Everything You Need To Know About ‘Stargate: Universe’

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stargate universe 01 Everything You Need To Know About Stargate: Universe

MGM Studios is starting to become active in letting us know about the upcoming new Stargate franchise series called Stargate: Universe (SGU).  Their anticipation of fan support is evidenced in this first group image of the ensemble of SGU that’s been released.

SGU continues the tradition of a series centered around a highly evolved species who left behind a method of transportation called the Stargate.  Stargates connect to each other via a wormhole that is artificially created between two of these “gates” and makes long distance travel a bit more convenient.

In this Stargate chapter, a group of humans: Soldiers, scientists and civilians, are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. In the rush to get the heck out of there, they find that they’ve transported themselves onto an ancient ship that is locked on an unknown course, with no way to return to Earth.

While stuck on the ship, they need to figure out how to use the ship’s Stargate in order to survive and they’re faced with the premise of needing to find basic needs like food & water.

As we’ve reported in past articles about cast additions to Stargate Universe, the cast is stocked with acting veterans and fresh faces alike.  I thought we’d bring it all together for you in one summary article.

The Cast / Characters

Robert Carlyle will star as the brilliant Dr. Nicholas Rush.  We need to watch out for this one.  We’re told his motives are not what they appear to be!

Lou Diamond Phillips is Colonel Telford.  Telford is a proud lifelong military man and the chosen leader of this rag-tag group of…  oh.  Let’s leave it at “ill-fated expedition.”

Justin Louis will be playing Colonel Everett Young, who’s an experienced Stargate team leader.  He never takes anything for granted and stays on top of the team to keep them alive.

Brian J. Smith is Lt. Matthew Scott.  Scott is a junior member of the Stargate team whose green and rough around the edges.

Elyse Levesque plays Chloe Armstrong, the daughter and aid of a U.S. Senator.  She has political savvy that’s laced with a wild side.

David Blue stars as Eli Wallace.  Eli is a total slacker who’s also a genius… when he puts his mind to it.  His lack of confidence is evident with his acerbic* sense of humor. (*I had to look this up!  Acid in temper, mood or tone.  Isn’t that dry wit?)

Alaina Huffman is MSGT. Tamara Johansen.  Unable to afford medical school, Johansen joined the Air Force.  (Be all you can be!  Oh, wait, wrong wing of the military!)  So instead of an education, she’s a stranded space wayfarer.  Great!  She’s strong willed but lacking any in-depth experience.  This inexperienced field medic will need to rise to occasion.

Jamil Walker Smith portrays MSGT. Ronald Greer.  He’s labeled as the Marine with a temper, with a mysterious past and a dark emotional side to him.  A Jarhead with a temper…  and that’s new, how?  I mean that in a good way!

Ming-Na is Camile Wray.  She’s a human resources executive with the international oversight committee that governs the Stargate program. She’s thrust into being the highest ranking member of the division left stranded on the ship.  As with any oversight committee member, she carries herself with a misguided sense of superiority over the survivors.  And being HR, she’ll probably try to paper-work the bad guys to death!

My Take

I’m still grumpy that Stargate Atlantis is off the air.  The show was getting its feet under it and things were coming along nicely, until that slap together series finale.  What the heck is it with series finales these days?  Cripes!

Me, I would have loved to see Ronin or Tealc or both get swept up in this attack while visiting this secret base and had some continuity connection between shows.  As it stands, there doesn’t look like there’s going to be much of a chance that this Stargate platform will ever connect with Earth or Atlantis while they’re running around Lost In Space.  There, I said it.  Not only will the characters be stranded, but so will we, the viewers.  Cripes again!

I’d like to see the occasional Todd appearance.  That would sooth me a little bit… though not by much.

I’m on-board strictly because it is Stargate and Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, will be serving as executive producers and writers.  They are going to have to pull one out of the bag, or pocket protector, to make sure this works.

Network And Production Hopes

The hopes of the producing entities are that SGU will take the franchise in a new direction. This new direction is one they hope will appeal to both longtime Stargate fans and the first-time viewer.

The premiere of Stargate Universe will be a two part episode directed by Andy Mikita (Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1) and lensed by Rohn Schmidt (The Shield, The Mist) and is expected to air in October 2009.


After seeing the trailer, which if any of you noticed, played during the finale of Battlestar Galactica, what do you think? Without having seen much more, do you think this might pan out for the franchise, or the fans?

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  1. I’m kind of indifferent to this show right now. Maybe if they had held onto SGA another season and introduced some of these characters during that last season I would be more into it. I will check it out, but I am not excited for it. I AM looking forward to a new season of Dr. Who though!!

  2. Bruce, I’m with you… it’s Stargate, with the existing producers in charge so I *have* to give it a shot. Even though the “Lost in Space” aspect makes me cringe… we saw how well that worked for Star Trek: Voyager.


  3. If they keep it “dark” like that preview, it could be interesting. Not that I didn’t like the light humor in the original SG-1, but it would be interesting. But honestly, I felt that SG-1 started to get a little on the cheesy side after season 5 or 6. It started out a little more serious, more action, then got a little more goofy as time went on. But it was always entertaining though, I loved the show and am sad that it’s over, but the first few seasons were definitely the best.

    I haven’t even seen Stargate Atlantis yes, only some episodes, but didn’t really like the characters, there were a few too many gimmicks in my opinion compared to SG1 so I didn’t get a good vide from it. Maybe I’ll look into it later, and I’ll check out SG-U as well.

  4. Forgot to add:

    The episodes of SG-1 that I loved the most tended to be the more serious ones, such as the one where they turn the sun of a planet red, the one where the world they are in are in a civil war, and they realize they were helping the wrong side of that war (ethically they were the oppressors), and the one where Jack O’Neill was taken prisoner and being interrogated by Baal.

  5. Teal’c vs. Ronin! That was kick butt! Yea, I had others, but that’s my flavor of rough of and tumble fun.

  6. the only stargate thing i ever watched was the movie with Kurt R.

  7. While the awesome cast makes me want to watch this show, that trailer felt very amateur and unexciting for me…

    I hope we get some improved teasers leading up to this Fall.

  8. I give the teaser a 2 1/2 Meh’s out of 5.

  9. HUD

    I didn’t catch on to Stargate until a few seasons in… up until then, I too had only seen the movie. It grew on me.

    ANDY S:

    Yes, you are, but that may be my fault.

    The press release said “ancient ship” and I failed to expound on the issue that the ship is an Ancients’ ship. I have to wonder if they’re sticking to what they initially reported last year, where the ship is one of two ships that floated around the galaxy planting stargates.

    Hmm. Maybe no one knows any coordinates… I’m betting the guy who knows coordinates gets bamboozled in the surprise attack!

    Maybe the gate only takes incoming calls?

    Or has a V-Chip and only non-humans can operate it, or someone with an Ancient gene can operate it…

    Yes, I’m grasping at straws. I’m expounding on the limitless boundaries of my imagination… hmm… Gotta go.

  10. This is the reason is stopped following “the movie blog” and started hanging here, you guys write about tv as well :)

    As for Stargate Universe, it’s gonna be great, as long as they don’t put too much romance in it. I heard it’s gonna be “teen-friendly”, whatever that means

  11. Oh, and this show is NOT being made to be aimed directly at teenagers like the OC or 90210. They said they want to appeal to a ‘younger audience’. Stargate’s average audience is in the late thirties/early forties. Knock ten years off of that for BSG. I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re going for, closer to late twenties/early thirties. NOT fifteen year olds! :-D

  12. I still don’t like some of the younger members of the cast, especially that bushy hair Seth Rogan looking guy…

  13. Here’s the thing.

    As much as I disliked Stargate SG-1 (although for some reason I’ll give the TV film Continuum a pass, that was fine) I got hooked into Stargate Atlantis. But my love for Atlantis grew stale when they brought in Amanda Tapping. Nothing against Ms. Tapping, but I finally felt they were doing something with Dr. Wier (Torri Higginson) and then really did something with the character…only to bring in a character from SG-1 in the process.

    I’m deadset against bringing other characters from past shows, and given the concept of Universe, it would seem unlikely that other characters would show up, with the possible exception of, say, those characters who could pop in flashbacks, dream/alt reality scenes and/or fuzzy video transmissions. (See above for #6)

    Also, it’s still possible that they would encounter renegade G’ould or Wraith from time to time.

    As to what our survivors will do for food? Visit a nearby planet (probably one with ‘a forest’ of course!) and find some berries. Berries of the Ancients. Ambrosia of The Ancients.

  14. Actually looks pretty good to me. I haven’t ever seen anything but the movie, but I like the premise, especially if it works along the lines of what Les Ferris said.

    I’ll probably tune in for a few episodes.

  15. @Ken

    That was my same reaction to the young bushy haired guy.


  16. Oh come on guys, we’ve not even seen them on screen yet :-(

    As for crossovers with Gould/Wraith, I doubt it. According to Robert Carlyle, the ship is literally billions of light years away. Though the remnants of the Gould could potentially be the ones who attack the Icarus base in the first episode.

  17. *gasp* @ Darren’s comment regarding not liking SG1…


  18. I’ve never been a big fan of the SG shows, but this one sounds very interesting. Also, very similar to an idea my brother and I had a few years ago.

    Just like the AT&T commercial where the guy is selling beer in More Bars in More Places. I came up with that a couple years ago. How exactly do they keep stealing ideas out of my head?

    (I’m not really paranoid, I just play someone who is)

  19. MARK:

    Because the ideas float around in some ether, waiting for someone to tap into it, and then create the reality of it.

    It sucks. I never have the resources to deploy my ideas and then, sometime later, there they are, in my reality damnit.

    It just means that great minds think alike and you were first but more importantly, other minds have more money and better connections.


  20. Yeah, and that young seth rogen guy looks to be a knok-off of Rodney McCay. Brilliant and arrogant scientist. Seen it before.

  21. The breif preview resonnates Battlestar Galactica to me. My first assumption is that they’re taking the Galactica route and making it “teen friendly” (whatever that means) in conjunction with the networks name change.

    I’m a fan of all things Stargate. I’m an ardent fan of SG-1 and enjoy Atlantis but from what I gathered from this preview the camp and humor appears to be lacking. Not sure if that’s good or bad…?

    Also, I totally agree that kid looks like Seth Rogan’s doppleganger.

  22. It’s really hard to say anything without seeing an ounce of footage, but storylines aside, this could be to Stargate as Enterprise or Voyager.

  23. …is to Star Trek.

  24. “The breif preview resonnates Battlestar Galactica to me. My first assumption is that they’re taking the Galactica route and making it “teen friendly” (whatever that means) in conjunction with the networks name change.”

    Well, it was made to air during the BSG finale. If I was airing a trailer for a new show during the Galactica finale, guess which audience I would aim it at? :D

    In regards to David Blue: He isn’t a kid. He’s 30 lol :D There’s only one person on the cast who is younger than Rainbow Sun Franks was when he played Ford.

    And yes, it could be Stargate’s Enterprise or Voyager. Or it could be the best SciFi show for a while. Without seeing it, we don’t know. We will know in 8 or 9 months.

  25. Time, will be the telling factor!

  26. in response to some of the comments about why they can’t dial out, perhaps they simply don’t have a DHD. Or maybe they do, but they need to be orbiting a planet to have an actual address. Or something like that. There’s no need to be grasping at straws. yet.

  27. You know, I was a huge SG-1 fan, and at first just didn’t care for Atlantis very much. Once I started watching it though, I started liking it, and by the end of the series, I was just about as ticked off that they were cancelling it as was when SG-1 got the boot. I’m not at all sure about this, but I wasn’t about Atlantis either. I’ll give it a shot. I’m a sucker for entertaining SciFi (bleh, bot so sure about SyFy though).