Soderbergh Thinks Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Is Crazy

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It was only about a month ago that Ridley Scott publicly stated he was extremely impressed with what James Cameron is doing with his upcoming “revolutionary” CGI-fest known as Avatar. He effectively said he’d be following in his footsteps as far as using the technology with his own upcoming movie Forever War, as well as calling it “phenomenal.” However, it seems that Scott hasn’t been the only director to be wowed by Mr Cameron’s work.

There have been a few directors that have been lured to the set of Avatar ever since it started filming, including the big guys, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson (you may have heard the names…), but also the diverse filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. The Ocean’s and Traffic director let his thoughts be known about it a while ago, but has given some more more recently. Here’s what he’s had to say so far:

“Yeah, I went to the set… I can tell you that sh*t was mindblowing. The sh*t I saw was crazy. Like, craaaazy. I think it’s gonna be gigantic. It’s gonna be another one of those benchmarks. There’s gonna be Before that movie and After.”

When asked about why there aren’t a lot of movies that achieve status like those which we consider classics nowadays, such as The Godfather, Soderbergh said that it was down to the sheer amount of movies that get made nowadays, that it’s hard for things to have much of a cultural impact like they used to. However he continued to praise the hell out of Avatar with the following:

“I’ve seen some stuff and holy sh*t. It’s the craziest sh*t ever. That could negate everything I just said.”

At first it was just Cameron tootin’ his own horn when it came to Avatar, touting his own piece of upcoming work as “revolutionary” and so forth. But the more and more the project gets talked about by various different people, it seems that the hyper praise may very well be warranted after all.

Either that, or Cameron has been putting that money Titanic made to good use…

I don’t know if what we end up getting with Avatar can truly be as damn good as all the pre-praise about it is suggesting it will be, but something tells it will be one of the movie events of the decade (whether you personally end up like it or not…), that we’ll pretty much never have seen anything like it before, and that it really will be like there’s a Before and After the movie, as Soderbergh so bluntly puts it.

I mean, that’s the way it ended up the last time Cameron was behind a camera…

Do you think that all the praise that’s already being heaped onto Avatar is going to end up being warranted? Are you looking forward to the movie yourself?

Avatar is set to open on December 18th this year.

Source: ComingSoon and TotalFilm

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  1. Another movie website has made a funny observation that this movie seems to compel people who have seen parts of it to use… colorful, language. They said that the day this releases could hold a record for the most curse words uttered in a theater on a single day, lol.

  2. We shall see. The hype is certainly getting to a level never seen before. I don’t know if it can live up to this hype though which might disappoint many people.

  3. man, i cant wait for this

  4. I’m so glad I have a theater capable of digital 3D by my house, this is going to rock.

  5. Is this guy making a movie or a theme park ride…?

  6. @ 790


    Personally,whatever Soberberg says about any movie doesn’t really mean scat to me,seeing as I’m not a fan of his at all,but with all of these Hollywood heavyweights coming out raving about a movie that isn’t even finished yet,it had better be one of the best movies ever made.

  7. Twenty years ago i bought the hype about Ghostbusters and Batman, they turned out to be average, boring little movies so since then every time something gets hyped i’m inclined to think it’s probably just cow excrement – wouldnt need hyping otherwise.

  8. apparently, more times you say s#it, the better

  9. I would personally like them to not say anything about a film like this. It would be more exciting to me to see a trailer and then go to the theater and be completely blown away.

    A lot of times Hollywood over hypes something and then fails to deliver. I hope this isn’t the case with Avatar.

  10. Well, all the talk has certainly gotten me curious, which I guess is the point. I’m sure there will be at least a few “whoa!” moments, if only because of how Mr. C and his team are pushing the technology forward.

    We can only hope it’s entertaining as far as the story and performances too, which would then make it truly memorable. I suspect it will be good, perhaps great – but hopefully wonderful.

  11. I don’t know how many of you guys have read the original “scriptment”, it’s been floating about for at least ten years to my knowedge! Back then JC shelved it because he figured lifelike CG was twenty years away!

    I can’t speak as to the performances or SFX we haven’t seen yet, but the story is IMHO quite beautiful, and will stand well and truly on it’s own! If they pull it off it will really raise the bar for not just CG movies but Sci-Fi in general for years to come!

    If you’re keen, just google the scriptment, it’s not a particularly long read, but it’s sure a worthwhile one! Cheers! :)

  12. I am going to see this so the hype is irrelevant. Admittedly I do get tired of having to close my eyes or walk out the room every time a trailer or ad is shown for a movie I want to go see. “Hype” is the corporate kin to “Buzz”. Like ads for Axe body spray or Viagra they just want to put it in our heads so should we ever finds ourselves near the aisle or with an intimate issue or near the cinema we make the choice in their favor. The hype I suppose is always pointed more toward the average movie fan.

  13. While I don’t think that it could possibly hold up to the hype it’s getting at this point in time, I can’t deny that it will probably be a revolutionary film – James Cameron seems to do that.

    I wasn’t impressed with Titanic, story wise, and if this ends up being much of the same.. I’m just not sure how I’ll feel about it.

  14. This movie will be HUGE and as it gets closer to it’s release date and we get to see some of the actual completed film footage and an actual trailer I think people are going to be mesmerized like never before and that repeated viewings will be a must because we are not going to believe what we are actually seeing the first time we see it.

  15. I do agree with doctorwu about hype, whilst it may be a good marketing strategy for most punters, it can certainly be detrimental to the overall fan base! A LOT of people were upset by “Franklyn”; they felt tricked by the marketing into thinking they were going to see an action flick along the lines of “Watchmen”; whereas the movie, whilst very good, was quite a departure from that genre!

    Yeah Jake, I wasn’t too impressed by the “Titanic” story either. Cameron seems to have a very different animal here though! If you’re willing, try reading the “scriptment” I mentioned, some would certainly view it as a spoiler of sorts, but I don’t think it’s going to affect my viewing of the movie here; after all, I’d read all of Tolkien’s stuff before going to see LOTR, and can’t wait for “The Hobbit” parts 1 & 2! :)

  16. Will we be getting a trailer anytime soon?

  17. I Think it’s interesting comparing movies with relatively little hype to movies with insane amounts of it.

    Put it this way: Slumdog Millionaire had no hype whatsoever and i went in thinking “here we go again – another sickly sweet romantic drama yadda yadda”, but then it turned out to be one of the best folms i have ever seen (hand on heart). Unfortunatley, going to see Watchmen was the exact opposite of seeing “Slumdog”…

    And this wasn’t just a one-off; I can think of loads of films where i’ve had similiar, dissapointing experiances.

    However that being said, Cameron is an awesome director and, for what it’s worth, I really want him to make “Avatar” Sci-Fi’s version of “The Godfather”…

  18. I think making a trailer for this film could be interesting.
    How are they going to have a trailer without spoiling the impressive visuals? I mean, they’ve spent 10 years touting this revolutionary 3D experience and then they’re forced to promote it using a flat 2D image? Just how is that going to work?

    I’d make it something mystical and simple – like a flight through space – from Earth, covering countless light years of distance, all the way to Pandora (the planet) but stopping short of actually going TO the planet.
    During the flight, have the traditional “From Academy Award winning Director James Cameron” and some info about the actors and a small setup of the story, and then…
    “We can’t actually show you scenes from the movie without spoiling the experience, so we won’t.” and then a few frames of something visually stunning enough in 2D to get us excited.

    Build anticipation, without giving anything away.

    The only other way is to do a 3D trailer and ONLY show it with 3D movies.

    The worst kind of trailer is the one that gives you a 2 minute version of the story. Why would I need that? Roger Ebert put it as: It’s like sampling a piece of sausage at the store, you know what it tastes like and what it feels like to eat it, the only thing you don’t know is what it would be like to eat a whole one.

    I want to see the movie, but I don’t want to see any of it in any way other than it was intended. I don’t want 2D, I don’t want an online trailer, I want the full blown 3D experience to be the first time I see it. Hopefully I can avoid seeing anything from it before actually watching it.
    Hell, I don’t even want to read that “scriptment”, because I want everything to be fresh…

    But yes, I’m a Cameron fan.
    I’m so looking forward to this movie that if I could only see one movie this year, I’d wait for Avatar.

  19. Not just 3D movies, they need to stop giving away so much of the plot in all movie trailers… Imagine how cool it would have been to watch T2 not knowing Arnold’s Terminator was the good guy that time. The movie itself doesn’t give that away until the moment he says “Get Down” instead of shooting John in the face with the shotgun…

  20. Exactly.
    I knew someone who didn’t know and was always a little jealous of his boundless glee for that part of it.

  21. I always wondered that, it was obvious while watching it that they meant it to be a surprise to you. In the beginning, BOTH of them are shown beating the crap out of people, they don’t even show that the T1000 killed that cop, you just see him “hitting” him and the cop going down. Also, the T1000 looked completely human, and not like a Terminator like Arnold, so you were meant to assume he might be human. Then they meet in the back hallways and you’re not sure if the skinny one is a good guy and Arnold is the bad guy again or what. All you saw was that Arnold took out his shotgun when he sees John. Not to mention when Arnold’s Terminator is on the motorcycle and he sees John on his motorcycle, in Terminator-vision, seeing John’s face triggered the message “Target Acquired” which also suggests ill intent.

    Man, I’m jealous too, I wish I would have been surprised like that. Not to mention, if your friend didn’t see any trailers, then he must have been surprised at the T1000′ s liquid metal quality as well. Man, what a surprise that movie must have been for him. I’m so jealous…