‘Starship Troopers’ Reboot Officially In The Works

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starship troopers reboot Starship Troopers Reboot Officially In The Works

It’s apparently only a matter of time before director Paul Verhoeven’s entire filmography (not to mention, every cult sci-fi title from the 1980s and ’90s) gets rebooted for the 21st century.

Case in point: besides there being new cinematic versions of both RoboCop and Total Recall, yet another cinematic sci-fi series that originated with a film by Verhoeven is getting rebooted – namely Starship Troopers, which tells the tale of a futuristic war between humankind and a race of deadly, giant, insect extraterrestrials.

The Starship Troopers property began as a novel written by Robert A. Heinlein, published in 1959. Verhoeven’s 1997 film is a pretty loose adaptation that cost over $100 million to produce, and initially divided critics over both its quality and what sort of narrative it was aiming to be (a militaristic sci-fi satire? An action flick that glorified fascism? A silly gore-filled bit of popcorn fluff?). It subsequently earned a cult following and inspired a couple of direct-to-DVD sequels, along with a TV series and video game spinoffs – not to mention,  it featured a memorably hammy supporting turn by Neil Patrick Harris, prior to his career resurgence as an adult actor.

Moving on…

Vulture says that producer Neal H. Moritz (who is also behind the new Total Recall) has recruited writing duo Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz to script a reboot of the Starship Troopers franchise. Miller and Stentz have previously worked on the screenplays for comic book flicks like Thor and X-Men: First Class, along with TV shows such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Andromeda, and Fringe.

Those scribes’ collective resume also includes the 2003 Frankie Muniz-Hiliary Duff (failed) franchise starter, Agent Cody Banks – but, hey, nobody’s perfect.

starship troopers paul verhoeven Starship Troopers Reboot Officially In The Works

A new 'Starship Troopers' movie is on the way.

Chances are good that (like just about every other reboot out there) the new Starship Troopers movie will be sold as grittier and more grounded in tone than its cinematic predecessor. However, similar to the Total Recall and Logan’s Run “updates”, this project could be designed as a more loyal interpretation of Heinlein’s original source material – rather than a strict remake of Verhoeven’s movie (check out the Wikipedia page for a quick rundown of some of the major differences between the Starship Troopers book/film).

Once again, it goes without saying that a Starship Troopers reboot is not really what you would call “necessary” and that there will be plenty of negativity directed towards this project from the get-go, based solely on the principle of the matter (ie., general dislike for Hollywood’s current love affair with remakes/reboots).

All that said: if this specific reboot does indeed end up coming to fruition, then at least there’s some genuinely solid writing talent working on it. That’s better than nothing, right?


We will keep you posted on the status of the Starship Troopers reboot as the story develops.

Source: Vulture 

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  1. Wait…Cameron totally ripped off the Marauder suits in Avatar! I think Eddie might be right!

    • How does that matter? And what do you mean “ripped off”? One mecha suit is much like another. people need to stop overthinking completely unimportant details like that and pay attention to wether the overll film is original. Not wether some guy in a mecha suit looks like another “too much”.
      Starship troopers is a great film. The writers certainly don’t sound impressive.

  2. Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers…does this mean a gritty reboot of Showgirls is in the works?

    • Good call, I was hoping for an dark and gritty version of “Adventures in Babysitting” myself, but I would settle for showgirls or another old/classic movie to be brought back in the world of cinema via dark gritty and realistic…

      • @ brandon

        Id settle for maybe a modern take on two films i liked from the 80′s. Killer Klowns From Outter Space & maybe Waxwork. With today’s young stars.

        • They better not do killer klowns because that’s all I have left after starship troopers.

  3. Just what we need, another remake, when the animated series gave us the kind of depiction of this universe that the film didn’t, and did it brilliantly. Just wish they hadn’t cancelled it and let them finish the story.

    There are so many good stories that haven’t even been adapted yet, do those instead for gawds sake!

  4. This could be epic, I enjoyed the satirical fascism from the first film, making a straight gritty actioneer seems like one of the more promising of the millions of reboots, at least in that we might get a quality production.

    • The original novel was all about politics — positing a political system geared to put people who cared enough to put their lives on the line in charge, and making a long-form argument in favor of that system.

      Writing a movie of the same name but replacing the serious political argument with satire *making a directly opposing point* was nothing short of sacrilege; I can’t see how Heinlein’s heirs could possibly have allowed it.

  5. I loved the original movie and do not want to see a “gritty” version . I am tired of all these remakes, anyone see the “Clash of titans” remake? What a piece of crap that had almost nothing to do with the original. Collapses should take a step back, come up with an original idea and STOP ruining my movie memories with crappy remakes.

    • Robert Heinlein’s book “Starship Troopers” WAS an original idea. The problem is that the movie didn’t contain enough of the book with which to wipe Paul Verhoeven’s no doubt, smelly arse. There were some characters with the same names … That’s it. Verhoeven admitted to not even reading the book and just doing what he wanted. Heinlein’s widow even lobbied to have his name removed from the film after seeing it. You want an original idea? Robert Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers”… THAT’S an original idea.

      • And yet it manages to skewer the fascist tendencies of the novel at every turn.

        It’s one of the best adaptations ever IMO, manages to be entertaining and campy while serving as a prescient refutation of the kind of conspicuous patriotism that gripped America a few years after the film was made.

        A faithful,recreation would have had way too much in common with every other sci if and action movie where the answers always lie in the biggest guns and the glory of the blue eyed hero.

        The Starship troopers movie is one of the most subversive Hollywood pictures ever.. I will never for the life of me understand why people want a new one that faithfully slobbers over the military industrial complex and the glory of war. That’s every movie. Yawn. I guess if one agreed with the fascism of it, they’d be furious about the source material being used as the basis for an attack on those principles?

        It’s a good book, but the movies creepy accurate depiction of a post 9/11 America that didnt even exist yet is a lot more vital.

        • I suspect you have not read the novel. The hero is far from “blue-eyed” he is Filipino. And the novel is primarily a philosophical reflection on the nature of leadership and citizenship. There are actually very few battle scenes in the book.

          I wonder if you would like “subversive” so much if a novel you liked was reinterpreted to mean something completely different. Or, lets say you love the Beatles, but one of their songs was used in an ad for a big bank. Would that make you mad? Well that’s how those of us who like the Heinlein novel felt about the movie.

          • Amen, General Chaos, amen.

  6. The only way I would watch this is if they stick closer to the themes of militarism and being a “citizen” like in the novel.

  7. For starship troopers First of all I would find it awesome to have Neil patrick harris as some kind of role a petition for it would be awesome, he is awesome. Cross our fingers on a good script anything better than 2,3 or 4 would be nice.

  8. Bring this remake on, make it like the book not what the Director wants it to be like but what the original intent was of Heinlein in his book. While the original movie was good I want to see a loyal adaptation of the book, and why not they have made many movies about classic books and no one complains about those, for example Frankenstein, Dracula, A Christmas Carol, or even Jane Eyre.

  9. I have read the original novel, and seen the first movie. That being said, this story NEEDS to be redone. The original production left a bad taste in the mouth. It was only superficially related to the novel, and was, is seemed, geared more for the gore factor. Gone were the “Skinnies” (Alien humanoid allies of the bugs), gone was the powered jump armor which gave the Mobile Infantry it’s name, and gone was the solid old fashioned space opera feel. What is needed is a 100% faithful interpretation to the original novel.

  10. The only way the reboot can begin to redeem itself is to start the film with the opening quote from the novel. “I always get the shakes before a drop”. I hated the 1997 movie from the get go and it didn’t get any better. Bring on a more faithful adaptation.

    • Bullsh*t, i want a proper remake of the first movie not some powerrangers cartoon stuff from the book. The first movie was excellent and a very good
      take on bringing that universe into something good. The later sequels and adoptions were just ridiculous and painful to watch.

      We need games and sequels in the spirit of the first movie.
      Please leave the f*cking robotcop drones and saucers out of this!

      • The problem is that the first movie wasn’t a proper “make” in the first place. The themes of Heinlein’s book were discarded for Paul Verhoeven’s childish ridicule of a work he admitted he didn’t even read. The original movie was the only film I’ve ever walked out in the middle of, in protest. If the remake doesn’t hold to Heinlein’s philosophical ideas, I’ll do it again.

  11. I would like to see several books that have not been adapted for movies to go big screen. I think they should leave older movies alone and work on new stuff.

    • Well then, “Starship Trooper” is a perfect choice. No one has made a movie yet that remotely resembles the book.

  12. I want Monster action figure toys for the reboot movie.

  13. The original version, while an enjoyable film, is a mockery of the Heinlein book.

    • Agreed!

      • Except that I think the movie wasn’t all that enjoyable, either.

  14. It would be nice to see a more accurate remake that is more to the book and have Michael Ironside in it :)


  16. Guys check out starship troopers invasion it’s like a cg anime reboot just released the powered armour suits look amazing

  17. >Reboot will follow the book more closely

    Thanks…… now I’m eager.
    I’d pay to see it.

  18. Ok, first of all, everyone here is calling this a remake or reboot. For those of you who have actually READ Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein (not from some hack screenwriter, pulled out of Paul Verhoeven’s a$$), a ‘remake’ or ‘reboot’ is not needed or required. What IS required is a film about the Robert Heinlein Starship Troopers. The Verhoeven film was misnamed, and shouldn’t be ‘remade’. I shudder to think of it …

    • I agree with OldDogVT the film was a complete (fook) up and a mess of what the book is if they make a new film not a remake they should stick to the book and make the film how it should be not how they want it to be but if there going to keep anything from the film I hope they keep dizzy a girl not a led and keep the relation ship between Rico and Dizzy there because it gives it more of a sad feeling when she dies in his hands and if they re-do (re-think) all the films then I would like to find out what happens to all of Rico’s friends from the first film or book I know some die but the Ace,Carl and Carmen because no of them or Rico were in no.2 and only Rico was in no.3 so if there’s a remake or rethink the I would like to know more on there story and why we never see them in any of the other films did they all die between books as I have only read the fist boll and I don’t even know if there is 3 books or did they fallout and did Rico ever get back with Carmen properly or what? Even more important I hope this artical wasn’t speaking of invasion with I haven’t seen yet I’m buying it tomorrow I hope it’s not as bad as I imagine from the trailer I don’t know if I’m gonna like the remakes if there cartoon (CGI) I prefer real actors I was at the last comicon with the crew and I would also like to see how the film(s) would have turned out f Dizzy had servived like Dina Meyer character of Dizzy suggested she would change if she hade the chance to change the film after being asked by the man 2 rows behind me so if another film was made I hope they take simelar thoughts into mind

  19. The first movie was directly intended to insult the ideals of the book because the director was a hippie wingnut. A movie that follows the book? #$%^& yes please!