Steven Seagal Offered ‘Expendables 3′ Role

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Steven Seagal Expendables 3 Steven Seagal Offered Expendables 3 Role

The Expendables was an unprecedented movie event in that it collected some of the biggest action stars in film (and/or sports entertainment) for a drag-out, blood-spattering, action flick orgy of violence and one-liners. Despite the kick of having stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in one movie, it was hard not to notice those stars who passed on the opportunity.

After the success of the first installment, we saw action movie icons like Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme reverse their initial decisions and join what will hopefully be Con Air director Simon West’s superior sequel, The Expendables 2. But even with that increased level of badassery, one name has still been notably absent from the gang. Now, we hear that Expendables 3  (which may start filming sooner before later) might be the film that finally breaks his holdout.

Our friends at JoBlo picked up on a French magazine interview with none other than ‘modern renaissance man’ Steven Seagal, in which the subject of Stallone’s Expendable movies was raised. Said Seagal:

“He [Sylvester Stallone] plans to do another one and I have already been made an offer. We’ll see …”

The star sounds rather nonchalant in that response, but we can’t imagine why – it’s not as if he has been burning up the silver screen lately. Seagal is best known (and often mocked) these days for the TV series True Justice, and his real-life pursuits; other than that, his only (semi-)memorable movie role of recent memory was his part in Robert Rodriguez’ Machete spin-off.

I say all that to say: at this point Seagal should be excited that there is even a modicum of demand for him to do big-budget action work. Then again, if he’s too busy or prestigious for The Expendables 3, he could still stay in the spotlight this way:



The Expendables 2 hits theaters on August 17, 2012.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of The Expendables 3.

Source Excessif  via JoBlo

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  1. That’s one lethal hairline he’s got there.

    • Alot of hair dye aswell.

  2. Personally if he doesn’t have a face to face showdown with Van Damme like everyone wanted in the 90′s i could care less if he’s in Expendables 3.

  3. To be honest with you, I really don’t care if he’s in the film. Unless they do something amazing, I couldn’t care less. Everything I’ve seen from him has been pretty terrible. Even the FIGHTING looked terrible. Obvious stunt work and shoddy choreography to say the least. Meh. I won’t be mad if he signs up though.

    • Everything I’ve seen from him recently**

    • really the man who practiced aikido for some 17 years in Japan, trained special forces and stunt coordinated for films and became a cop before he became an actor don’t know martial arts… I’m not entirely sure that I follow

  4. Couldn’t care less about Seagal, but I want Donnie Yen to be in the next Expendables…

  5. they should also have tommy lee jones and kurt russell as well as steven seagal.

  6. From a woman’s point of view, when Seagal first came onto the screen in the ’80′s with Above the Law, etc. there was no hotter man in Hollywood with the exception of Mickey Rourke in 9.5 Weeks. I think that he could get away with a lot if he just went on a total diet and got himself back to the weight he used to be: hey, Alec Baldwin did it, Jennifer Hudson did it….I bet if he got the right trainer, diet etc. and then got back to where he needed to be weight-wise, there would be no stopping him.

  7. Sonny Chiba, Donnie Yen, Thomas Ian Griffith, Jeff Wincott, Jeff Speakman, Lorenzo Llamas heck, not even a cameo from James Ryan. There’s lots of 80s and 90s B film action icons to fill a roster. Heck, gimmie Chow Yun Fat while we’re at it.

    Seagal will only be involved if he buries the hatchet with the producers of the Expendables or if those producers walk away.

  8. Don’t like Seagal. He conveys like a Clint Eastwood wannabe, but far from the original. Speaking of Clint, they should contract with him to play Stallone’s mentor in Expendables 3.

  9. That video at the end is not available in Canada :(.
    Can anyone tell me what it was so I can look it up on youtube out of curiosity?

  10. would be cool to see him in it, and some others as well.

  11. this could work b/c snipes would be out of jail by the time they get things ready for filming (ex 3), rough pitch:

    snipes and seagal are 2 infamous ex-cia agents who let go of their past to become underworld kingpins (going against them always being the cop trying to stop the bad guy). the crew are hired yet again by willis (or maybe one of the other old action vets like kurt russel simply for a change of face) to take the 2 down.

    the team runs into a little ordeal when the asian mafia becomes involved bringing us donnie yen (jet li’s older brother maybe ?) jackie chan, chow yun fat and other asian action vets to the gunplay.

    alternativly the could be going after asian triads to begin with and seagal could be the corrupt cia agent helping them get the drop on the good guys whilst making him $$$.

    • @Spider

      Please don’t use Blade 2 for Donnie Yen… You haven’t seen anything yet if that’s the case. Go watch Ip Man, Flash Point, or Hero…

      • @Ken J

        Thanks! I used, “Blade 2″, because it was the most mainstream of the bunch! The flicks you listed ROCKED!

        • ‘Ken J’ forgot to mention ‘Killzone’ with Samo Hung and Simon Yam:-P . If you(Or Anybody who likes Donnie Yen) hasn’t seen this, Then you should..

          • HelghastUser

            Actually, I didn’t forget to mention Killzone, I didn’t mention Killzone because it’s one of the most overrated movies in my opinion. I watched it due to all of the praises, but seriously, it wasn’t that good, especially the ending. It tried WAAAAYYY too hard to be dramatic but just came off as super cheesy…

            • No Way! Overrated?. I respect that though.

              I for one am the opposite. Any movie I see with Simon Yam turns to Gold for me so the combination of him, Samo Hung and Yen was a win for me. Jackie Wu is cool to. The ending came as a surprise to me because I was expecting the cliched happy ending and got something completely different. Probably one of the biggest reasons why I love and respect Asian cinema. New and Old. Korean, Hong Kong and Japanese films are awesome. They aren’t afraid to give you something different or stray from the norm(Compared to American movies)..

              You have to At Least give props to the last fight scene between Hung and Yen. It was short but brutal..

              • Well, that’s the thing. It’s only “different” if you compare it to American movies. Pretty much ALL Asian movies seem to try a little too hard at drama. So a lot of them have endings like that one. Some are simply done better than others. So technically, in terms of Asian movies, the ending of Killzone was pretty cliche…

                • Hmm…I see your point. Unfortunately I don’t get to see many foreign films so every time I get to see one I always compare it to American movies..

    • What about Rutger Hauer, Sho Kosugi, & Chow Yun Fat?

      Kurt Russell needs to wear an eye patch. That has always been his symbol of quality in action movies. Not many people can pull off the eye patch look, but Russell and Angelina Jolie are the exceptions. It should be in their contracts for every movie that the eye patch is a must.

      • @santa

        Not Chow Yun Fat, please, you know in reality he knows 0 martial arts. He’s one of the fakers in the industry. Donnie Yen and Jet Li actually know their stuff. So does Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. But Chow Yun Fat… no, unless all he does is shoot guns, then that’s fine, but I don’t like watching people pretend to know martial arts in movies…

  12. jackie channnn gotta have him in third 1

  13. dont like seagal, give me jackie chan

  14. Jackie CHan or GTFO

  15. ernie reyes or is it keyes, famous child martial arts actor.
    i am all for clint eastwood.
    seagal needs to get in shape and quit being a parody of himself.

  16. I’m alright with Seagal but…If he doesn’t make it I won’t be pissed. I like and own some of his movies and have seen more but he’s usually the same character. Either a current or Ex-Cop/special forces agent. JCVD was really the only one I felt was missing in Expendables..

    I love Donnie Yen, But I hope he doesn’t do an Expendables. I feel he would be underused just like Jet Li is. If he does however, I hope he comes in as a villain. A ‘Bad Ass Last Level Boss Fight’ type of villain. Out of the whole current cast, Though up there in age, I think a Very few of them could go 1 on 1 against him and hold their own…

  17. The real question is why wasn’t Segal offered a role for Expendables 2?

    Anyway,seems that a lot of people are mentioning Donnie Yen,but screw that!Gimme Tony Jaa for the next movie!

  18. The 2 new people they need for Expendables 3 are Jackie Chan and Harrison Ford.

  19. Expendables 3 should have Iko Uwais from ‘Merantau’ & ‘The Raid: Redemption’. That will give him and the international recognition he deserves.

  20. Seagal has been offered a role in all of the Expendable movies so far and has turned Stallone each time. The reason why is that he does not want to do any movies with one of the producers of the Expendables-Avi Lerner. They do not have a good history together.
    I seriously doubt that he will change his mind about doing the third installment, if there is one. It dont sound like he has changed his mind. I for one would love to see Seagal in it because he was one of the top action stars of the 90′s, with Arnie, Stallone and Willis.

  21. Expendables 2: Jean Claude Van Damme – Main Bad Guy
    Expendables 3: Steven Seagal – Main Bad Guy
    Expendables 4 : … make Jet Li play the Main Bad Guy, he’s better and looks cool when he’s the bad guy, like in Lethal Weapon or Rouge assassin.

    Jet Li lost interest with his role because he was underused while Jason Statham who’s played supporting roles in his past movies’ getting more exposure. Also, his role doesn’t suit him, he looked more like a clown than a mercenary with a sense of humor.

    Less of those stupd remarks from Jet Li and more deadly moves.

    Let him come back as the main villain in the 4th installment, have him turn against his team, in that way, he would be able to redeem himself from his soso Expendable 1 role. :)

  22. tommy lee jones and seagal as bad guys and snipes and kurt russell as good guys in this next one. i hope.

  23. Yah, Yah, Steven can be one of the destructable actor of the decade

  24. Expendables 3 must have Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa

  25. in Expendables 3

    have clint eastwood

  26. matt dillon in Expendables 3

  27. what about kevin costner in Expendables 3

  28. Expendables 3……

    kurt russell

    al pacino

    kavin nash

    Andrew McCarthy

    Jami Gertz

    Charles Bronson