Universal Rebooting Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’

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Firestarter reboot Universal Rebooting Stephen Kings Firestarter

In 1984, a nine-year-old Drew Barrymore burned up the silver screen in Firestarter, a movie about a pyrokinetic girl on the run from the government.

Now, 26 years later, Universal and the Dino De Laurentiis Co. are looking to fan the flames of the franchise and bring the movie back to life in a new reboot.

According to Variety, the project will still be based on Stephen King’s original novel, like the first movie, but it will not follow the exact same plot and the “the main character is to be reinvented with a little more edge.” Horror screenwriter Mark L. Smith is set to write the script for the reboot.

In a world where reboots and remakes reign supreme, this news may not excite that many people. However, I think Firestarter is the perfect kind of movie to reboot. Yes, it has a large fanbase, but, objectively speaking, it’s not that great of a movie. A fresh look at the film could prove interesting – if handled correctly.

Of course, as with all things involving reboots, it could also be a disaster. Rebooting horror movies is particularly risky as shown by the remake of Friday the 13th and Halloween (though those films also have their admirers).

Halloween remake 570x320 Universal Rebooting Stephen Kings Firestarter

In her comments on the film, Martha De Laurentiis said, “We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances.” Does that sound like something you’d be interested in seeing on the big screen?

A better question for discussion: what is the best movie based on a Stephen King work, as well as the worst movie? My votes are The Shining (even though it’s way different than the book) and Maximum Overdrive (a hilariously dumb movie that was actually directed by King).

Source: Variety

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  1. The best i would say the best are Dreamcatcher, It, and The Mist. I havent seen any others yet but I love those. I’m ok with a reboot but I would like to see the original unless its bad.

    • Uhh you are ok with a reboot, but have not seen the original?? Go take a hike pal.

      • Alright i will but i was jokin, reboots are getting on my nerve

        • LOL

  2. Ok so if it is not gonna follow the plot of the book, and it is gonna change the main character a little bit why not call the movie something else entirely?
    This is a travisty. Again Hollywood mucks up another classic movie and tarnishes a mans great novel.

    • I can tell you exactly what they will do, she wont be a little girl anymore, she’ll be a troubled teen..

      • Funny you should mention that, because “Firestarter 2″ had her as a troubled teen/young adult! Thus, this reboot will be overkill of the most egregious sort.

        • Not only that, but Firestarter w/Drew Barrymore had George C. Scott as John Rainbird, a Native American who was a baddie that croaked; Firestarter 2 brought Rainbird back (played with all the British gusto one expects to find in a Native American zombie) by Malcolm McDowell, who doesn’t even TRY to hide the British accent!

  3. the best movie is a three way tie between the mist, the shining, and the Green Mile and the worst movie has to be Dreamcatcher

    • Volt, I agree Dreamcatcher was bad. I loved Shawshank, Apt Pupil, The Green Mile. The Mist was pretty good as well. I’m having some doubts about the It remake. The TV mini series was just bad IMO.

      • The Stand mini series isnt that bad either, and I have a soft spot for the Cujo and Pet Cemetery films.

        • I actually liked Pet Semetary as well. Cujo was pretty damn intense too.

          • But in every case, the book is better. When you look at King’s volume of work, and the quality, he is probably the best writer alive today.

            • He’s been my favorite since I was in the 8th grade. I’m still re-reading stuff to this day from him.

              • I think I have read everything of his apart from The Dark Tower stuff, that never really held much interest for me.

                The Stand, IT and Needful Things are probably my favourite of his books.

                • Needful Things was just awesome. I have the uncut version of The Stand, been a few years since I’ve read it. Flagg has always been my favorite villian. I LOVED the DT books

                  • First time I read IT, I was in a public library, about 8-9 years old, terrified me, especially during a bit of the book that was actually set in the library.

                    Fuel my clown fear to this day.

                    • I put It down when i was about half way through the book. Didn’t pick it back up for 4 months lol.

                • @ DSB: I loved Needful Things. And I´m glad I read Stark before, since these books are related.

                  • There are dozens of reference in Needful Things to King’s other books, Cujo in paticular, as it was set in the same town.

                    I’d say, at some point, all of King’s books reference each other.

                    • Thats why the DT series is a crucial read Sam, that series ties up his universe and brings it all to and end in a big way.

              • For me, Jim Butcher and Jay Bonansinga.

    • My votes for three best would be: “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Stand”, and “The Green Mile”, with “1408” following up closely.

      • shawshank was awesome

    • I loved The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken as the hero & Marin Sheen as a real bad guy.

      That movie, Silver Bullet, Shining, and Creepshow are my favorite King adaptations. Oh, and Stand by Me.

  4. Rob, also the Friday the 13th wasn’t really a remake. Jason was the killer. In the orignal it was mommy.

  5. I wouldn’t mind a Firestarter remake. Todays tech could make it pretty good. It’s the word “edgier” that makes me nervous. I’d like to see “Christine” get a remake closer to the book. Worst, “the Children of the Corn” remake for scyfy channel. Best, probably “The Mist”. Stephen King is hard to transfer to film.

  6. I’m a big fan of S.K.. Most of the time though, I think movies\tv screw up his work. Green Mile and Shawshank are obvious exceptions. Got to agree with Anthony on It. The tv production of It was a pile of something no one should step in. A Firestarter remake could be good.

    • The article states that the remake wont be following the plot of the book, and that the main character will reinvented. I’m still against this for those two simple yet disturbing facts :(

  7. The Mist tore me up. The story was excellent, but the movie actually gave me a few nightmares. It lent hopelessness, misery to a well crafter plot, and that final scene was a chilling reminder of why hope is important, especially when surrounded by a monolith-sized monster, and multiple flying mosquito mutants.

    • The black and white directors cut of The Mist is amazing, scares the hell out of me.
      The ending is brutal, it’s like a punch to the gut.

      • When you say “black and white,” what do you mean?

        I have a bad habit of putting myself into movies, imagining myself in the scenarios. Totally a bad thing, yet makes some movies that others find hideous more fun.

        • I mean its literally in black and white, Darrabont thought it would make it scarier and add more atmosphere.

          He was right.

          • Wowsers. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a black and white movie. I’m not sure if you could count Clerks, though.

            Where could I find that version of it? Just on a regular DVD/blu-ray?

            • It’s on the dvd, I’ve got a 2 disc edition and it’s on there, you can get it fairly cheap these days.

              And yeah I’d count Clerks as a B/W movie.

              But it really makes a difference on The Mist, it makes the whole situation seem far more sinister.

  8. This is my top 5 of Stephen King adaptions:

    5: The Shining (Jack was great in it)

    4. The Green Mile

    3. Shawshank Redemption

    2. The Mist (even though they changed the ending; the short story had an open end)

    1. Abt Pupil

    • I might be the only person in the whole wide world who doesnt rate Shawshank Redemption. It did nothing for me.

      • It´s the only adaption that was 100 % faithful to the book (in this case short story).

        • Wait What? Shawshank redemption is a Stephen King story…why the hell dont I know that, thats one of my favorite films…The Ones I have seen I list them:
          4. It
          3. The Mist
          2. Dreamcatcher
          1. Shawshank Redemption

          • Seth, dude you must have seen the Shining?

          • Get It off the list lol. Dreamcatcher was just bad. How many King books have you read?

            • There is one cool bit in Dreamcatcher (the book) when they see the words “Pennywise Lives” grafitied on a wall. That freaked me out.

              • LOL. 1408 still creeps me out. Both the SS and the film.

                • The film was excellent, I always forget its one of King’s for some reason.

                  • @DSB
                    I havent seen all of the Shining.

                    @ Anthony
                    Why Dreamcatcher, it was a good movie…but oh well, thats probably just me.

              • @ Sam: I love how he connects his books. In Insomnia, the main character finds the shoe of the dead boy from Pet Cemetary. And when Sheriff Pangborn fights the devil in Needful Things, he yells: “The sparrows are flying again” (one of the most famous lines of Stark).

                • I didnt catch that one in Insomnia, and if I recall correctly The Dead Zone connects to a few others doesnt it?

                  Doesnt Stark actually appear in Needful Things in the Sheriff’s dreams too?

                  • I believe so Sam, been a while since I read that one, but since Pangborn is directly connected to Thad, It wouldn’t be a surprize.

                    • I can´t recall. It´s been about 15 years since I read that book.

                    • Hey guys, I missed the Insomnia\Pet Sematary connection also. Somebody help me out with this one. Didn’t the cook in the shining(Dick Halloran) appear in another book by King? I’m a huge King fan, but I don’t tink anybody knows all the connections between his stories.

          • @ Seth: Yup, that was a King story. Even Schwarzenegger´s Running Man was from Stephen King…

            • What the hell….I have read quite a few of his books but still I didnt know that….

              • He wrote 6 books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. They adapted Running Man and Thinner, which I think was great. Both the book and the movie.

                • 7 sir, 7. Not 6

                  • Is it 7 now? The last Bachman I read was Regulator. The one that´s connected to Stephen King´s Desperation. Both are great books.

            • Wasnt The Running Man published under King’s alter ego, Richard Bachman?

              • Correct Sam

                • Roadwork, the long walk, rage, thinner, the regulators, and blaze are all under the bachman name.

                  • and the running man too.

                  • The Regulators is really good.

                    • That one is my fave as a Bachman book. The Dark Half was supposed to be published under Bachman too. I cant recall why it never was though. King always said that it had that Bachman vibe.

                    • @ DSB: Regulators was great, but I actually liked Desperation better. Maybe because I read it first. I knew these books were connected, so I bought them on the same day. Who knows? If I had read Regulators first, maybe I´d like that one better.

                  • @ Anthony: The Long Walk was great, so was Roadrage. That one actually made me try out mescaline 😀

                    • My comment is awaiting moderation? Why? I censored it…

                    • Scapegoat,

                      Please stop using “masked” f-bombs in your comments. It’s unnecessary.


    • I remember hearing there was going to be a remake of The Fury a few months ago…Maybe I imagined it. Hope I did.

  9. There is no need to remake ANY King film, he has a wealth of stories out there still waiting to be adapted for the screen.

    • Anthony you are so right. I am personally waiting for Duma Key, Insomnia, Bag of Bones, and I wouldn’t mind them redoing The Langoliers for the big screen. Thats my favorit S.K. story, and the t.v. production of it was pretty lame.

  10. Got to go with Shawshank on this one. Everytime and I mean everytime I come across it on the tube I have to watch. All the elements from actors to direction and music are just spot on. I found the mist to be entertaining thought the actors did a hell of a job. The shinning is a realm unto itself as far as creepy goes. Green mile was interesting but not nearly as impactful as shawshank though it has it’s moments. Misery is also great watch the ankle scene is still tramatic more so then any gotcha moment in slasher flicks. Least I forget my guilty pleasure films the Dark Half, Needful Things and Cat’s Eye. With modern day effects and good pacing Firestarter could be good I picture the lead role going to the Chloe girl from Kick Ass. Then again it may be better served as an episode on Fringe. Coin toss.

  11. Did you guys know that King plays in a rock band together with Matt Groening?

    • Rock Bottom Remainders, yep

      • It’s actually a band of fellow writers if i remember right.

        • Correct.

  12. I wish they would not remake Firestarter. I wish someone would make “The Eyes of the Dragon” instead. That is a 4 quadrant movie since it is a horror fairy tale.

  13. Um, I really don’t like the idea of a troubled teen… but other than that I would like a reboot.

    Favourite are Shawshank, Carrie and It. Don’t like The Shining… probably because it is actually scary. So I guess you can say that it’s good from that.

  14. Jason Statham for Deadpool.

    • Happyman wth LOL. Did you comment on the wrong page haha

      • Anthony did you hear King is writing a sequel to The Shining???

        • I have heard rumors about that Sam, I’ve also heard rumors of him writing a sequel to Salems Lot.

          • A sequel to The Shining?! Didn´t all those people die except for the boy? It´s been a long time since I read it, I can´t remember…

  15. The best adaptations IMO would have to be Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, Stand By Me, and The Green Mile.

    The okay ones would be Brian DePalma’s Carrie, Misery, Needful Things, The Shawshank Redemption (good movie, but WAY too long), The Night Flier, 1408, and The Mist (also way too long).

    The worst ones would be The Tommyknockers, The Stand, The Langoliers, the TV version of The Shining, and Hearts in Atlantis.