Starz Willing to Wait for ‘Torchwood’ Season 5 Until Russell T. Davies is Ready

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Miracle Day Starz1 Starz Willing to Wait for Torchwood Season 5 Until Russell T. Davies is Ready

After four episodes, Torchwood: Miracle Day is approaching the halfway mark of its ten episode run. During that time, the show has picked-up enough of an audience to have the powers that be thinking about the future of the series, and when the show might be ready for a fifth season.

According to Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, while they would like to see the series again, it’s really in the hands of series creator Russell T. Davies – whose busy schedule includes the development of the new series Cucumber for Showtime.

In a statement made during the Television Critics Association press tour, Albrecht said, “Torchwood is not one of the shows we went into thinking about a yearly return. [Davies] has a lot of things on his plate. If Torchwood is at the top of his list, that will affect the future of Torchwood.”

Albrecht’s statements should help quell any fear that series’ future may be in jeopardy – or has been put in some sort of development limbo. For fans of the series, however, the notion of a large gap between seasons is nothing new. The third season, Torchwood: Children of Earth, ended its run nearly two years before Miracle Day touched down in early July.

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So, like the end of that season, fans will just have to be patient for more Torchwood, once Miracle Day wraps up in September.

Albrecht’s comments go a long way in illustrating Starz’s commitment to their programming and the individuals responsible for bringing the projects to fruition. Much like the manner in which the network handled the Spartacus delay – following Andy Whitfield’s illness and subsequent departure – Starz seems content to wait, rather than rush an unrefined product to television. Allowing Davies the opportunity to work on another show – while keeping Torchwood ready for his return – is undoubtedly the right move.

One interesting aspect from this proposal is the growing trend in lengthier hiatuses between seasons. As we have seen recently with the long-awaited return of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Breaking Bad, networks like HBO, Starz and AMC are no longer clinging to the notion that a series needs to stick to a regimented year-after-year schedule.

Much like the shift to shorter seasons that see many cable and premium channel programs now hovering around the 10-12 episode range, the intended benefit of longer intervals may mean audiences will see a marked increase in the overall quality of television programs – something Curb is currently experiencing.

With any luck, Torchwood will be back sooner rather than later, but fans should find some solace in the fact that Starz will likely be waiting when it’s ready.


Torchwood: Miracle Day airs Friday nights @10pm on Starz

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  1. And yet, STARZ killed Camelot for the very same reason.

  2. Has anyone been enjoying this at all? I’m still watching, and I must say episode 4 finally had some of that olf Torchwood spark to it, but by and large this has been a massive disaster.

    The new american characters are dull, Rex and Esther especially, only Bill Pullman so far has impressed me, the guy should play bad guys more often, it just doesnt feel like Torchwood. The episodes are boring, nothing happens for an entire hour, yet they expect people to remain hooked. The premise is interesting but the execution is lousy. And the forced culture clash jokes are just silly in this day and age.

    Let’s get Torchwood back where it belongs, Wales.

    • Thank God its not just me. I was thinking I was the only one wondering what the hell had happened to the show. Its a miracle that Miracle Day is not getting panned. As much as I like them in prior roles I must say that Bill Pullman has had some really bad scenes and Mekhi Phifers character is awful more often then not.

      I’m usually very easy to please and so its surprising to not see more raving against MIRACLE DAY which has gotten a great premise but is being done very badly so far. I also don’t care for the over the top sex regardless of the genders involved. This is TORCHWOOD and not some cheap soap opera.

      • I am finding it a struggle to actually sit and watch it for an hour every week, I get that they are building to something, but Torchwood was always about the aliens. Where are the aliens???
        There are some interesting ideas in the mix, but it is coming across as X-Files Lite, rather than the more unique show it used to be.

    • @DrSamBeckett

      I just heard that STARZ has decided to change the name to TortureWood for this season.

      In all seriousness though I too would prefer they get it together and stop the current downhill they are on.

    • They’re trying to build up to something. Hopefully, it’s something good.

      Children of Earth was only 5 episodes, I think, so the pace picked up pretty quickly. Since Miracle Day is 10 episodes, they’re taking their sweet time with it.

      I’m in it until the end, but I’m still waiting for the story to grip me…

    • i agree torchwood has been a real let down, the plot is very loose and slow. the new american characters are weak and completely over act.
      going to america has spoilt it

    • I entirely agree. The poorest series of Torchwood by far. It should never have been allowed to move to America the way it has.

  3. at least if starz decides not to do any more torchwood, it can just go back to being a british show again.

  4. Torchwood is the best show on television right now! Keep it coming as quality allows!! Captain Jack Harkness kicks butt!!

  5. Actually I think one of the things that keeps hurting TW are the multi-YEAR waits between series/seasons.  A lot of fans are disgruntled with TW:MD as it is, if Starz makes them wait another year or two to find out if Torchwood can be redeemed from the lack of canon continuity, a move to the US, flat-two-dimensional characters & unfunny ‘humor’ it well may be that Starz finds themselves w/o any real audience.  

    My recommendation is to dump RTD (like the hot-potato he is) as the show-runner and get Chris Chibnall or like to be show-runner as well as more of the UK writers.  And needless to say a move back to Wales, where the Rift has reopened of course, is pretty much mandatory.  And before I get jumped on by CoE & MD fans, I’m not talking a total reboot to series 1 & 2 here just getting back to the basics of Cardiff, the Rift and less ‘suriz pohlitcul drahmaz’.  That in no way means that something that comes through the Rift can’t have global repercussions (or locations) or only take one episode fix. What I and many others are hoping for is a return of a light-hearted, occasionally dark- but not without hope Torchwood not the one we have now (which is more humans suck! someone needs to set off the Osterhage Key Project & blow the whole planet up).

    • I’m inclined to agree with you, RTD may be acting as exec producer on Miracle Day, but he’s not actually writing the episodes.

  6. If they delay too long John Barrowman will be too old to play the part. Jack was meant to have become a fixed point in time at age 35, and stop ageing. JB is 44 now.

    • Except that now he can age. New Torchwood remember? The sci fi stuff has been minimised. Jack can die, therefore he can age.

      • It was established in Doctor Who Season 3 Episode 13 (“Last of the Time Lords”) that Jack already experiences aging to some degree; I don’t think John Barrowman will be in much danger of becoming too old to play the part (especially considering what touch-ups can do for a face ;) ) for a while yet.

  7. I have to agree, the US characters are uninspiring and it has to be said, incredibly stupid (at least Mr. Phifer’s character) for most of their behavior and supposed motivations, or at the vry least, the actors aren’t up to handling their roles very well, maybe that’s the script, perhaps the direction, regardless, they need to ramp up the urgency if they want to mimic series 3 and thus far, they haven’t managed to hit that stride just yet.

  8. I agree with a lot of you, it started slow, but by the 4th Episode, I’m back in. It has that old Torchwood feel that keeps you on your toes. I’m sold now and as long as they keep it going and keep it fresh and exciting, then I will be ready for season 5!

  9. The interesting thing I find most about this season is how the writers were able to capture the typecast American personality. Rex’s character is cocky and egotistical…… the way most of the world views Americans.

    Although some episodes slumber along, I think that’s more the writers attempting to capture the US audience with drawn out story lines and plots. Could be media politics getting involved.

    I’m just glad the show made it another season, and hope it makes it another.

  10. It has not been a bad season, it’s definitely gotten better as the episodes went on. I would hate to have to wait 2 more years for 10 more episodes. I do agree that it needs some more action, I definitely struggle with so many characters and all the different directions they go in each week.

  11. What I really wanted to see after Children of Earth was Captain Jack careening through the universe mourning Ianto. Fighting, having random sex, getting embroiled in being the hero — all on alien planets with aliens, for no other reason than he was hurting, and no one can understand him. That would have required quite a big budget, nevertheless, I wanted to see that part of his life and how he would deal with it. (Too bad I don’t have a direct line to Davies!)

    Instead, we have this. I am sorry to say it has been a disappointment to me. That said, I still adore Captain Jack, and look forward to [whenever] they do the next series. I do hope it moves back to England with an English cast. Much of the show’s unique flavor is lost with the American locales and sadly, the American actors are oddly flat and hard to get involved with.

  12. You UK fans are sick territorial little children! Grow up! Think of it like sex it’s never as good as the first few years you discovered it, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s bad. The American characters somehow made the show bad and the only way it will go back to being any good at all is if it returns to Whales, exclusively, really! You guys are pathetic! The American characters were just fine and it was good to see characters like Rex on the show. And no, I did not care for Ester but that didn’t in anyway make the show a horrid failure. Maybe there was a disconnect between the various season because of the very long layoff. I applaud the creators for not rushing out season after until they get burnt out and end it forever but that doesn’t help keep an audience engaged or happy… There should be at least 2-3 seasons more of this but not over a 6yr period because that’s just asinine almost as asinine as you silly UK fans that are so stuck on stupid that you can’t appreciate that the world is appreciating something created there first. I bet Benny Hill got bad once it aired on American tv also, right? Amazing season, amazing end….

    Cant wait for Torchwood: Plan B

    • Thank you! I think people need to get over that. Just because it’s a British show doesn’t mean you can’t have Americans in it. They didn’t ruin it. The producers and RTD ruined it. Americans didn’t decide to show hours of almost nothing happening. RTD did.
      I personally don’t care if it goes back to Wales or not. I just want Torchwood to come back quickly, preferably in the style of season 1&2: a little lighter, faster, and one, maybe two episode story lines. Not this one day an episode crap.

  13. Loved the entire season 4. The last episode was the BEST! Hope season 5 doesn’t take too long; can’t wait to see what Plan B is.

  14. Captain Jack can age but he’s immortal! Meaning if he gets shot he heals!
    He eventually dies in the Doctor Who Episode ‘Gridlock’
    As the Face of Boe!

  15. I never saw the British version, but will now go back and catch up. I loved the series and am sorry for those who were disappointed in it. I hope it comes back sooner rather than later, because I felt they did a glorious job with the series. Until I was searching tonight for info on what I thought was season 2, I had no idea of the British side to the series. This ending tied all the questions together and gave a hint of more to come and isn’t that the making of good tv :) Please Starz and Mr. Davies, bring back season 5 as soon as possible and not a couple of years from now.

  16. Adding on from what I said earlier Torchwood Miracle Day was excellent, there were a few bad episodes but all in all this season was good!
    And to all the commenters that wish each episode had a alien in it like season 1 and 2 of Torchwood watch Doctor Who instead!!
    Finally I liked the American actors who played Rex and Ester I also liked John De Lancie who played Agent Allen Shapiro in episodes 8,9 and 10!
    As if Rex is apparently immortal now like Jack!!

    I thought Jack’s blood didn’t make him immortal?? But it’s apparently made Rex immortal now!

  17. Actually, every main character (yes, the two CIA agents as well) had their personal set of trials to overcome, which is what the series is actually about… yeah, it has aliens (not this season), but THEY are the cardboard cutouts. The enemies are generic. There are not many characters with more than one motivation, but the main characters… of course, CJH and Gwen already have established their characters in preceeding seasons, by ep 3 we have a picture of Rex and Esther, though they become so much more vivid as the season progresses. We are watching Torchwood “save the world”, but that is their natural reaction to the changes in their environment given their backgrounds.

    Of course it is a mystery why SPOILER ALERT!!! Rex becomes like Jack… but I have my theories, as do probably most dedicated fans. I think exchanging the blood during the miracle and beyond the miracle made the morphic field believe Rex was Jack as well… we are talking about a symbiotic entity which works on the parameters of the blood, of which Jack wasn´t aware that it had special properties. Scinece is not knowing, but learning ;) /SPOILER ALERT!!! (actually I knew that was going to happen when the blood in the truck…. ah no more spoilers…)

    • I agree completely! I love this show and was glade to see its reappearance! I really hope they don’t make us wait another 2 years!!!! I understand they want to make quality shows, but it’s hard to keep up when you have to wait soooooo long in between seasons. Please bring back ASAP! I love Torchwood!!! Keep it coming!!

      • Agreed!! Loved the whole series and can’t wait for more!!

  18. P.S.: And yes, I do hope there will be a season 5…
    P.P.S.: Of course, I´m counting on Plan B!
    P.P.P.S.: And I don´t think Esther is really SPOILER ALERT dead /SPOILER ALERT or else the end would really kinda suck

  19. Miracle Day had some nice set pieces. Its creators were obviously fans of the BBC series Torchwood and were inspired by it. Sadly, a lot of the acting was over the top and annoying while the plot was contrived, lacking in coherency and without a clear resolution. Not sure if the writers had planned to mock Americans as much as they did, but if that was their goal, they succeeded. I hope that this show generated enough advertising revenue for STARZ that they continue to produce new programming. The only way to create excellence on television is to keep trying. Good luck, STARZ!

  20. this show is great

  21. What are you guys talking about!?!? Starz can’t prevent this show from being renamed even if they want to!…this is british sci-fi doctor who related television where talking about!, this stuff doesn’t get abruptly cancelled in 1-2 seasons just because a few reality series lovers don’t like it :)

    • I meant to say “cancelled” they can’t because british tv doesn’t give up on sci-fi shows that easily…except for some medieval times shows out there

    • well Starz has it now not BBC so leave it to American tv to give it the pink slip. Davies does have a nack for making audiences wait a long time between seasons so he might want to prioritize his plate a little bit more and concentrate on one good thing at a time before some fans get fed up over long waits. Most people are used to a yearly season of their favorate show before the memories of prior seasons grow stale. While I am here i also wanted to ponder this question. For those who follow both Doctor Who and Torchwood and the tease thats been put out there that The Face of Boe is in fact Jack Harkness …will it ever be revealed how Jack goes from being humanlike in features to a huge ugly head in a big jar-like thing on wheels??? or will we even see Doctor Who and torchwood cross storylines again?

  22. the finale left me with more questions then answered, and so it would be great if starz could bring back the show, if for anything at least closure. it seems Jacks infliction has been passed on to a new crew member and the “Family” is still around looking for a way to take down Jack and now his new side kick. Sounds like the making of a good season, a season Id be open to watching.

  23. I’d like to see the show return. I was left with more questions then answers, and that in itself is driving me crazy. They show must be renewed because I have to learn what’s really going on.

  24. You know, in an interview he gave on the 29th of june, John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) already said he’s scheduled for more torchwood filming.

    I quote from the article:

    As a household name on TV in the UK plus a talented singer and dancer, Barrowman is busy with Torchwood and several other projects – including a new album, and more telly talent extravaganzas including a new ‘making dreams come true’ show in which he surprises a little girl who loves showbiz. “And, all being well, I’m set to be filming more Torchwood in January,” he reveals.

    So I really don’t think we’ll have to wait very long for some lovely sexy gay interacti… I mean, torchwood.

    • Thank you Deadl0ck. You have just answered that all important question on my mind. I’ve never watched Torchwood – but I love Miracle Day. Can’t wait for Season 5!

    • You know I’m usually not into watching the gay man stuff on tv I but for some reason I like it in this show. It usually makes me uncomfortable I have no idea why. But Jack made it seem sexy and I don’t even know how to put it into words but I liked it.

  25. I totally agree. Left with many questions. This series needs to come back and fast! Yes, apparently there is a Plan B. This Plan A was just a trial run for the big Plan that is still to be played out. What it is, who knows. Poor Esther, she was so helpful and cool and unfortunately she will not be in the nest series. But Rex will definitely be there. and for many series to come. He became immortal because he has Jack’s blood running through his veins. They survived because once they sent their blood into the Blessing, the world reset itself to the way it was before, leaving Jack and now Rex, immortal once again. That’s how that happened. Jillie Kissinger has now become part of The Family. Curious to see what’s going on there. Charlotte is dead so at least that CIA connection is gone. But there could be another one. i’m dying to see more! This is exactly what happened to me with Desperate Housewives! I always have to wait until it is out on netflix or dvd to watch because I don’t have time to watch. Now I have a dvr and can watch anytime! I really don’t like waiting to long. sometimes I begin to lose interest and forget.

  26. This has been my favorit Sci-Fi show, right up there with Stargate SG1 which I watched when it was on a paid cable channel. I waited long enough for the return of Season 4 and shouldn’t have to watch 2 years for Season 5 just because someone wants to focus on a cucumber. UGHK! Why don’t you put other people in charge because this household needs more Captain Jack & Gwen!!! You would NEVER EVER see British TV just willy nilly all the Sci-Fi shows. American Tv is so bogus!!! Always changing the good shows for garbage…yeah good choice :/

  27. I’m glad Rex is returning and am looking forward to getting my questions answered. I’m sad Shapiro died, though. He was awesome.

    • yes Shapiro is a tragic loss, haven’t seen him in a good show since Q last adorned my screen

  28. I hope they have a series 5, or there will be some mad american torchwood and doctor who fans out there.

    I loved this season. It was thrilling and everything about it made me love the show even more.

    They can’t change the name because torchwood and doctor who use the same letters, just put in different order.

    Please Russel don’t let your fans down.

  29. i just started watching season 4 and im half way through episode 2.. and i am a tiny bit confused. i hope i won’t be after i am done watching it all, and i also hope season 5 will be a bit more like season 1-3,with a team and what not.

    Totally love Torchwood and Doctor who :)