New Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer & Clip

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stargate universe season 2 trailer New Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer & Clip

The Stargate television franchise started in 1997 and after 13 years, 3 shows and more than 300 episodes, it shows no signs of slowing down. Only a few months after the popular spinoff series Stargate: Atlantis aired its final episode, Stargate Universe began its journey searching for the franchise’s “Destiny.”

Stargate series creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright took a big chance with Stargate Universe by removing a lot of what made Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis so popular – sharp, sarcastic and witty humor, improbable but interesting science fiction, thrilling and often times explosive action and just enough cheese-filled story lines to keep from being too serious. Fans of the show were hoping for much more of the same when they tuned in for Stargate Universe’s premier last October. Instead, some were disappointed, frustrated and angry by what they received – a space drama.

After giving the writers a few episodes to establish the SGU’s characters, many viewers simply gave up and turned the channel, which reflected in the November 2009 ratings. However, many Stargate fans (myself included) remained loyal and in my opinion, were rewarded with better story arcs, the introduction of a hostile alien race, internal conflicts between the military and civilian personnel, and a cliffhanger of an ending that made fans of the show salivate for the beginning of season 2.

stargate universe young scott New Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer & Clip

Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott and Jamil Walker Smith as Msgt. Ronald Greer

A few days ago, fans had their appetites whet by the first trailer for season 2 of Stargate Universe and today we have two video clips consisting of a second trailer and a clip from the first episode (Intervention). Watch them both below:

- Trailer #2 -

- Intervention Clip -

I had the pleasure of talking to many of the actors and actresses from Stargate Universe at Comic Con this past summer. Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) said that season 2 would be more action-oriented and viewers would find out why the ship is called “Destiny”.  That information would appear to be justified by his character’s statement at the end of the trailer:

“It was never about going home. It’s about getting us to where we’re going. That is the mission.”

Back in July, we reported that some characters from Stargate: Atlantis would crossover into Stargate Universe but producers have kept the identities of exactly who, when and why under wraps. Crossing characters over is not a new phenomenon in the Stargate franchise and the shared continuity between each series has proven to be popular among its fans. In fact, my favorite episode from Stargate: Atlantis is the episode “Midway” where Teal’c (Christopher Judge) and Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa) work together to battle the Wraith aboard the Midway Station which was part of the Intergalactic Bridge.

It will be interesting to see which characters do make the crossover from Stargate: Atlantis to Stargate Universe but I would like to see Lt. Col. John Shepard (Joe Flanigan) or Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) make an appearance. Of course, just like the Replicators crossed over from Stargate SG-1 to Stargate: Atlantis, the Wraith could also cross over from Stargate: Atlantis to Stargate Universe. The scene where Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) says her skin is changing reminds me of something similar that happened to John Shepard in Stargate: Atlantis. Could the Wraith be one of the crossover characters? The screen grab below would seem to support that assumption.

stargate universe chloes hand New Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer & Clip

That sure looks like a Wraith feeding hand to me but fans will just have to watch the next 20 episodes of Stargate Universe to find out the truth.

Stargate Universe season 2 premiers September 28th, 2010 on the SyFy Channel at 9 PM.

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  1. I agree with the writer of this article in that the show while starting of slow really turned itself around and the writing and story became much better in particular the second half of the season. I watched it streamed from netflix as background and became intensely involved with watching the second half as new dark aliens were introduced (AND THEY AWESOMELY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH A CONCEIT THAT WAS REALLY STUPID IN THE OTHER SHOWS)and character interaction became more real and they amped up the action considerably

  2. Whoa, it does look like Chloe is turning into a Wraith, that would be cool. And they have confirmed McKay is going to be in an episode, as is Robert Picardo’s Woolsey.

    I need more Richard Dean Anderson though, and Michael Shanks too, I like that they may have changed the tone and style of stargate but still make a huge effort to keep the continuity.

  3. I think that’s just her hand pressed up against some glass.

  4. I think the slow start for SGU was necessary for character development (BSG was the same)…now that that’s out of the way bring on the action, whatever the budget will allow.:)

  5. “many Stargate fans (myself included) remained loyal and in my opinion, were rewarded with better story arcs” ~ Paul Young


    Hey Paul,
    Hmmm… When I see someone use the word loyal, I think about how animals are conditioned to obey their master. Seriously though. Regardless about if someone watches “Universe” or not, I still consider everyone a fan of the franchise. During this past weekend, “Stargate: Universe” was being played on the CW network around 8:00 pm. I decided to give the first season another walk through. Within a matter of ten minutes, I found myself unconsciously changing the channel. You managed to hit upon some of those reasons, so I will not restate those here.

    As someone who had stopped watching “SGU” entirely, I don’t think my departure is a 100% good-bye. Even though I will not return to watch this particular series, that does not mean I will not be back to watch a fourth series. “SGU” is just one small fraction of a franchise, which was written for a very-very different type of audience. It is all about personal preference. Some like the color red, and others like the color green. I am just not into the “SGU” part of the franchise.

    • I can appreciate your feelings and I have no doubt that a lot of fans are waiting for the next installment of the SG franchise. I have my doubts though whether Wright and Cooper can take the series back to its roots after going so dark with the drama. Ming Na’s is still my least favorite actress on the series. She tries too hard to give her character depth.

      Honestly, I don’t know where the series goes from here. We already have 9 chevrons and SG:A gave us a lot of back story on the Ancients so the only thing I can think of they would add would be the introduction of the Furlings.

      • Hey Paul,

        Honestly, I don’t think Wright and Cooper can recapture the awe and excitement the original movie created. “SG1″ and “SGA” are great bookend pieces, which were able to capitalize on the movie’s momentum. “SGU” feels like an entirely different franchise. Unless the franchise is able to take some time off, “Stargate” could very well be showing signs of fatigue. It will not be the first large franchise to suffer in such a manner.

        My observations: Camille Wray, Young, and Rush’s dynamic is too awkward, and it defies any logic in regards to their situation. I don’t know if the awkwardness comes from horrible acting, or if it is caused by bad storytelling. When I heard Lou Diamond Phillips was added to the series, I cringed just by the sound of his name. He is not a good actor. Heck, he is not even a good mediocre actor. Phillips is not a likable actor.

        • Perhaps Adam Beach, Graham Greene, Michael Greyeyes, or even Wes Studi would have been to your liking as Telford actors.

  6. I became bored with SGA early on. The Wraith were so cheesy, and dominated every episode. I figured SGU would continue the same. You say there is less banter/drivel/campyness, more drama, more character development–I think I should look into renting the first season and catching up.

    SyFy (Gads I hate that unspelling) is still a pay channel on my Comcast, so the best I can do, once caught up, is to watch online.

  7. I forgot to say, if I hear that the Wraith pop up in this series I will drop my aforementioned plans. Keep me informed!

  8. Well, I just finished watching SGU Season 2 Episode 3 Awakenings. Very interesting, another Species is introduced and who could these guys be, I believe that these guys could be the long awaited Furlings, which was 1 orf the 4 original races Azgard, Ancients, Knox and the Furlings. It would be fascinating if this was so and could open many new doors and chapters for the Stargate Franchise.

  9. Stargate has no equal in the entire realm of Sci Fi on TV. I can’t wait for a new episode to come out. I so agree that the Last Season was a little slow going, but I am hoping they will really start to unlock some more secrets and get multiple ideas rolling to keep us guessing, They need to get the Ship under control and really start exploring things found the vast database.

  10. I will sum this up in a few short words… The Stargate Saga, throughout the years has made me laugh, and cry…. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread… Haha