THIS IS HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIEWERS COMPLETEY.

    Another foopah was the death of Mark Valalo, who committed suicide going on 13 months ago, yet you desecrate his memory and continue to show the series he’s in over and over again. I find it disgusting….the man is dead!!

    We don’t like the heavy set bidder who has an antique shop with his daughter and is always complaining about the auctioneer, OR the man whose wife is blonde and scantly clad and is always showing her breasts! He’s from San Diego. Don’t care for the black man from Lancaster as well. Dull and boring!

    It would be great if you hired someone who can create some interest for a change, but then I’m only one of your shrinking audience!

  18. Hester is not the best business man on the show. Barry id and Barry wAs the star..Hester is a jokrjoke..over prices everything to pretend he got the best deal..is a poor loser when he doesn’t get a locker..