Paramount Moving Forward With New ‘Pet Sematary’ Movie

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Stephen King Pet Sematary movie Paramount Paramount Moving Forward With New Pet Sematary Movie

There appears to be somewhat of a new Stephen King obsession going on in Hollywood right now. Last September we heard about a huge movie/TV crossover adaptation of King’s epic Dark Tower series; a new movie based on IT has been in the works for almost two years; and just a couple of days ago we heard word of Warner Bros. developing a new film based on King’s beloved book The Stand.

To add to those three we’re going to be getting a new adaptation of one of King’s¬† beloved novels: Pet Sematary, the book which the author himself regards as his scariest.

We reported on the new new Pet Sematary movie way back in March of last year, with 1408 screenwriter Matthew Greenberg being hired to pen the script. Since then we haven’t heard much about the status of the project… until now.

24 Frames reports of the news that Paramount is moving forward with the new Pet Sematary film, with Greenberg set to turn in a draft of the script soon. It’s noted that this info comes from someone familiar with the project who wasn’t supposed to speak about it publicly. The studio is said to be seeking a high-profile director to helm the film, although no names were specifically mentioned and Paramount declined to comment.

This is, of course, not the first time King’s haunting Pet Sematary has made its way to the big-screen. In 1989 a movie was made from a script King wrote himself and starred Dale Midkiff, Fred Gwynne and Denise Crosby. It’s certainly not one of the most highly-regarded King films, but I still have memories of it having a very creepy atmosphere. A sequel to that film was made in 1992 with a surprisingly notable cast which included Clancy Brown, Edward Furlong and Anthony Edwards.

Pet Sematary tells the story of a family who moves into a new house but soon discover a mysterious pet cemetery¬† not far from their new home. What unfolds involves all manner of death-related incidents involving both animals and humans. It’s certainly not for those of you who have a strong fear of cats! icon razz Paramount Moving Forward With New Pet Sematary Movie

pet sematary remake Paramount Moving Forward With New Pet Sematary Movie

I, for one, am actually okay with this particular remake/new adaptation. The original isn’t exactly the best translation of a King story and in the right hands a lot of very cool and scary things could be done with a new movie. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Greenberg’s adaptation of King’s 1408 and that fact that he wrote the lackluster Halloween H20 doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence.

However, I am personally more interested in who Paramount will pick as a director. Hopefully it’s someone with experience in horror filmmaking who will still steer Pet Sematary in the right direction. I suppose Frank Darabont – writer and director of King-based films like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist – would be too much to hope for?

More on this new version of Pet Sematary as news comes out.

Source: 24 Frames

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  1. My least favorite adaptation of a King book is Salem’s Lot. It was cheesy and not at all creepy like the book was. I like the original Pet Sematary- the guy who played the neighbor was very creepy. Looking forward to a new one- hope it’s good!

    • That “creepy neighbor” was none other than Fred Gwynne, aka Herman Munster.

    • I have to say the original tv mini series adaptation of Salems Lot scared the bejebus outta me when I first watched it.
      I thought it was a pretty adaptation compared to some of the lesser efforts that have come from Kings work.
      To the day that I shuffle of this mortal coil I will never forget how terrified I was when I saw that scene with the kids brother scratching on their window telling him to let him in:-0

  2. Please dont remake this… the original was scary because it had that creepy 80′s vibe to it, fred gwynne, a really eery soundtrack, and a really twisted ending. Besides they will probably tone down this remake to a PG-13 rating. Starting to lose faith in hollywood. If they are going to remake movies… why not remake movies from like the 50′s and 60′s? Ones that had interesting premises but lacked the special effects to make them believable.

    • I have to agree with you 100% I loved reading the book and watching the movie. Making a new movie based upon this story would require all the old/creepy looks. Over use of digital touch-ups would ruin the real life glow a horror movie needs. “No more people doing yoga on the ceiling!” (laughing outloud)
      50′s-60′s movies, oh yeah.. Work on them please =)
      If it look’s like it could happen, the creepier the movie.

  3. The mist is the best king adaptation to date *imo* loved loved loved it.
    Pet Sematary terrified me when i read it. There was just an air of horror and sorrow that you don’t find often. It would be fantastic to have Darabont behind this.
    I kind of hope that the new movie touches on the “dead lights” that the book talks about, that whole scene was skipped in the original movie.

    • I liked the Mist also.

      • The Mist was my favourite but I liked the theatre-release of 1408, and Dream Catcher.

        I’d really like to see a decent version of Tommyknockers on film. Also, Firestarter!

        As for this movie, the original was cheesy though I understand fans’ love for Fred Gwynne(, our beloved Car-54 Munster! RIP! There will never be another)! I hope the remake does a MUCH BETTER Job on make-up. Why is it zombie movies always feature the crappiest make-up? Okay — not entirely fair. There are worse examples of this, just showing my bias!

    • I am a big fan of his remake to the Shining. That was the book almost word for word.

  4. Is cemetery really spelt like that in america? lol it looks like a little kids written it

    • No it’s not spelt like that on this side of the pond. LOL.

    • *sigh* thats the point good sir. King did indeed spell it wrong to make it appear that a child wrote it.

  5. I loved the book-I actually had to read it in college for a class called Literature of Horror. (One of my favorite classes ever!) Turned me into a King fan. The movie was ok, but it was more a nostalgia thing with Fred Gwynne. I would definitely be ok with a remake, but it NEEDS to be rated R. I don’t know alot of directors in the horror genre and this is out of left field, but I think David Fincher would be a great choice to direct this. “Seven” was one of the creepiest films I ever saw and I would rather have a director who is great with suspense rather than just gore and shock value.

  6. Ok…I have tried to hold back on commenting here. But damn man, remaking yet another King film is just a waste. He has a TON of material that still has yet to see the light on the silver screen. It just goes to show Hollywoods lack of creativity yet again.

    • It is not so much that they are remaking King films. It is that they are now messing with the good ones. This one doesn’t need to be remade. The Stand is debatable. IT needs to be redone. The only thing I wouldn’t change about IT was Tim Curry as Pennywise. I just hope they don’t touch Misery. Then I will be pissed.

  7. No ’80s stone is being left unturned. I’m shocked “Gremlins” isn’t in the remake machine – or maybe I missed the memo?

    Will the remake the Ramones’ song, too?? “i don’t wanna be buried … in a pet … semetary …”

    • OMH, don’t give them any ideas! o.O

      • Too late. He has already mentioned it. I am sure that Steven Spielberg is already rushing it into production. It will be out in 3-D and Imax next week. It does star Adam Sandler so that has to be a plus. :)

  8. i dig this new wave of King interest. He’s notorious for throwing away the film rights to the first person with a $20 bill, and his stories deserve great treatments. The ones that work are truly memorable, his plots and concepts are always original. I say go for it, nothing to lose!

  9. The book really creeped me out, I only read it last year, having read all of King’s other books years ago, the ending is just so dark. King doesnt write books like this anymore.
    I haven’t see the film version though.

    I’d rather see Under The Dome or Duma Key adapted instead though.

    • He had stated in the past that it was just too disturbing to publish. He only had it publish as an end to a contract dispute for a former publisher. The story goes that his wife found the manuscript tucked away in a box or desk drawer, I cant remember which offhand. She thought it should see the light of day I guess. And Yeah Sam, King doesn’t write novels like this anymore. It’s a damn shame too.

    • @ Dr.SamBeckett

      You never saw the original? Id say it’s as best than the book but still creepy. When i was kid i was scared to watch that that i only watched it during the daytime,lol. One of the Reasons was vision’s of Rachel’s dead sister Zelda, not to mention it’s hard for me to watch Gage get killed on the road for personal reasons & one of my ex-gfs would ask me to fastfoward that scene. But imo it was greatly cast & had that 80′s horror film. Till today still gives me little bit of the jitters,lol. Liked the music as the credits at the beginning come up and loved The Ramones ( I Don’t Wanna Be Buried, In The Pet Cemetary) song at the end. I liked Pet Sematary 2 aswell though it wasn’t as scary as the orignal nor based on a book. But imo that dog gave Cujo a run for its growl,lol. Especially the scene when the dog chases Drew up the stairs, turns and see his eyes glow red as he growls & i think to myself, that is one evil lookin dog lol. Anyways, If they reboot this film, they best not screw it up. Between the book & the oringal film, the film was still pretty good imo.

  10. just keep ed furlong away from it

  11. Not excited, the original was adaptation was good. I’d rather see Paramount and other studios develop projects based on other writer’s works. Orson Scott Card should get more of his books adapted for the big screen. He’s got a lot of epic stories that could be great films if handled correctly.

  12. My choice for a director for this film would be Darren Aronofsky. Either him, or David O. Russell. Whatever way they go, I hope the director and writer will emphasize the realistic aspects of the story. It’s a great novel, and while I like the original movie pretty well, the novel deserves a better adaptation.

  13. Just watched Pet S

  14. I honestly wish they would remake the second one to actually go along with the first. I’d like to know what happend and if Rachel came back for Ellie and her family

  15. I personally don’t understand those who think the ro riginal movie was any good. To me it was very cheesy and there was a ton, a TON of stuff left out and switched with. Ex: they completely took out Norma (Jud’s wife) who was in the novel from the movie. They didn’t give you the same feel. Personally I find a movie based on a book should follow it very closely, if not exactly. This didn’t quite cut it for me and I just hope the new version is much more accurate and not as cheesy. High hopes! :)

  16. Just read the book, and this may be a stretch but what if the ending had a twist like the whole time Jud actually buried his wife Norma in the cemetery and thats why he looks so old (Louis hair turned grey after burring his son in the book) and she covered the small with that strong old lady perfume and she didn’t have arthritis thats just the way she came back from the grave and thats why they never asked Louis to take a look at her even though he was a doctor… i know its really far fetched and silly i was just thinking that after I read it. Also I wish creepy Gage zombie in the end of the book lasted longer.