Stephen Moyer Wanted as Dr. Doom in Next ‘Fantastic Four’

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Twentieth Century Fox is hard at work laying the foundation and searching for the right pieces to put together the next installment of the Fantastic Four franchise. With X-Men: First Class entering production next week, the next Marvel superhero project for Fox will involve fast-tracking the quasi-reboot of one of Marvel’s most classic Silver Age comic series.

Last week I was informed that Fox was interested in Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers for the role of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic to help lead the project and team of superheroes and now comes word that Fantastic Four’s rival and main villain Dr. Doom could be played by True Blood star Stephen Moyer.

Comic Book Movie confirms the talk I heard earlier in the week that Brody is still the top contender to play Richards and that there’s a strong interest in bringing in Moyer to play Victor von Doom, the villainous arch-rival previously played by Julian McMahon in the last two Fantastic Four movies.

With Doom playing a significant role in the first two installments of the series, we don’t know to what extent the character will be used. From what I’m told, Doom is definitely a part of the movie as well as another familiar face from Rise of the Silver Surfer.

I would rather they move away from Doom with the next Fantastic Four but if they are to include him, Moyer can certainly pull it off in my mind. I’m an avid True Blood watcher and he’s the standout character of the series for me. It would be refreshing to see him play a true villain instead of the brooding hero.

While we likely won’t see confirmations of the principal cast until a director signs on, don’t be surprised to see the ball start rolling once X-Men: First Class is in production. Fox is looking at several directors to helm the project and they have an idea of who they want for each of the four main characters. Stay tuned for more soon!

Fantastic Four will shoot next year for a summer 2012 release.

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Source: CBM

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  1. Doom is one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest villains. He is also one of my favorite. I hope the go with 616 doom with his tech and magic powers.

  2. That’s one way to establish a fanbase.

  3. I guess it could work.
    He looks sorta eastern european.
    But can he use magic? AND tech. Doom’s a multitasker. I mean, would it be so disorienting for someone in a movie to be a sorcerer and a scientist?

  4. Wow Fox is REALLY trying to ride Marvel Studios’ coattail with these movies for 2012 and they are making the same mistake yet AGAIN, why are they choosing a T.V actor again when there are movie actors out there who are German or who can pull of the “Latverian” feel,accent, and energy(Christoph Waltz). They’re putting Doom in it again too!!! FOX is made up of a bunch of smart idiots. I hope they get blown away by Marvel Studios “Avengers” in 2012. Boy do they get on my nerves!!!

    • Exactly what DOES a Latverian accent sound like, hmmmm?!

      • It sure as heck shouldn’t sound like the last Doom. That guy was totally wrong for the part.

  5. Like I watch True Blood,,,

    Never heard of hmm!
    next!!! 8-)

  6. This guy looks like he’d be a good Wolverine NOT DOOM.

    • Lol ulik

      Now that you mentioned that, Maybe he would be a good choice. Maybe its because of the fangs and his voice when he gets upset on True Blood that makes me think he could be a good Wolverine,lol.

      • He’s too tall thin and handsome to be Wolverine.
        Wolverine is short, hairy, burly and ugly.

        • Danny DeVito it is then!!! :D

  7. I don’t either 790.

  8. I thought mcmahon was good as doom other than not being euro, but I don’t follow the comics. But a good doom could be the guy who played hugo stigliz in inglourious basterds.

    • Are you kidding Doom was the worst part of the other films. He’s an awful actor and by far was the worst part.

    • I thought McMahon did a good job, for that film. The worst part for me was Alba. She looked nice, but like Megan Fox, she can’t act.

      • i agree, that was a bad casting decision. they needed someone older to play Sue like Cherlize Theron or Ulma Thurman.

  9. fricking mads mickkelson or christoph waltz man!!!!!!!!!

    but i like thhis guy also. he could pull it off

    excuse my rant at the top lol


  11. nope really is gonna be the bad guy. eric turns out to be the hero

  12. How about considering some German actors for the part of Dr Doom?

    Sebastian Koch
    Moritz Bleibtreu
    Thomas Kretschmann

    Things I would like to see:

    Definitely NOT Adrien Brody as Reed Richards

    A MATURE treatment of the Fantastic Four, not another kiddies comedy.

    An (A list) Director who knows the characters well, and will not be intimidated by Fox executives.

    A dramatic action packed sci-fi onslaught.

    Lots of location shots of New York City and Eastern Europe would be cool.

    • With Johnny Storm, you have to have some comedy.

      • @ Kahless

        That’s true. I don’t want to downplay the comedic interactions Johnny and Ben have going either, so whilst some comedy and an element of fun is always welcome, I would like to see a mature treatment of the FF with some serious, thought provoking and perceptive drama mixed with some hardcore sci-fi action and FX.

        You know I’ve been reading most of the regular MARVEL titles since 1975 and in my mind they always play out as these wonderfully grand and epic heartfelt cinematic masterpieces.

        I wish Fox would look through the same lenses instead of pinholes.

  13. I like the suggestion of Mads Mickkelson. He has such a natural look of condescension.

    • While I’m completely insane and would like either Christopher Lambert or Antnonio Banderas (think accent purposes, intense eyeline) I would love to see Mads Mickkelson be a contender.

      (Note: wouldn’t that be trippy if it went down like that? Mads appearring in King Arthur, fighting next to Ioan Gruffuod?)

  14. i hated the first two, which is a shame because i love Doom. Story was such a mistake for both FF movies. And turning Galactus into a giant storm cloud was just evil, worse than weapon XI deadpool. i want the all out evil Doom. the doom who rules his land with an iron fist, the doom that called Ms Marvel a fat whore to her face. (which takes some balls to do) All kidding aside, i would like Dr. Doom to get the treatment that this greatest of marvel villians deserves. but its fox so im not getting my hopes again. not that i beleive Marvel could do a better job either, i really liked Iron Man. incredible Hulk was destined to be better than the first because my two year old could do better with his hulk and other Marvel action figures. I dont Know Maybe iron Man Two and the Thor Trailer just shaken my faith in Marvel. I know Fox ruined it with the last two x-men and the fisrt two FF movies.

  15. Fox, you just don’t get it.
    Rivaled by possibly only Magneto, Dr. Doom is THE bad-ass villain in the Marvel Universe. Who did you cast as Magneto, that’s right some guy named McKellen who has “Sir” in front of his name due to his decades of accomplishment on stage and screen.
    Look at the actors who have played the two lead baddies in the D.C. Universe, Lex Luthor and the Joker. None of them weren’t considered great actors when they took the role, with the possible exception of Heath Ledger – but he was at least a proven bona-fide commodity as a big-time movie actor. Look who Marvel has cast as the main antagonists in each of their own produced movies – established screen actor’s all – with the exception of Loki in the upcoming Thor – but “Sir” Anthony Hopkins is there to help do the heavy lifting in that film. Then you will see Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull.
    And you – you choose someone who is popular on cable TV in a Vampire drama. Really?
    Why are you even making this movie. You obviously don’t know how to do it right. Just offer the rights to FF back to Marvel for a fee equal to what you cleared in the first two FF movies.
    You will be paid what you will make in 2012 for absolutely no work.
    You can continue to harbor the delusion that you are going to kick off a new successful FF franchise that will make you money for the next decade, but we both know that ain’t happening.

  16. I am convinced. Fox studio’s needs to have a hot poker shoved up the booty hole. I totally agree with Matt on this one. Doom is by far one the most bad-ass villains in the Marvel Universe. I am a fan of True Blood and I like Bill in the series. The problem is this. He is not anywhere near a big enough name to pull off Doom. That is where they went wrong the last time. Also, HE HAS NO ACCENT!!!! How can you have Doom with no accent. That was something else that drew me away from the last 2 movies. If I had my choice of the person to play doom it would be Jeremy Irons. He is not only an excellent actor but his accent is exactly the way Doom should sound. I will also agree with Jmack and say that Christopher Waltz would be my choice if they aren’t gonna get a well known actor like Irons.

  17. They should go the “Darth Vader” route: One actor for the voice, random guys for the physical work.

    • And get Hayden to portray the whiney teen version of Doom.(don’t steal my idea Fox).

      • HA!

        I’m not sure why we need to see Doom’s face at all. V for Vendetta proved that a masked character CAN work, so why not use that? The alternative is having the character unmask every few minutes like in the Spider-Man movies. Do not want.

        • Well, Fox will probably want to give their star some face time.

  18. Gee I’m still wondering about Reed and Sue. What does everyone here think of these choices?

    Reed- Hugh Laurie or Jon Ham or Alex Denisof
    Sue- Ana Torv or Gretchen Mol or Milissa Sagemiller
    Doom- Goran Visnjic maybe?? He has a Slav birthright and would be cool to pull off the tortured soul that lost his good looks in a horrible accident…

    • i like Alex Denisof for the role of Reed Richards (never even thought of him)
      as for the others on your list never heard of them

      till next time

    • Ana Torv would be perfect for Sue, in my opinion.

      • I think she would bring some serious gravitas to the role and I could believe she was a scientist. Alba just never seemed serious enough to be Reeds companion. That took away even more from Gruffudd as if they hadn’t already taken away enough of him in other Fox ways.

        Fox could have easily made rotss part one of a two part story. In the second part you would have Big-G land his ship and try to use machines to complete the process since they foiled his raw form from absorbing the planet. Really that’s what everyone wanted to see. They never did it that way, so, Oh well…

        • I heard the reason they made Galactus a cloud was b/c they wanted to have the big reveal in the Silver Surfer spin-off. Although, it’s not like showing Galactus would have made the film better.

          • So basically your saying that a part two wouldn’t have made it the least bit better overall?

          • In the Marvel comic, Galactus is nothing but energy. An alien race created the armor everyone sees on him to hold his vast energies. So even though FF4 RotSS could have been better, Galactus being a cloud of energy is in line with the comic. The SS movie would probably have been Galactus crash landing on a planet and the race creating the suit.

            • Well if they didn’t want to tell the Galactus part of the story they could have at least made the Silver Surfer story more interesting…

    • I dig Goran Visnjic too…but I think if he heard the words “Fox” “Marvel” and ‘comic book’ he’d run to the hills, even if other actors have played different- and sometimes better – roles in other films based on Marvel characters.

      (Goran was in Elektra)

      • Yeah I think you have a strong point there. Perhaps I’m jumping ahead to a Marvel reboot too quick, which makes the casting problematic. By the time Fox and Sony finish ruining the franchises, It’ll take better than a decade or more to drive interest back up for even a modest reintroduction. I guess this is prime time for quite awhile. Just a pity that such good franchises will go to waste. I guess it was inevitable to get a heeled studio like Disney interested enough to buy Marvel and fund the comic movie run, streak what ever you want to call it…

  19. True Blood or not, I think that he is a good choice.

  20. Not an awful choice I’ve seen worse. I could live with it he’s twice the actor our previous Doom was/.

  21. One of the many, MANY problems with the 4 films was casting. ( including Chris Evans) but with out a doubt McMahon was the absolute worst. Laughable is more like it. I have to agree with a post above, if FOX is going to do this, a “grown up” version should sell. Moyer has the chops to pull this off. Besides, he’s gonna marry Anna Rouge Paquin.

    • I thought Evans was perfect as Johnny Storm.

      • Agreed!

  22. Alex von rethrix, they had 4 different versions of Galactus. One of them was the normal planet size human helmet wearing form, even had the voice over actor that does “Invader Zim” hired to do his voice.

    But what I heard was the the effect wasn’t completed by the time test screenings were shown. So they used the cloud. The test audience didn’t seem to mind so they stuck with it.

    Obviously the test audience weren’t up on the FF comics.

    When I saw that cloud I knew it was over for this franchise.

  23. The first two films weren’t great, Chiklis and Evans played their parts perfectly, but everyone else was awful, the stories were terrible.

    But I think the problem is with FF as a format, the superhero family dynamic just doesn’t work on the big screen, it’s always going to look like a poor live action Incredibles.

    Moyer is a good actor, and I find it odd that some of you have dismissed him simply because you haven’t heard of him. If he played Doom it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But the main Four need to be perfect for this to work.

  24. I thought the Thing looked pretty lame.

    If anything a full CGI Thing can only be an improvement.

  25. That first movies sucked and should of been rated G. Evans was the only bright spot.

    • uhhhh…. they deleted that article a while after it was posted i think. the rreason you think its crappy is because anybody can sign up and post an article about anything they want. if they are wrong or stupid, the article is deleted. on that site, you should only read the articles posted by the official editors because those are ussualy on the spot. also its fun for their editorials and fan fics.

  26. After given it a little thought, I would think that Moyer could dye his hair blonde and might pull off John Storm instead…

    But something else is bugging me and it’s not brung up yet in any report or rumor

    Okay. So we got news of a CGI Thing or possible intent for Blue Eyed Ben to be CG for the most part…We have rumors of Adrian Brody possibly being the new Reed Richards. Now this news, and another “familiar face” (should I play Vegas and bet on a CG appearance of Uatu The Watcher- a perfect character to intro a reboot or retcon?)…

    So what’s bugging me?

    Fox this. Fox that. Now, I I don’t jump on the bash Fox/Tom Rothman bandwagon, y’know. However…

    Who the buttstink is directing this movie?!?
    There! I said it! It’s off my shoulders, out of my mouth, telegraphed to my fingers to the keyboard.

    You see, I could be wrong, but don’t directors, like, oh, you know, have an influence on casting? Don’t some actors, like, I guess, want to know who is directing? Doesn’t anyone want to know?

    Since Brody was rumored, my first thought was maybe his Predators director Nimrod Avatal could be involved, but there’s been no announcement from Fox to confirm it. And that’s even a wild guess on my part. I was also thinking Chris Columbus, if he remains on as a producer, it would make sense if he took over, but again, no announcement on Fox has yet been made to confirm or deny this.

    So until there IS a director named, I take all casting rumors with a grain of sand.

      • “in talks” does not mean that any one of those three actually are.
        Casting and crew hiring usually happens when a director is signed on, not before.

        • When I read the article from Killerfilm, not one of the names impressed me. I’m not a huge McTigue fan, although a lot of folks loved V For Vendetta, but stayed away from Ninja Assassin. Carnahan – I liked Narc, Smokin’ Aces a little, but skipped A Team. Yates directed some of the Potter films. Of the three…I would probably…and it’s a tough call…I would cast a vote for David Yates.

          What was interesting to me that I was all wrong in the prediction of Uatu- the “surprise” appearance is said to be that of The Silver Surfer. But there was a side story about a wish list of Bruce Willis as Ben Grimm/ voice of The Thing. That I can see, and if there’s anything to it, that’s a forward step.

          Again, a director hasn’t been selected yet.