Steve Rogers on Ice in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ TV Trailer

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Captain America First Avenger Trailer 21 Steve Rogers on Ice in Captain America: The First Avenger TV Trailer

Less than one month remains until audiences get a look at the third Marvel franchise film this summer. Both Thor and X-Men: First Class were hits with critics and commercial successes at the box-office. Will Captain America: The First Avenger have the same success? How well director Joe Johnston utilizes the The WWII-era setting is still a question mark for some fans – especially since Captain America, more than any other Avengers tie-in so far, will serve as the foundation for many of the events in the upcoming superhero mash-up.

Today, we’re getting a brief glimpse at how the Captain America: The First Avenger WWII story is tied to The Avengers – in the form of a new TV trailer.

Johnson recently discussed the difficulty of translating WWII era characters and action to the big screen for modern audiences – as well as asserted his stance on the shared Avengers continuity:

“There are threads that run through all the films in the Marvel universe. I had more flexibility because Captain America takes place in a different period. There are references to other films that the fans will spot but they won’t bump for someone unfamiliar with the Marvel universe. Basically I think all the films have to stand on their own merit.”

One such thread is teased in the latest Captain America: The First Avenger TV Trailer – i.e. how the famous WWII warrior arrives in the same time period as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and other modern superheroes:

Fans who have been following the production know that the film is excepted to be book-ended with modern scenes – so, while the trailer isn’t exactly spoiling anything we didn’t know, it’s a cool look at how the WWII era tech in Captain America has been reduced to a frosty tomb.

Coupled with their attempted excavation of Mjolnir in Thor, S.H.I.E.L.D. appears to have been keeping busy searching the globe, and subsequently digging in dirt and chopping at ice, to uncover all the superhero help they can get. The trailer doesn’t directly showcase Steve Rogers emerging from the ice but it does help connect the dots and give fans an idea of how the two stories are connected – as well as reveals how Captain America: The First Avenger likely begins. Aside from the icy container, the trailer mostly showcases footage already featured in Captain America trailer 2.

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Captain America hits theaters July 22nd, 2011. The Avengers is currently filming and hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

Source: Marvel Studios

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  1. No vid…

    • Ja – the video is there and working fine. Refresh?

      • Yes, video is good.

    • vids workin fine

  2. Waiting for this one to come out.

  3. I am really, really excited about this one. It is so cool to see all these characters, places, and situations to come to life.

  4. Nice photo of the fake spray on tan on Evans? Ugh!

    This film will not light the box office on fire. It’s obvious the general public is tired of superhero films this summer with the box offices being average or below average at best. Plus CA will get squeezed between Potter 7 and Cowboys and Aliens, with general audiences still wanting to see Transformers 3? Not looking good for CA box office wise. It won’t be as underwhelming as GL, but it won’t be good.

    • In your own, COPMLETELY UNBIASED opinion, right? Get real,bubba…this movie will do just fine.

      • I really hope so. All the Marvel Studios movies were good so far.

      • Right on Nowhereman.

        I hate these people who say “we are tired of superhero movies”. It’s not true, the general public loves superhero movies.

        @Yuuuuupppp: If you don’t like superhero movies, that’s your problem, but don’t use the term “we” or “general public” to get your opinion across. It’s lame.

        • I love superhero movies, most of them are very good, but i’am with Yuuuuupppp.

          I’am living in germany and i’ve seen Thor in the theater and when the trailer for Captain America was running, the whole audience was moaning “what a BS.”

          The problems with this movie are: almost nobody outside of america knows him, his name has mmh, how do I say it, america in it and it´s title sounds like a propaganda film (yes, there are still many people here, who don’t like amarican politics). It is a plus though that the baddies are called “Hydra” and not Nazis, because we are tired after 60+ years of nazi-baddies in american movies, oh and russians, how about chinese, these are very bad (they eat cats, dogs and every other animal you can think of).

          The average moviegoer here in europe don´t even know that Iron Man, Thor, Hulk ant this one are tied together IMO.
          I still hope it makes a lot of money, but i think it only will do well in america.
          I want to see some more of this avenger-stuff.

          • A fellow german! Wie nett!

          • BTW, DSB said you´re cool. I thought you might wanna join our little group on Facebook (if you´re on FB that is). We have a lot of fun there. Just click on my name…

            • Danke vielmals, I feel honoured. But I’m not on FB indeed.
              I know, I am an “Alien” in this regard ;-).
              Greetings to DSB.

              • Too bad, you don´t know what you´re missing…

    • While it is entirely possible that this movie does poorly, I think it bodes well that most of the Nerd Community is behind this, not a whole lot of fighting on this (a la X-Men); and while our Nerd Community is not nearly as large as the Worldwide General Audiences it has shown to be powerful in terms of driving domestic movie box office.

      I think general good Nerd feelings saved Green Lantern from a completely underwhelming performance and if this film can combine those feelings, without a division within the community, it could very well do very well.

      But what do I know, just a nerd ranting.

      • Did we manage to “save” GL though? Last time I looked the box office numbers weren’t all that promising (on par with XMFC)

        • Well it was saved from a Scott Pilgrim standpoint, it didn’t BOMB, didn’t put up the great numbers like $100 mil weekend but it didn’t bomb, and if you read all the critics they certainly would have liked it to.

          I am unsure whether an established superhero flick CAN bomb, even if it is atrocious. I mean even arguable terds like Ghost Rider, The Fantastic Four (both of them), Superman Returns, etc. all raked in the cash (over $100 mil domestic).

    • AH believe you aaaaare mistaken in this mattuh.

    • Nonsense…it’ll be great ! Nuff said

    • Um.. Cowboys and Aliens IS a comic book movie

    • Spray tan? Whuh?

      Are you talking about the enhancement/highlighting they used to make the textures of his suit and skin pop? It makes the shading a little funky but there’s no “spray tan.”

  5. Yay, looks like we get an interrogation scene between the Red Skull and Cap.

    “You’re a plague and we are the cure.”

    • I dunno if it was interrogation, looked more like during a lull in battle maybe? I would imagine in an interrogation they would take Cap’s shield away and take off his Mask & Costume.

      • You’re probably right. I was just being silly.

  6. The director of The Incredible Hulk said that you can see the frozen Captain in the (alternate) beginning of the movie. It´s just a block of ice that contains his body. But in this video, it seems that Cap is frozen, but inside the plane. That´s kinda confusing.

    • thats why that scene was deleted

      • Maybe. But TIH was shot before the Cap movie was even in pre-production.

        • No I think kef meant that the scene was deleted because they knew they were going to be making a Captain America movie and didn’t want to tie the hands of whomever would helm that.

          That kind of forethought makes me excited for Avengers, and also clearly demonstrates the strengths of ONE overarching creative team for a comic universe.

          Come back to the fold Spidey, X-Men, Fantastic Four, & Blade (am I leaving anyone out?)

          • Yup. Daredevil.

          • Blade was co-produced by Marvel. But i’m entirely with you with folding ALL of them back into the Marvelverse proper.

  7. While I am not sold on Henchmen design for this, I am getting more & more amped up for this – the trailers are doing a good job showing you why this matters and why it is not cheesy.

    I can really see this being Avengers Zero; and man am I pumped for Avengers!

  8. Yes! Alrighty Mighty CBM faithful. First off saw the trailer..effective in building the antiscipation for this movie. I will make my stand now and fully endorse this film. From a summer of Thor(could have been better-more action) handcuffed by introduction to the GA. X-MEN a complete surprise coming from Fox studios..I mean, we should actually confirm *they made that movie…

    I think hiring the same writers from Thor and Matt directing (with the limited time He had) made the difference. DC/Warner making a complete mockery of 1 of the *Great Ones in Green Lantern. Not taking the subject or fan base seriously enough to make that *thing..just like Columbia pictures with the Green Hornet. Ahhhh..Campy, funny superheros don’t work..I don’t care what Seth told you…you gave Him Millions to make something only He and His friends would like..duhh

    Mike Bays get out while you can T3DSOM..which I saw today..Wow talk about..Eye candy no depth.
    I can’t wait for Captain America ‘good guy you can root for and would follow to the ends of the earth character. From the looks of things this year is a big learning and hopefully improving stage. I mean whatever happens..the studios will know from now on ‘What not to do!

    • I for one say funny heroes really don’t work. Let’s have super hero movies without sex scenes, them dancing or crying, and of course, no big dumb-bell humor-fests!

  9. This movie looks and feels to be just as good as Thor and X-Men First Class, hopefully better than both movies. The new TV spot, which I had seen two days ago on cable, is the clincher to an anticipation I have had since the first TV spot that this will be a quality and a true representation of the character.

    Captain America and Thor could have easily been laughable by bad costume design alone. Marvel has done a great job in costume design for both movies. I enjoyed Thor very much and am anticipating the same from Cap.

    Marvel Entertainment having sole control of these characters is the reason that Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor are worthy comic book super hero movies. I hope Disney buys Sony Entertainment and get the rights to Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and any other Marvel character they have.

    • If this were the only 30 seconds you were allowed to see before this movie came out, would you see it? I certainly was sold just by this teaser trailer alone!

  10. You know the last 3 Hulk Movie Bomb and they were from the same people who did these movie

    • Actually, there´s only TWO Hulk movies. And only the latest one was made by Marvel.

    • There were only two Hulk movies: the one was released in 2003 (and you are correct, it was terrible) and the second (which is NOT A SEQUEL, it was a reboot) was released in 2008 and it actually did quite well in the box office – it wasn’t so bad… lots of cool action and some nice little easter eggs for the MCU.

  11. Cap emerging from a giant ice-cube tray works for me! Can’t wait!

  12. Alright, so if they find him and his shield in a block of ice, what exactly was that in IM? I can only assume the finding will take place after IM1-2. Is it a prototype?

    • Probably is a prototype. I remember the shield in Ironman only being half complete, missing some parts. Might be wrong.

  13. Great trailer.

    The start of the trailer was a bit of a major spoiler but still it is awesome.

    This is my idea for Steven Rogers’s story in The Avengers:

    Maybe in The Avengers, Steve Rogers gets out of his frozen tomb and escapes and is shocked by the modern day and is taken in by Tony Stark because he knew his father where Rogers becomes drunken man after realisng that the people of the modern day don’t actually care about the sacfices done by the World War 2 soldiers and finds his former lover Peggy Carter, now a old lady with a husband and grandchilderns.

    Rogers is then encourged by Black Widow aka Natasha to stop his ways and help save the world where he then falls in love with her and realises that the world stills him and he assembles a team of superheroes called the Avengers with the help of Nick Fury.

    I hope Capatin America: The First Avenger turns out to be great.

    • It’s not TOO much of a spoiler, as they’re probably finding Cap at the start of the movie instead of the end.

  14. I put a bit of faith in Joe Johnston’s abilities to direct. I still love to watch Rocketeer, it still has a bit of “thrill” when I see it, and Jumanji, anytime it’s on, I find myself caught up in, even if the effects are a bit dated. I think we’ll have a good film. I am worried about how it will perform outside of the country, but I don’t really care.

    • People shouldn’t worry about how this film will do outside of the US: speaking as a “foreigner” (from South Africa) I can assure you that many people (even excluding the fans) can’t wait until it is released. I can also speak for many other countries whose people are very exited about this movie.


  15. Out of the 3 movies listed only 2 belong to Marvel, one belongs to Fox.

  16. A thought of mine, when Cap is in modern times in the Avengers, you could have some humor like he hears blaring rap music on the street of his old neighborhood and is like “What the hell is that?” or have him pick up an iPhone and start looking at it all confused.

  17. ‘The Legend of Captain America’ Episode 1. ‘The Man in the Iceberg.’

  18. Captain America was found by the Avengers in a block of ice. He was not found in a frozen plane.

    • Maybe you didn’t know this, but they have creative license to change a few things when bringing a comic to film. As long as all the important stuff is copacetic with canon, changing something like “Avengers finding Cap in a block of ice” to “S.H.I.E.L.D. finding Cap in a plan submerged in ice” is perfectly acceptable, especially given that ALL the “Avengers” movies show the Avengers getting started by S.H.I.E.L.D.