‘Jurassic Park 4′ Won’t Be Directed By Steven Spielberg

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Blockbuster maestro Steven Spielberg has been making headlines around the clock as of late, while he promotes the worldwide release of his awards-contending wartime melodrama, War Horse, and the U.S. release of his animated comic book adaptation, The Adventures of Tintin. During the press circuit, Spielberg has also been providing answers to reporters’ questions about his upcoming slate of films, including this year’s Abraham Lincoln biopic, the sci-fi thriller Robopocalypse, and the long-rumored Jurassic Park 4.

Spielberg previously made it known that he’s involved with the development of a fourth Jurassic Park flick, but it was previously not clear whether he was planning to direct the movie as well. According to the man himself, the answer is… no.

Collider caught up with Spielberg after he finished answering questions at a French press conference for War Horse and was unable to snag any new tidbits about the nature of Jurassic Park 4 (ex. Will it be a direct sequel? A franchise reboot? Both?) or when the movie might be hitting theaters. However, Spielberg did make it clear that he would only produce the film and let someone else hold the directorial reigns.

That’s not exactly a huge shock, seeing how Spielberg also passed on directing Jurassic Park III and instead allowed Joe Johnston (who had originally lobbied to direct The Lost World: Jurassic Park) sit at the helm instead. But will the latter be returning for a fourth round of dinosaurs vs. humans? Or will a franchise newcomer be given the job instead?

Well, Johnston has already revealed that he’s been “in discussions” to work on Jurassic Park 4, but that nothing is settled yet. More so, the Captain America director also previously dropped the following tidbit about what Spielberg and screenwriter Mark Protosevich (The Cell, I Am Legend, Thor) have in mind for the film:

“…The most important thing I can tell you is that ['Jurassic Park 4'] starts a new trilogy that will go off in a different direction — a completely different direction that is very exciting, and different from anything we’ve seen. It starts with the history of the first trilogy, but it spins it off in a completely different direction. That’s all I can tell you.”

Jurassic Park 4 Update Jurassic Park 4 Wont Be Directed By Steven Spielberg

Judging by Johnston’s comments, it sounds like the fourth Jurassic Park will be an attempt to wipe the (narrative) slate clean from previous installments and introduce a whole new collection of characters. In other words, JP4 is being fashioned as a rebooting sequel along the lines of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Frankly, that’s probably for the best, given that it’d be tricky to justify bringing back part or all of the main cast members from the previous Jurassic Park films.

On the technical side of things, Jurassic Park 4 does stand to benefit from the vast improvements in digital effects technology over the past decade since JP3 was released; not to mention, there’s a good chance the film could be shot in 3D – and, let’s be honest, seeing Velociraptors or the Tyrannosaurus Rex in three dimensions could be pretty cool.

Keeping all that in mind: the setups for the last two Jurassic Park flicks were really contrived (even series producer Kathleen Kennedy has admitted as much). Hopefully, Protosevich and Spielberg have something clever up their sleeves – and won’t just deliver a lackluster fourth installment that rehashes what we’ve seen before.


We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Jurassic Park 4 as the story develops.

Source: Collider

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  1. To tell you the truth, i would hate to see none of the main characters from previous JP Movies not to return! there like the core of the franchise! a JP Movie without Either Ian Malcolm or Alan Grant, will be like Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford, it wouldn’t be the same, Plus i hate to see the dinosaurs entirely CGI, Because the Animatronics and the use of some CGI were the reason why the dinosaur look realistic, plus, if Spielberg wont return as a director, then what JP4 Needs is a Director that has an Amazing and Creative mind, that has a magic touch and a compelling way of telling a story and invisoning that idea he has, someone who has an inner child and a child’s imagination, that would be a perfect replacement for Spielberg and his directing chair.

    • Seems like Abrams would be a good choice.

  2. No Spielberg as director? No Sam Neil? No Jeff Goldblum? No Richard Attenborough? No point then.

    Seriously, why bother at all? Joe Johnson ruined the JP rep with Jurassic Park III and now he wants to introduce and new cast and plot.

    Why not just make a new dinosaur series? Why try to rip us of? Let’s be honest, it’s not going to be anything we want to see.

    The contrast between the first two films and the third is incomprehensible. Granted, JP II went weird when the T-Rex went all ‘Godzilla’ in the city, but it still had that epic feel of suspense and continuity.

    Fans got excited when JP IV was announced because they saw the possibilities. Those hopes and possibilities have now been quashed.

    Jurassic Park was a phenomenon, not just because of the concept and visual effects, but also because of the spellbinding directing and masterful acting.

    Please, do this properly or not at all.

    • i agree 100 percent. Johnston killed the franchise with the 3rd film(grated i still watched it a bunch of times, but i was like 12 and couldnt spot a crappy movie if it hit me in the face) but watching it now its sad to see what they passed up on. They should’ve ended it with spielberg as the director. I have to hope the wont ruin it even more with this next movie, i can only hope they dont do something rediclous, and stay true to the movies roots. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what johnston decides to do with it. *fingers crossed*

  3. La teoría más generalizada sobre la desaparición de los dinosaurios gira en torno a un meteorito
    De hecho, la teoría más generalizada sobre la desaparición de los dinosaurios hace 25 millones de años gira en torno, precisamente, de un presunto impacto de un meteorito en la Península del Yucatán –actualmente México-.
    Dice la teoría que un impacto levantó una inmensa nube de polvo que provocó un radical cambio climático y mutó la biodiversidad terrestre para siempre.


  4. i saw a video somewhere that siad johnston was going to make a movie (jp4) where the dinosaurs wore armor and where used to fight wars…. all i have to say is if johnston does go through with that i will hunt him down and ruin him, the 3rd movie was the worst of the triology and if he makes dinosaurs wear fricken armor and fight in wars i will forever hate him. please universal dont let him ruin a great movie franchise. ive waited over 14 years for a good jurassic park film, do not let me (or the other millions of fans) down.
    P.S. no 3D, its not as cool as everyone hypes it up to be.

    • @ ko1029, haven’t you ever seen Dino riders? It was a cartoon that aired in 1988 as a promotion to launch a new toyco toy line. It was part of the Marvel action universe, but only 14 episodes were ever produced. It’s about two separate factions from the future who get sent back to prehistoric earth , and use dinosaurs with futuristic weapons and armor to battle it out. It would make a good series on its own I don’t think he would consider ruining Jurassic park like that

    • Realy……….. we also hate him

  5. I want a lot of different dinasaurs and monsters in the movie.

  6. I *was* stoked about another Jurassic Park. Then, I read that Johnston may once again be at the helms. I like JP3 only for the return of the T-Rex ( JPs Signature mark ) and Sam O’Neil. HOWEVER, the killing of the T-Rex by the Spinosaurus was just a joke.. And took away from the whole Movie. Everyone has grown to love the T-Rex as the ‘Bad Guy’ symbol for JP but to kill one off, wasn’t even close to right. Anyone who knows anything about Dinosaurs, knows, the T-Rex would have made a snack outta the Spinosaurus. In JP4, I wish ( but highly doubtful ) they’d return the T-Rex and Spinosaurus to another match, this time, allowing the T-Rex to deal out some swift retrobution. Never the less, I’ll see it and go from there.. But with this dip going at it again ( Johnston ), I’m hoping he’s learned from his past mistake, with JP3.

  7. Disappointed that Spielberg will not be directing. Johnston just didn’t have it for me. Spielberg had the old-time ‘serial’ thriller feeling in his movies. If you’ve ever seen any of the old Flash Gordon serials, you’ll know what I mean. JPIII just didn’t have the same thrill or suspense. And…NO JEFF GOLDBLUM???? WTH?? If they put some stupid ‘Justin Bieber types’ in this movie they can forget about my hard-earned dollars.

  8. Honestly they should just reboot the series and make them more like the novel. There were so many things that happen in the novel that should have been carried over into the movie. Same with The Lost World.

  9. Hey ben erg benieuwt wanneer het komt
    kan eigenlijk niet wachten
    Vind ze allemaal wel geweldig
    Hoop dat het lange wachten straks ook waard is

  10. Couldn’t agree more with previous posts. The first one is simply a classic. Not the best movie of all time but still a mesmerizing, well crafted, ICONIC adventure film that passed the test of time and still holds up as great movie. The second one took one step further and is a darker, more humorous pic that actually is way better than its reputation. The ending was wierd, I can embrace the fact that it is Spielbergs hommage to Godzilla and accept it for what it is, it’s still the best minutes of Godzilla we will ever see in a movie, but it felt really misplaced and far away from the dense jungle of the lost dinosaur infested world. JP III just sucked. No tension, crappy screenplay and mediocre special effects.
    JP IV NEEDS an accomplished director.

  11. Please Hope Ariana Richards In Jurassic Park 4 Because She’s My Favorite Actor.

  12. Try asking JJ. Abrahms to be involved in the directing and or cast plot. Please think of a movie that has good potential for a trilogy or a continuation. THINK ABOUT THIS! People, however much of a JP fan they will go see this next JP 4 film just because of the extreme curiosity and feelings of hope that it will be a decent cast and plot to the story of JP world. So YOU WILL get the gross box office money, BUT HERE IS THE DEAL. Do you want your viewers to pay alot of money for a half crap garbage letdown and then after have no chance of reeling them back in, or do you want your viewers and fans to pay big bucks more than once? More than that, make a more than decent and maybe even a greater series because of technology increase and more seasoned and experienced directors over the last 3 JP moives? Please don’t go into a TERRA NOVA PLOT which obviously wasn’t very successful.

  13. oh NO. don’t ruin the movie please. Jurassic Park is still in my mind. I remember it likes a real adventure. please appoint the Spielberg.!
    We needs HIM or unless I won’t watch it >_<