Stephen Sommers Will Direct ‘G.I. Joe 2′

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GI Joe 2 Stephen Sommers Will Direct G.I. Joe 2

Despite generally negative critical response to last year’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and questionable special effects, director Stephen Sommers brought a relatively fun summer film to audiences around the world. Produced with the hefty budget of $175 million, the film brought in around $300 million worldwide but excelled even further with merchandise sales for Hasbro and on home video.

We’ve known that G.I. Joe 2 would be made for quite some time and in May producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed that they hoped to start filming next Spring for a Summer release in 2012. What was still uncertain was whether or not director Stephen Sommers would be back to direct the sequel.

According to an exclusive from The Wrap, Sommers will be back to work for Paramount in directing G.I. Joe 2. We can expect the principal cast to return as well so if you’re a fan of the first movie, prepare for some more Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans and Rachel Nichols.

While I was able to take away some enjoyment from the first G.I. Joe, it wasn’t a quality film by any means and there were a lot of issues with it (arguably too many). I hope the sequel – with it now having an established villain – will do more for fans and look better. It needs to earn some more positive reception – higher than 34% on Rotten Tomatoes would be a good start…

I think we can all agree that we don’t want this franchise to turn into Paramount’s other giant toy commercials, the Transformers movies, where the second installment was actually worse than the first. For these reasons, I can’t get excited about Sommers returning at this point. That and I thought The Mummy Returns and Van Helsing were also awful.

At least we’ll get more of Ray Park’s Snake Eyes character and of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Cobra Commander.

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. How does this hack keep getting work?

  2. “I hope the sequel – with it now having an established villain – will do more for fans and look better.”

    Yeah, just like The Mummy Returns… oh wait.

    I enjoyed G.I Joe as much as anyone could, getting my action fix with the accelerator suit sequence, but frankly, all we’re going to get out of the second film will be lots more CGI and an even more convoluted plot.

    • Hey, as long as it makes sense…

  3. I will admit to enjoying the first film. Big whoop you wanna fight about it?

    • wow really, a cyber challenge?

      TF2 was better than GI Joe IMO, sparring gloves on. (sarcasm, but not about TF2 being better than GI Joe)

      • haha sam!!, i also enjoyed the first one, dont give a damn what anyone says. i go to the movies to be enterained, not to over analyze films, if its something i think i’ll like, then im in, if not i avoid it, simple, basic, its always worked for me.

        • yep..there was a time people went to ‘enjoy’ the movies.. not all movies need to have a logic or a great plot..

          • yep and they still sell a ping pong paddle with a ball and rubber band attached and Yahtzee…

  4. GI Joe wasn’t really a bad movie if you didn’t go into it with high expectations. It’s a summer, popcorn, leave your brain at the theatre door, fun movie. If you want good writing and character development then skip all of Sommers and summers films.

    • Sure, just dont mind that they changed most of the main characters, didnt follow the cartoon or comic version and bastardized half the best villians. Now add in that the story was total crap and the acting was below sub par and you have a sure winner.

      Marlon Wayons = FAIL

      • Holy crap! I couldn’t have said it any better Aleric. People that don’t mind or think it was fun didn’t grow up playing and collecting the toys or watching each and every episode in reruns 10 to 20 times.

        Well, I do mind, and I don’t think it’s fun to watch a studio make a blase action movie, and slap on a successful property’s name when it bears no resemblance to said property. It’s called false advertising.

        If you’re cool with that let’s just go ahead and change Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg’s new movie from The Other Guys to The Odd Couple. That should pull in some ticket money from geezers that loved the old version. The jokes on them…or us?

      • Interestingly enough, the comic didn’t follow the cartoon, nor the cartoon the comic. So why should the movie have to follow either one?

    • High expectations huh? Like getting your overpriced ticket’s value translated to the screen? Maybe that’s why piracy is so rampant. Most people’s expectations are already low from being scammed by crap like GIJoe, that’s why they just steal it.

      “If you want good writing and character development then skip all of Sommers and summers films.” So, did you write this a year ago when no one knew that Inception was going to be as successful as it is…in the summer, the late summer, that is. READ before you post.

      • @worthing

        What the heck are you referring to with “So did you write this a year ago when….READ before you post”? I know the threads can sometimes be hard to follw depending on how mush nesting there is but I can’t make sense of your comment.

        BTW – I have no doubt more then a handful of people probably think a film you relaly like actually sucks so how about cutting peop[le some slack just because they have diferent taste. If a movie that you believe sucks can still do as much in Box Office tickets as GI Joe did and have stamina too (GI Joe did NOT have a short run at theatres) then perhaps the movie didn’t actually suck but more like you just didn’t like it?

  5. The first movie could of been rated G. Time for a change.

  6. Channing Tatum single-handedly ruined this movie for me with his “acting”, otherwise it was fun.

    • I had the opposite response, but I never really liked the original Duke that much either, as he was mostly a carbon copy of/replacement for Hawk. I can handle Duke as the new guy, even tho I feel they are priming him to eventually take over in a future film. But seeing him actually working his way up with that can-do attitude helps me to accept it better, I guess!

  7. My biggest concern for this franchise is the fact that it started off So very sci-fi with the subs, jet packs, accelerator suits, Etc… And typically sequels always try to go “above and beyond” the original. Where can this possibly go. They already set the bar too high. (In a really silly way too. I thought the first movie was too over the top)

    For example… Just look at the James Bond series (Prior to the Daniel Craig Reboots). They kept getting goofier and goofier with their gadgets until we ended up with an entire car that could turn invisible. Now look at G.I. Joe… they already started their movies beyond the highest point of the James Bond silliness. I fear the sequel will be almost unwatchable.

    I hope I’m wrong because I did love Snake-Eyes. Even when he was flipping around cars in that chase sequence. lol

    • G.I. Joe has always been about the cool and what you claim “over the top” sci fi weapons. What the sequel needs is better CGI and a somewhat better plot.

  8. All his movies are critically bad, but it’s fun watching them. I enjoyed all his movies, The Mummy Series being my favourite movies of all time (1st one was better, but the 2nd one was also fun). If you wanna point out flaws in them, there are a lot of them, but they don’t get in the way of the fun the movies provide. I’m a very critical viewer myself, but some movies are just meant to be seen for the fun they provide. I’d watch his movies any day over Iron Man 2, which was reduced to a comedy movie.

    • I actually like many of the movies. I liked TF, most of the Mummy movies, and G.I. Joe. I know they made changes and that everyone was warned about the fact that they were an international unit not strickly American. I am going to see the third TF and the second G.I. Joe. I am one of those that did read the comic and saw the cartoon. I still liked it. It was a starter and in some cases they are not always the greatest. So i guess i am a bit strange to like most of this directors movies. The only one i questioned Was the last of the mummy movies. But still liked it. So i guess this high school graduate and part time college student doesn’t have any brains for some of the critics out there. Some were blasting it before it even came out. So give it a chance for a second go around.

      • dude, if it had been a strictly american unit it wouldn’t have done half aswel and anyone outside of the US had never heard of GI JOE because outside of the US it was called ACTION FORCE international hero’s so all they did was splice the US title with the international concept which was a forced changed before it would be bought by any other country

  9. the CGI was really really bad, almost all the CGI looked fake/obvious they weren’t real, i mean if your going to add alot of CGI stuff try and do a somewhat decent job at blending it in with everything else such as scenery and actors (transformers is a decent example, though not the best), yeah it would have costed more for better quality but it would have been worth it in the end right ?

    • If it cost $170 million to make with such bad looking effects, I wonder how much it would have cost to make with better effects. Transformers had perfect special effects (all the transformers looked real) but was made in $150 million, although they were given free cars by General Motors, and Michael Bay reduced his salary to reduce the budget. But still, G.I Joe should have had much better effects. The Mummy had such great effects for its time, but not G.I Joe.

      • Say what you want about Bay but he does one thing that many directors cannot do. He finishes a project ahead of time. He sticks to a schedule and that saves a ton of money. He seems to know what he wants from the start (a true director!). I remember one of the biggest complaints the first Transformers recieved was there were not enough robots and the robots didnt act as “human” as they should. Well, Bay did this with part 2 and more complaints came from the same people about how there were too many robots and some acted too human. There are people out there (and you know who you are) who will complain no matter what. I say all this to say GI Joe needs a new production team if they want a successful 2nd film.

        • I don’t want to come off as flippant, but what was the point of your message again????

  10. I can’t see Joseph Gordon coming back for the sequel. With his roles in 500 Days and Inception it seems like he just doesn’t fit in. Hell, I don’t think he belonged in the first GI Joe.

    • JGL did the first because he was a fan of the toys (or the cartoon or something) and also because he’s close friends with Channing Tatum. He does do well when picking roles, but perhaps this is just him slumming it, doing it for fun.

  11. I liked first G.I. Joe film. I like its kind of spirit. I want more, I want more Boom Boom Pow.

  12. Am I the only one who liked the first movie?

    • Yes

  13. after the first one, does anybody really care about a second? i’m shocked that paramount wants sommers back, his films are so cookie-cutter predictable, i watched the first mummy the other night and even that has a hard time holding up 11 years later.

  14. My youngest Son and I attended GI Joe, with some hesitation and a big sigh….but it was alot of fun. GUILTY! I said it…..we enjoyed it for what it was. Was not as bad as we had feared but I would welcome a new director. But the Baroness should remain intact. ( please)

  15. So to all the Sommers basher’s what did you guys think about Deep Rising and Van helsing?

    • Not that I’m really a basher, but Van Helsing was almost depressingly bad. Film came out 6 years ago and I’m still annoyed that I paid money to see it.

      • I know Joshi, but I watched it for Kate.

        • Yeah her in that push up bra saying Vaan Helllsinngg really cracked me up. I thought the story was a little different but with elements of the original stories wedged in, in places. Glad I caught it on cable…

  16. When I walked out of GI Joe I thought “This must have been targeted for kids 12 and under”. That thought makes the movie a little better. Transformers 1 AND 2 were way better than GI Joe due to the fact people over 18 could enjoy it. GI Joe was laughable at times due to its poor use of CGI. It simply was not good. A sequel will be worse with the same folks at the helm.

    • yeah – that’s why it was PG-13. What was the body count in that movie? Just becuase the movie is based on a toy line and no blood is shown, ever, MPAA give’s it a PG-13 and parents let their kids see this s**t. WTF is wrong with this country

      • a lot

  17. I would like less boom boom pow and more wham bamm what’s that man?, and hey who wrote this masterpiece???

  18. I liked the first film. I didn’t have high expectations for it as i never do for any film, aslong as i enjoyed it i consider it a good movie. Plot could of been better and seemed more like a cartoon episode instead but still the movie made up with good action, most noteably to me the scenes of Snake eyes & Stormshadow who i hope returns somehow. The guy playing Destro didnt seem evil & sinister enough like the 80’s cartoon version. And JGL was good through out the film as the villain till i heard his voice after he puts on his Cobra Commander mask on which im lost for words about. His voice almost sounded like as he could be a decepticon or somthing, corny etc. and the mask? dont ask me about that,lol I just hope they have a better lookin mask in the sequel. Sienna Miller was hot and pretty bad a$$ as Baroness and liked Zartan & wished he had more screen time. As for the Joes, I still can’t be believe Marlon Wayans was cast. Throughout the movie i thought if he was trying to make the film into a complete comedy for his own purpose or get as much screen time as possible. Anyways im all for the sequel and wonder whats in store.

    • And not having high expectations is why Hollywood keeps making crap movies and getting paid for it.

    • Definitely agree that the plot reads very much like a cartoon episode. So many of the trademarks were there, right down to a Cobra attack on the Eiffel Tower with their super weapon. Most people know Joe from the cartoon, tho, so it makes sense they went in that direction.

      Also completely agree on your assessment of JGL’s Cobra Commander. His voice strongly resembled Chris Latta’s CC from the ‘toon.. even more so when he removed his mask.. chillingly so, in fact! I also love the stiff, mechanical movements he used to bring CC to life, he really appeared as someone who had suffered some serious wounds. But after he put on the new crappy mask, with the new crappy voice to go with it, they lost me. I could see that being an intermediate phase for the character tho, and hopefully he’ll come back with a better voice and mask.. especially since we already know he can do a good voice!

      • About JGL, before he put on that goofy mask and had the horrible CC voice at the end. He sounded more like Dr. Mindbender from 80’s cartoon and even would look more like him without the wig and kept the breathing mask w/ blue eye glass. The guy playin Destro doesn’t seem like a fighter or sinister enough as posted before. I do hope they improve Cobra Commander for the sequel. Then again i wouldnt mind if they somehow bring in Serpentor. I always liked him more as leader of Cobra than CC.

        • I think Christopher Eccleston (sp?) demonstrated a refinement of the 16- 17th century Destro that will ultimately dominate the character. He will perhaps regress to a cold, calculating board game strategist for the next film, but I can see his love for Anastasia (and really, who couldn’t identify with him after that first film?) redeeming/repurposing him as a tragic character for act 2…

  19. all these posts saying “it just needed better effects and a better plot”. is that all? add better dialogue and (for the most part) better actors and we could have a real winner!

    that’s all:
    better plot
    better effects
    better acting (for maybe half the roles)
    and better writing

    hey gang, we’re about 10% on our way to a watchable movie

  20. GIJOE (the comic book series that for most fans was definitive)is and was NOT really about explosions and action sequences. It was about characters. A variety of fun archtypes developed into particulary unique heroes and villains. Rise of Cobra deminished or destroyed every character it handled with the exception of Snake-Eyes… No go on the sequel…

    • I’m more of a comic guy myself, but there’s little denying that the cartoon reached many more people overall. Larry Hama himself considered the core characters of Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Scarlett to be captured accurately on the screen… that’s good enough for me!

  21. I didn’t really like the first film all that much, and a second G.I. Joe movie is another sequel which nobody asked for.

    IMO, the animated G.I. Joe: The Movie was much better than Rise of Cobra.

    • “and a second G.I. Joe movie is another sequel which nobody asked for.”

      You may not have asked ofr it but that doesn;t mean no one has. You don’t do 300 million in box office sales without getting millions to see the movie especially when noone of thet 300 million comes from any plus showings like iMax and ro 3D, all of which help to pad ticket sales of films that do use these technologies.

      Many ladies love the whoile TWILIGHT saga and while I don’t like it (along with many guys) I would never say the sequels were something NO ONE asked for.

      • I’m a lady, but I’m not in love with the Twilight saga (for a lot of reasons), but there are times when a sequel to a particular film seems almost redundant, because what other stories could be told which don’t seem like a rehash of the first film?

        Another thing which came to my mind is that Rise of Cobra did quite a bit of international business, which would make a sequel a rather tempting proposition. If it makes money for the studios, that’s what’s important.

        • I agree with Stephie, I loved the animated series and animated movie, but the live action was disappointing. With the exception of Snake Eyes and Scarlet and possibly Storm Shadow and Zartan, none of the characters really resembled nor did they acted like the original animated characters. Dennis Quaid way overacted and Tatum was a little young as Duke (and he just sounded like he was just talking), they’re acting was terrible. Cobra Commander felt more like Dr. Mindbender to me and Baroness was supposed to speak with an accent (and I understand it was because of the story). I really wish they could change the director for the sequel, I’m not too impressed with any of Stephen Sommers films, they’re just mediocre.

    • I guess I was just watching a different movie. I have to say I thought the movie was better than “good” and actually gets pretty close to “great”. THe special effects were amazing and so was all the tech. ok guys…sure….there were a couple of areas that were bad, but overall, it was fun and great to watch. I’m glad they are doing a second…

      – Chuckmate!

    • LOL Stephie…you didn’t ask for it but others would like to see the sequel and enjoyed the first movie. Did you even watch the movie? Because there is a HUGE unanswered scenario that leads to a next movie but continue making your simpleton remarks and pretending like you speak for others.

      • to be honest you can guess how that scenario will be played, the film it’s self lacked alot of character quality, i did think it was good but then i put some original cartoons and even the animated movie on to compare and it failed miserably at capturing the series it was based on, at least transformers had some of the spirit of the series in it, this film did not.

  22. I’ll go see it on one condition… they must bring back Screaming Man.

  23. When did snake eyes ever have a mouth on his mask? That one error killed the movie for me. Its time for a person who knows what there doing to take the helm.

    • The second version of the figure, and many old school collectors’ favorite version ever, did indeed sport a mouth.

  24. Do you ever see Snake Eyes in person in the second movie ?

  25. I can’t say I flat out enjoyed it. I don’t know why they had to mess with some of the characters history ie Baroness.

    They did do a good job with Snake Eyes, although I was irritated with them ignoring the Snake Eyes/Scarlett relationship, since they decided to pair Duke off with Baroness anyway.

    But at least they did Snake Eyes and Stormshadow well.

    I say if you’re going to do to do 2, stick with what you did right for one. Which for me would just mean less CGI crap, more Snake Eyes and oh fix his outfit.

    Go with the outfit they used for GI Joe Resolute, which looked more like his classic outfit anyway.

    Funny that a cartoon could get it right in so many ways…

  26. I want the same people in the 2nd movie.

  27. I want Destro as a vilian with a lot of machinery in G.I.Joe 2 movie.

  28. I didn’t know anything about Gi joe until the first film personally I thought it was awesome! Ok the cgi was a bit ropey but what the hey! It was crammed to the hilt with action and awesome gadgetry I buzzed my tits off can’t wait for the second instalment

  29. Alex Proyas as director for sequel the crow was such an amazing film, and he could a bit a darker side to the film and maybe perk up that acting a little lol