Starz Willing to Wait for ‘Torchwood’ Season 5 Until Russell T. Davies is Ready

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Miracle Day Starz1 Starz Willing to Wait for Torchwood Season 5 Until Russell T. Davies is Ready

After four episodes, Torchwood: Miracle Day is approaching the halfway mark of its ten episode run. During that time, the show has picked-up enough of an audience to have the powers that be thinking about the future of the series, and when the show might be ready for a fifth season.

According to Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, while they would like to see the series again, it’s really in the hands of series creator Russell T. Davies – whose busy schedule includes the development of the new series Cucumber for Showtime.

In a statement made during the Television Critics Association press tour, Albrecht said, “Torchwood is not one of the shows we went into thinking about a yearly return. [Davies] has a lot of things on his plate. If Torchwood is at the top of his list, that will affect the future of Torchwood.”

Albrecht’s statements should help quell any fear that series’ future may be in jeopardy – or has been put in some sort of development limbo. For fans of the series, however, the notion of a large gap between seasons is nothing new. The third season, Torchwood: Children of Earth, ended its run nearly two years before Miracle Day touched down in early July.

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So, like the end of that season, fans will just have to be patient for more Torchwood, once Miracle Day wraps up in September.

Albrecht’s comments go a long way in illustrating Starz’s commitment to their programming and the individuals responsible for bringing the projects to fruition. Much like the manner in which the network handled the Spartacus delay – following Andy Whitfield’s illness and subsequent departure – Starz seems content to wait, rather than rush an unrefined product to television. Allowing Davies the opportunity to work on another show – while keeping Torchwood ready for his return – is undoubtedly the right move.

One interesting aspect from this proposal is the growing trend in lengthier hiatuses between seasons. As we have seen recently with the long-awaited return of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Breaking Bad, networks like HBO, Starz and AMC are no longer clinging to the notion that a series needs to stick to a regimented year-after-year schedule.

Much like the shift to shorter seasons that see many cable and premium channel programs now hovering around the 10-12 episode range, the intended benefit of longer intervals may mean audiences will see a marked increase in the overall quality of television programs – something Curb is currently experiencing.

With any luck, Torchwood will be back sooner rather than later, but fans should find some solace in the fact that Starz will likely be waiting when it’s ready.


Torchwood: Miracle Day airs Friday nights @10pm on Starz

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  1. I love Torchwood so much I have been a fan of it since season 1 and can’t wait for season 5.

    WHAT CAN I say about season 4 it was incredible, exiciting and I loved the twist at the end with Rex becoming immortal. I felt bad about Esta and Shipro aka the Q or the whitelighter in charmed. Esta was so sweet, cute and very shy but towards the end she was confident and maginificent and Shipiro was funny “cancer cells are now mortal so we can smoke ourselves into oblivion.

    One Question I have to ask I understand how Rex became immortal because of Jack blood and the reversal of the morphic field made everything mortal becomes immortal and vice versa, but surely unlike Jack Rex is only immortal if he is on earth because of the morphic field and if he went to another planet he will lose his immortal slowly.

    I say this because I remember watching an episode of the orignal star trek and one thing that bears to mind is there was an episode where Kirk meets an immortal who has left Earth and has being living on a another planet for centuries. He had built himself a female android for a wife because everyone woman he fell in love with eventually aged and died. Kirk discovered that he had lived for thousands of years on Earth and had actually being famous people that lived on Earth such as mosiac, leornard di vinci and many other famous people througout history. To cut a long story short by the end of the episode Kirk’s doctor McCoy discovered that he was dying and theorised that this was because the field that made him immortal did not exist on that planet and as as a result over the centuries living on that planet he had in fact becoming mortal.

    Basically what I am saying is Rex only immortal as long as stays on earth and maybe he is the face of bo.

    Thinking about it The doctor says Jack is fixed in time and can never die even if has a single grey and he dies it reverts back to his previous form before he died.

    In my opinion I think Rex becomes the face of bo after leaving earth thousands of thousands of years later.

    What do you think?

    Please don’t take too long for season 5 that last one we had to wait 2 years it should be yearly or less( I hope)

    • Abbie, I’ve read your comment with much interest but you clearly dropped the end of Series 3 of Doctor Who where Jack Harkness says. “Oh, back in the Time Agecy they called me The Face of Bo”. The veil over him has fallen way back then with Martha and the Doctor happily chuckle finally in understanding what was all the murmuring of the Face of Bo. Rexx had only heard about the Doctor and had never seen the Master (and probably could never see him). So if he was the face of Bo he wouldn’t know that the Doctor isn’t the only Time Lord left (he probably don’t know that the Doctor is a Time Lord either, Jack don’t mention anything about that). Furthermore the Doctor said back in series 3 or 2 that Jack is immortal but not unaging rather he was aging slowly (thus the Face of Bo lived for milion years and was still alive but very very old).

      • You have got a point.

      • Yes, I have to agree with you G.D. Jack is def the face of boe, John Barrowman even talks about it, very enthusiastically, in an interview about that episode of Doctor Who. Actually so does Tennant in a similar interview, and he was just as excited about that same part in the end of that script when he read it. They both act very giddy about how Davies through that in tying it all up. It’s on YouTube check it out. So to me there really is nothing to debate about that.

        In agreement, I really hope they don’t take too long to continue with another season of Torchwood it’s def a great series! Same with Who get it going already!!

      • G.D. I i’ve read your post and i’ve readed abbie post but G.D. it seems like you trying to say that rexx is the face of bo which that is jack. Seen as you’ve watch doctor who then you should know that torchwood was made becuase of the Doctor rexx would know the doctor and what he looks like that have all records of him on file and from old torchwood they have files on jack to that how he became to be with them second the face of bo couldn’t tell the doctor that he was jack because jack was there with the master in the episode when he tries to take over earth and it was a younger doctor.
        I really like Miracle Day wish they would add the doctor in the next season the doctor and jack always seem to make great episode together espically the satillite 5 one with the darlks and to the post about if rexx left earth would he die i say the question would be no because like jack he is a FIXED point in Time and SPACE just like jack accoring to Doctor who because when jack died rose brought him back to life while have the time vortex in he head.

    • I think you are getting somewhere.
      I myself think it to.
      However, Rex becomming the face of bo sounds right.
      But what would happen to Jack.
      I don’t think they would turn Rex into the face of bo it’s just not right.
      And when the face of bo dies and the Doctor is there.
      There is a kind of realationship between the Doctor and the face of bo.
      And if it’s just Rex it wouldn’t make sense.
      Also Jack once said to the Doctor that he was called the face of bo.
      They have got to make another Torchwood.
      They have made miricle day and up to something big.
      They have to continue it.

      Tell me if anyone thinks they should make a UNIT series.
      After all Martha Jones and Micky join and I think it would make a good serise.
      They have already made a Torchwood, Sarah Jane, K9 and Doctor Who.

      • if you recall – series 2 / new earth , the cat nurse speaks to tennant and tells him that the face of boe is the last of his race and that he is millions maybe billions of years old , so that means that there at one point must of been more of his kind (rex) i have a feeling the face of boe has lived until the end of the universe but possibley traversed time to go back and warn the doctor ,nothings concrete tho i think its a safe bet that jack is boe

        • also thiking even further back to eccleston episodes in the long game it appears on a screen that the face of boe is expecting a baby girl , so judging by these facts i beleive a species evolve from jack

          • I remember that too but I think the point of that episode was that the news who reported that the Face of Boe was pregnant was incredibly unreliable. It was all bogus gossip being passed off as news. The Face of Boe was elderly and ailing from his first appearance. And he does appear to go way back with the doctor. And Jack Harkness is a “fixed point in time and space” and he grew up in the Boeshane Peninsula hence the nickname the Face of Boe.

      • jack also has a line in everything changes series 1 torchwood where he is talking about the water cycle and contraceptives in the rain and then outlines that he would never want to get pregnant again …

    • first it is jacks blood that makes him immortal not the morphic field, so if rex left earth then he would still live as the blood would no leave him. look at it like this, jacks immortality ‘factor’ is also now in rex, so there are in a way two jacks. i wont comment on the face of bo speculation because i cant recall the episode where people are saying jack said he was the face of bo, but it seems highly unlikely that rex is the face of bo.
      Anyway my main point is i do not believe that the immortality is caused BY the morphic field, just can be ALTERED by it (and vice versa)

      • its not his blood specificly the reason rex turned immortal was because wen they fixed the schism and flip reversed the morphic field it basically flipped rex’s properties into jacks and jacks back to its regular immortal self , time has made jack immortal a fixed point like the doctor states , if not for the manipulation of the morphic field rex would of simpley died

        think of time like an entity that can resurrect or kill at will , rose took that power which named itself “bad wolf ” and used it on jack , the theory is that jacks properties revert back to that point in time wen he was killed an ressurected for the first time ,ala fixed point .

    • Esta? Get off the internet, lock yourself up.

  2. As I mentioned in the Facebook forum for the new Doctor Who, the recent marrying of BBC & American Television, creating BBC-America, has opened a huge source of new actors, an new ideas to the BBC, and likewise to American producers. Shows like Threes Company may remember its beginnings as ‘Man About The House’, and the many spin-offs both produced between their BBC & american versions. But, Torchwood (which for those who never figured it out, is an anagram of ‘docTor who’), despite STARZ picking up the pieces, is still BBC property, and the two networks worked together to produce Miracle Day. The BBC still has a say, Likewise Russel T. Davies, who originally produced the new version of Doctor Who. (and, I’m glad to see included the Fox movie into the cannon of storyline.) I too, would like to see a new season of Torchwood. But, give Russel time. It’s his decision.

  3. it is funny how rex has become immortal because jack has always said that it is not his blood nor his DNA that makes him immortal but rather he is fixed in time. Think about this for a moment if it was his blood then he would have passed some of his immortallty along to his child (you know his daughter in miracle day and she would not look like his mother).

    When billie brang back jack she fixed him in time making him unchangable in the face of the universe. Jack is one of the creatures in the the doctor who universe who is truly immortal. By that I mean nothing in the uinverse can kill him blow him up he regenerates (miracle day episode 2) not to mention he is immune to distingration(when he enter the distingration chamber without a suit, doctor who episode).

    I agree with abbie that this possiblity leaves him with the fact that he could be the face of bo because it can never be Jack. Even Russell did mention in the dr who magazine that Jack mentioning he was the face of Bo was a concidence and not an actually related to “the face of bo”.

    roll on season 5 torchwood there a lot of question that need to be answered and I cannot wait to hear them.

    • Davis would not do that.
      It would not make any sense turning Rex into the face of bo.
      Listen to G. D.

    • People think about this logically from a production stand-point. Rex can’t be the Face of Bo for two reasons: 1 – at the end of season 3 for Doctor Who Davies wrote in the line about Jack having the nickname “face of bo” when he was younger, and 2 the character of Rex didn’t even exist in the mythos when season 3 was being produce. Rex is (for lack of a better term) a wrinkle in time that will probably get resolved in a future season of Torchwood.

  4. As a fan of Torchwood s1 and s2, I was disappointed with the style of s4 the Miracle. The whole idea of Torchwood, which is a spin-off from Doctor Who, is that it was set up to investigate alien threats etc. By departing from the variety and quirky plots of the first two seasons to what is really another type of semi sci-fi mystery show, it was not really that different to Flashforward and The Event. Great if that is what you want, and I enjoyed those shows, but Torchwood should be Torchwood! Also, apart from several references to The Doctor, there was not much of a link to the old Torchwood or Doctor Who – call me tragic, but I like it when they link shows such as these :-)

    • i agree with you, i think the reason why, is not to confuse the america viewer, since they are knew to the show. because the first time i every heard of torchwood was when my inlaws were telling us about the show. so we did some research and found out that there were more season and that this show was actually a spin off of dr. who ( now say what you want about netflix), so lucky for us netflix have the entire season. so we watch the whole entire season and fell in love with the show. we knew more about the show and were able to answer some of his parents questions about the show, before the show try to. like how jack beacme immortal, or who was the torchwood and how jack got started who were his team. and it was great that in the orinigal season they play the open as a link to something major happing in the future and that is why they were getting ready. just recently netflix updated the new season and we were able to finish it in a weekend. i thought is was great, my only comment and my husband agree is that i wish they would have had owen, out of his whole team i like him. and it would have been great to see how they would explain him. since the theory in miracle day is everything is the opposite, so would owen be alive, in stand of the living dead?

  5. I truly hope they have a Series 5. Miracle Day felt more like Torchwood than Series 3 did. Between the comedy and serious tone it felt like basic Torchwood goodness, not as bleak as Children of Earth, but still serious enough to keep me intrigued. I was worried it would be “dumbed down” and sterilized for a reboot, but in every way it was a continuation and I for one loved it.

  6. This joker’s thinking of making series up to 10 episodes long and calling it a series? What are they thinking of. Get a better more mature director who doesn’t take too long with decisions like that sort. We have accepted the gay episodes thus far and he is really pushing it. I am still trying to overlook that fact and think of how good “Torchwood” is. It can never be compared to Doctor Who, but it is a good show that comes as the next show to watch on TV. If you look at the cast, they are not getting any younger. They can’t regenerate like The Doctor. Also why are they killing off the cast? How many so far have we lost? Bring back the lesbian episodes no more guy sex please or at least edit that out.

    • im sorry are you homophobic? because that sounds like you are against gay but not lesbian. as noted on many torchwood sites the show explores many sexuality themes, and sexuality is what makes the character the character, and its not like you see anything graphic. can you really imagine a whole series without jack snogging at least one guy?

    • Dude, first of all, the last two seasons were relaunched as miniseries’. Hence the fewer episodes. As well, many of the folks watching are british, and in the UK a season is called a series, so there might be some miscommunication there for you.

      Secondly, one of Jack’s central characteristics is his omnisexuality – he likes anyone pretty enough to catch his eye. The very first time we see him on Dr. Who he is flirting with a male soldier. In the Torchwood episode “Jack Harkness” he is all over the real Jack Harkness. In the first few seasons, he is all over Ianto. That’s who Jack is.

      I, for one, was relieved they didn’t sterilize that out of him when the American station picked it up. Americans are so touchy about the guylove. Get over it. Torchwood has been fantastic in the realm of exploring the fluidity of sexuality, for both men and women (Ianto was more or less straight, except where Jack was concerned. Tosh was more or less straight, except where Mary was concerned).

      You take away Jack’s guy lovin’, and you don’t have Jack anymore.

      Stop being such a prude.

      (And for the record, I’m Canadian AND queer AND female. At least I can marry who I want up here, and my guy lovin guy pals, too).

  7. As a major “Torchwood” fan, I am simply wanting to know when it is that Netflix will be streaming “Torchwood’s” season 4, “Miracle Day”? I’ve been on too many sites to mention to find an answer…to no avail!!! Anybody Know?????

    • Your wish is granted. Torchwood: Miracle Day is now streaming on Netflix… and was just ripe for a 10-hour marathon watch. Well worth it, IMHO.

    • it’s available now, i just finish season 4 in less then two days. i thought it was goog, it kept me entertain. but i still wish that owen was there, i would have love to see how they would have explain him. since no one could died and her was already dead.

    • It is on netflix now! :) I just starting watching Torchwood and I love it!

  8. I’m kinda new to Torchwood. I first dcscorved it in season 4 episode 1. But I had to see them all from the begging. So I watched every season and episode from start to finish and it was awsome. I’m looking forward to a 5th season. I hope it comes soon.

  9. my thing is, i hope the writing stay strong and the keep that strong balance of the orinigal torchwood and the america version of torchwood. with the same humor and experiences. i hope they do not water down and change the orinigal format to much. between me and you, i like the bbc version, slightly more then the america version. i thought it have alot more humor in the bbc version.

    • Agree with your comments.

      Was very disappointed with Series 4, far too slow in telling the story as compared to other Torchwood Series. Compare the speed of Series 3 to Series 4. It was dumbed down quite a bit for Brain dead Americans, and Trochwood fans from the rest of the world get shafted with dumbed down episodes.

      This entre story could have been done properly in 6 to seven episodes without all the american dumbing down.

      Im sorry but if the Americans (and Starz) want to get involved in Torchwood because its a good show they have to accept that they need to leave the way the stories are told. If Americans (and Starz) want to watch good stories like this, then get with the knowledge and the quality by showing and educating the previous series first, stop dumbing the rest of the planet down for the minority ignorant American market.

      Im a huge Torchwood fan, but if the are going to make series 5, get back to the good quality and stop this Americanisation and stop dumbing down of what is a fantastic show.

      Russell T Davies – lift your game and stop letting these Americans dumb down a fantastic show. Bring On series 5.

      • Funny how you go on about dumbing it down for Americans and how dumb Americans are, yet did you even read your own rant? Spell check, grammar, and some proof-reading go a long way if you really want to prove your point.

        • I was going to comment on that but as you have done it I’m just here to agree.

        • Wow Sb! I take it you don’t like Americans much, am I right? It’s just a hunch…

          Anyway, if the creator of this show decided to “Americanize” Torchwood, so what? Isn’t Jack Harkness an American character? I mean really, are you that upset that they added real American actors? I think they know what they’re doing. The show will be just fine. We Americans will not screw anything up…promise. ;-)

      • Alright, as an American and also a big Torchwood/Doctor Who fan your whole rant about stupid American is highly offensive. Fact is, I’ve seen every episode of Doctor Who and Torchwood from the very beginng (aka, the pre-2005 Who) so your bigorty really needs to take a hike. Yes, the show is British born and we Americans are new to it, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t come to love (and respect) it just the same.

        That being said, if you were aiming to say that you were annoyed with how Americanized season 4 was, I agree. I love Torchwood and Doctor Who for the quirky brilliance. If I wanted American drama, I’d watch it.

        On a new tangent, I personally hated that Rex got immortality. Frankly, I don’t by the whole ‘it’s in your blood’ nonsense. Some of us remember Rose Tyler and, quite honestly, Rex is a jerk who I wouldn’t have been sad to see die at the end. I don’t think he deserves immortality, especially since it was something special shared between Jack and Rose.

        But that’s just me.

        • i love the fact that the americans are enjoying it :) its great tv , who cares if it has british roots its nice to see it branch out overseas and i hope more people pick it up , its lighthearted fun and it has some very talented actors and writers on the case

        • I don’t believe they dumbed down the show for Americans, however I do believe it was a bit slow. Also, Rex as a character was a bit slow, and I think that’s why it might seem that the show was “dumbed” down, because the American CIA characters just didn’t get it. They made horrible mistakes, in judgement, unbecoming of the training and agency they represent. It seems if you are in the CIA and evil, then you are clever, but if you are honest, then you are naive. Also I don’t care for the actor who plays Rex. I didn’t like him on ER either, his character was slow witted there too.

          The whole Italian lover thread was not necessary, it didn’t contribute to the endgame. It seemed added in after the script was done.

          Final items: I like the idea that Rex is immortal. I never considered that Rose is immortal. She’s mortal, like everyone else. Season 3 was a bit disappointing to me, I wanted more of Season 1 and 2. However I understand if the writers need to spend more time on other projects. I hope season 5 goes 13 episodes and are single episodes and not whole archs or miniseries.

      • think about it tho yeah objectivley , they were branching out , and lets be honest torchwood team cant be saving the WORLD from the hub in cardiff

        its got to move on and get bigger and bolder , plus the hubs gone :( RIP TORCHWOOD HUB

        dont get me wrong tho i miss the kind of set up from series 1 and 2 , with episodes not always linked and stuff

        but season 3 was amazing and that was done with a single narative , and russel t davies is a genious so cant say i was dissapointed

        serious lack of aliens tho which i miss :P

  10. Oh dear God give me more seasons I have my family & my fiancee in the military overseas addicted to your show this is the best BBC sow ever PLEASE return do not do me like other shows that peeked my interest and just disappear without any regard to my viewing needs!!!!

    • have a good watch of seasons 1 and 2 plenty of funny torchwood stuff to catch :P

  11. Enthralling series!! I’m just finishing up Season 4 on streaming and i’ve been riveted for every episode.
    The Capn. Jack character is just amazing and Barrowman makes even straight men love him. lol.
    I’d like to see more, even though the Brits aren’t too shy about killing off well beloved characters, are they?

  12. Absolutely loved Series 4 of Torchwood! The great thing about the show is that everything is always unexpected, and each series is different from the last.
    You can see how it has changed from series 1, not only because several characters are now dead, but the intensity, suspense and reality are become much stronger.
    I’ve got to say though, that some of the old humor needs to come back, because there are just some lines in series 1 that just had me in hysterics, and I still remember a few! And the innuendos were fantastic too!
    I’d love to see a series 5, of course it is Russell’s decision, but in my OPINION, I would say it would be a darn good decision of his if he brings back a series 5.. Not only are the ratings brilliant, but there are a lot of die-hard fans out here who just love to see more and more adventures and intensity in the future! :) xx

  13. Miracle Day was my least favorite series of the four, but I still enjoyed it. Torchwood and Doctor Who are two of my favorite shows ever, and I was able to keep up with them just fine. Seriously, there are Americans that aren’t stereotypes, so please don’t blame us all for the writing on the show. The world is an ugly enough place without being mean to people who share a love of something wonderful with you that takes your mind off all of the horrible stuff going on practically everywhere. Please be nice!

  14. So glad to see Torchwood back for season 4. With the U.S. connection I am really hoping to see season 5 next year. Thank goodness John Barrowman & Eve Myles signed on together. Torchwood is back and so is Jack !!

  15. I sure hope they have a 5th season soon because if they dont I won’t renew my Starz.

  16. Obviously, you have alot of interest in this series(its really good). Keep in mind that you need to realize that everyone that posts a comment(good or bad) is watching the show!

  17. i am willing to wait for torchwood if it means another great season. i rather wait 3 years for another season than have it rushed and have a crappy story

  18. I think season 2 was the best

    Season 3 was good but anticlimactic

    As for season 4.. I had my ups and downs but ultimately even though I enjoyed it I felt it to be even more anticlimactic than season 3

    With that said I would still like a season 5. I think having the US backing it money wise is a good thing however it seems to me that creativity has nothing to do with money.. I fear the more money you give torchwood the more ways they will try and find to spend it all.. but its not always needed.. give the show less money and it may even be better… I know it sounds as though im contradicting myself but im trying to say that having money is useful as we all know but the show shouldn’t rely on that and ignore the fact and create it thinking they have a smaller budget.

    As much as we the viewers may want season 5 to be like 1 and 2 it’s unlikely to happen but torchwood can continue into something else we also/still love. It will still be torchwood but a bit different to what we are use to.

    The saddest part about season 4 is the lack of connection with doctor who.
    The story should still try to fit in the doctor who universe.

    anyone disagree?

  19. My biggest compliant is WHY DON’T THEY RENT OUT A NEW TORCHWOOD HUB ALREADY!…I thought Jack mentioned there’s like 3 of them in every country!

  20. I love Torchwood then getting hooked on 1st season it didnt start season 2 until forever on BBC. Next theres Miracle Day wonderful watched them over and over when is next season? Don’t leave fans hanging. None of Starz other series interest me @ all. If there isnt going to be another season I can stop paying for Starz. The other Torchwood is great but when was season finale? Ive seen2006 2007 what happened 2008?

  21. I can hardly wait for the 5th season. I was bummed out when I didnt see it on the schedule the year after the 3rd season and thought it had been canceled. The 4th season was the best yet and I can’t wait to see what they do in season 5.

  22. You know what would be cool for Doctor Who? Another 3 doctors mash-up, Eccleston/Tennant/Smith.

  23. Yo. When’s da new season after miracle day coming out? I’ve been waiting for a while. Now

  24. This is so disappointing. Yes, as a fan I have waited to a long time to watch new shows of Torchwood and the one positive of the show going to Star’s was in knowing that there would consistency for the fans. Not only am I willing to pay to watch the show but why do you have to put it on the back burner?

  25. I just became a torchwood fan a few years ago after finishing Doctor Who i like it jacks cool and wow starz did Miracle Day great i hope if they do make another 1 i hope they keep rexx and bring Doctor who in it i would love to see how matt smith an jack work i think it would be a funny and intersting season. now i read some other post that i disagreed with first off jack is bi he flirts with everyone but cartherine tate she flirt with him lol he also hit on rose and martha secondly someone says that rexx was the face of bo no thats jack rexx is with torchwood. torchwood was made because of the doctor by the Queen the have him on file and his face when he meet bo and the queen he was david it was the jack the only reason he didnt tell the doctor who he was because it was a younger doctor who had just meet him hint look at rivea and the doctor secondly someone asked if rexx left earth would he die no because like jack he is now a fixed point in time and space jack was brought back to life by the time vortex in rose’s head.

    • Russle T. Davies already stated, unfortunately, that The Doctor would never appear in Torchwood because Doctor Who is considered a “family-friendly” show, whereas Torchwood is a lot more graphic and gorey because it comes on late at night. Indeed it would be amazing to see The Doctor appear in Torchwood, hopefully one day it will!

  26. When is torchwood going to come back> I’m ready to see season 5 Please make it. I miss torchwood.

  27. Just to put this out there: Rex, in my opinion, could never be the Face of Boe. Not only is it implied multiple times in Doctor Who that Captain Jack Harkness is indeed the Face of Boe, but in the episode where the Face of Boe is in the hospital with The Doctor, he calls the Doctor “old friend”. From what we’ve seen, the Doctor and Rex have never met therefore why would Rex call the Doctor “old friend”? Answer in short: He wouldn’t.

    Also, the reason Rex is immortal is not because of Jack’s blood alone. The reason Jack is immortal is not because of his DNA, but because of what happened with him and Rose with the heart of the TARDIS as we all know. Rex became immortal because after “The Miracle” was reversed by putting Jack’s mortal blood into The Blessing causing everyone to become mortal again, Jack’s mortal blood that was in Rex became immortal again along with Jack’s. The blood in Rex only made him immortal because it’s in tune with The Blessing, again the same as Jack. Like someone mentioned, if Rex were to leave earth and the morphic field(The Blessing) he would become mortal again and surely die.

  28. Here’s hoping that Tourchwood continues!!!!