‘Jurassic Park 4′ Won’t Be Directed By Steven Spielberg

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Blockbuster maestro Steven Spielberg has been making headlines around the clock as of late, while he promotes the worldwide release of his awards-contending wartime melodrama, War Horse, and the U.S. release of his animated comic book adaptation, The Adventures of Tintin. During the press circuit, Spielberg has also been providing answers to reporters’ questions about his upcoming slate of films, including this year’s Abraham Lincoln biopic, the sci-fi thriller Robopocalypse, and the long-rumored Jurassic Park 4.

Spielberg previously made it known that he’s involved with the development of a fourth Jurassic Park flick, but it was previously not clear whether he was planning to direct the movie as well. According to the man himself, the answer is… no.

Collider caught up with Spielberg after he finished answering questions at a French press conference for War Horse and was unable to snag any new tidbits about the nature of Jurassic Park 4 (ex. Will it be a direct sequel? A franchise reboot? Both?) or when the movie might be hitting theaters. However, Spielberg did make it clear that he would only produce the film and let someone else hold the directorial reigns.

That’s not exactly a huge shock, seeing how Spielberg also passed on directing Jurassic Park III and instead allowed Joe Johnston (who had originally lobbied to direct The Lost World: Jurassic Park) sit at the helm instead. But will the latter be returning for a fourth round of dinosaurs vs. humans? Or will a franchise newcomer be given the job instead?

Well, Johnston has already revealed that he’s been “in discussions” to work on Jurassic Park 4, but that nothing is settled yet. More so, the Captain America director also previously dropped the following tidbit about what Spielberg and screenwriter Mark Protosevich (The Cell, I Am Legend, Thor) have in mind for the film:

“…The most important thing I can tell you is that ['Jurassic Park 4'] starts a new trilogy that will go off in a different direction — a completely different direction that is very exciting, and different from anything we’ve seen. It starts with the history of the first trilogy, but it spins it off in a completely different direction. That’s all I can tell you.”

Jurassic Park 4 Update Jurassic Park 4 Wont Be Directed By Steven Spielberg

Judging by Johnston’s comments, it sounds like the fourth Jurassic Park will be an attempt to wipe the (narrative) slate clean from previous installments and introduce a whole new collection of characters. In other words, JP4 is being fashioned as a rebooting sequel along the lines of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Frankly, that’s probably for the best, given that it’d be tricky to justify bringing back part or all of the main cast members from the previous Jurassic Park films.

On the technical side of things, Jurassic Park 4 does stand to benefit from the vast improvements in digital effects technology over the past decade since JP3 was released; not to mention, there’s a good chance the film could be shot in 3D – and, let’s be honest, seeing Velociraptors or the Tyrannosaurus Rex in three dimensions could be pretty cool.

Keeping all that in mind: the setups for the last two Jurassic Park flicks were really contrived (even series producer Kathleen Kennedy has admitted as much). Hopefully, Protosevich and Spielberg have something clever up their sleeves – and won’t just deliver a lackluster fourth installment that rehashes what we’ve seen before.


We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Jurassic Park 4 as the story develops.

Source: Collider

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  1. I want Jeff Goldblum and the original cast… I mean, come on… They’re not really doing anything. Haha

  2. Just make a film about Dino-Riders! Remember Dino-Riders?

    I’m actually glad Steve isn’t directing. Jurassic Park is fun, but has so many film mistakes in it that it makes for a fun drinking game.
    Seemed like his heart and focus was really in The Lost World…..and it was horrible! Lousy story. Unlikable characters (save the big game hunter). And an unforgivable little girl vs. Raptor gymnastics scene.

    Stay away from the Dinosaurs, Steve.

    We don’t need to discuss part 3; we all witnessed it.

    Hopefully its not overly CGI. The greatest parts of the originals were the practical Dinosaurs.

    I’m going to assume Andy Serkis is going to play a mo-cap T-Rex

  3. I thought JP3 was a better film than JP2, although I enjoyed all of them. I would like to see Johnston return to the directing helm. JP4 will definitely be a film that has my butt in the theater opening night.

  4. No Spielberg, no Jurassic Park 4. I enjoyed the sequels for what they were, but they need to at least try and make one on par with the original.

    • @ Ghost

      I agree with ya there.

  5. In other words Spielberg wants ur money for for seeing it but none of the blame when u watch it and realize its garbage…they should have stopped after the first 2…this situation just keeps getting more and more similar to Cameron and the terminator series

  6. Since Michael Crichton is dead and not part of the development of the script, this project has the scent of failure.

  7. im excited for this, have been since 2001 when i was 9 and thought these were the greatest movies because there was dinosaurs in them.

  8. I work for Univeral Studios as a graphic designer and all I can disclose is that it will all be CGI done much like Avatar and it will also be set in the future. Expect this to be bigger than Avatar though, the story line is amazing and I’ve only read half of it. Dino carnage will be much more graphic then the previous ones with more suffering, language and gun scenes. Work has only began in 2012 with a 2015 release date likely. Fans of Dino Crises on Playstation will like this.

    • Sooo, is this credible?

      • I doubt it lol.

    • Sounds too good to be true. Hoax.

    • I will say this, if it is true it sounds great because I was ALWAYS pissed off when dudes were running around firing their guns into the air instead of at the 2 story Rex chasing right behind them or completely missing Raptors standing right behind a glass window i.e. Alan Grant in JP. I know Spielberg wanted to keep it kid friendly, but you don’t have to show a dinosaurs head blown off for the audience to know their dead. It was like the guns and their users were completely incompetent. That bothered me even as a 12 year old kid watching it.

      Also, it’s not like old Stevey never killed people, just watch any Indiana Jones, the dude gunned down the swordsman in cold blood! And you can’t even kill a FEW dinos in your movies!? Seriously? There better be some serious gun action in this one for me to even want to see it. I’m done with tranq darts, smoke bombs, home-made raptor signal callers, we need some balls back in the series.

      • Yeah, he used to be that way. I miss the old Steve. The one who wasn’t afraid to have a Nazi get chopped up in an airplane propeller or have a guy get set on fire, and then get shot in the head with blood spurting out of the wound. In Indy 4, Indy kills almost no one. I think the only person he actually directly kills was that guy he took out with the blowgun. He doesn’t use his gun at all. Seems like Steven has been gradually neutered since the 80s when the first three Indy films were made.

  9. I enjoyed all the JP’s. For me 2 was not as good as 1 or 3 but they were all fun. I vote for new cast and a new spin on the story.

  10. Optimistic and excited!

  11. I actually like the third one more than the second, I think I’m in the minority though. I think all the Jurassic park films have been decent enough so I’m looking forward to this.
    @Dino exec- I’m afraid I don’t believe you

  12. So, Terra Nova isn’t Jurassic Park 4?

  13. Terrible move not having Spielberg direct. I absolutely hate Joe Johnston’s directing abilities, although Capt. America was alright, his characters and scenarios lack any depth or believability. Spielberg always offers the ‘human’ element in his movies which is why most of his have worked so well. It’s fine to take the trilogy in another direction, but the whole survival vs. nature of the first 2 was what was so astounding and fresh. Running T-Rex through the streets of San Diego was great for popcorn, but totally lame. I liked the movie up until then, not to mention they strayed from Michael Crighton’s material (RIP!), if he was alive I would really have loved to see what he could have written for a 3rd one.

    I myself do enjoy seeing some cameos or characters revisited because it establishes a proper link in the stories. I think a prequel of how the park came about would be awesome, especially with Site B now being involved in the storyline. They could revisit characters, obviously they would have to recast since no one can look THAT young, but it would be an intriguing story to tell.

    Never the less, I always have felt that anything Spielberg produces will ALWAYS end up looking like a half-hearted attempt.

  14. Yeah, I hope they keep that same blend of CG and practical effects. The CG in the Jurassic Park movies looked more realistic than most recent CG because they had to make it fit with the animatronics and puppetry.

    I’d love to see Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, or Richard Attenborough show up in some capacity.

  15. I wish they would just leave this series alone. They made one good movie and since then its just been worse and worse.

  16. Is there so little creativity in Hollywood these days that any really successful film is wrung dry by sequels, prequels and reboots? Where are the successors to those amazing writers that fueled such brilliant scripts for Playhouse 90?
    And stop with the the comic books already. When I was a child the general consensus was that comic books were bad for children because reading them led children into accepting fantasies that could only hurt them when they had to deal with the real world of human cruelty. At that time adults would never consider accepting the childish notion of crime fighters running around in their underwear doing in evildoers. It was just plain silly and immature.
    It seems as if today the adults have taken on that role children played when I was a child. It sends chills up my spine when I have to consider what role children have left to play if that is the case. (How is that for a story idea?)
    I am 82 years old so I guess in a way I am lucky that I will not be around to see what all this means to the future. Maybe the apes should rise to the occasion. But, that cannot be because we are methodically killing off those magnificent creatures the gorillas. The chimps have to be next. You have heard people say, “I’ll do that even if it kills me!” That seems to be the current goal of mankind for the future of this “civilization”.
    In any case, we tend to forget that this planet is only a temporary thing and in, let’s say, a million years all traces will be long gone and completely forgotten.

    • Its not the lack of creativity that’s the problem, it’s the fact that the studio big heads would rather make movies that would make money ( superheroes, remakes, and reboots) than try to go with any original or even close to original ideas. Any time you would try to sell them a unique idea, they would say ” no one wants to see that” when really they mean ” no one will give us money”. They seriously need to wake up and see how far hollywood as fallen down the deep end.

    • I agreed with you until your comic book rant. Comics actually helped so many children deal with real life. To see that even superpowers didn’t make life any better actually helped so many cope. Plus, comics dealt with serious issues (racism, economy, drugs) that so many were afraid to.
      The problem with comic book films is that they’re not as intelligent as the books.

  17. Why not just have Michael Bay direct it? It would be the most intense two hours of your life. But seriously though I’m so totally down for a Dino Riders movie

    • I mean, seriously!!! Dino-Riders would kick so much ass!!!
      Stand aside Dark Knight
      clear the way Avengers
      Get your stupid furry feet out of the way hobbit!
      Go eff yourself Ridley Scott
      Fly home Man of steel

      Here comes the efin DINO-RIDERS!!!

      • well put cranium there’s literally no better way to say it :d

  18. I’m not so sure another sequel would be any good for the franchise. I liked all the films despite the long running failathon that the raptors have been. Velociraptor was actually only the size of a large Canadian goose and likely no more swift in the head than a dog or less. What they should have done was called the creatures in the film one of the larger species of Dromaeosaurus, like utahraptor or Deinonychus. I don’t go as far as ranting that they should have been feathered too but I like the way they incorporated head quills on the males in number 3.. Then again the only thing I truly loved about number three was the spinosour.

    I Might be interested in a remake of number 1 if I weren’t worried about Hollywood fouling it up with horrible actors, inconsistent plotholes and yet another worthless script. It seems worthless scripts are the only things Hollywood can turn out these days.

  19. here’as the only logical and conceivable plot, site “b” as it was called was the actual “factory floor” of the park. the main island where the first film took place was simply for tourists to fund the park itself, but the remaining islands were larger, more densely populated with dinos, and there weren’t as many fences. films 2&3 took place on theses islands but it is never clearly shown to be a science facility like in the original novels, excluding the hatchery scene in jp3. In fact, looking back it’s barely even developed as other than being referred to as site “b”. Anyways, its gunna be a semi-prequel then sequel, showing the initial cloning the animals and construction of the park and the abandoning of the park after the events of the first film. now here’s where they can go two different routes: 1. the story follows a small number of people, left behind on site b after the events in jp1 cause the abandoning of the park stranding well developed characters to survive until they are rescued (or not)and then deal with the corruption of the massive corporation that controls the park or 2. it skips to the future where marines or some military grunt heads travel to the island to capture the animals for SOME COMPLETELY LAUGHABLY RIDICULOUS REASON and surprise!, it’s doesn’t go as planned, frankly I know number 2 is whats going to happen (or something extremely similar) but i just don’t want to believe it… cheers to the Micheal Bay era of Hollywood :(

  20. Do the exact premise of LOST….but on site B.
    The Dharma Initiative and dinosaurs.


  21. Well for me the only story worth a dang would be how we lose the planet to the Dino’s. They can’t do it alone so blame global warming, man’s incompetence, and throw in some good characters with foresight to create a fortress for mankind to devise a way to take back the planet in movie 3 of course. The only ties to the old movies would be a voice over by Goldblum about nature finding a way and perhaps see a cameo of Sam Neill shaking his head as he’s entering the fortress.

    Where are all the good writers? Writing books if they’re smart. Hollywood has beat down any inspired writing. Check Lucas’s interview with Jon Stewart about ‘Red Tails’ he tells it like it is. They do allow the odd film to get through once in awhile to prove their point that what was considered good stuff in the past is unprofitable today. Of course they still need Academy Award fodder, so their’s that…

  22. I still say they need to tell the story of the other company who wanted the embryos from the first JP. Maybe have them send in a group of people to try and get more embryos or something along those lines.

    • “Maybe have them send in a group of people to try and get more embryos or something along those lines.”

      There you go the opening for the Dino’s taking over the world..

  23. Just have it much better than JP3.

  24. I love the Jurassic Park movie troligy.

    The first two movies were classics but the third one was weak, still it was okay.

    My idea would be having Jurassic Park 4 being somehow a bit of reboot like having a new lead charcter and more new characters and have cameos from Sam Neil, Jeff Goldbum and Richard Attenborough.

    I wish Steven Spielberg would direct Jurassic Park 4 since he was the one who created the series, still at least he going to produce it.

    • @ nawtnt

      Id like to see new characters. The the only returning character id care to see in a cameo would be Richard Attenborough. Maybe include the grandkids into the new films since they’re older now if the script regarding their characters is good.

      I just hope they start it off as great as the first film or close to it.

  25. I love to see christopher nolan direct the new jp movie with steven on as producer and scripit co writer with nolan

    • @ model_102

      As great as director Nolan is, id like to see him make more movies that aren’t reboots or involved with another great director’s work.

  26. Remember in the original, the major subplot around Nedry’s embryo theft? They even had a close up on the canister, as if to tell us to make sure to take note of it. Then……..nothing. Nothing came of it.
    In pt4….pick that damn canister up!!!

    • I kind of doubt that they’ll ever do a movie about that canister, since they let Telltale Games do their own spinoff story about someone sent to retrieve the canister.

      • I know not of this spin off! Tell me more, cuz it’s always bothered the hell out of me…

        • I was a bit disappointed with the game overall, but I did think that it was a smart idea to do a side-story that covers this unresolved thread from the first film. The game is pretty much wall-to-wall quicktime events that try to imitate Heavy Rain. The story has good points, but most of the characters are hard to relate to. I still haven’t finished the game, actually. Finally got tired of it after a while. But I should probably finish it at some point. I’m still waiting for someone to make a truly great Jurassic Park game. Maybe something more like Uncharted, or maybe a more open-world game where you can explore a tropical island filled with dinosaurs.

          • I guess I should probably avoid actually spoiling the story in case there are any gamers in here who still haven’t played it yet. I still haven’t finished the game, so I don’t know exactly what happens with the canister in the end. So far, the game has told me virtually nothing about this other company that wants the embryos.

    • @ cranium7

      Im not sure they should focus on that idea in the 4th film. In the original no-one knew Nedry stole the embroyos. Not to mention how they’d be useless to anyone knowing how many years have passed & that the canister is buried in mud/dirt that people probly wouldn’t know where to start to lookin for it.

  27. @ Wallywest
    That’s why they should have the fourth one be like a in between sequels that picks up immediately after the first one. And as far as locating it, they could say they had a tracker installed in case nerdy decided to double cross them or something. And don’t say it wouldn’t be conceivable because let me tell you anyone who can design a shaving cream can that can act like a mini deep freezer can put a tracker in it.

    And best of all if they do it this way they can have a brand new cast while still maintaining the integrity of the original.

    And besides it kind of what Ridley Scott is doing with Prometheus by telling the story about where the space jockey came from in the original Alien. In a round about way.

    Plus it would tie up the loose end of who the other company was.

    • @ Brandon

      You mean have the film ignore The Lost World: Jurassic Park & JP3? It’s possible a cannister like that could have a tracker. But still it’s been awhile since i watched the original film but i know Nedry had what, 24 hrs to transport them by cannister? Even if they had a tracking device, it’s doubtful they’d find it in time with dinosours still around that could kill them. Im not talkin about the raptors but t-rex, that one that killed Nedry. They can still have a new cast with a 4th film taken place after JP3. Hopfully Spielberg & whoever directs could make up a good plot & story by mentioning who that other company was that wanted 10 years worth of research that was lost by Nedry.

  28. A good plot for JP4 would be to explore the whole concept of extinction (a thought-provoking theme in Crichton’s “The Lost World”, which was never really explored in the film version). The dinosaurs begin to die out, and there seems to no way to stop it from happening – chaos theory at work.

  29. Contextually I would think that a technology like that developed in the story would attract all kinds of avarice and it’s not like after the characters of three movies got out into the world plus all the sitings in movie 2 wouldn’t generate enough buzz to attract attention and investigation. Even if the company that was trying to steal the secrets in the first movie literally evaporated from the story…