Stephen Amell Denies ‘Batman v. Superman’ Role; ‘Arrow’ Adds Peter Stormare as Vertigo

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Green Arrow Stephen Amell Stephen Amell Denies Batman v. Superman Role; Arrow Adds Peter Stormare as Vertigo
While Marvel Studios continues to expand beyond Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Avengers, and into other properties like TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter and Daredevil or films Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and many possible others, DC Entertainment is only just beginning to recognize its franchise potential.

As it turns out, Man of Steel was not just a Superman reboot but the start of something much greater for DC Comics on the big screen. Its sequel, Batman v. Superman, will continue Superman’s story but also star a number of other superheroes, including Batman and Wonder Woman, as well as pave the way for a Justice League movie. Meanwhile on the small screen, The CW’s Arrow has been holding its own for two years, but it will be joined this fall by spinoff The Flash.

With people used to Marvel’s interconnected storytelling between their TV series and films, many have been wondering if a crossover could be in store for Arrow on Batman v. Superman or Justice League, especially after star Stephen Amell teased fans by posting a Justice League comic on his Facebook. Amell has since denied appearing in Batman V Superman, but he’s remained rather coy on being part of Justice League, simply saying it’s too far out to think about at this point.

Of course, some rumors just won’t die, and Amell has now stirred the pot yet again by hinting that an Arrow panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is only one of at least four events on the actor’s schedule. Alas, Amell has since clarified that this tease doesn’t mean he’ll be in Batman v. Superman, saying:

Hey Guys – I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm, but not everything I post is a cryptic indicator that I’m going to be in ‘Batman V Superman.’ I’m not going to be in ‘Batman V Superman.’

This, of course, doesn’t mean he won’t be in Justice League, but let’s assume that’s not the case until we hear something more concrete.

peter stormare last stand Stephen Amell Denies Batman v. Superman Role; Arrow Adds Peter Stormare as Vertigo

Peter Stormare as John Abruzzi in ‘Prison Break’

For now, its best to focus on season 3 of Arrow, which will see Oliver Queen of the past move on from the island that kept him prisoner for two seasons to his life in Hong Kong. Two new actors have already been cast for these flashbacks, but little has been revealed so far about the Arrow’s troubles in the present.

According to TVGuide, the season premiere will feature a new take on the Green Arrow villain Count Vertigo, only this time he’ll be played by Peter Stormare of Prison Break fame. Stormare will take on DC Comics’ New 52 version of the character, also known as Werner Zytle, who is introduced as the new distributor of the drug Vertigo.

Count Vertigo on Arrow Stephen Amell Denies Batman v. Superman Role; Arrow Adds Peter Stormare as Vertigo

Count Vertigo in the DCU Green Arrow Animated Short.

Arrow viewers will recall that Seth Gabel played “The Count” in the first two seasons, and was previously assumed to be the show’s version of Count Vertigo. Stormare’s character will instead go by the name “Vertigo.”

Screen Rant readers, were you hoping Arrow would appear in Batman v. Superman? What do you think about the series bringing in a new Count Vertigo? Let us know in the comments.

Arrow season 3 premieres on Wednesday, October 8th @8pm on The CW. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

Source: Facebook [via CinemaBlend], TVGuide

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  1. I think they Arrow and Flash can be in the same universe as the DCCU. The CW is part of Warner Bros. and if they do decide that they share the same universe, maybe the budget for these two shows could be increased?…

    Why does it matter so much to people if Arrow and the Flash is TV budget media. Arrow has done really well and the Flash leaked pilot was fantastic. Both are very enjoyable shows/ stay true to their comicbook characters, and if they appear in the Justice League movie, they would fit in just fine because of increased budget for special effects/suit, etc.

    • I totally agree with you. But there’s a leaked Flash Pilot episode? Where???

      • Google Project Tv and click on the first link in the results. You will be able to stream it from there without having to download a torrent. The pilot episode is fantastic.

  2. Cool. He denied it. Which means that he all but confirmed it, right? Cough…Jason Mamoa…cough.

  3. As interesting as it would be, I really don’t think the show runners of Arrow, Flash, and Gotham, would want their creativity put in a box by the BVS/JL movies. Which is what would happen. The movies would be given precedence, so anything they do in their shows would have to not contradict anything in the movies and vice versa. I don’t see them willingly answering to Goyer/Snyder’s films. It’s just not gonna happen. (I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong if it does though :)

    • Well said and i couldn’t agree more.

    • This is exactly what some of us have been saying for the past year.

    • The producers already have to answer to Warner/DC about their creative content including what characters they can have and not have. So I don’t think it would make a difference for them. It’s really up to Warner/DC. Personally, I think they should cross over. The settings (i.e. the reality to comic ratio) doesn’t seem that different between Man of Steel and Arrow. And it gets the fans of both the film and TV excited.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. Read some interviews with the creators. They have to get permission to use just about any character or comic reference. So they can use the League of Assasins, but not Raas. They can use Bludhaven, but not Gotham. They can tease Harley Quinn, but not Joker.

        That doesn’t mean they are definitely going to tie in, but they have been prevented from doing anything that would create a contradiction, which leaves the door wide open for now…

  4. @Micheal hahah man it’s all good all respect over here and yeah I’m dumb I totally forgot about Tim Drake. Or heck even Red Robin.

  5. But man I really wanted that Young Justice CW series especially when dumb ass cartoon Network cut off Young Justce Invasion for some dumb tenn titans rehash. The kids are taking over man smh

    • @StanYeah I know and they admitted it was the highest rated cartoon on the network. They really drop the ball. It was such a great and deep show. The character development was great. They messed up for a lame cartoon like Teen Titans. Epic fail.

  6. Smh crap like Amazing Gumball and Titans Go! makes me mad. They might cancel Beware the Batman and I thoroughly enjoyed that show. But DC can’t make a shared universe without CW, so maybe we get a new DC every fall that’s introduced in Flash or Arrow? That would be a great way to start. They introduce Dick Grayson and BAM! we get a Nightwing show October 2015. I want the flash to do excellent

  7. Amell and Grant can totally fit into the JL movie/DCCU!! We have a newly discovered super-powered savior Superman, a retired-urban legend Batman, an skinny Israeli zionist wonder woman (lol), a young cyborg, an anti-hero pissed off Aquaman… now throw in an former billionaire-flat broke vigilante and a young nerdy police scientist speedster! That would make hell of a JL movie, even if they made mid-movie or post-credits cameos, that would add alot of content to the DCCU, so much will be established in the Arrow-verse & Flash-verse by 2017! By the time, Batman vs Superman hits the box office, Arrow will be on Season five and Flash will be on Season three! So all the anti-DCtv trolls are against 175+ episodes of backstory and villians being a part of the DCCU!!?!!????!?

    • Yeah I’m quite against the idea of crossing over the TV series and the films. Just keep it separate, it’s better off that way.

      • Me too.

        TV writers can use the characters however they want to fit the shows and the movie writers should do the same. I love the Arrow version of Deathstroke but I’d like one closer to the actual character without the long lost love stuff. Make him older, feature his sons and daughter, have him as a former member of the US military turned bounty hunter and we can have a “Earth Prime” version in the films and an “Earth 2″ version on TV.

  8. One thing no one has really acknowledged, including in this article, is the last sentence of Amell’s denial which is as follows: “We play the definitive versions of our characters in the DC Universe.”

    If he and Gustin play the ‘definitive versions of our characters in the DC universe” that suggests to me that the two universes are in fact one. It mentions only one DC universe, also makes reference to ‘definitive version’ and we know both the CM and DCMU have Flash in them, which must mean Gustin if he is the ‘definitive version [. . .] in the DC universe.”

    • Ah, no. I don’t think he meant it like that.

      • I’m unsure of Amell’s intentions, but I do know the semantic value of his last sentence. He may not have intended to say that the universes are the same, but that is what is implied by what he does say.

        • It would seem so. Amell did say something like that a while back. He was asked if MOS universe and the Arrow universe are shared, he relied that what the show Arrow is doing their aren’t trying to be the “TV show version” but as the definitive version of the characters. I gotta admit it’s true on what he’s saying. His Oliver Queen/Arrow is the definitive version of Green Arrow and I can see it happening if the the two (TV and films) are shared in one universe, but I’m against the shared universe idea, it’s better off if their separated.

        • No, what he intended by that was that even if the character is cast in a film, his version of Green Arrow should be the only one people think about (much like everyone has forgotten that awful version from Smallville played by Justin Hartley, who Amell has jokingly said sucked compared to his “real” Ollie).

          • “We really want to bring the old-school Oliver Queen voice back to the character,” Sokolowski told Hero Complex. “In other words, the opinionated, liberal Robin Hood-esque hero that has fallen through the cracks a bit, both in the comics and TV models.”


            So yeah, expect Green Arrow to become less brooding and more wiseass.

            • Wait…my bad.

              The interview says they’re changing the character in their new comics to bridge tv and comics, not the other way around. Still, I guess they are making the TV-verse consistent with the comics-verse. Hopefully, MOS and BvS lives in the comics-verse too because it means it’ll align with the tv shows.

  9. I think WB/DC should connect it. I really like the actors embodying the characters. I mean come on! Manu Bennett rocks as Deathstroke.

    They probably won’t be in the BvS movie, but WB/DC is still waiting to see if Arrow and Flash will continue on the good course. If it will, they’re going to include them in the Justice League movie. Enough time for Gustin and Amell to improve and really solidify their characters. That’s actually the reason why Amell keeps stressing out in his interviews why he’s focusing on their show. Once WB/DC decides that the shows are great enough to connect it to the movie-verse, they’re going to include Gustin and Amell.

    • He also focuses on the show because it takes him 9-10 months to film and he doesn’t want to half-ass it by doing things outside the show at the same time and the 2-3 months he gets between seasons, he likes to spend either training for the next season, promoting the show at he summer conventions, helping his friends out with their businesses or spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

      It’s the same reason Matthew McConaughey has previously said no to doing shows, especially those with more than 8 episodes per season because 90% of the year is spent working on the show.

      • OR on the other hand, they’re changing his character to be like that one in the comics, as what that link I’ve posted above says.

        Like I said, DC/WB is probably going to wait for Amell’s character to be more firmly established, since compared to the Flash show, Arrow’s character is the more deviated from his comics counterpart. Once that’s good to go and the tv shows improve on their quality, or at the very least maintain it, I think WB/DC is including them in the Justice League.

  10. I REALLY like how the CW has handled different comic book characters and it appears others have too. I mean Smallville was on for 10 years and probably have gone on for year more. Arrow is a great show and from the looks at it The Flash might also. And what I wonder is, why can’t “network” channels (CBS, NBC, FOX) do as great a job as they do. I mean what major network would not want a show that is on for 10 years. Its because they do not give shows a chance. Sometimes a show my slip in the beginning but come back huge (Star trek to name one) even the remake of Battlestar Galactica was huge for Sy-fy. But when a show drops just a little they cancel it. And EXPECIALLY when a show has a lot going on, and deep characters you have to give people a chance to get into it.

  11. DC would be insane to not include Arrow and Flash within the DCCU. Since Justice League probably won’t happen for several years, we can assume Arrow will have finished up a 5th season at least, and Flash will have had adequate time to build up a fan base for Grant Gustin. My initial concern for the inclusion of the shows as canon for the movies was Gustin’s age, but I feel like he will look a bit older by the time JL starts production and more like what the general public will think of as “The Flash”. Also Green Arrow can essentially be Hawkeye for the JL and be more of a minor character (just having Stephen Amell will be amazing).

  12. Out off topic does anybody think Holly Hunter going to play Amanda Waller. I know it’s a rumored that Amanda Waller is gong to be in BVS as a senator. And Holly Hunter has been cast to play a senator. I just find it interesting & it be a really bold choice for a new Waller.

    • If they do cast holly hunter as waller, white people better shut up about race-switching comic book characters; yeah it’s a bold choice if they do!

  13. Lol. Gotham show on fox? Hello a shared universe with a seasoned and weary Baan and an 10 year old Bruce Wayne won’t mix hahah not to mention two different Amanda Wallers and many other continuity bombs just ready to explode in your face. Where’s the rush? Now everyone wants one because Marvel has one? I want a CW shared universe set in Earth 1 maybe that could work. If we’re lucky CW will greenlight a Young Justice or Nightwing series. I can only hope. I watched the interview with Jason Momoa today and yeah he pretty much confirmed he is/was Aquaman in the film so that should be interesting

  14. I think it will depend on if Arrow and Flash are still on the air when the JL movie is ready to shoot. Amell would fit right in, but if the Flash bombs they will not tie the movies and the TV shows together. DC has enough hero’s and villains that they could still be in the same universe and not cross to many characters. personally I would love for them to introduce more hero’s Roy’s age with the possibility of doing a Titans spin off.

  15. Look, I love Arrow. It’s a really fun show and Amell is exceptional as a young take on Green Arrow, but I really doubt that the show will have any connection to the movies that are coming out. I don’t think Snyder would be willing to compromise the universe he’s building just to add what would amount to a head nod to fans, just as I don’t think Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti would be willing to let their highly successful show fall under the shadow of a series of movies that will in all likelihood make billions of dollars. I can’t confidently speak to how the movies are going to handle adding Flash to the JL roster, but I can say that, from a business and creative standpoint, it’d be an uphill batle getting the creators to mix their brands. Even if the studio forced them, I think we’d see some people walk and that would be bad for the existing properties. As much fun as it would be, I don’t think we’ll see Amell in any of the movies included in the DCCU started by MoS.

  16. You don’t mix what the CW’s DC universe with the DC movie universe. You just don’t. The CW is teen soap opera where the movies take themselves a little more serious and cater to an older age group as well as younger. Then there are loads of casting issues. Everyone will wonder why the same cast isn’t on the TV shows as well as upcoming movies. Do you really thing they will mix the new CW Flash with the movies? Never. And thank God for that.

  17. I don’t think a cross over will happen, It will interfere with season 4 & 2 of Arrow & The Flash. Also I don’t think Amell would be willing to risk his fan base if JL turns out to be a flop.. I do not read many comics, But I don’t think its right that you guys go web bashing others just because some of their info was a little wrong.. Cut people some slack. Thanks

  18. Another point I would like to the mix in favour of one CU is that I don’t think Snyder is the main man in charge. Rather, I think it is Geoff Johns. Johns is definitely the main person in charge of the direction of the comics, and he is DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer. He is also an executive producer on both The Flash TV show and BvS:DOJ. So I think he may actually be calling the shots and be DC’s version of Kevin Feige. He is certainly excellent at crafting big event stories, and over multiple books, so if he is doing something similar for the DCCU, and incorporating some of the TV, that would be great.

    Also, I recall that Guillermo Del Toro was talking about his adaptation of Justice League Dark that it had to fit in with WB’s movie plans. So there is a plan, and maybe Johns is in charge and not Synder.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Your point would be valid if Johns was the only executive producer. He has to contend with Nolan and Goyer along with Snyder’s producer for many of his past films Wesley Coller and of course there’s Charles Roven. He is not DC’s Kevin Feige. Stan Lee is an executive producer for Avengers 2 but he isn’t calling the shots. The other big hole in your point is that DC doesn’t have it’s own studio like Marvel so everything falls under the bigger net of the WB execs. Johns is a small fish without his own studio.

      • Feige does not have his own studio either, but instead he simply overseas the Marvel brand for Disney. DC is a bit of its own thing within WB, as is Marvel In Disney, and Johns is a big player in DC Entertainment as its Chief Creative Officer. So he is not really analogous to Stan Lee who is mostly retired from Marvel. Plus, if the rumours of the others films are true then they have nothing to do with Snyder and his team, and yet they are part of the same shared universe. So Snyder is not the captain of the ship, but instead will be taking some of his orders from someone else. My guess is that the brain child of the whole DCCU will be Johns, since he is the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.

    • I have to agree about the Johns thing I think he is becoming DC’s Feige. I would like to see a tie in between the movies and tv shows. As far as Del Toro goes that guy is also attached to Marvel version of dark team, a hulk TV show and pretty much 10 other things every single year that never get completed, I pretty much ignore every single Del Toro rumor until he actually finishes something which is about once every 5 years or so LOL.

  19. I was hoping they would find a way to bring back Seth Gabel…. :\

  20. “As it turns out, Man of Steel was not just a Superman reboot but the start of something much greater for DC Comics on the big screen. Its sequel, Batman v. Superman, will continue Superman’s story but also star a number of other superheroes, including Batman and Wonder Woman, as well as pave the way for a Justice League movie. Meanwhile on the small screen, The CW’s Arrow has been holding its own for two years, but it will be joined this fall by spinoff The Flash.”

    Batman vs Superman Down of Justice is NOT a Man of Steel sequel, it is the first movie for the Justice League series. Justice League will be the second movie after this one. Man of Steel 2 will be released AFTER these two movies in about 3 to 4 years.
    Writers need to get their facts before they put some false statements here.

    • Seriously? You’re gonna split hairs like that? Sequel, continuation of the story, same thing man. MoS, BvS, and JL are basically going to be a trilogy because it’s one story told over 3 movies.

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  21. They should put JarJar Binks in the movie!

  22. DC wont make any hasty decision. They know Amell will be well recived by fans but they know almost nothing about The Flash. They don’t know if the show will be a success or if Grant will make it believable as Amell does. If they are even considering the chances of Amell joining JL then they have to wait for The Flash tv show results since one can not exist without the other in the movie universe.

  23. Stephen Amell is the man, I would love to see him in the movie like the other dude said before they would fit in perfectly.. Arrow is awesome and the leaked Pilot for The Flash was also extremely fun to watch..I think they would make great additions to the movie if not a cameo or something

  24. People who think Amell is a big enough actor, or Arrow has a strong enough following to benefit the flim franchise is delusioned. Arrow has an 18-49 rating of 0.2~0.3ish, and the total viewer hardly ever goes above 1 million, that’s far worse than the majority of shows on major networks, heck, even cable network dramas need at least 0.5 and up to stay on air. Arrow and Flash are CW shows, that pretty much says how small they are, and in no way they fare well in the more mainstream market. Hate to burst your bubbles, but that’s reality.

    • What do you mean by “the total viewer hardly ever goes over 1 million”? The average viewer for season 1 was 3.68 million and season 2 was 3.28 million.

  25. Jeez, how many heroes would it take to make BVS ? Just hoping the soup wouldn’t be spoiled. What is this? DC’s decided to go completely nuts with their whole 9 yards and then some? Would Bats and Supes have enough time to tango with each other ? Isn’t that the main point of BVS ? Has MOS’s boxoffice take gone to their heads ? Now I’m goin’ nuts. This is crazy.

  26. Im really looking onward to Young Justice for CW October 2015! Man they can combine these series well

  27. There’s a reason for The Flash not being cast, when even Aquaman and Cyborg are cast already. I think they are waiting to see how the reception of Grant is. Maybe Green Lantern will be featured in The Cw Flash and that is why we have no Green Lantern yet.

  28. Off topic it appears Ted Kord is not going to be Ollie’s rival. It’s in fact Ray Palmer! Brandon Routh has been in talks to play him. @Screenrant get on it :D

  29. Do I’m watching season 2.07 state vs queen and the count says “I’m Count Vertigo and I approve this high.”

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